House Hunters

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House HuntersThe series brings potential home buyers a better understanding of the process, each episode following a prospective buyer and an agent from start to finish.
S100, EP11 "Single Gal Seeks Contemporary D.C. Area Condo"A single woman wants to find a condo in Washington, D.C., with many amenities and low HOA fees, and brings her friend to help.
S102, EP9 "Buying a Home for Mom, Dad and Little Brother in Boston"A buyer in Boston wants to find a home where she can live with her parents to thank them for their hard work and sacrifices.
S104, EP9 "Philly First-Timer Wants Vintage Charm"A woman from Philadelphia is thrilled to be leaving her mother's house for a place of her own with character and charm.
S176, EP3 "New Roots in Southern California"A North Carolina couple moves to Southern California; he's looking for a cozy ranch home with a pool, but she's got her heart set on a two-story home that says they have arrived.
S176, EP5 "We're Gonna Be Renting Forever"Lifelong renters bring their four kids and mother-in-law on a hunt for their first forever home; she wants a turnkey home in an HOA community, but he doesn't want anyone telling him what to do.
S106, EP3 "Couple Disagrees on Midcentury vs. Victorian in Gainesville"First time home buyers having recently relocated to Gainesville, Fla., search for a place they can call "home."
S244, EP2 "Room for Mom in Atlanta"A hard-working mother searches for a home big enough for herself and her two sons in Atlanta; she's torn between a fixer or a new build, and her mother also wants to move in, so finding a house with an extra en suite may prove to be a challenge.
S200, EP7 "King of the Ohio Suburbs"Empty nesters in Columbus, Ohio, can't agree on their next house; she wants a small place in the heart of the city, while he wants to be king of the suburbs with a large house farther out.
S211, EP6 "His Sister's Keeper in Southern California"A single dad looks to purchase a home for his son and his sister living with a disability in Southern California; he wants something modern, single-story and move-in ready, but to afford all the grandeur he wants, he may need to look farther inland.
S173, EP8 "Moving Cross-Country For Christmas"Navy deployments have forced serviceman Chris to miss family events; with a new stateside assignment and another baby on the way, he and his wife, Ashley, are moving their growing family to Stafford, Va.
S203, EP1 "A Designer's Fresh Start in Atlanta"After a recent divorce, an interior designer is looking to move out of her loft; her friend and agent has a variety of options to push her out of her comfort zone, but she may be met with some resistance.
S210, EP7 "A First Home in North Carolina"A couple have just 60 days to find their perfect home before their rental lease expires in Durham, N.C.; he's frugal and wants something small they can afford, but she's willing to spend and wants a bigger place for their future family.
S203, EP5 "California Firefighters Dream Big"Two California firefighters have been saving for years to upgrade to a spacious family home; one is looking for move-in ready and the other wants land to raise horses, but finding a place to please both will be difficult.
S244, EP3 "Where's the Beach in Pennsylvania?"A couple looks to relocate from sunny California to the Pennsylvania-New Jersey area; she wants a larger home to raise their daughter near her family, but he's hoping to find a beach house on the Jersey Shore.
S203, EP6 "First Child in Washington, DC"A couple expecting their first child search for a home in Washington, DC, but they can't agree on price; one seeks something practical to build generational wealth, but the other wants to spend more now for luxurious living.
S242, EP6 "Sweet Home Cincinnati"A couple looks to relocate to her hometown of Cincinnati.She has her heart set on the trendy neighborhoods she dreamed of living in when she was a kid, but he's not impressed by zip codesand wants to prioritize space for their future family.
S201, EP10 "Dream House or Practical Home in SoCal"A young couple in Long Beach, Calif., want to move out of the city to the suburbs, but they butt heads when it comes to fulfilling their dream and emptying their wallet.
S196, EP9 "Afraid To Be Far From Fairfield"A family is tired of renting and looks to purchase a home near Fairfield, Connecticut; he wants to look outside Fairfield so they can get more house for their money, but she's willing to stretch their budget to avoid another long, relocating move.
S223, EP3 "Entrepreneur in OKC"An entrepreneur looks for a home where she can both live and generate revenue by hosting events in Oklahoma City; she's looking for a spacious house with all the amenities, but her long-time friend and agent must keep her focused on the bottom line.
S173, EP2 "Holiday Mountain Home Hunt"A couple with twin boys wants a vacation home in Breckenridge, Colo., to share with their growing family; they must compromise and decide between trading location for space or space for location.
S221, EP9 "Conquering the Bidding Wars in Wisconsin"After losing several bidding wars, a couple living with her parents continue their monthslong search for a bigger home in Appleton, Wis; she's ready to increase their price-point, but he's worried that approach will drain their finances.
S211, EP12 "High Expectations in Richmond"A single, young woman living with her mother feels excited to finally buy her first home in Richmond, Va.; she looks for a newly constructed and modern home in the suburbs, but her sky-high expectations may not match her budget.
S196, EP10 "In a Hurry in Houston"A family of six is relocating to Houston, Texas, and they have just one weekend to find a home; he prefers a smaller house to stay under budget, but she doesn't mind spending more to get a larger place to accommodate visiting family and friends.
S196, EP4 "A Sweet Home in Alabama"A young couple in Birmingham, Ala., are on the hunt for a larger home; he wants an extra-large space for renters, and she's not on board with the idea.
S244, EP4 "Knock Down Walls vs. Cannonballs"A family looks to relocate for more space and to be close to the beach in Bradenton, Fla.; she's ready to renovate to get exactly what they need, but he wants something that's move-in ready with a pool for their young boys.
S205, EP1 "Not Leaving the Nest in the Bay Area"A mother and her son are pooling their money to purchase a home in the pricey Bay Area; there's a generation gap in their styles, and combined with a competitive market, finding a place they can afford and enjoy together will be a challenge.
S130, EP11 "To Reno or Not to Reno in Miami Beach"A real estate agent and his wife look for a house in Miami Beach, Fla.; she wants a Spanish-style house already updated and move-in ready, but he thinks that with their budget, they would be better in a major fixer-upper.
S130, EP12 "Chicago Couple Debates Contemporary vs. Vintage"A Chicago couple on the hunt for a home disagrees on both style and budget; she looks for a newly built contemporary place, while he wants something older with vintage charm.
S130, EP6 "Craftsman vs. Spanish in Tampa"Tampa buyers disagree on whether they should purchase a Craftsman or a Spanish-style home, as well as how much they should spend.
S131, EP12 "Growing a Family in Tampa"A Florida couple with a baby on the way debates keeping their sleek, urban lifestyle or settling down in a quiet and charming vintage home.
S244, EP5 "Twin Team Up in Twin Cities"Twin brothers look for a first home purchase for the younger of the two in St. Paul, Minn.; the older brother is focused on his sibling's finances, but the younger won't settle for anything less than what he has for his vision.
S202, EP8 "No Open Concept in Illinois"A couple with four kids in an exclusive suburb of Chicago want to trade in their open concept home for a more traditional layout; finding the perfect home that has five bedrooms and two offices is proving to be a challenge.
S195, EP10 "Fabulous or Frugal in Charlotte"A young professional in Charlotte wants to maintain her fabulous uptown lifestyle with the purchase of her first home; unfortunately, she can't afford everything she wants, and her agent has to deal with her client's unrealistic expectations.
S195, EP9 "Warning Window in New Jersey"New Jersey newlyweds need more room for their future family; she's willing to pay top dollar for a turnkey home that's close to her parents, but he'd rather live farther away to avoid sudden family pop-ins.
S177, EP6 "Two Days to Find a House in Georgia"A couple comes to Warner Robins, Ga., for the weekend to buy their dream home after his retirement from the military.
S177, EP8 "That Ol' One-Level Feeling"A family of six is ready to move out of their cramped apartment and purchase their first home in New Jersey; she wants a move-in ready ranch, but he's looking for the grand feeling of a two-story colonial with a pool.
S177, EP10 "On the Rocks in Atlanta"Major relationship issues and differing housing wishlists threaten a couple's search for a home in Atlanta.
S178, EP9 "Oklahoma Animal House"A vet and her husband need a home that's big enough to include their two- and four-legged kids in Oklahoma.
S179, EP1 "Family Bonding on a Budget in Michigan"A couple in Michigan look to bring their blended family together with a new house; she doesn't mind going over budget to get it all, but he's pushing for a lower price so they'll have more money for family activities.
S180, EP10 "Financially Free in Atlanta"A newlywed couple looks to purchase their first home together in Atlanta -- she's always wanted to own a single-family home, but he's looking for a multi-family investment property so they can build wealth.
S181, EP2 "The Deal vs. the Feel"South Carolina newlyweds want to find a home where they can start a family and while she's all about the way the home feels, he's focused on getting the best investment.
S181, EP6 "Finding Home Sweet Home in Sugar Land"A fashion blogger and a personal trainer set out to upgrade to a larger family home in Sugar Land, Texas.
S186, EP5 "Old Rivalries Run Deep"Former work enemies-turned-couple want to buy their first home in Philadelphia, but old rivalries rear their ugly heads as one pushes for a classic Philly row home and the other has her heart set on a suburban family home.
S184, EP12 "Atlanta Suburbs or Bust"She wants to hang on to their youth as long as possible in the city and he wants to relive his childhood with a large house in the suburbs.
S224, EP8 "Agent vs. Contractor in Florida"A newlywed couple searches for a larger home to start a family in Tampa Bay, Fla.; he's a contractor determined to find a place that's turnkey, and she's their agent; with inventory extremely low, she thinks he may need to put on his tool belt.
S222, EP10 "Time Crunch in Illinois"A couple is under a time crunch to find a home before their wedding and his relocation benefits expire in Bloomington, Illinois; she wants an affordable fixer to save for their big day, but he wants to spend big on a place that's turnkey.
S223, EP10 "Out on Their Own in Columbus"A 26-year-old wants to move out of her parents' place and buy a home to share with her boyfriend in Columbus, Ohio; she's looking for something that can balance their differing needs.
S210, EP4 "Chincoteague Shuffle"Two best friends search for a vacation home that both their families can share on Chincoteague Island, Va.; one wants a place that's practical and big enough for everyone, but the other just wants something pretty, no matter how small it may be.
S197, EP7 "First Home in Coastal Ventura, California"A couple are looking for their first home in beachy Ventura, Calif.; since he's representing them in the deal, having his wife as a client proves to be a big challenge.
S193, EP10 "Vying for Vintage in Asheville"A therapist is looking for a newer Craftsman-style, move-in ready home in Asheville, N.C., but her husband likes older houses and welcomes renovation projects.
S192, EP9 "New in Nashville"A newlywed couple relocates to Nashville and looks to purchase a new home; she's looking for a new build with an open floor plan and plenty of closet space, but he prefers something more traditional with character and needs room for his collectibles.
S244, EP6 "More for Less in Chicago Suburbs"Priced out of San Francisco, a family relocates to buy a place near family with more space for their boys in the Chicago suburbs. She's ready to spend what it takes to get a rancher on a huge lot, but he's looking for a modern home at a bargain price.
S193, EP9 "Putting Down Roots in Arkansas"A couple and their newborn daughter look to settle down and buy a home in Bentonville, Ark.; he wants a castlelike, two-story brick home with a big yard, but she has her heart set on a single-level Craftsman-style home that's less traditional.
S193, EP8 "Sin City Sibling Rivalry"A Virginia real estate agent looks to purchase a vacation home in Las Vegas; she's brought her brother along for the search, and he's interested in a single-family home, but she wants a townhouse or condo that's low maintenance.
S198, EP4 "Doing it for My Daughter in Illinois"A cash-strapped single mother looks to buy her first home in Zion, Ill.; she's looking for a home with two bedrooms and a yard for her 11-year-old daughter's dog, but her fear of taking on projects will make it difficult with her small budget.
S179, EP6 "Germ Free in Kansas City"A family with three young kids looks for a home in Kansas City, Miss.; she wants to either find a new home or gut an older one, while he wants to avoid renovation costs.
S181, EP11 "Hoping for a Unicorn in DC"Despite having no renovation experience, a demanding first-time buyer wants a fixer-upper row home in Washington, D.C.; her new agent is determined to save her client from getting in over her head.
S181, EP5 "Big Ballin' In Seattle"A pro football player and his wife are ready to upgrade to a bigger home for their growing family in Seattle.
S181, EP8 "Eight Long Years in Houston"A couple looks for their first home together in Houston; she wants to settle down in a house in the suburbs, but he's not ready to give up city life and thinks they should buy a townhouse near downtown.
S186, EP9 "From NYC to Green Acres"A Brooklyn couple wants to purchase a weekend getaway in Wayne County, Pennsylvania; While one wants little maintenance, the other wants lots of acreage and a home where family can visit.
S184, EP4 "Sweating the Details in Georgia"A couple wants to get their family out of temporary housing and into a home of their own outside Atlanta; he's focused on the big-picture dream house that has plenty of space, while she's an architect who's sweating the details.
S185, EP5 "Getting Started in Wichita"Music professors look to settle down near one's new job in Wichita, Kan.; she wants their first house to be a big Victorian that's perfect for over-the-top decor, but he wants to keep things simple with a turnkey home.
S195, EP2 "Designing Dreams in New Jersey"A couple looks to get their kids out of the city and head for the upscale suburbs of New Jersey; They're looking for a large home with plenty of outdoor space, but she's a designer and wants a big renovation project while he wants something turnkey.
S201, EP1 "First-Timers in the Twin Cities"A young, engaged couple look to purchase their first home in Minneapolis; they're looking for a home that's fully updated and move-in ready, and she wants a place near downtown, but he looks to get more for their money and prefers the suburbs.
S220, EP6 "Dance Off in Phoenix"Professional dancers from Miami look to relocate to buy a home big enough to grow their family through fostering in Phoenix; one wants an updated townhouse, but his partner has his heart set on a single-family home with a yard.
S173, EP6 "Bedrooms for Christmas"A single mom of four wants to give her kids the ultimate Christmas present of a new home with bedrooms for everyone in Murfreesboro, Tenn.
S206, EP12 "To Downsize or Not in San Francisco"With their last child heading off to college, a soon-to-be empty nester couple search for a new home; he wants to downsize and live in the heart of San Francisco, but she prefers a bigger home with room for their three grown children.
S191, EP5 "Year-round Christmas in Chicago"First-time buyers in Chicago can't agree on which type of home to buy; she prefers a stand-alone home with vintage details, but his heart is set on a modern townhouse that gives him the tight-knit community he remembers from childhood.
S195, EP12 "Wedding Bells and Bidding Wars"A young couple in Austin, Texas, want to get into a home before their upcoming wedding; while they disagree on fixer-upper versus turnkey, the real struggle for these 20-somethings will be coming to grips with the realities of the real estate market.
S194, EP1 "A Castle or a Cottage"An American and his British wife move to Arizona; he wants to buy the castle of his dreams, and all she wants is a humble cottage.
S223, EP7 "Newly Single in Milwaukee"A newly single real estate professional looks to buy a place she can make her own in Milwaukee; she's searching for a house that will accommodate her sister, who will be moving in.
S216, EP1 "Too Big or Just Right for Vacation Home"The parents of two young children look for a vacation home near a Finger Lakes resort in New York; he wants something big and spacious they can rent out to help cover the cost, but she prefers a smaller place they can afford without being landlords.
S219, EP8 "Twentysomethings' First Home in Greenville"A young couple look to purchase their first home in Greenville, S.C., and while he's determined to save money with a fixer-upper in the suburbs, she's skeptical of his handyman skills and thinks a big project might strain their relationship.
S195, EP4 "Downtown vs. Suburbs in Kansas City"A young couple search for their first home in Kansas City, Mo.; he's looking for a new build in the suburbs that's near his parents' place since they plan to start a family, but she wants an older home with character in the heart of the city.
S194, EP13 "New vs. Old in Florida"A Florida couple have to move fast after their rental home was sold out from under them; he's all about new construction, and she wants old with projects.
S192, EP7 "A Tale of Two Agents in Texas"Married real estate agents in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas search the market for a big home for their own family, but with all of their conflicting priorities, they've become their own toughest clients.
S193, EP7 "California Dreaming in Redlands"A young family decide to make their dream come true and relocate to sunny Redlands, Calif.; she's looking for a spacious two-story home with four bedrooms, but they're used to cheaper Illinois house prices and will have to compromise.
S96, EP10 "Christmas-Obsessed Woman Wants Yule Palace in Chicago"A Christmas-obsessed woman wants to find a home in Chicago that can become a Christmas palace every December.
S197, EP9 "Time to Grow Up in Columbus"A couple looks to leave Chicago behind and purchase their first home in Columbus, Ohio. He wants to keep the hustle and bustle of the city with a high-rise downtown, but she's ready to start adulthood with a single family home in the suburbs.
S131, EP1 "Going Large or Small in Tampa"A couple looks to settle in Tampa, Fla., after owning several homes in different cities; he wants a big Mediterranean-style house, but she looks to downsize into a charming bungalow.
S131, EP7 "Million Dollar Budget on the San Diego Coast"A San Diego buyer wants to upgrade to a home on the coast, but even with a million dollar budget, he's going to have to compromise.
S131, EP9 "Cozy Cabin in California"A young couple searches for a vacation cabin in the small mountain resort town of Shaver Lake, Calif.; she wants a cozy, family-friendly cottage, but he has his sights set on a large lodge with great rental potential.
S131, EP2 "Ornate vs. Simple in Chicago"A Chicago couple search for a home big enough for their growing family; she wants a Victorian with plenty of character, while he prefers a traditional Midwestern-style home with clean lines.
S167, EP4 "The Tall and Short of It in Grand Rapids"College sweethearts seek the perfect house in Grand Rapids, Mich.; since she's a foot shorter than he is, she wants to get kitchen cabinets that she can reach without his help; he's fixated on the shape of the roof for his Christmas light displays.
S191, EP1 "Time's Up in Boston"A young buyer in the Boston area has been living with her parents for four years to save for a place; everyone's eager for her to get out on her own, but her father's fixation with the safety of old New England properties slows them down.
S195, EP8 "A New Start in Chicago"After losing much of what they owned in a fire, buyers in Chicago are looking for a home; he wants to stay in the city but keep the price down, while she thinks they might have to move to the suburbs to get the large place that she prefers.
S244, EP1 "An Upgrade in Connecticut"A couple is at odds over how much house to buy in Connecticut; he's a doctor who wants to go big, but she's trying to convince him that a more modest home would be better.
S243, EP13 "Stunt Actors Need a Home Fast"Stunt performers look to buy a home in Atlanta before their upcoming wedding; he wants a brick Colonial with space for a media room to prepare for his jobs, but she's focused on a modern farmhouse with a soaking tub to help her recuperate from work.
S243, EP12 "Show Me a Place in Missouri"A Canadian couple moves stateside for university jobs and looks for a home in Springfield, Mo.; she wants a rustic prairie home like she grew up in, but he's pushing for an open concept, single-level home to accommodate his brother when he visits.
S243, EP10 "Hunting for a House and a Man in Charlotte"A single New Jersey woman moves for work and to hopefully find the Southern man of her dreams in Charlotte, N.C.; she's an interior designer who has her heart set on a fixer-upper, but her friend thinks she should find something more manageable.
S243, EP9 "Off to College in Lubbock"Benevolent parents look to purchase a home for their sons to live in while they attend college in Lubbock, Texas; they want an older ranch with projects to increase resale value, but the boys would rather find something new that requires no work.
S243, EP8 "Character vs. Modern in Arizona"A couple looks to purchase their first home together in Arizona; one is pushing for an older place and she's determined to stick to her price range; the other is fine with spending more to get something modern.
S243, EP7 "Living the Los Angeles Dream"A family needs a home with a lot more space for themselves and their young son, but Los Angeles is pricey; one is an interior designer and wants an affordable fixer with vintage charm, but the other prefers something modern.
S243, EP6 "All the Family in Virginia"The pursuit of the perfect home involves big decisions. Each episode follows real buyers as they establish a budget, tour homes for sale, weigh pros and cons and finally make an offer.
S243, EP5 "Searching for Forever in Savanna"Married first-time buyers are looking for a house they can grow into with their young family in Savannah, Ga.; he's determined to get a complete fixer, but she works in real estate and thinks that a more practical, move-in ready home would be best.
S243, EP4 "Goodbye Army, Hello Long Island"After years of living in military housing, a retiring Army instructor and his wife are buying their first home on Long Island; she's an interior designer who wants a two-story home with character, but he wants a ranch with a pool.
S243, EP3 "Independent Again in California"After living with her parents for the past two years, a single buyer is ready to buy her own place in Los Angeles; she's looking for an updated single-family house in the city, but her mom thinks a condo in the suburbs is the way to go.
S243, EP2 "Arizona Couple's City Dilemma"A blended family with a baby on the way searches for a new home, but can't agree on where to live; one wants the up-and-coming and affordable community of Peoria, Ariz., but the other prefers the established and expensive city of Scottsdale, Ariz.
S243, EP1 "Twin Cities House Hack"New parents are looking to get out of his apartment and into their first home in the Twin Cities; she wants a cozy farmhouse with a garden, but he's feeling the pressure of buying on just one income and prefers a place they can both live in and rent.
S242, EP13 "Ready for Adventure in Alaska"A couple decide to go for an unexpected job opportunity and move to Fairbanks, Alaska; he's looking for a rustic A-frame, but she wants something traditional that feels like home.
S242, EP12 "Needs Convincing in Washington"A couple can't agree on whether to stay where they are or upgrade to another home in Washington; he wants to convince her to spend more on a place with land that's large and modern, but she's worried about cost and would prefer a cozy cottage.
S242, EP11 "Military Family Heads to Nashville"After many years in the Coast Guard, a couple decides to move their family to Nashville, Tenn.; with their experience in military housing, she's ready for something they can put their own stamp on, and he wants a lower-priced home that's turnkey.
S242, EP10 "Hoosier DJ's Sample Homes"A couple is bursting at the seams in their tiny apartment with three growing boys in Portage, Ind.; she wants a home that reminds her of the '90s sitcoms she grew up watching; he prefers something so big he can get lost in his own basement retreat.
S242, EP9 "Young Buyer Wants a Project in Vermont"A twenty-something amateur wood worker wants to take on a project for her first home in Burlington, Vt.; her best friend is worried she'll get in over her head and hopes to steer her toward something more updated.
S242, EP8 "Log Cabin Dreams in Washington"High school sweethearts look to relocate from Ohio for his new job in Burlington, Wash.; he hopes to fulfill his lifelong dream of buying a log cabin, but she wants a vintage farmhouse that she can make her own.
S242, EP7 "Trying to Downsize in Grand Rapids"A Michigander is hoping to downsize from her previous home that had a headache's heap of upkeep; she's zeroed in on Grand Rapids, Mich., for its exciting city life, but she's also tempted to head out to the suburbs for the familiar lure of space.
S242, EP5 "Body Slams and Big Houses in Orlando"A former professional wrestler is looking for a showcase home in Orlando, Fla.; he wants a fun place for throwing big parties, but his spiritual practitioner wife prefers a more tranquil home to start a family.
S242, EP4 "Arizona Astronaut Seeks Space"A female astronaut turned artist seeks a midcentury modern home where she can make her creative dreams a reality in Mesa, Ariz.; her more practical best is worried, however, that she'll take on a major fixer-upper and overspend.
S242, EP3 "Leaving Winter Behind in Florida"A couple decides to leave New Jersey and relocate with their four kids to sunny Boca Raton, Fla.; she wants a home with a Mediterranean vibe, but he's after something that's more modern.
S242, EP2 "Whimsy Wanted in New York"Buyers outside of New York City sold their apartment in less than a week, so now they need to find a new home; he wants to go with something small to keep costs down, but she's got her heart set on a large house with charm and a whimsical feel.
S242, EP1 "A Family Home in South Georgia"After relocating from Montana less than a year ago, a couple are ready to move their family out of a rental and buy their own home in South Georgia; he loves Southern charm, but she wants something that's more contemporary.
S241, EP13 "Town or Country in Alaska"A couple searches for a home with more space so they can grow their young family in Anchorage, Alaska. He wants something with the cabin feel he grew up with and lots of land, but she's from the lower 48 and wants something updated and closer to town.
S241, EP11 "A Bigger House Before the Baby Near Boston"North Shore Boston newlyweds are expecting their first child and need a bigger place. They're looking to get out of their one bedroom apartment, but they have very different ideas of what their family dream home should look like, and what it should cost.
S241, EP10 "Getting It All in the Kansas Suburbs"A couple is hoping to get everything they want in the Kansas suburbs; she's looking for a midcentury modern house, but he has his eyes set on a new build.
S241, EP9 "More to Love and More to Shovel in Minnesota"Two young professionals search for a place after landing dream jobs in Minnesota; one of them is from the area and wants a historic house to fix up like he's always dreamed, but the other is all about a sleek modern home they can move into now.
S241, EP8 "Suddenly Single in the South"A newly single mom is excited to start a new chapter of her life with a home in Charleston, S.C.; her young daughter thinks she should downsize, but she's stuck on getting the large single-family house with a pool.
S241, EP7 "Getting Quirky in West Virginia"A single mom looks to buy her first home so her young son can be closer to family in Charleston, W. Va.; she's focused on finding an older home that's as quirky as she is, but her mom thinks she should find something that's lower maintenance.
S241, EP6 "Last Move to Downtown Cincinnati"A military family moves to downtown Cincinnati, their 10th relocation; she's hoping for a charming historic home with room to grow, but he's favoring a place that's turnkey contemporary.
S241, EP5 "Residency in Minnesota"Resident doctors are moving to her hometown of Rochester, Minn., to buy their first home and start a family; he's looking for a country fixer with some land, but she thinks a modern, turnkey place that's close to town would be better suited for them.
S241, EP4 "South Carolina Winemakers"Young newlyweds are ready to search for a home in South Carolina; they're looking for something close to their jobs, and they also want a place that can accommodate their ambitious wine-making side business.
S241, EP3 "Battling Besties in Atlanta"Two 20-something best friends decide to buy their first homes in Atlanta; they're looking for separate houses together, but with identical price ranges and similar wants -- the hunt could create some competition.
S241, EP2 "Downsizing For a Dream House"A couple wants out of their high-maintenance home for something smaller and easier to care for near Minneapolis; she wants a place that's unique, even if it comes at a price; he wants to spend as little as possible to save for a future dream house.
S241, EP1 "Seizing the Day in New England"Newlyweds are put to the test as they search for a classic New England charmer; he wants to spend top dollar for a big house where he can add sweat equity, but she's a penny pincher and doesn't want to overextend themselves.
S240, EP13 "What an Old House Means in New Orleans"A newlywed couple with a baby on the way are having difficulty finding their first home in New Orleans; he wants a historic shotgun-style place right in the action of the city, but she's looking for a quiet home to raise their family in the suburbs.
S240, EP12 "There Can Only Be One"Two twenty-something engineers in a new relationship are moving in together in Minneapolis; if they decide to go with her city bungalow, she'll take on the mortgage, but if they find his home in the suburbs, he'll sign his name on the dotted line.
S240, EP11 "New Baby and New Home in Chicago"A couple with a baby on the way looks to get out of their basement apartment and into a home of their own in Chicago. She wants a place that's contemporary with an elevator, but he's a huge fan of vintage architecture.
S240, EP9 "Racing Around in Indy"An Indiana native is committed to buying a charming place similar to his childhood home in Indianapolis; he wants a place that's downtown and big enough for a future family, but he'll have to decide between living for now or living for the future.
S240, EP8 "To Finally Say That We're Home"A long-distance couple who are now engaged look for a home in Louisania; she's looking for a newer place in a family-friendly area, but he wants something with privacy and land.
S240, EP7 "An Oasis in the California Desert"Young expecting parents move from Las Vegas to be closer to family in Southern California; she wants a stress-free, turnkey home, but he's a former Air Force mechanic and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty to save some money.
S240, EP6 "Missing Her Family in Mississippi"A woman returns home to be near her aging parents and grandchildren in Mississippi; she won't budge on finding the perfect two-story Craftsman, and her two best friends are having trouble getting her to compromise.
S240, EP5 "A Life-Changing Move in Texas"Newlyweds look to move from Austin, Texas, to their hometown of Belton, Texas; her style is contemporary cottage, while he's looking for something more traditional; however, it's up to her mom to guide the first-time buyers into a home.
S240, EP4 "Dream Home Near Lake Michigan"Buyers can finally afford to purchase property after moving from New York City to the Grand Rapids area near Lake Michigan. One wants to play it safe with a smaller and less-expensive home, but the other wants to spend big for a large house by the lake.
S240, EP3 "Struggling to Compromise in Raleigh"In need of more space, a couple looks to buy their first home in Raleigh, N. C.; up against a tough market, he's willing to take on projects or consider townhomes, but she's determined to find a single-family home that's move-in ready.
S240, EP2 "Getting Their Fish On in Nashville"A country music artist and his manager wife look to buy their first home together in Nashville; she wants to play it safe and get something that's under their means, but he won't settle for anything less than a dream house on the water for fishing.
S240, EP1 "A Family Move to Orlando"Newlyweds from Colorado head south to be near family in Orlando, Fla.; he wants a home that's modern and smart, but she's in love with all things vintage.
S239, EP13 "A Home in the Hills of West Virginia"A husband and wife search for a bigger house for their growing family in the hills of Charleston, W.V.; they're looking for plenty of outdoor space for their kids to play, but in their area, finding flat and usable land can be a challenge.
S239, EP12 "Bright Future in Missouri"After getting through a serious health scare, a couple looks to buy a large family home in Missouri; she's an agent who wants a great deal on a newer home, but he's a builder who would love to get his hands on an old Victorian.
S239, EP11 "Creative Eye in Seattle"After moving all over the country, a buyer looks to put down roots near friends and family in Seattle; she has the eye of a creative director, which doesn't always jive with her budget, so her best friend is along to help keep things in perspective.
S239, EP10 "Leaning Toward Luxury in Dallas"A single mom is on the hunt for her first home in Dallas; her new boyfriend is helping in the search, and he wants her to consider a lower priced fixer, but she's leaning toward spending top dollar to get something that's move-in ready.
S239, EP9 "Lovebirds or Landlords in Chicago"A couple who met only six months ago has decided to take the plunge into homeownership in Chicago; one wants to invest in a vintage multi-unit property with income potential, but the other wants a modern full-amenity building just for them.
S239, EP8 "Starting a Family Legacy in Chicago"A brother and sister are pooling their resources to buy a home together in Chicago; he wants a modern, single-family home they can all live in together, but she wants a charming multi-family property with completely separate units for each of them.
S239, EP7 "From Boston to New Hampshire"Boston newlyweds are packing up to start a family in New Hampshire; he wants to be secluded with a modern cabin in the woods, but she's looking for a house with lots of charm that's around neighbors.
S239, EP6 "Island Life in Charleston"A couple look to upgrade to a coastal cottage in Charleston, S.C.; she's worried about overspending while he's willing to go to their max, but in this very popular market, they each may have to compromise.
S239, EP5 "Litigating a Living Room"Married lawyers look to buy their first home in the Tampa Bay area; she wants a brand-new, modern home with a large kitchen, but he's all about negotiating for a bargain house with a dedicated room for his sports memorabilia.
S239, EP4 "Shaking Things Up in Colorado"After twenty years of marriage, New Jersey natives look to shake things up and start a new life in Colorado Springs; she has her heart set on a historic charmer in town, but he's dreaming of a modern mountain paradise farther out.
S239, EP3 "Portland Architect's Housing Plan"An architect wants a piece of property where she can create multiple units in Portland, Ore.; her boyfriend is on board with the plan, as long as there's no massive renovation involved.
S239, EP2 "Equity in the DMV"A young couple is finally in the position to buy after moving in with relatives in Washington, D.C. and saving for a house.
S239, EP1 "In for the Long Haul on Long Island"A couple is ready to take their relationship to the next level, so they search for a home to share on Long Island, N.Y.; he's looking to buy an old fixer, but she wants to spend their max on something turnkey that's near her mom.
S238, EP12 "Twinning in Cleveland"A young woman looks to settle down into adult life with a house in the Cleveland suburbs; her twin sister will be renting from her, and she thinks they should find a fun and exciting condo downtown.
S238, EP11 "Modern vs. Historic in Dallas"A couple outgrows a starter home and needs a larger place before starting a family in Dallas; she wants a deluxe modern farmhouse in the suburbs, but his love for the city and desire for a historic home near downtown complicates the search.
S238, EP11 "Long Island Oasis"A NYC couple look for their first home on Long Island, which is also their first big push away from the city; he's eager to fix up a home, and she's all about creating an oasis vibe since buying a house means less money to go on vacation.
S238, EP10 "Near the Beach in Los Angeles"Buyers sell their condo and try to find a home in West Los Angeles; he wants to stay as close to the beach as possible; she thinks they should move inland to have shorter commutes and be closer to their son's day care.
S238, EP9 "A Matter of Principals"Before they can plan their wedding, two assistant principals must find their first home near Spokane, Wash.; she wants something small and cozy to make their own, but he's dreaming of a bigger and pricier house to start their new life together.
S238, EP8 "A Newlywed Conundrum in Colorado"A newly married couple is looking for a new home in Colorado; as a designer, she's bursting with creativity and dreams of gutting a fixer, but that conflicts with his plans of living in a low-maintenance new build.
S238, EP7 "Family Getaway in Florida"A single mom looks for a vacation getaway in Florida with enough room for her entire extended family to stay; she wants a Mediterranean home with a pool and all the amenities.
S238, EP6 "Up to the Hudson Valley"An artistic couple sets out to buy their first home together with enough space to each have their own creative areas.
S238, EP5 "Mom and Daughter Dilemma in LA"A single mom wants to set a good example for her kids and looks to buy a home in Los Angeles; they need more space, and finding something in her price range in the market is tough, especially when her 18-year-old daughter is pushing her own agenda.
S238, EP4 "Clear Skies in Arizona"Newlyweds are looking to be closer to her family and his flight school, so they relocate from Idaho to Arizona; he dreams of a large fixer that he and her brother can work on together, but she wants something smaller that's move-in ready.
S238, EP3 "Not Really Downsizing in Dallas"After selling their large house, a couple look to downsize in Dallas; she's all in on going much smaller, but he's pushing for something that still might be too large for her taste.
S238, EP2 "Reuniting a Family in Texas"A couple is juggling family life between two cities since he moved for a new job to Houston; they're ready to be back under one roof, but he prefers a large two-story with wow factor, while she wants a cozy one-story that's easy to maintain.
S238, EP1 "Island Life in South Carolina"A North Carolina couple is moving to their favorite vacation spot on the Isle of Palms in South Carolina; he wants a place on the beach while keeping the price down, but she's fine with spending big to get plenty of room for visitors.
S237, EP13 "Lake vs. City in Dallas"An engaged couple is at odds over what kind of home to buy in the Dallas area; he has his heart set on a big, single-family house on a lake, but she's pushing for a townhome in the heart of the city.
S237, EP12 "Landing in Philly"A young flight attendant is in search of historic charm for her first home in Philadelphia; she's self-admittedly frugal and isn't afraid of a remodel, but her BFF and fellow flight attendant is worried she will sacrifice comfort to save money.
S237, EP11 "A Gift From Grandma in Indiana"A single mom inherits a gift and can finally afford a larger home for her family in Martinsville, Ind.; her best friend is trying to find the move-in ready two-story she's always wanted, but her daughter is angling for a single-story fixer-upper.
S237, EP10 "Something Flashy in Raleigh"A married couple look for a spacious home for themselves and their son with special needs in Raleigh, N.C.; she's willing to spend for a place with Southern charm, but he's a jeweler who wants something grand and showy for a steal of a deal.
S237, EP9 "Island Life in Florida"A young woman aims to stay close to her parents and favorite beaches and buy her first place on Florida's Amelia Island; with limited options in her price range, she'll need to decide which features she's willing to sacrifice to live the island life.
S237, EP8 "A Showdown in Cincinnati"A young couple looks to buy their first home together in Cincinnati; they're taking the next step in their relationship, and they're finding that they clash on everything from style to price and location.
S237, EP7 "American Dreaming in Dallas"Newlyweds look to buy their first home together but have diverging opinions about what they each want; he hopes to buy in the city of Dallas and likes houses with character and charm, while she dreams of a new build in a suburban community.
S237, EP6 "Mom Knows Best in St. Louis"A buyer outside St. Louis is ready to buy her first home; she's always wanted a place to make her own, so she's looking for a fixer-upper, but her mom, who's also representing her in the deal, is trying to talk her out of it.
S237, EP5 "Epic Charm in Alabama"A young couple looks for a bigger house to grow their family near Mobile, Ala.; she's hoping for country charm they can move right into, but he's pushing for quirky details and some projects to make it their own.
S237, EP4 "Trendy in Minneapolis"A couple is ready to commit to buying a house together in Minneapolis; one is 6'5 and specifically wants a house with tall ceilings, which may be difficult to find in the trendy, older neighborhood where the other insists on looking.
S237, EP3 "Money vs. Lifestyle in Arizona"Newlyweds look to buy their first home in Gilbert, Ariz.; she's willing to spend more to get a large Mediterranean so they can grow their family, but since they're still paying off college debt, he would rather spend less on a cozy Craftsman.
S237, EP2 "Starting Over in the Florida Keys"After going through a divorce, a buyer starts his life over with a new job in the Florida Keys; he's working at an architecture firm and is picky about finding a place with historic charm; he's bringing his friend along to help him stay grounded.
S237, EP1 "Second Try for Personal Space in North Carolina"A couple can't see eye to eye on what their family needs in a new house in North Carolina; he wants to bring back the potential for an entertainment room he built in a previous place, but she's more focused on interior finishes.
S236, EP13 "Kicking It in the Country"A couple look to set down roots in her home state of New Jersey; they're searching for a large house where they can raise future kids; he wants land out in the country, while she wants more of a neighborhood setting.
S236, EP12 "Looking for Land in Florida"A family looks to relocate from Washington and searches for a home in sunny Florida; she wants a place that's move-in ready, unlike what they had in Washington, but he's not willing to let go of his drive for quirky projects.
S236, EP11 "Wanting Wide Open Spaces in Pittsburgh"A self-assured buyer has enough cash to buy a home in Pittsburgh; she wants a huge house with several acres outside the city, but her friend and her agent are worried it might be too much for her to manage alone.
S236, EP10 "Modern or Vintage in Michigan"A couple have outgrown the woman's childhood home, so they're searching for a new start in Grand Rapids, Mich.; she doesn't want to let go of the vintage vibe she's used to, but he insists on something new and low maintenance this time around.
S236, EP9 "Upgrading to Grand in Atlanta"After a lifetime of work, a buyer looks to upgrade to a more grand home in the suburbs of Atlanta; her daughter doesn't want her to take on any projects and thinks she should spring for a place that's brand new, even if it breaks the bank.
S236, EP8 "No Shared Walls in Philly"A couple searches for a larger home for their growing family in Philadelphia; he's dreaming of a single-family house, but she's trying to persuade him into a row home where they can get more for their money.
S236, EP7 "Back in Boston and Ready for Baby"After years away, a married couple look to return home to welcome their first child in Boston; both want a place before the baby arrives, but they can't seem to agree on style, location or if they should take on renters in a multi-family home.
S236, EP6 "Done With Flooding in Georgia"After her rental flooded, a single mom and her kids need out of the hotel where they're staying and into a permanent home in Augusta, Ga.
S236, EP5 "Back Home to Wisconsin"A single mom and her son move from Denver to her hometown in Wisconsin.
S236, EP4 "On the Radio in Lubbock"A radio personality is on the hunt for his first home in Lubbock, Texas; in addition to being cautious about spending, he has some quirky needs; his co-host and friend is helping with the search.
S236, EP3 "From D.C. to Texas"After working 13 years in Washington, D.C., a woman looks to return home to Houston; she's looking for a large house with a big backyard to host family and friends, but her sister is along to let her know that she'll have to make some sacrifices.
S236, EP2 "Room for the Whole Fam in Houston"A content creator and her photographer husband look to upgrade to a larger home in Houston, Texas; they plan to house both sets of their parents in the future, and he wants a new build that's move-in ready, but she prefers to renovate a fixer.
S236, EP1 "Family Visits in Orlando"A Texas woman looks for a vacation home near family in Orlando, Fla.; her real estate agent sister helps search for a place on the water, but since she prefers saving to spending, she hesitates to spend the money.
S235, EP13 "Mom and Daughter Level Up in Colorado"A mother-daughter nursing duo looks to upgrade from their starter home to a place with more room in Colorado; they're both contributing to the mortgage, but finding a home that satisfies their divergent lifestyles and interests will be a challenge.
S235, EP12 "Too Cramped for Comfort in South Carolina"A South Carolina woman realizes it was more than a small mistake to try to go tiny with RV living; she's looking to spread out with a home off wheels, but when the realities of the market hit her wallet, she'll need to roll with the compromises.
S235, EP11 "Moving Up to a High-Rise"Newlyweds realize their dream of living in downtown Los Angeles; they're looking for something with plenty of space to entertain friends and family, but their dollars may not stretch very far in the high-rise condo market.
S235, EP10 "Best Friends and Bunkmates in Florida"Longtime friends are hoping to pay cash for a home together in New Port Richey, Fla.; one dreams of a single-family ranch with a backyard, but the other wants a two-story home with an HOA for a maintenance-free lifestyle.
S235, EP9 "Finding the Wow in Florida"With their kids grown, a couple realize their dream of moving from Dallas to Tampa, Fla.; she longs to be near the beach and family, but he's starting a new career as a stand-up comedian and wants to be as close to the nightlife as possible.
S235, EP8 "Rebuilding a Life in the Bay Area"After losing a home to foreclosure during her divorce, a single mom works for years to rebuild her credit and looks for a home in the Bay Area; she's not willing to budge on her priorities and that may present a challenge.
S235, EP7 "Building Wealth in California"A buyer wants to follow in her immigrant parents' footsteps and build wealth through homeownership in San Bernardino, Calif.; she's looking for a place that has modern details and space to entertain extended family, but it may take some sacrifices.
S235, EP6 "Texans in Tennessee"After a job promotion, a family looks to quickly relocate from Texas to rural Tennessee; he's looking for a turnkey home with as much land as possible that's a short commute to his new job, but she's dreaming of a place closer to bustling city life.
S235, EP5 "One Hundred Year Old Home or Bust"A data analyst wants her first home to have the historic details that Wilmington, Del., is known for, but she doesn't know much about buying a home; her sister, an architectural historian by training, is recruited to guide in the search.
S235, EP4 "Throwing Parties in Columbus"After years of apartment hopping, a young couple look to settle down in their first house in Columbus, Ohio; she wants a quiet and cozy home, but he's an entrepreneur who's willing to spend big for a space where he can host large parties.
S235, EP3 "Family Grillin' in Kansas City"A family is on the hunt for a home as they move back to the dad's hometown of Kansas City, Mo.; he's looking for a red brick colonial with a basement bar in the suburbs, but the mom wants a quiet farmhouse with land to raise goats and chickens.
S235, EP1 "Mother Knows Best in Atlanta"With her adult son back home from college, a single mom has outgrown her apartment and looks to purchase a larger home of her own in the suburbs of Atlanta; she dreams of a single-family ranch, but he wants a condo or townhome with amenities.
S234, EP14 "To Buy or Rent in Colorado Springs"A military couple search for their growing family while on assignment for the next few years in Colorado Springs, Colo.; they own rental properties from other assignments, so they need to decide if they should buy again or rent.
S234, EP13 "Single Mom in Scottsdale"A single mom looks for a fresh start for her family in Scottsdale, Ariz.; since she tends to be impulsive, she's bringing along a small team of moms and friends on the search to help her stay grounded in the area's hot real estate market.
S234, EP12 "Minneapolis First Home"Now that her kids are grown, a single mom is finally ready to focus on herself and buy her first home in Minneapolis; she's grown accustomed to making sacrifices for others, so her daughter is on hand to make sure she gets what she truly wants.
S234, EP11 "Track Stars Need a Home Fast"Two former track stars have recently relocated for his new job to Kansas City, Mo.; their second child is due in a few weeks, and they need to find a home fast; she wants something stately, but he's looking to keep their costs down.
S234, EP10 "Humble or Opulent in Connecticut"A pair of buyers are hoping to upsize in Connecticut; one wants something grand to reflect their hard work, but the other prefers something that's more understated.
S234, EP9 "Out of the Fire in Tampa"A newly married couple needs to quickly find a home in Tampa, Fla.; she wants something with two stories that has a storybook vibe, but he's pushing to spend less on a simple one-story ranch.
S234, EP8 "Paying It Forward in Apex"A couple looks to sell their home and upgrade to a bigger place in Apex, N.C.; they both faced hardships growing up, and now they plan on paying it forward by fostering often overlooked, struggling teens.
S234, EP7 "A First Home in Pennsylvania"A young buyer looks to move out of his mom's place and find a townhouse in the heart of Allentown, Pa.; he wants to spend big for a large home to entertain, but his mom thinks he should go for a smaller, single-family house in the suburbs.
S234, EP6 "From Van Life to Family Home in Atlanta"After two years of traveling the country and living out of their van, a couple is finally ready to plant roots in Atlanta; they want to start a family and she wants to spend big on their dream home, but he wants to save money and get a fixer.
S234, EP5 "It's Never Too Late to Buy Your First Home"An animal-loving couple searches for a home in Chicago; he's a lifelong renter and wants his first place to have vintage charm by the lake, but her priorities include something that's modern, clean and quiet.
S234, EP4 "Sac-Town Dreams"A lawyer and a doctor look to buy their dream house in Sacramento, Calif.; facing limited inventory and strong opinions, one wants a midcentury modern design, while the other prefers a turnkey contemporary.
S234, EP3 "High-Rises and Bachelor Pads in Chicago"A real estate professional is ready to buy a place of his own in the heart of Chicago; he's always seen a high-rise condo as a sign of success; he wants to wake up to stunning views, host rooftop parties and enjoy on-site amenities.
S234, EP2 "A Dilemma in Des Moines"First-time homebuyers find themselves stuck in a dilemma in Des Moines, Iowa; one dreams of a modern, sleek home, while the other yearns for a quirky non-residential property, like an old commercial space.
S233, EP20 "Barbie Dreamhouse in Illinois"Having outgrown their condo, a young couple looks to buy their first home together before starting a family in Chicago.
S233, EP18 "Big Dreams in Nashville"A young buyer pursues his dream of hitting it big in the country music world and moves to Nashville; his mother is along on the search and offers both advice and a down payment.
S233, EP15 "Nomads No More in Fargo"After years of bouncing around the country for work, this young couple is looking to put down roots near her family in Fargo, N.D.; she's hoping for some vintage charm at an affordable price, but he's pushing for something brand-new.
S233, EP14 "Navigating a Change in Miami"A military officer wants a fresh start and looks to relocate from California to Miami; she's in a rush to find a home before she has to report for duty, so she's enlisted the help of a friend and longtime Florida resident to help navigate the search.
S233, EP13 "A Soldier Settles in Texas"After 25 years in the military, a soldier is retiring with his young family to El Paso, Texas; he's looking for a two-story home with a swimming pool, but his wife is more concerned with their kids' safety, so for her, it's no pool and no stairs.
S233, EP12 "Queen of Connecticut"A buyer has worked hard to clean up her credit and is ready to find a home for herself and her fiance in Connecticut; she's determined to get a raised ranch with the kitchen of her dreams, but he prefers the wood details of a craftsman-style house.
S233, EP9 "Single and Sparkling in Silicon Valley"A newly single woman looks to buy a home for herself and her daughter in Silicon Valley, Calif.; her last place had a masculine vibe, so this time she wants a home that has more of a feminine touch.
S233, EP8 "Making Memphis Home"A single woman is ready to buy her first home and moves from Los Angeles to a more affordable Memphis; her list of must-haves is long, but her friend may need to convince her that she'll need to spend more to get everything she wants.
S233, EP7 "Minimalist in Massachusetts"Now that they're entering their 30s, a couple is ready to stop renting and buy a home of their own in central Massachusetts; they're looking for a house that can accommodate quirky hobbies; she wants a rustic vibe, but he prefers a minimalist space.
S233, EP5 "Family Time in the Florida Keys"A father and son search for a waterfront vacation home that their extended family can enjoy in the Florida Keys; everyone is chipping in to buy the place, so the pressure's on to find a house big enough for the whole group in an already tight market.
S233, EP4 "Three Generations in Atlanta"A science fiction author looks to move back to her hometown of Atlanta; both her adult daughter and mother are moving in with her, so finding a place big enough for three generations will be a challenge.
S233, EP3 "Avoiding Snakes in Colorado Springs"A couple seeks a safe home for their young daughter with autism in Colorado Springs, Colo.; he wants something rustic where they can add their own sweat equity, but she wants something turnkey and top-of-the-line.
S233, EP2 "Out of the Cold in Denver"After moving from Puerto Rico, a young couple are ready to buy their first home in Denver; she doesn't mind spending for a single-family house with plenty of space to host their families, but he thinks they should go with a lower-priced condo.
S232, EP13 "New or Old in the Atlanta Suburbs"After selling her North Carolina home for a job opportunity in Georgia, a buyer looks to put down roots near Atlanta.
S232, EP12 "Deals and Disagreements in Atlanta"A young couple searches for a first home in Atlanta where they can raise their two boys.
S232, EP11 "Mathematically Inclined in Rhode Island"A math teacher is on the hunt for her first home; she's looking for a place that has symmetry.
S232, EP10 "Room for Five in Austin"A couple is ready to ditch their townhome rental and find a bigger place where they can start a family in Texas.
S232, EP9 "Family Basecamp in Massachusetts"A newly-retired veteran looks to move back home and find a place in Western Massachusetts; he wants space to entertain friends and family.
S232, EP8 "Fresh Start in Lake St. Louis"A recently divorced single mom searches for a new home to share with her teenage son.
S232, EP7 "First Home Together in Maryland"A young couple look to buy their first home together before starting a family in Maryland; she wants an affordable rancher with just enough room for the two of them and a child, but he doesn't mind spending to get a large home.
S232, EP5 "A Fresh Start in Birmingham"A single mom gets a chance to fulfill her dream of homeownership after receiving a surprise inheritance in Birmingham, Ala.; she wants a small Craftsman for herself and her daughter, but her very opinionated aunt has a few other ideas in mind.
S232, EP4 "Daniel vs. the City"After renting for five years in New York City, a newly-single tech professional wants to put down roots in Brooklyn; he wants a classic brownstone with a hard-to-find backyard space, and his close friend is on hand to help him prioritize the search.
S232, EP3 "Tall Order in Tehachapi"A couple dreams of adventure and searches for a home in the mountains of Tehachapi, Calif.; the husband is looking for a rustic fixer-upper, but the wife wants a modern farmhouse that's turnkey.
S232, EP2 "From SF to Chicago"Outpriced by the San Francisco market, a couple look to get more for their money and move back home to Chicago; he thinks they need a single-family house where they can raise their future kids, but she wants to enjoy city living in a downtown condo.
S232, EP1 "Seeking a Colonial and a Companion"After the quick sale of his condo, a single father is living in a hotel and desperate to find a home in the Washington, DC area; his son is along to help, and he's not just looking for a house for himself, but a place that will appeal to a wife.
S231, EP13 "Fishing and Family in Florida"Now with a baby, a couple looks to upgrade from their starter home in Vero Beach, Florida; she wants something modern and open concept to entertain her large family, but he insists on old charm and water access, so he doesn't have to give up fishing.
S231, EP12 "A Single Mom's Sanctuary Search"After saving and working hard, a single mom searches for a bigger home for her three teenage daughters; she prefers something that's move-in ready, but her cousin thinks she should look at the big picture.
S231, EP11 "Art and History In Virginia"A young, engaged couple are moving to be closer to the wifes job as a teacher in historic Williamsburg, Virginia; she's hoping to find a house with space for an art studio, but he wants a home with unusual quirks.
S231, EP10 "High Risk, High Reward in Detroit"A Detroit transplant looks to buy a historic duplex that he can both live in and accommodate renters; he's afraid of taking on big renovations and spending too much, and for his close friend and real estate agent, that could be a difficult search.
S231, EP9 "Big House vs. Big Wedding in New Jersey"An engaged couple looks to ditch his cramped bachelor pad and search for a home in New Jersey. She wants a place that's fully upgraded, but in order to afford the big destination wedding she wants, he thinks they'll need to find something else.
S231, EP8 "Father Knows Best in Nashville"A single dad looks to buy a home so he can build wealth for his four kids in Nashville; he's bringing his daughter along on the search to weigh in, which he may regret since they disagree on just about everything.
S231, EP7 "In or Out of Austin's City Limits"Recent transplants to Austin, Texas, a young couple searches for a home they can agree on; the wife wants the smallest carbon footprint they can find, but the husband wants to head to the outskirts to wrangle the biggest Texas Modern he can manage.
S231, EP6 "Space to Start a Family in Philly"After 18 months in her mom's basement, a young couple is ready to find a home of their own where they can start a family in Philadelphia; the wife wants a Colonial with character and a wood-burning fireplace, but the husband prefers something modern.
S231, EP5 "Blending Family of Nine in Atlanta"A couple search for a large home to blend their big family of nine together in Atlanta; he's looking to keep the family's costs as low as possible, but she wants to spend it all on something modern with a pool.
S231, EP4 "High and Dry in NOLA"A young couple searches for their first home in New Orleans; he wants a place that has historical charm, but she thinks an old house could be a potential disaster, especially in a city that's only a few feet above sea level.
S231, EP3 "Finding Gold in Boston"A young Seattle transplant is on the hunt for her first home in Boston; she has her sights set on a modern condo with hints of vintage charm, but living in this historic city has some unique quirks that'll make the search a steep learning curve.
S231, EP2 "Fresh Start in Biloxi"A newlywed couple search for their first home in Biloxi, Miss.; she wants an older Colonial with tons of charm and doesn't mind taking on a project, but he's ready to spend big on something newer that's move-in ready.
S231, EP1 "Projects in Pennsylvania"New parents want to be near family and look to move back to their hometown in Pennsylvania; they both want a classic Craftsman-style home, but while she's hoping for a good deal, he's ready to spend big for a place that's move-in ready.
S230, EP13 "Vermont Vacation or Renovation"A couple looks to buy a vacation home to enjoy family activities near Lake Champlain, Vermont; with limited housing options, they need to choose between smaller places on the lake, or houses with larger tracts of land farther from the water.
S230, EP12 "Dancing Into Homeownership in Houston"After falling on hard times, a woman gets back on her feet and ready to buy a place of her own in Houston; she wants a brick rancher that reminds her of her grandmother's home, but her friend insists she's better off with a more manageable condo.
S230, EP11 "Going Yard in Boston"An engaged couple outgrows their cramped apartment and search for more space in Boston; she's willing to spend for a move-in ready home and a short commute to the city, but he wants to spend less for a place farther out with a big backyard for games.
S230, EP10 "Searching for Space in Colonial Williamsburg"Two army veterans search for a spacious home in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia; he wants something to remind him of the history of America, but she won't put up with anything too outdated.
S230, EP9 "Room for Gear in Oregon"After long-distance dating, a couple decide to combine households in Eugene, Ore.; she sees real estate as an investment and wants a well-priced fixer-upper, but he's a contractor and prefers a move-in ready home that doesn't require any work.
S230, EP8 "Second Chances in Chicago"A couple have a second chance at love and look to merge their lives together with a home in Chicago; she wants a place that has clean lines, but he works in construction and prefers to find an old house they can renovate.
S230, EP7 "Price vs. Perfection in Atlanta"After recently getting out of debt, a couple want to purchase their first home in Atlanta; he thinks affordability should be their top priority, but she doesn't want to compromise on her long wish list.
S230, EP6 "Moving Up in North Tampa"After years of hard work, a couple look to trade up for a more spacious home in the Tampa area; she wants a place that's sleek and modern, but he prefers something bright that reminds him of the Caribbean.
S230, EP5 "Micro-Farming in Georgia"A couple look to fulfill a dream of raising their kids on a microfarm in Georgia; she wants an updated modern farmhouse, but he loves the look of the vintage ranches from his childhood.
S230, EP4 "A New Nest on the Shore"An empty nester couple is ready to trade the suburbs for a dream of coastal living; she's looking for a place big enough for the adult kids to feel welcome, but he wants sand in between his toes, and at the budget will require a smaller home.
S230, EP3 "Planting Roots in Rural Pennsylvania"Baltimore newlyweds look to relocate so they can be closer to her family in rural Pennsylvania; he's giving up life in the city, so before he'll move to the country, there are a few nonnegotiable items he insists on having in their first home.
S230, EP2 "Lowcountry Looks in South Carolina"After years of relocating for the man's career, a couple decide to move back to where she grew up in South Carolina; she's looking for southern style and water views, but he prefers the look of a modern hotel.
S230, EP1 "A Baby, a Wedding and a House in Texas"An engaged couple is thrilled at the chance to become homeowners in the Dallas area. She wants to live in a prime area near the city, but he wants to go much farther out to get a deal.
S229, EP13 "Planting Roots in Rural Georgia"A couple hailing from New York and Mexico move to rural Georgia in search of more space for their young daughter and five dogs; he wants a farmhouse with big acreage, far from civilization, but she'd prefer something more modern, close to shopping.
S229, EP12 "Goodbye Canada, Hello South Carolina"A Canadian couple looks to start a new chapter and find a home in South Carolina; he wants to upgrade from a modest condo to a five-bedroom craftsman, but she thinks a more common Southern brick house would be better.
S229, EP11 "Sleepovers at Grammy's in Chicago"A New Jersey native wants to be closer to her extended family and looks to move to Chicago; she has her heart set on a house with a big yard; her kids all think she should consider a condo or something with less upkeep.
S229, EP10 "Plumbing Perils in Worcestor"Newlyweds are on a search to find a home to start their family in Worcester, Mass.; both are hard to please; with their contrasting styles and his interest in plumbing, they may run out of options.
S229, EP9 "Forging a Future in Florida"Two theme park entertainers search for a home together in Orlando, Fla.; they're looking for a place that can accommodate practicing their unique talent of stilt walking and aerialist abilities; she wants to spend more than him.
S229, EP8 "New Chapter in Mississippi"Now that their kids are grown, a couple looks to start a new chapter and move to the Mississippi Gulf Coast; he wants a cozy beach cottage; she's willing to break the bank and prefers a newer, modern house.
S229, EP7 "Getting a Deal in Seattle"A Seattle transplant is ready to get out of her apartment and buy a place of her own; she's hoping for something modern and spacious, but her new boyfriend is along for the ride, and he's pushing for a place with a more manageable size and character.
S229, EP6 "A Home and New Business in Michigan"Newlyweds and former zookeepers are looking for a home that can also be a nature-themed bed-and-breakfast in Michigan; finding a place that can provide everything they need for both their home and new business, however, will be a challenge.
S229, EP4 "Large Home for Six Kids and Eight Pets"A recently married couple need to find a home with enough space for their blended family of six kids and eight pets in New Palestine, Ind.; she wants something warm and homey, but he prefers a place with a more industrial look.
S229, EP3 "Home in a Tennessee Far Far Away"A family tired of the California hustle and bustle searches for a slower pace of life and looks to relocate to Tennessee; he wants the truly rural countryside, but she insists on a place in a neighborhood that's closer to town.
S229, EP2 "From the Frying Pan to the Freezer in Pittsburgh"A Florida family is tired of yearlong summer and looks to move and experience the four seasons of Pittsburgh; she wants a midcentury modern she can jazz up with her colorful murals, but he has his heart set on a historic Victorian.
S229, EP1 "From Homeless to Homeowner in Minnesota"After falling on hard times, a single mother looks to purchase her own home in Minnesota; she's ready for her and her son to finally set down roots, but price is a huge issue, so compromises have to be made to find the right place.
S228, EP12 "Two Sides to Paradise"A young couple with differing lifestyle ideas look to buy their first home together on Maui, Hawaii; she wants something in popular just steps from the beach, but he prefers the solitude of the mountains surrounded by lush acreage.
S228, EP10 "ER Doc Buys in Chicago"After years of hard work and residency, an ER doctor searches for her first home in Chicago; she's prioritizing practical concerns like price and size; her friend comes along to make sure that she also considers the look of the place.
S228, EP9 "Daring to Downsize in Atlanta"A successful reality TV star and businesswoman is going through a divorce and becoming an empty nester in Atlanta; she's used to living in luxury, but at this stage of her life, her friends think it's time for her to downsize.
S228, EP8 "First Timers in Fargo"A couple want to trade apartment living for a home of their own and a sense of permanence in Fargo, N.D.; they're looking for more space, but bigger homes come with big price tags, so they may be forced to make some compromises.
S228, EP7 "A Budget Battle in Virginia"After a big promotion, a couple looks to relocate from Colorado and buy a home in Washington, D.C.; despite extra cash, one is determined to keep a tight grip on the purse strings, but the other is ready to pull out all the stops.
S228, EP6 "House Before Baby in Seattle"Young newlyweds and cat parents look to get a dog, start a family and buy their first home in Seattle; he's looking for a sleek and updated midcentury modern, but she prefers a place that's vintage and quirky where she can express herself.
S228, EP5 "Unique Details in Illinois"A young couple look to buy their first home together after relocating for work to Illinois; he's looking for a newer ranch-style house with a big yard, but she's hoping for an older craftsman with unique details.
S228, EP4 "A Chance at Redemption in Philadelphia"A bachelor is looking to break a cycle of generational poverty within his family and purchase his first home in Philadelphia; with money on his mind, he's hoping to find a place with a basement to rent out so he can supplement his income.
S228, EP3 "Opportunity Knocks in Knoxville"A single woman leaves behind her city life in Brooklyn, N.Y., for the affordability of Knoxville, Tenn.; she's dreaming of a vintage home with character, but her sister is along to keep her from looking past the real concerns of an old home.
S228, EP2 "Searching With My Ex"A young professional is tired of spending money on rent and has her sights set on a historic walk-up condo in Chicago; she's bringing her analytical ex-boyfriend on the search; he thinks she should consider a newer, high-rise condo.
S228, EP1 "Grand vs. Functional in Raleigh"A couple in Raleigh, N.C., look to buy a larger place but differ on the size and cost; he wants something grand and expensive to show off all his hard work, but she's more frugal and prefers a practical home for raising their young son.
S227, EP17 "Closer to Family in Providence"A San Francisco couple looks to move to his hometown where they can afford a much larger home in Providence, R.I.; they both like the older homes in the area, and he wants a place with a renovated interior, but she prefers something with quirks.
S227, EP13 "House for a Queen in Georgia"An Army veteran living in Washington, D.C., looks to move back home to Georgia; she wants a home that's grand, but her son is along on the search and worries that she might be taking on more house than she can handle.
S227, EP12 "Budding Artists in Baltimore"Graphic artists search for a home with studio space for their work in Baltimore; they like vintage homes and want something with character; she's hoping for a total fixer-upper, but he prefers something that's more turnkey.
S227, EP11 "Grosse Pointe Gold"A young family has outgrown its starter home and searches for a new place in Detroit; the husband wants to honor his grandmother's sacrifices by finding a sleek midcentury modern, but the wife wants a cozy traditional where the kids can play.
S227, EP9 "Spotting Historical Charm in Richmond"A California couple look to relocate for his job, so they search for a home in Richmond, Va.; she wants to buy one of the area's vintage charmers, but he's more practical-minded and thinks newer is better.
S227, EP8 "Rooftop Music in Chicago"A musician's career is taking off, so she's looking for a starter condo in a trendy area of Chicago; she doesn't mind finding a smaller place, but her friend and mom are along on the search, and they both think a bigger home is a better investment.
S227, EP7 "A Home of Her Own in San Francisco"An ICU nurse has worked shift after shift to be able to afford a place in pricey San Francisco; she's focused on aesthetics, but her mom's along on the search to make sure she keeps practical concerns in mind considering the area's expensive market.
S227, EP6 "Playing it Safe in Washington"After years of working to improve their finances, a couple is finally ready to buy a home in Vancouver, Wash.; he wants a brand-new build that's turnkey, but she's concerned that a new house could mean spending more and lead to financial trouble.
S227, EP5 "Buffalo Homecoming"A young couple is moving back home and has just a few weeks to find a place before their wedding in Buffalo, N.Y.; she's looking for a modern colonial and wants to be close to the city, but he prefers a classic ranch house in the suburbs.
S227, EP4 "Family Farmhouse Retreat in Maine"Foster parents search for a bigger home where they can take in more kids and grow their family in Southwest Maine; they want the home to be a fun, farmhouse retreat, but they have different ideas when it comes to location and price.
S227, EP3 "A New House for New Parents in Atlanta"A young couple discovers they're expecting and now they're searching for a bigger home in Atlanta; he doesn't mind spending for something that's huge and updated, but she's willing to put up with some quirks in order to keep costs low.
S227, EP2 "Finding Southern Charm in Charlotte"A Philadelphia couple relocates their family for work and looks for a new home in Charlotte, North Carolina; she wants a traditional southern house that has plenty of charm, but he prefers something that's more modern.
S226, EP13 "Angst in Aberdeen"A couple search for a new, large family home after their existing house sold unexpectedly in Aberdeen, S.D.; she's a designer and wants a fixer-upper to make their own, but he's a contractor and doesn't want to spend time on another renovation.
S226, EP12 "New Home for Atlanta Newlyweds"After 14 years together, a couple look to buy their first place while planning their wedding in Atlanta; he wants a swanky townhouse as close to downtown as they can get, but she's insisting on a big traditional single-family home in the country.
S226, EP11 "Twin Trouble in Massachusetts"A comic book creator leaves Los Angeles for a new life in Holyoke, Massachusetts; they want a house with some quirks, even if it needs work, but their twin sister is along on the hunt and thinks a place that's move-in ready is more ideal.
S226, EP10 "Midcentury vs. Last Century in Texas"A surgeon and an engineer look to relocate for work but can't agree on style in Lubbock, Texas; he's looking for a place that's sleek and modern, but she prefers something with a storybook appearance.
S226, EP9 "Generating Wealth in New Jersey"A young professional looks to buy a multi-unit house to supplement her income in New Jersey; she's hoping her own unit will be spacious, but homes in her price range tend to be smaller; she'll have to choose between a higher price or less space.
S226, EP8 "Returning Home to New York"After living abroad for seven years, a family returns to the U.S. and looks to buy a home in New York's Hudson Valley; she would love one of the area's classic Cape Cods or Colonials, but he's concerned about the hidden costs of buying an older home.
S226, EP7 "Golfer's Paradise in Southern Florida"A Florida family needs more room; he craves a unique two-story in a golf course community; she thinks a short car ride is all he needs to easily get his golf fix; she wants a single-story in their current community of Boca Raton, Fla.
S226, EP6 "Settling Down in Rural Oklahoma"A military family looks to finally settle down long-term in his hometown of Atoka, Okla.; he wants a grand, ornate house that represents their success, but she thinks that's too much and prefers something more understated.
S226, EP5 "Hollywood Single Mom Moves to Florida"A single mom and her son look to relocate from California back home to Boca Raton, Fla.; she wants a single-family home on the beach, but since her mom is helping with the down payment, she has her own opinion on the best place for her daughter.
S226, EP4 "Kosher Conundrum in Jacksonville"A family of seven look to relocate from Philadelphia to sunny Jacksonville, Fla.; they agree that they need a big kosher kitchen, but while he wants a Victorian, she's hoping for an airy, country Ranch-style home.
S226, EP3 "Family Home for Three"A couple is on the hunt for a family home just outside of Chicago; she's set on raising their son in the same neighborhood she grew up in, but in a tight market, they'll either have to put up with some quirks or go farther out to get upgrades.
S226, EP2 "Bringing Family Together in Vermont"A Connecticut couple have worked long and hard, and they're ready to find a family vacation home in Vermont; she's looking for a big place with all the upgrades that's near a lake, but he prefers to spend less on a fixer that's close to the slopes.
S226, EP1 "City or Suburban Life in Chicago"A couple look to get out of the cramped condo they share with their daughter and move into a more family-friendly home in Chicago; she loves city living and thinks they just need a more spacious condo, but he prefers a single-family home farther out.
S225, EP13 "Smart Moves in Seattle"A Los Angeles couple look to relocate for a new job and a better housing market in Seattle; he's looking for a modern downtown condo with an easy commute, but she's pushing for a house that has character, even if it means living in the suburbs.
S225, EP12 "Daddy-Daughter Decision"A father looks to purchase a home that his newly graduated daughter can rent in Charlotte, N.C.; he wants her to live in a conventional single-family home in the suburbs, but she's set on a downtown loft with history and character.
S225, EP11 "Dreams vs. Dollars in New York"A couple have outgrown their rental and look to buy a home for their family in Rockland County, N.Y.; she wants to fulfill her dream of buying a grand colonial, but he's more cautious with spending and wants to stay within their budget.
S225, EP10 "Grand in Indiana"A real estate agent couple are looking for a larger house for their growing family in Indianapolis, and they want something grand with a white kitchen.
S225, EP9 "Bringing Families Together in Chicago"A couple is looking to merge their households and find a place together in Chicago, Ill; she wants something charming that feels like home for their blended family.
S225, EP8 "Bougie in Baton Rouge"A successful couple in Baton Rouge, La., wants to combine households as they want ample space to entertain and host their older children when they visit.
S225, EP7 "A Mansion in Chicago"A newly married couple wants to start a family and searches for their first home in Chicago, Ill.; he's looking for something big and beautiful and doesn't mind spending, but she's cautious with budgeting and has her eye on the bottom line.
S225, EP6 "A Change of Plans in Charlotte"After scrapping plans for a custom-built house, a couple searches for what they hope will be their last home purchase in Charlotte, N.C.; he's looking for a two-story Craftsman, but she's leaning towards a modern farmhouse with no stairs.
S225, EP5 "Give Me History or Give Me Turnkey"A young couple struggle with deciding on their first home purchase near Washington, D.C.; She wants a traditional home and isn't afraid to go big on price or size, but he's the first in his family to own and is hesitant to spend too much.
S225, EP4 "Opposites Attract in Louisville"Tired of paying high rent, a couple is excited to buy their first home in Louisville, Ky.; she's dreaming of something vintage with lots of color and charm, but he wants a place that's plain and simple where his old recliner will fit in perfectly.
S225, EP3 "Makin' Moves in Maryland"A couple looks to relocate for his job and wants a home that feels posh near Bethesda, Md.; he's hoping for a large yard like the one he had back home in Nigeria, but she's expecting a big house like their last place in Texas.
S225, EP2 "Starting a Family in New Haven"A married couple looks to get out of her parents' place and into a home of their own in New Haven, Conn.; they're searching for something big enough for kids, but after struggling to start a family, they're hoping a new house brings them luck.
S225, EP1 "Relocating to Tennessee"Newlyweds look to relocate from Michigan and buy their first home in Kingsport, Tenn.; she's hoping for vintage southern charm, but because of their busy schedules in the medical field, he wants something newer and more updated.
S224, EP13 "Goodbye Canada Cold, Hello Arizona Sun"A Canadian couple prepares to move to the warm climate of Arizona; the husband wants something small, but the wife needs more space; most importantly, they need to find a place in time for his American citizenship.
S224, EP12 "Hoping for Pickleball in Florida"Tired of a studio apartment in Boston, a young couple is moving to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, to be closer to family, and to enjoy a more laid-back life; she wants a home with no hassles that's move-in ready; he'd rather do some projects.
S224, EP11 "Three Generations in Georgia"A single mother from Vietnam searches for her American dream home in the suburbs of Atlanta; she's looking for something for her 80-year-old mother with limited mobility, but finding a single-story home in her price range will be a challenge.
S224, EP10 "Upsizing Isn't Easy in San Diego"A couple looks to upgrade from their small condo to a house in San Diego; she doesn't mind spending more for a smaller home with upgrades that's in the heart of the city, but he thinks they should put in sweat equity to get more for their money.
S224, EP9 "Trading Up Again in Tampa"A couple who has bought, flipped and rented out two properties look to buy a home they can keep to raise their son in Tampa, Fla.; he prefers a place where they can put in sweat equity; she wants a modern, updated house they can move right into.
S224, EP7 "Newbies in Vancouver"A newly married couple in the medical field look for their first home together as they relocate to Vancouver, Wash.; she's looking for something older with character, but he prefers a place that's modern with a lower price tag.
S224, EP6 "Grandeur Wanted in Birmingham"Parents of twin toddlers search for a house with enough space to grow their family in Birmingham, Alabama; she wants to spend big on a grand, move-in ready house, but he's concerned with keeping their mortgage low.
S224, EP5 "Bougie or Country in Georgia"A real estate agent and his wife search for a home large enough for their two children and future foster kids in Grayson, Georgia; he's looking for a house with land that's in the country, but she prefers to spend more for a home closer to the city.
S224, EP4 "Under One Roof Again in San Diego"After years of renting separate places, a couple looks to buy a house together again in San Diego; one wants to keep costs low and doesn't mind projects, but the other is still haunted by a previous home and prefers to spend more for turnkey.
S224, EP3 "My Husband is My Toughest Client"After years of saving, a couple is finally in a position to buy a large, family home in Jacksonville, Fla; she's acting as their agent and prefers a traditional style, but he wants contemporary, and keeping him on track in the search won't be easy.
S224, EP2 "Raising Scholar Athletes in Arizona"A surgeon and her husband look to relocate their family to Phoenix; she's looking for a house with plenty of space for her elderly parents, and he has ambitions to raise scholar-athletes and wants a statement home with a pool and a sport court.
S223, EP13 "High Expectations in San Antonio"A first time buyer brings her friend along to search for a house in San Antonio; she wants a Craftsman style home that has character and plenty of space, but her friend, who is a homeowner herself, must keep her focused on what's important.
S223, EP4 "All About the Details in Alabama"A couple want to be closer to family and look for a new home in Montgomery, Ala.; they're looking for a place with room for their grandkids, but they're both particular about details, so staying focused on the positives will be a challenge.
S222, EP13 "Big House for a Blended Family"Since relocating from Arizona, a family of six has been crammed into a tiny rental as they search for a home in Chattanooga; she wants a fixer to stretch their money, but he prefers something that's move-in ready.
S222, EP12 "Thirty Before Thirty in So Cal"A woman's goal of buying her first home is at the top of her plan to do 30 things before turning 30 years old; she wants a place with vintage charm and two bedrooms, but in a pricey market, finding everything she wants will be a challenge.
S222, EP11 "Pickleball in Minnesota"A California couple looks for a more affordable home and decides to move back to Minneapolis, Minnesota; one wants a spacious two-story house and doesn't mind spending to get it, but the other prefers a single-level rancher that's below their budget.
S221, EP13 "From Homelessness to Queen of Her Castle"After overcoming major hurdles including homelessness, a mom and her daughter are ready to buy a home in Atlanta.
S220, EP12 "A Second Chance in San Francisco"A Bay Area couple mark a milestone in their relationship and search for a home together; their biggest challenges are style and location, and she's angling for a pricey San Francisco Victorian while he wants something modern and more affordable.
S220, EP2 "From Brooklyn to 'Bama"A young couple is ready to leave New York City for a new life in Huntsville, Ala.; as the daughter of immigrants, she's learned to be careful with every penny, but for him, money shouldn't stand in the way of what he wants.
S219, EP7 "How to Pay for Paradise in Puerto Rico"An adventurous couple want a duplex with more space for their growing family, and an income-producing vacation rental on the other side, after moving from Washington to Puerto Rico.
S219, EP3 "Taking the Next Step in Omaha"A couple take their relationship to the next level and search for a house together in Omaha, Neb.; he'd like to keep costs low by getting an older home that needs a little work, but she thinks spending more on a newer place is a better investment.
S219, EP2 "Southern Charm in Baton Rouge"A married couple with very different views on money are at odds over what to spend on their first home together in Baton Rouge, La.; making things tougher, one wants a historic fixer-upper, while the other wants a maintenance-free townhome.
S219, EP1 "Reality Check in Seattle"A young buyer with a long list of must-haves looks for her first home in Seattle; she wants a yard with enough space to raise bees, but her mom thinks she needs to be more realistic and consider having a roommate to help with costs.
S218, EP13 "Moving Up in Philadelphia"After owning shares in a New York co-op, a young attorney is ready to buy a home of her own near family in Philadelphia; she wants a place in the heart of the city, but her sister thinks she can get more for her money if she moves out to the suburbs.
S218, EP12 "Internet Gamer Buys Dream Home in Phoenix"After leaving his home state of Michigan, an internet gamer looks to buy his dream home in Phoenix; he wants a big, swanky place where he can produce his show and host parties around the pool, but the hot Arizona market might limit his options.
S218, EP11 "A Leap of Faith in Albuquerque"Indy filmmakers are ditching rural Florida in favor of the booming media market in New Mexico; they're taking a big chance and buying on their first visit; while she's up for a fixer, he doesn't want to add more stress to their cross-country move.
S218, EP10 "A New Life in Columbus"After the passing of her husband, a San Diego artist is starting over by moving to Columbus, Ohio; she's looking for a house that will inspire her artistic side, but her best friend may need to help set her straight on the more practical necessities.
S218, EP9 "Getting the Jersey Shore House"A New Jersey couple want to buy a family vacation home on the Jersey Shore, as close to the beach as possible; her priority is a move-in ready place their kids and grandkids can enjoy right away, but he wants to buy a fixer-upper to do renovations.
S218, EP7 "Family time in Palm Springs"After 20 years of working on homes, a Seattle contractor and his wife search for a family vacation home in sunny Palm Springs, Calif.; he wants to go all out on a true midcentury modern, but she prefers a Spanish style with a lower price tag.
S218, EP6 "Fixing it up in Fort Lauderdale"An Idaho gym owner is retiring and looks to escape the cold in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; she's looking for a house with projects and a swimming pool, but her daughter thinks a move-in ready option would be much better.
S218, EP5 "Million Dollar view in Miami"A lawyer has his heart set on a high-rise condo as he relocates from Arizona to Miami; he's looking for spectacular views and all the amenities, but his good friend is worried about the million dollar price tag for a luxury condo.
S218, EP3 "Mother-Daughter on the move to Atlanta"After losing two loved ones in the same year, a mother and her adult daughter look for a fresh start and move from Oklahoma to Atlanta; the mother wants something near downtown close to the action, but her daughter prefers a place out in the country.
S218, EP2 "Hawaiian Dreams in Detroit"After years in Hawaii, new parents have returned to raise their daughter near family in Detroit; they're expecting a big house on a huge lot for next to nothing compared to Hawaii, but the Midwest market has changed a lot since they left.
S218, EP1 "Beachy Keen on the Carolina Coast"A hard-working, single mom looks to buy a vacation home near the ocean to spend time with her daughters in North Carolina; she's hoping to find a beach house she can afford, and one that can also generate rental income when she's not using it.
S217, EP13 "Full Plate in Kansas City"A Kansas couple looks to buy a house before they get married in Kansas City; she's willing to do projects to get a lower price so they can keep money for their wedding and honeymoon, but he'd rather spend more for a bigger home that's move-in ready.
S217, EP12 "Positive Cash Flow in Florida"A married couple want to buy a home in Florida, where they live part-time; they also want it to generate income while they're away, but her fears of hurricanes and over-spending are making that difficult.
S217, EP11 "Buying for Sis in Raleigh"A real estate agent and investor in Raleigh, North Carolina, is buying a property to expand his portfolio; she wants a multi-level property with a fenced yard for her dog, but he thinks a low-maintenance single-story Ranch is a smarter buy.
S217, EP10 "Cozy Cabin vs. Spacious Lodge in Lake Tahoe"A young couple in love with the slopes are searching for their next home in Lake Tahoe; he wants slope-side on a shoestring budget and any old shack will do, but she's had it with scrimping and wants to get a large, updated home they can grow into.
S217, EP9 "Putting Down Roots in Kansas City"After moving around Colorado and Michigan, a young couple look to buy a house in Kansas City; she's from Brazil and wants a Spanish-style home in the city, but he wants to be as far out as possible with lots of land and few neighbors.
S217, EP8 "A Single Mom's Return to Pittsburgh"Newly single, a mom and her three boys are moving from Wisconsin back to Pittsburgh; she has her heart set on a place straight from the 1970s, but both her best friend and her agent want her to consider something that's more turnkey.
S217, EP7 "Mother Knows Best in Memphis"After suffering a financial setback, a single mother is back on her feet and ready to buy her first home in Memphis; she's looking for a place with character, but her mom thinks she needs a newer home in the suburbs where the kids can be close.
S217, EP6 "Mountain Dreams in Telluride"A young couple looks to give up renting and put down roots in Telluride, Colo.; living near a world-class ski resort means prices are sky-high and rising every day, so the pressure's on to find a place before they're priced out of the market.
S217, EP5 "From Kentucky to Florida"Homebuyers decide to relocate from Kentucky and search for their dream home in Fort Myers, Fla.; the gap between what they want and what they can afford is much larger than they expected, so finding the right place will be a challenge.
S217, EP4 "Vintage Charm or Resale Value in Chicago"A young catering manager is ready to buy her first home in her favorite city of Chicago; she wants something with vintage charm where she can entertain; her good friend and agent is pushing her to find something modern that's a better investment.
S217, EP3 "New Family in Nashville"College sweethearts relocate for his job and now they're ready to plant some roots in Nashville; he's pushing for a modern rowhome close to the action downtown, but she's hoping for a house in the suburbs with a big yard.
S217, EP2 "Taking a Leap to Tallahassee"Two Pennsylvania educators take the leap and move to sunny Florida, but it won't be easy to find a new home in Tallahassee's hot market, especially when he wants an affordable fixer-upper, while she's ready to spend big on something grand.
S216, EP13 "Not Making the Same Mistake in Philly"A Philadelphia couple who spent six years living in a house they bought sight unseen are ready to finally find their dream home; while one wants an affordable fixer-upper, the other won't settle for anything less than move-in ready perfection.
S216, EP12 "Investing and Upgrading in North Carolina"An aspiring real estate investor wants to rent her family's current home and buy something more grand in North Carolina; her husband wants to stay, but a place with room for a bar and lounge space may convince him.
S216, EP11 "Canadians Take California"A couple looks to escape the cold Canadian winters with a second home in Southern California, and while she is willing to spend big to get a place with rental potential near the beach, he prefers to play it safe with their purchase.
S216, EP10 "Glam vs. Bottom Line in Fargo"A buyer from Kenya looks to fulfill her American dream of owning a new home in Fargo, N.D.; she aims for a place with wow factor, but with three kids, her husband prefers to spend less on an older home with character.
S216, EP9 "Goldilocks in San Antonio"A single woman aims to achieve her lifelong dream of owning a home in San Antonio; she eagerly looks for something turnkey and perfect, but her DIY-loving friend wants to convince her that a little sweat equity can go a long way.
S216, EP8 "Busy Surgeon Buys in Atlanta"A busy surgeon doesn't want to spend top dollar on her first home; she wants to spend less and get a fixer, but her friend and fellow surgeon thinks she won't have time for projects and should find something turnkey she can enjoy right away.
S216, EP7 "Breaking Free in Los Angeles"A young skin care entrepreneur leaves her family home and looks for her own place in Los Angeles; She wants something in the heart of Hollywood, but her younger sister thinks she should buy a bigger home in the suburbs.
S216, EP6 "A Big House or a Big Wedding"With their wedding fast approaching, a couple look for their first home together in Michigan; she wants an affordable, cozy cottage so they can spend big on a lavish wedding, but he prefers to put all their money toward a grand, midcentury modern.
S216, EP5 "Fighting for a Fixer in New York"With their lease ending, an engaged couple search for their first home together in New York; they're looking for a charming home in a walkable neighborhood, but one is looking for a fixer while the other prefers something that's move-in ready.
S216, EP4 "Left Hanging in Chicago"A young buyer looks to purchase a condo with a second bedroom for her dancing pole in Chicago; her parents are helping with the down payment, so she'll need to find a way to balance her wants with what they think is important in a home.
S216, EP3 "I Need a Vacation From This Vacation"With their six kids growing up fast, a Seattle couple wants a vacation home where the whole family can get together in Scottsdale, Arizona; they plan to also make it a short-term rental to cover the cost, but they're miles apart on what to spend.
S215, EP11 "Looking for Lake Life in Wisconsin"A former reality TV star and her family look to trade up to a lake house in Wisconsin; she wants to go big on a fancy place with plenty of room for their kids and possible foster children in the future, but he's worried about how much it'll all cost.
S215, EP10 "Finding the Right Blend in Western PA"A blended family looks for their first home together while also trying to open a bistro in western Pennsylvania; they want a place where they can have farm animals.
S215, EP6 "Three Will Be a Crowd in Suburban Pittsburgh"A newlywed couple with a baby on the way need to find a home as soon as possible just outside Pittsburgh; they've been living in his bachelor pad and need more room for their new addition, and now, she's determined to get what she wants this time.
S215, EP4 "Under Pressure in Pittsburgh"A young Utah couple are pressured to buy something quickly as they look to relocate for work in Pittsburgh; finding a place that's move-in ready and close to the action in their price range will be a challenge.
S215, EP2 "Battling Over State Lines in Kansas City"After a stint in Dallas, a family of seven is moving back to its hometown of Kansas City; she's thrifty and looking for a starter home on the Missouri side, but he's willing to spend more for a bigger home on the Kansas side of town.
S215, EP1 "A First Home in Philly"A first-time buyer is focused on historic row homes in Philadelphia; however, her college friend and agent struggles to get her to accept what houses actually cost in the current market.
S214, EP13 "A Financial Fracas in Washougal"A couple search for a home with more space for their family in Washougal, Wash.; the man wants to spend less so that they have a more reasonable mortgage, but the woman is ready to spend big to get the deluxe home she wants.
S214, EP12 "Climbing High in Reno"Rock climbers are ready to get out of their tiny apartment and into a house with some space in Reno; they want plenty of room to store all their gear, but he's looking for a major fixer-upper, and she prefers something that's move-in ready.
S214, EP8 "Rose Gold in the Garden State"A social media influencer is ready to leave public housing and find a home of her own in New Jersey; she's looking for a multi-family property that will build generational wealth, but her long list of must-haves will make her search a challenge.
S214, EP7 "Downsizing With Glitz in LA"A well-known TV personality has been through cancer and divorce, and now she's ready to downsize in California's San Fernando Valley.
S212, EP5 "Making Room for Foster Kids"A frugal buyer searches for an affordable co-op in Mount Vernon, N.Y.; she wants an inexpensive one-bedroom so she can save for a single-family home, but her big sister thinks a place with two bedrooms would be a better investment.
S207, EP6 "Running to River North"A buyer looks for a new condo that's closer to friends and nightlife in the heart of Chicago; her younger sister is acting as her agent, and with a very specific wish list, getting her to compromise on anything may be almost impossible.
S207, EP3 "Income Property in the OC"Two busy professionals search for a home in the ultra-pricey coastal area of Orange County, Calif.; she wants a duplex with a pool that'll generate income, but he prefers a low-maintenance home with a cheaper price tag.
S205, EP13 "Legacy Starting Now"A couple from Ohio relocate and searches for a new place in San Antonio, Texas; they both grew up in the inner city and always dreamed big, and now they look to buy a home and start a new legacy for their family.
S205, EP4 "Mortgage Over Matrimony in Oregon"A couple decide that buying their first home is wiser than buying a wedding ring in Corvallis, Ore.; She doesn't mind putting sweat equity into a fixer-upper.
S204, EP5 "From Hawaii to Huntsville"A military family looks to get a lot more house for their money and decides to move from Hawaii to Huntsville, Ala.; he wants it all, including a fishing dock, but she's trying to get him to be more reasonable and search for something more simple.
S204, EP1 "Outnumbered in Atlanta"A single, 27-year-old looks to buy her first home outside of Atlanta; her mother is along to help with the search, and her mother's friend is also the agent, but their strong opinions on what she should look for doesn't agree with what she wants.
S199, EP12 "Millennials in Dallas"A millennial couple look for a place that reminds them of their childhood homes in Dallas; she's looking for a house that has "wow" factor with curb appeal and updated finishes, but he wants a large kitchen and plenty of outdoor space with a pool.
S199, EP9 "Glam vs. Land in Florida"A couple's looking for a bigger home near Melbourne, Fla., but she wants glam, and he wants yard space; the couple's current home already sold and is about to close, so they'll have to make their decision soon.
S198, EP11 "Wow Factor in Dallas"A former pro football player and his wife search for a house with wow factor in Dallas; he wants a place with ultra-contemporary style, like he saw in movies growing up, but she wants a chateau-style home.
S198, EP7 "To Buy or Rent in Fort Lauderdale"A Chicago couple struggles to commit to buying a home after a recent move to Fort Lauderdale, Fa.; she's looking for a single family house with a yard for the dogs, but he's only interested in something that's low maintenance at a good price.
S198, EP3 "Country Life for Family of Seven in Georgia"A family relocates for a job opportunity and looks for a home in Atlanta; Mom wants something move-in ready with a lot of land for a potential farm, but Dad doesn't mind projects to save money.
S198, EP2 "Emotion Over Investment in Dallas"A first-time buyer wants to purchase a home that can also be a rental investment in Dallas; he's looking for a two bedroom condo with an open style, but his best friend thinks he should find a place that he will enjoy as a home for himself.
S197, EP12 "No House No Wedding in New Jersey"A man wants to honor his and his fiancee's Armenian culture and purchase a house before they marry; they both like the vibe of upscale neighborhoods, but his hard-bargaining ways have stretched their house hunt and put their wedding plans on hold.
S197, EP3 "Two for Tea in South Dakota"Gym owners are searching for a family home in the small town of Tea, S.D.; a long wish list and insistence on purchasing a property within a small, 12-block radius of town could hinder the search.
S190, EP13 "Going Big Again in Georgia"A couple that previously downsized need to go big again to help raise their grandson in Atlanta; he wants a backyard big enough for a baseball diamond and doesn't mind moving further out to get the land, but she prefers to stay close to the city.
S180, EP11 "Fixer-Upper vs. New Build"After surviving a health scare, buyers in the Washington, D.C., area want a bigger home to grow their family; she wants to spend more to get a move-in ready new build, while he'd rather pinch pennies and buy a fixer.
S180 "Fancy vs. Functional in Georgia"A family is ready to buy a home after years of living in a cramped apartment in Atlanta; she's looking for a large, single-family home with plenty of space and wow factor, while he wants a townhouse with little maintenance.
S178, EP12 "Piano Makes Three in NYC"An opera singer is ready to buy his first place in New York City; he needs enough space for his roommate and piano but finding a home that has it all and on his budget will be a hard bargain.
S176, EP13 "Close to Coffee in Columbus"In Columbus, Ohio, two recent transplants are ready to buy a house; while he wants a condominium in an urban neighborhood with a coffee shop, she wants a large house in the suburbs with a formal dining room so they can host Thanksgiving.
S176, EP11 "Bursting at the Seams in New York"A family outgrows their apartment and looks for a home on Long Island, N.Y.; he wants Cape Cod-style fixer-upper, but she would prefer a place that's move-in ready.
S176, EP4 "Mother Knows Best in Virginia"A U.S. Air Force officer is on his way to a new assignment in Hampton, Va., and he's set on buying a big, move-in-ready home; however, his mother comes along to gently push him towards a fixer-upper that won't break the bank.
S173, EP7 "A New Home for Christmas"With the holidays approaching, Marika, her husband, Brian, and their two daughters want to celebrate Christmas in a new home; they agree on a split-bedroom floor plan, but Brian's looking for a modern style while Marika prefers a Pueblo house.
S173, EP4 "Old Holiday Traditions Move to a New Home"A single woman searches for her first home in Richmond, Va., with the help of her mother and grandmother; the pressure is on for her to find a home in time to host the annual family Christmas party.
S160, EP14 "Young Family Goes Tiny"New parents Kenny and Kelly search for a tiny home for themselves and their 8-month-old child.
S160, EP6 "Free Spirit Goes Tiny After College"A free-spirited college senior plans to go tiny after graduation; she's no stranger to living in small spaces and thinks 200 square feet is enough, but her best friend isn't convinced.
S130, EP13 "Picky Pair Picks a Place in Patchogue, NY"Recently engaged house hunters struggle to find their perfect first home together, because while they know exactly what they want, they can't find anything in their budget that lives up to their dreams of perfection.
S130, EP9 "Chicago Couple Debates City Condo vs. Suburbs"A young couple hunts for their first place in Chicago, but can't agree on what type of home to buy; she wants a condo in the city, while he would rather be in the suburbs in a single-family home.
S130, EP8 "Family Matters in DC"A young woman hopes to find an easy-to-maintain row home with renovation potential in Washington.
S130, EP1 "West Side or the Valley in L.A."Buyers in Los Angeles weigh their options between the pricey west side and the San Fernando Valley; a home in the Valley means giving up big city life, and making the right updates to a smaller west side home is an appealing choice.
S109, EP13 "Young Couple Search for Vintage Touches in Historic Sugar Land, Texas"A couple wants to find their first home in Sugar Land, Texas, that has vintage charm and a large yard for workout classes.
S106, EP11 "First-Time Buyer Expects First Rate Upgrades in California"A single woman from Roseville, Calif., wants to buy herself a home as a graduation present, and would love to have all of the modern upgrades.
S106, EP10 "Single Mom Dreams of a Bungalow in Portland, Oregon"A single mother and her daughter search for their first place in Portland, Ore., but they have a low budget.
S104, EP3 "City Folks Move to Rural Minot, N.D."A family from Houston will have to stay in a hotel room in Minot, N.D., while the hunt for a dream house continues.
S102, EP10 "Family Tries to Replicate Their Georgia Dream Home in Kansas"Family members leaves their Georgia dream home for a place in Overland Park, Kan., that meets all their wish-list requirements.
S102, EP6 "Auto Engineer Seeks First House in Detroit"An engineer wants to find a permanent home in Detroit, but his girlfriend wants him to spend more money on fancy features.
S100, EP7 "Tallahassee Husband and Wife Want Different Style Homes"A couple wants to leave their crowded condo for a bigger place in Tallahassee, Fla., but they want different style homes.
"Live, Laugh, Lake Life in Orlando"After selling their house, a couple living with her parents is ready to find a home in a waterfront community in Orlando, Fla.; she's looking for a place she can renovate with her own style, but he wants something that's move-in ready.
"Touching Down in Corpus Christi"After 14 moves with the military, a former fighter pilot and his wife search for a waterfront home in Corpus Christi, Texas, with a short walk to the beach at the top of her wish list, and a property with a dock and easy access to the ocean on his.
"All Water Access in Arizona"A California couple searches for a laid-back waterfront lifestyle in Parker, Ariz.; they have a huge extended family, including a grandson, so their biggest concern is accommodating a crowd while enjoying all of the amenities the water has to offer.
"A Sprint to Buy in Marathon"Now that remote working is an option, an Iowa couple searches for a home along the warm waters of Marathon, Fla.; she's convinced him to consider moving there full time, but her sense of fun and adventure will have to battle his cautious nature.
"Girl Dad Goes to Florida"A New Jersey couple is ready to leave cold winters behind and make the move to Orlando, Fla.; with a toddler in tow and another baby girl on the way, the couple is on a tight deadline to find the waterfront home of their dreams.
"Home on the Water in Honolulu"After living in Seattle, a couple is ready for a home on the water in Honolulu; he wants to be close to the action in a walkable neighborhood, but with her mom and dog in tow, she wants a house with outdoor space that will accommodate everyone.
"Tiering Up in Gulf Shores"A couple looks to move their family and business to Gulf Shores, Ala.; with their fourth child on the way, she's keeping a close eye on the budget, while his only must-have is a first-tier beachside home, preferably in a classic beachy color.
"Go Big or Go Boat"A couple searches for a waterfront home with a dock that's big enough for their extended family to visit in Gulf Shores, Alabama; with limited inventory, they'll have to consider spending more to get everything they want, or compromise on space.
"A Marine Family Finds a Marineside Home"After 20 years in the military, a retired Marine and his wife search for an oceanfront home that will fit their family of nine in Topsail, North Carolina. She wants to be right on the water, but he's willing to sacrifice convenience to stay on budget.
The series brings potential home buyers a better understanding of the process, each episode following a prospective buyer and an agent from start to finish.
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