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The ChiThe South Side of Chicago carries daily danger, and the smallest and simplest of decisions can have life or death consequences for the residents. Life continues as the kids prep for school and their parents shuffle off to work. The young adults of the area are trying to scrape a living for themselves, while the elders sit on their front porches and observe the goings on. The South Side has the potential to crush dreams, and this coming-of-age series focuses on Kevin, a preteen who embraces the normal rites of childhood, Brandon, who makes a leap of faith to succeed in love and life with Jerrika, Emmett, who seeks guidance from his mother, and Ronnie, who is a drifter struggling to be loved. All of them are linked together by sheer coincidence as they seek redemption.
S6, EP15 "Tower of Terror"Emmett struggles with his new normal; Roselyn stresses over her own safety; Victor weighs his political career and life with Fatima; the city is on edge for what lies ahead.
S6, EP14 "Smoke & Mirrors"Jake does his best to distract a restless Victor; Alicia makes a deal and issues a warning; Papa takes center stage while Britney confides in Maisha and Jemma.
S6, EP13 "Legacy"Douda's birthday sparks emotions; shocking news brings new problems for Emmett and Kiesha; Damien makes a surprising discovery while Alonzo takes a bold step.
S6, EP12 "City of Gold"Emmett looks to a new partnership as a solution to all his problems; Victor is haunted by his past mistakes; Papa makes a big decision; devastating news sends Kiesha reeling.
S6, EP11 "Saints & Sinners"Emmett and Darnell's father-son time is interrupted by a revelation; Papa is wooed by Pastor Ezekiel, causing tension with his mother; Alicia offers Shaad an opportunity.
S6, EP10 "Want This Smoke"Victor learns the value of compromise; Emmett and Kiesha's date night is interrupted. Shaad makes an unlikely connection; Professor Gardner's lecture inspires Bakari; the FBI finds more evidence linking to Q's murder.
S6, EP9 "The Aftermath"Victor and Emmett deal with the consequences of their decision to take on Douda. Kiesha worries about her family's safety, while Jada and Darnell make moves to keep everyone safe. Alicia cashes in a favor from Bianca.
S6, EP8 "Who Shot Ya?"The aftermath of unexpected events ripples through the city; Darnell makes a bold offer; Alicia confronts Tiff.
S6, EP7 "Long Live"The community reels at a loss; Jake's sage advice to Victor provides clarity; a past memory sparks a breakthrough for Kiesha; Bakari confronts Nuck; Nina makes a startling confession.
S6, EP6 "Boyz II Men"Pressure mounts on Victor; Emmett makes Douda an offer; Papa tests his father's patience; Dre's actions spark doubt in Nina; Kevin celebrates a major achievement.
S6, EP5 "One of Them Nights"Kevin, Jake, Papa and the crew celebrate a major milestone; Emmett questions Douda; Kiesha asks for help; Jamal issues a warning to Bakari over Lynae; Shaad makes a potentially life-altering decision.
S6, EP4 "ReUp"Douda's life is complicated by ominous news from Roselyn; the strains of their busy lives wear on Emmett and Kiesha; Tiff and Rob make strides with their business; Papa introduces Kenya to the crew; Maisha questions Jemma's dedication.
S6, EP3 "House Party"Emmett contends with an unexpected gift; Victor surprises Fatima; Lynae starts to doubt Bakari's intentions; Papa defends Kenya; Darnell issues a warning while Rob looks for clues.
S6, EP2 "Mo' Douda, Mo' Problems"Emmett and Kiesha take a big leap while Shaad launches a new business with Deja's help; Jamal returns to town on a mission; Papa struggles with his faith and Pastor Stanley's interfering; Rob and Tiff make a potentially life-altering connection.
S6, EP1 "New Chi City"Emmett's new venture yields big results; Kiesha and Jake chart new career paths; Victor waits for election results; Kevin's freedom comes at a cost; Papa falls for an older woman; Jada advises her single friends; Douda makes a deal.
S5, EP10 "I Am the Blues"Emmett supports Jada; Kiesha and Tiff come to a resolution; pressure mounts on Douda; Trig makes a major decision.
S5, EP9 "I'm Looking for a New Thing"Emmett and Kiesha explore the day; Tiff opens up to Rob; Kevin is confronted by his parents; Jake and Papa's friendship is tested; Jada and Darnell make plans, while Douda makes a fateful decision.
S5, EP8 "Sweet Thing"Valentine's Day brings unexpected developments; Trig and Shaad hit the town, while Jada and Darnell's plans are ruined; Emmett makes a mature decision; Jake and Jemma's day together ends in a confession; Kiesha and Tiff meet up.
S5, EP7 "Angels"Emmett and Tiff unite as co-parents after learning unexpected news; Kiesha gets advice from her counselor; Kevin struggles to balance dating and his gaming competitions; a shocking event leaves Jemma, Papa and Jake to deal with the aftermath.
S5, EP6 "Bring It on Home to Me"Emmett comes clean; Darnell and Jada have a romantic date night; a big gaming win takes Kevin's life in a new direction; Jemma makes a decision; Trig struggles with maintaining his truth.
S5, EP5 "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off"Kiesha and Emmett's relationship takes an unexpected turn; Jemma and Jake confront the truth; Kevin attends a cosplay party; Trig finds a surprising connection; and Papa bonds with Bakari.
S5, EP4 "On Me"Emmett helps Kiesha balance motherhood and college; Trig and Shaad canvas the community; Jemma confronts Jake; Douda issues Tracy an ultimatum.
S5, EP3 "This Christmas"Emmett and Kiesha bond over single parenting; Jada confronts Suede; Trig and Jake enjoy Christmas morning; Papa tries to apologize; Tiff and Rob's relationship grows stronger after a holiday mishap; Douda delivers a Christmas miracle.
S5, EP2 "Oh Girl"Emmett's struggles with co-parenting; Jake reconnects with someone; Kiesha's plans go awry; Tiff and Rob heat up; Kevin has a new love interest; Papa struggles with being cancelled; Jada reveals a secret; Trig considers a new role.
S5, EP1 "Overnight Celebrity"Emmett tries to win Tiff back; Kiesha starts a new chapter; Kevin gets more passionate; Jake tries out for basketball; Papa starts trouble at a pep rally; Jada hits a roadblock; Trig takes a major step; Douda and an old face visit Tracy.
S4, EP10 "A Raisin in the Sun"Emmett asks Tiff to make a decision; Imani and Shaad get a clean slate; Jake comes clean to Jemma. Trig gives Douda an ultimatum; Tracy throws a block party; Nina and Dre help someone in need.
S4, EP9 "Southside With You"Emmett and Darnell spend time with Jada; Jake and Jemma attend the spring formal; tensions between Douda and Marcus rise; Kevin makes his move; Trig gets caught in a mess he didn't create.
S4, EP8 "Love Jones"Kevin and Papa try to get their women back; Emmett shows Tiff a night on the town; Kiesha and Christian get to know each other better.
S4, EP7 "...Black Messiah"Emmett and Tiff explore new things as a couple; Trig tries to counsel Jamal when he reaches his breaking point; Imani takes care of the trap house for good; Kevin journeys to the West Side with a new friend; Papa teaches Jake how to woo his lady.
S4, EP6 "Candyman"Kiesha adjusts to life after birth; Papa tries to broker peace between Kevin and Jake; Jada struggles with her condition; Nina's suspicion of Dre reaches a peak.
S4, EP5 "The Spook Who Sat by the Door"Douda, Roselyn and Marcus prepare for the gala; Kiesha goes into labor; Kevin and Jemma's relationship reaches a breaking point.
S4, EP4 "The Girl From Chicago"Jake, Jemma and Kevin organize an on-campus protest; Emmett and Tiff set new boundaries for their relationship; Imani schemes to break a girl out of the 63rd St. Mob's trap house; Nina is suspicious of Dre; Jada gives Emmett some unexpected news.
S4, EP3 "Native Son"Tiff discovers a possible solution to her relationship woes with Emmett; Douda, Tracy and Trig take community protection into their own hands; Kevin and Jemma hit a rough patch.
S4, EP2 "Cooley High"Emmett comes clean to Tiff; a college tour forces Kevin and Jake to consider their futures; Douda makes a decision that will change the face of Chicago; Jada gets some unexpected news; Papa starts a podcast; Trig reunites with an old friend.
S4, EP1 "Soul Food"Kiesha wrestles with a decision that will affect the life of her unborn child; a run-in with police leaves Kevin, Jake and Papa reeling; Douda tries to walk the line between gangster and mayor; Tiff and Dom go into business together.
S3, EP10 "A Couple, Two, Three"Ronnie finds absolution; Emmett and Tiff take a step toward their future; Trig plays his final card against Douda; life events mature Kevin, Jake and Papa.
S3, EP9 "Lackin'"Ronnie is praised by his church community, while others won't let him forget his mistakes; Emmett and Dom prepare for their grand opening; Kevin tries to balance obligations.
S3, EP8 "Frunchroom"Kiesha remains trapped in her own personal nightmare while Kevin, Nina and Dre worry about the future; Ronnie hopes to be absolved of his past transgressions.
S3, EP7 "A Stain"Ronnie laments a loss; Emmett and Dom get help from landlord Zeke in their new effort; Kiesha is resigned to her fate but vows to fight; Jemma melts Kevin's heart; politics pit Douda against Camille.
S3, EP6 "Woo Woo Woo"Kevin does not feel like celebrating on his birthday; Ronnie takes his grandmother, Ms. Ethel, on a whirl back in time; Emmett goes on a cannabis run with Tiff; Douda's campaign hits another speed bump when a past wound draws fresh blood.
S3, EP5 "Terror Town"Ronnie's memories threaten to drown his progress; an unexpected visit threatens Trig's battle to get custody of Jake; Kevin and his friend's adventure tests the limits of their fight-or-flight instincts; Emmett capitalizes on a predicament.
S3, EP4 "Gangway"Ronnie finds a new calling in his bid for redemption; Emmett lets his dad, Darnell, and his insecurities get the best of him; Kevin is weighed down by a lie; the mayoral race heats up when candidates Douda and Camille Halloway face off.
S3, EP3 "Buss Down"The Williams family goes into a tailspin; Emmett and Tiff devise a plan to move in with Jada while he gets his new business off the ground; Ronnie gets a not-so-friendly reminder that his neighborhood has a long memory of his past deeds.
S3, EP2 "Brewfurd"Kevin rallies Papa and Jake for help; Emmett finds a short-term solution to his food shortage problem; Jada samples the dating scene and a local trap kitchen run by Dom; Trig devises a plan to get custody of his brother, Jake, from Douda.
S3, EP1 "Foe 'Nem"A wedding alters Kevin and Kiesha's lives; Emmett juggles his business and his growing family; Ronnie struggles to find his way; Jake's estranged brother Trig lands back in town on a mission.
S2, EP10 "The Scorpion and the Frog"Brandon is faced with a life-altering decision; Emmett takes a step toward adulthood; Kevin tries out a new look; a trip down south leads Ronnie to confront his demons; detectives Toussaint and Cruz make a big arrest.
S2, EP9 "Guilt, Viral Videos, and Ass Whuppings"Brandon and Emmett hatch a plan; Emmett starts his new job; Ronnie deals with the consequences of his actions; Kevin gets into hot water with his mom; detectives Toussaint and Cruz make an exciting discovery.
S2, EP8 "Lean Into It"Brandon takes a big step with Jerrika; a new opportunity forces Emmett's hand; Kevin makes a new friend and a fateful decision; Ronnie spirals out of control.
S2, EP7 "Blind Eye"Detective Cruz is left to make a difficult choice; Brandon gets some insight into Douda's past; Jerrika drops a bomb about her career; Emmett tries to figure out who Keisha is dating; Ronnie opens up to Jada, who helps him heal old wounds.
S2, EP6 "A Leg Up"Brandon competes in the finals of The After Taste Food Competition; Emmett tries to smooth things over with the women in his life; Kevin and Jake get into a fight; Ronnie and Jada grow closer after a family secret comes to light.
S2, EP5 "Feeling the Heat"Brandon and Emmett come together for some Chicago summertime fun on one of the hottest days of the year; Kevin deals with a death in the family; Ronnie reconnects with Rafiq and gets advice; Toussaint and Cruz make a move on the home invasion case.
S2, EP4 "Showdown"Brandon stresses over The After Taste Food Competition and makes a deal with Emmett; an accident at Sonny's threatens Emmett's job; Kevin, Jake and Papa cause mayhem on picture day at school; Ronnie adjusts to a new life he didn't expect.
S2, EP3 "Past Due"Brandon gets a new opportunity; Kevin and Maisha form an unlikely friendship; Emmett takes on more responsibility at work; Cruz deals with blowback from Ronnie's confession; Ronnie receives some shocking news; Toussaint gets a lead on her case.
S2, EP2 "Every Day I'm Hustlin'"Brandon helps Jerrika land a new client; Reg must answer to the leadership of the 63rd St. Mob; Ronnie reels from devastating news and makes a deal with an inmate; Emmett adjusts to his new living situation and starts another side hustle with Amir.
S2, EP1 "Eruptions"Brandon deals with an unfortunate turn of events that takes him back to Reg; Jada makes a decision that forces Emmett to grow up; Kevin, Jake and Papa hatch a plan to do a project for school; Ronnie takes an inmate under his wing.
S1, EP10 "Ease on Down the Road"Ronnie faces his past crimes; Brandon's plan to finance his business goes awry; Kevin stars in the school play and attends a cast party with his friends; Emmett decides to fight for full custody.
S1, EP9 "Namaste Muthaf..."Brandon attempts a reconciliation with Jerrika, but struggles to establish his business; Kevin realizes he can't stop Jake; Emmett reels when Jada is offered a job in another state.
S1, EP8 "Wallets"Brandon branches out on his own; Emmett searches for his son after Tiffany takes him away; Ronnie seeks redemption at a mosque where he meets Rafiq; Kevin tries to stop his best friend from going down a dark path.
S1, EP7 "The Whistle"Brandon compromises his employment by defending a co-worker; Emmett spends an eye-opening day with Quentin; Kevin tries to get Andrea's attention at the roller rink.
S1, EP6 "Penetrate a Fraud"Brandon's actions jeopardize his relationship with Jerrika; Ronnie uncovers secrets about his surrogate son's past and gives a crucial piece of information to the police; Emmett's shoe hustle goes awry.
S1, EP5 "Today Was a Good Day"A neighborhood block party brings Brandon, Ronnie, Emmett, and Kevin together; Brandon has a confrontation with Ronnie and gets surprised by Jerrika.
S1, EP4 "Quaking Grass"Brandon seeks refuge when Jerrika kicks him out; Ronnie runs into Rafiq; Quentin takes something from Trice; Brandon makes a bad deal with Reg.
S1, EP3 "Ghosts"Brandon asks Kevin for help; Laverne and Greavy make a decision; Amir tries to capitalize on Emmett's side gig; Quentin launches his own investigation.
S1, EP2 "Alee"Brandon reels from a loss; Ronnie realizes he made a mistake; Emmett's carefree life gets upended; Papa and Jake taunt Kevin about Andrea; conflicting clues shake Cruz.
S1, EP1 "Pilot"A fateful event sends shockwaves through a community on the south side of Chicago, connecting four lives.
The South Side of Chicago carries daily danger, and the smallest and simplest of decisions can have life or death consequences for the residents. Life continues as the kids prep for school and their parents shuffle off to work. The young adults of the area are trying to scrape a living for themselves, while the elders sit on their front porches and observe the goings on. The South Side has the potential to crush dreams, and this coming-of-age series focuses on Kevin, a preteen who embraces the normal rites of childhood, Brandon, who makes a leap of faith to succeed in love and life with Jerrika, Emmett, who seeks guidance from his mother, and Ronnie, who is a drifter struggling to be loved. All of them are linked together by sheer coincidence as they seek redemption.
Original Air Date: Jan 7, 2018
Genres: DramaPremiumTV Series
Rating: TVMA
Playback: HD
6 seasons available on demand (64 episodes)
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