A Raisin in the Sun
S4, EP10 "A Raisin in the Sun"
On Demand
Emmett asks Tiff to make a decision; Imani and Shaad get a clean slate; Jake comes clean to Jemma. Trig gives Douda an ultimatum; Tracy throws a block party; Nina and Dre help someone in need.
Original Air Date: Aug 01, 2021 • Showtime East • 56m
Southside With You
S4, EP9 "Southside With You"
On Demand
Emmett and Darnell spend time with Jada; Jake and Jemma attend the spring formal; tensions between Douda and Marcus rise; Kevin makes his move; Trig gets caught in a mess he didn't create.
Original Air Date: Jul 25, 2021 • Showtime East • 50m
Love Jones
S4, EP8 "Love Jones"
On Demand
Kevin and Papa try to get their women back; Emmett shows Tiff a night on the town; Kiesha and Christian get to know each other better.
Original Air Date: Jul 18, 2021 • Showtime East • 54m
...Black Messiah
S4, EP7 "...Black Messiah"
On Demand
Emmett and Tiff explore new things as a couple; Trig tries to counsel Jamal when he reaches his breaking point; Imani takes care of the trap house for good; Kevin journeys to the West Side with a new friend; Papa teaches Jake how to woo his lady.
Original Air Date: Jul 11, 2021 • Showtime East • 58m
S4, EP6 "Candyman"
On Demand
Kiesha adjusts to life after birth; Papa tries to broker peace between Kevin and Jake; Jada struggles with her condition; Nina's suspicion of Dre reaches a peak.
Original Air Date: Jun 27, 2021 • Showtime East • 58m
The Spook Who Sat by the Door
S4, EP5 "The Spook Who Sat by the Door"
On Demand
Douda, Roselyn and Marcus prepare for the gala; Kiesha goes into labor; Kevin and Jemma's relationship reaches a breaking point.
Original Air Date: Jun 20, 2021 • Showtime East • 56m
The Girl From Chicago
S4, EP4 "The Girl From Chicago"
On Demand
Jake, Jemma and Kevin organize an on-campus protest; Emmett and Tiff set new boundaries for their relationship; Imani schemes to break a girl out of the 63rd St. Mob's trap house; Nina is suspicious of Dre; Jada gives Emmett some unexpected news.
Original Air Date: Jun 13, 2021 • Showtime East • 52m
Native Son
S4, EP3 "Native Son"
On Demand
Tiff discovers a possible solution to her relationship woes with Emmett; Douda, Tracy and Trig take community protection into their own hands; Kevin and Jemma hit a rough patch.
Original Air Date: Jun 06, 2021 • Showtime East • 54m
Cooley High
S4, EP2 "Cooley High"
On Demand
Emmett comes clean to Tiff; a college tour forces Kevin and Jake to consider their futures; Douda makes a decision that will change the face of Chicago; Jada gets some unexpected news; Papa starts a podcast; Trig reunites with an old friend.
Original Air Date: May 30, 2021 • Showtime East • 54m
Soul Food
S4, EP1 "Soul Food"
On Demand
Kiesha wrestles with a decision that will affect the life of her unborn child; a run-in with police leaves Kevin, Jake and Papa reeling; Douda tries to walk the line between gangster and mayor; Tiff and Dom go into business together.
Original Air Date: May 23, 2021 • Showtime East • 50m