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House Hunters InternationalBuying a house is no easy task, but when it's in another country, imagine the stresses of negotiating in a foreign language. Emotions run high as realtors and their clients leave their milieu to look for new properties abroad in this spinoff of HGTV's popular "House Hunters."
S192, EP6 "Refueled and Reborn in Samara, Costa Rica"Emerging from a period of personal loss, a man sets out to reboot his life in tropical Samara, Costa Rica; he hopes the healing balance of beach and jungle will be just what he needs to start fresh as he looks for new friends and new adventures.
S172, EP10 "Returning to Australia, Where It All Began"After years living as a traveling musician, a Florida man is returning to Australia's Gold Coast, where his career began; a string of bad roommates has him wishing for a place of his own, but a limited budget may require him to share space yet again.
S125, EP8 "Looking for Change in Chiang Mai, Thailand"A teacher from Kirkland, Wash., wants to escape her mundane life with a move to Chiang Mai, Thailand; adapting to Thai living isn't easy, so her friend and coworker joins the house hunt to remind her why she took the big leap in the first place.
S122, EP12 "Brewery Expansion In Bangalore"A couple decides to pack up their brewery business and move to Bangalore, India, to open the first American craft brewery in the country; he's looking for a place with traditional Indian charm; she hopes to find a home with modern amenities.
S123, EP16 "Bringing It to Berlin"A family of five moves from Las Vegas, Nev., to Berlin, Germany; he wants to find a place under budget while she wants to make sure their three sons have plenty of room and live close to their new school.
S125, EP16 "Living the Dream in Amsterdam"After planting the idea of moving abroad in his wife's head for years, a man's dream comes true when his job offers him a position in Amsterdam; they decide to leave family, friends and their apartment behind for a new life in the Netherlands.
S170, EP4 "Arnhem Under the Microscope"A microbiologist has the opportunity do his postdoctoral work in Arnhem, Netherlands, but his wife has never lived more than 30 minutes from her tiny hometown. With so much change unfolding, it's their house hunt that's under the microscope.
S172, EP5 "Haunted History in Scotland"A new job is giving a Connecticut couple the chance to find a home in Culross, Scotland; they found each other later in life and instantly bonded over their mutual love of Scotland.
S190, EP4 "Mom Moves the Whole Gang to Malaga, Spain"After years in California, a mother of three convinces her partner to move to her native Malaga, Spain; she's always wanted to share the laid-back culture with her kids, but moving to her homeland may not be second nature for everyone.
S168, EP4 "Sweet Dreams, Sour Hunt in Berlin"A couple moves for his sweet new job at a chocolate factory in Berlin; their search quickly turns sour as she's looking for a chic, urban lifestyle in the heart of the city, while he prefers a place in the sleepy outskirts that's near work.
S192, EP7 "Episode 7"House hunters search for homes around the world.
S171, EP13 "Leaving New York for Love Down Under"After only three months of dating, a New York woman puts it all on the line for love and moves to Redcliffe, Australia; she's looking to buy a house with her new boyfriend, but they begin to realize they have different ideas about the perfect home.
S121, EP13 "Dubai by Design"After receiving a job offer, a Texas couple and their daughters move to Dubai, United Arab Emirates; living in a desert will be an adjustment, so he offers to let her take charge of the interior design if she's flexible on the house hunt.
S122, EP8 "Big City Dreams In Cambodia"A couple who always lived in one place moves to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
S122, EP3 "Catching The Breeze In Medellin, Colombia"A couple disagrees between mountain and valley living in Colombia.
S123, EP12 "Big Family, Little Budget in Peniche"Chelsey, Steve and their six children are eager to move from Huntsville, Utah, to Peniche, Portugal; Steve refuses to break their budget; Chelsey realizes everyone will need a little elbow room to stay sane, putting a strain on their budget.
S171, EP10 "Wigging Out in Los Cabos"A Seattle couple looking to expand both their wig business and their quality of life plan a sight-unseen move to Los Cabos, Mexico; the sun-drenched spot is perfect for their showroom, but this pair's strong opinions make living complicated.
S171, EP1 "Caution in Costa Rica"Two Utah newlyweds are setting up shop in a remote Costa Rican city with a plan to start a yoga retreat together; she's ready to go all-in on a space that delivers from day one, but he insists on playing it safe.
S192, EP5 "Seeking Swiss Charm That Won't Break the Bank in Zurich"An American family of five looks to relocate to Zurich for Mom's job; she's focused on minimizing her commute, and he wants iconic Swiss charm, but accommodating both priorities in one of the world's most expensive cities may be a challenge.
S192, EP4 "A Sibling Spat in Hoi An, Vietnam"After years apart, a pair of Canadian siblings reunite for a new adventure together in Vietnam; they both think the beach town of Hoi An, Vietnam, is a good fit, but it quickly turns into sibling rivalry as they struggle to agree on anything else.
S192, EP2 "Big City Life in Mexico City"American newlyweds fall in love with Mexico City during a vacation and decide to relocate; he wants a view in a downtown high-rise, and she wants a neighborhood vibe that reminds her of home.
S191, EP13 "From Texas to Perth with Kids, Cats and Kangaroos"A single mom from Texas meets her Aussie soul mate and they're ready to relocate to Australia; they're looking to buy their first home in his native Perth, and with kids and cats in tow, they may need a little help from his family.
S191, EP12 "A Grandmother's Stories Come to Life in London"Inspired by her grandmother's romanticized stories, a young woman moves to London with her fiancé in hopes of finding some of that magic for herself; she's looking for traditional English charm, but he prefers something that's more modern.
S191, EP11 "Killer Waves in Puerto Escondido, Mexico"Remote work enables a young traveler to trade rainy London for Puerto Escondido, Mexico; she's looking for a place where she can absorb the culture, chill with her cat and catch some killer waves in one of the world's premiere surf destinations.
S191, EP10 "More Than Just a Party Town, Playa del Carmen"After spending her 20s partying hard, a woman looks to refocus on wellness in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. She's hoping to live in the touristic city center, but with her high standards and meager budget, she may be on the outside looking in.
S191, EP9 "Threesome in Paris"An international couple and their giant dog grapple with finding an affordable place in Paris; with high expectations, a low budget and an airtight rental market, finding a home that fits all three of them will be a challenge.
S191, EP8 "All Things Family Friendly in Lisbon"A job opportunity inspires an Oregon family to change everything they know and relocate to Lisbon, Portugal; she wants to spend more to make the transition easier, but he's stuck on a final number, and finding common ground is proving difficult.
S191, EP7 "We'll Be Home in Zurich for Christmas"A job opportunity enables a Texas family to take their love of Christmas to a whole new level in Zurich, Switzerland; they're on a one-week orientation to check out the city; they hope to find a place with Swiss charm to return to by Christmas.
S191, EP6 "A Christmas Clash in Orebro, Sweden"A family of five is excited to experience a white Christmas as they leave sunny Australia for snowy Orebro, Sweden; affording the space they need in the location they want could be out of their reach, so their holiday cheer may turn to conflict.
S191, EP5 "There's No Place Like Saint-Emilion for the Holidays"A young family leaves Canada for the south of France just in time for Christmas; they're ready to trade small-town British Columbia for the wine region of Saint-Emilion, France, but they may have to choose between price and space.
S191, EP4 "Making Kaiserslautern Home for the Holidays"With Christmas just around the corner, empty nesters hope to find a comfortable home for holiday hosting in Kaiserslautern, Germany; they're wanting plenty of bedrooms, but with homes in high demand, they may need Santa's help to find a large place.
S191, EP3 "A Christmas Homecoming in Paris"After 15 years in San Francisco, a Parisian man and his pregnant wife are returning to his native France; they want to find a spacious apartment as soon as possible, but with limited inventory in central Paris, they may have to consider the suburbs.
S191, EP2 "From Bangkok to Berlin, Hoping for Snow"After two years in Bangkok, a family heads to Berlin; they can't wait for the holidays, and maybe even snow; they're looking for a place near school and work, but with a competitive housing market, finding a practical location may be a challenge.
S191, EP1 "Creating Christmas Memories in Mexico City"A creative Minnesota couple looks to relocate and build an art business in Mexico City; they want to tap into one half of the pair's Mexican heritage and explore the holidays against a brand-new backdrop.
S190, EP12 "Two Teenagers and Two Parents Take on Lisbon, Portugal"A warm-hearted Nashville family takes a leap of faith with a company move to Lisbon, Portugal; they're moving two teenagers, two dogs and two careers to a bustling city, so the relocation might prove to be a bigger adventure than expected.
S190, EP11 "Big Change on Sydney's Northern Beaches"A California couple looks to relocate to her native Sydney, Australia; their homecoming comes with a lot of moving pieces, however, as they face new jobs, high price tags and big expectations -- all on a budget.
S190, EP10 "Fitting In and Family Fun in Phuket"A South African family relocates for a change of pace and so their daughter can spend time with her grandparents in Thailand. They're hoping a relaxed island lifestyle will benefit everyone, but coping with culture shock may be a challenge.
S190, EP9 "Road Weary in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica"After years of nomadic travel for their blog, a couple looks to finally settle down in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica; they want to embrace the comforts of a permanent home, but they're immediately at odds over what their new life should look like.
S190, EP8 "One Culture Shock to Another in Chiang Mai"A culturally mixed family of four leaves Florida for one of Thailand's largest cities; she wants to return to her roots in Chiang Mai with a traditional Thai house near the city center, but he prefers a spacious home with a large yard.
S190, EP7 "A Good Craic in Ireland"After relocating to Oslo for a work opportunity, a young couple realize it's not all it's cracked up to be and moves to Cork, Ireland; they face a bona fide local housing crisis and have two dogs in tow, so finding a new place is a challenge.
S190, EP6 "A Mountain View in Chiang Mai"After years of bartending to fund her travels, a Floridian accepts a teaching position in Chiang Mai, Thailand; finding a serene mountain view, a walkable neighborhood and a modern interior on her tight budget may be a challenge.
S190, EP5 "A Love Affair With London"A television and film industry freelancer looks to return to London to start over; she's ready to begin a new chapter and possibly a new relationship, but first, she'll need to find a place that fits her needs and budget.
S190, EP3 "Nostalgia Versus Affordability in London"Canadian newlyweds look to get closer to his Scottish heritage and embrace a faster pace of life in East London; she's lived in London before and knows exactly what she wants, but his obsession with the bottom line may put them at odds.
S190, EP2 "Giving Back to Mom in Paris"After an incredible sacrifice, a grateful son looks to repay his mother with a home of her own in Paris; she's always dreamt of a colorful Parisian lifestyle, but convincing her to embrace a fresh start in a new city may be a challenge.
S190, EP1 "Reinventing a Childhood in Cambrils, Spain"Empty nesters look to move from California to his childhood vacation spot in Cambrils, Spain; he's searching for a place reminiscent of summers spent there as a child, while she wants something with plenty of room for their children to visit.
S189, EP13 "Mixing It Up in Mexico City"A young Texas family relocates for family ties and their son's international education to Mexico City; he's looking to launch a restaurant venture in Polanco, but it's a hot neighborhood, and it might be tough to get it.
S189, EP12 "Miami Model Finds a New Look in Thailand"A Miami model hopes to take her career to new heights by starting her own modeling agency in Chiang Mai, Thailand. With the low cost of living, Chiang Mai has become one of the most desirable places for digital nomads, so she faces some stiff competition.
S189, EP11 "Big Dreams, Tiny Budget in Freising, Germany"Disillusioned with the corporate grind, a young Canadian seeks a change in Freising, Germany; he's pursuing a master's degree and has lofty expectations for his new home, but his grand housing aspirations may clash with the reality of his budget.
S189, EP10 "Queens Newlyweds Take on the King's London"This spin-off of the wildly popular HGTV "House Hunters" goes around the globe. Home hunters and their realtors check out all sorts of architectural styles and work through the quirks of buying real estate in other countries.
S189, EP9 "A Big Change in Chiang Mai"A military vet heads to Thailand to help navigate life's setbacks, which include divorce, injury and PTSD; exhausted by Alaska's winter, he's seeking a sunny haven for himself with ample space for his visiting teenage daughter.
S189, EP8 "One Chance to Get it Right in Townsville, Australia"A young, married couple is leaving her lifelong home in Tennessee for his native Australia. It took 10 years to convince her to leave the only place she's ever called home, so now the pressure's on him to find the perfect family home.
S189, EP7 "From Kindergarten Crush to Married Life in the Netherlands"A job opportunity and a quick marriage brings a long distance couple together in the Netherlands. They're looking for a place that has Dutch charm with American amenities, but she wants to be near work in Den Bosch while he prefers the city of Utrecht.
S189, EP6 "A Return to Childhood Memories in Maratea, Italy"After 20 years in busy Brussels, an Italian woman returns to her childhood summer home of Maratea, Italy; she's looking for plenty of space and a big garden, but her parents worry about her finding the right place at the right time.
S189, EP5 "Music and Inspiration in Playa del Carmen, Mexico"An aspiring country musician seeks inspiration and overall wellness in Playa del Carmen, Mexico; she's looking to overcome writer's block and test new material.
S189, EP4 "An Unexpected Family Move to Greater Melbourne"A job opportunity prompts a Wisconsin family to move sight unseen to Greater Melbourne, Australia. They're excited to explore an unfamiliar continent, but with an extremely low vacancy rate, finding the right home will be an adventure in itself.
S189, EP3 "A Forever Home Where It All Began, in Sicily"A Sicilian-American woman seeks to establish a permanent home in her grandmother's hometown of Terrasini, Italy; reconnecting with her roots results in a strain on her relationship, however, as her Spanish partner can only relocate part time.
S189, EP2 "Focused on Fitness and Family in New Zealand"After five years together, a fitness-focused South African couple are engaged and ready to move to New Zealand; they want to be close to his mom and start a family, but with weddings planned on two continents, they're not ready to commit to a price.
S189, EP1 "A Lifelong Desire Fuels a Family Move to Reykjavik"A couple leaves Detroit to provide their three boys with a new perspective on life in Iceland; they face downsizing as they prepare for the move; due to a burgeoning tourism and expat community, finding suitable housing may be a challenge.
S188, EP13 "A Bigger Boat, or Bigger Home, in Australia"A couple who met in Dubai is moving to be near his family in Redlands City, Australia; they're looking for a place big enough for her two teens, and he wants to be near the water, but finding everything they want in their budget will be a challenge.
S188, EP11 "Back to Nature in the Franklin District, New Zealand"A lifelong educator returns to teach where she studied abroad 15 years ago in the Franklin District, New Zealand.
S188, EP10 "Being British in Maidstone"A Texas man convinces his husband to put their lives on hold and move to Maidstone, England; they're looking for a place big enough to accommodate their three kids.
S188, EP9 "A Legacy on the Line in Yucatan, Mexico"A longtime dream of owning a generational family compound has a couple uprooting from Texas to Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. She envisions a picturesque beachfront home, but he wants a spacious backyard that can accommodate a growing family.
S188, EP8 "Empty Nest Adventure in the Netherlands"An empty-nester couple from Maryland leaves everything behind for his home country of the Netherlands; he's looking for a place with plenty of open space in the countryside, but she prefers something in the city center.
S188, EP7 "A Forever-Moon in Auckland, New Zealand"After unexpectedly falling in love with Auckland, Chicago newlyweds transform their honeymoon into a permanent move to New Zealand. Their forever-moon may be over before it begins, however, unless they can agree on their spending.
S188, EP6 "A Scottish Surfin' Safari on the Sunshine Coast"A young man looks to break free from a traditional Scottish lifestyle for sun and surfing on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. He's looking for something rustic that's near the beach, but with a tight budget, he may need to consider a place with roommates.
S188, EP5 "Tight Space or Tight Finances in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam"A dream job prompts a family of four to leave California and start anew in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; with the shift to a single income, they'll need to decide whether to commit to a new life in a tight space or to tighten their finances.
S188, EP4 "Love, Bikes, and Sneakers in Utrecht, Netherlands"Married bike enthusiasts from Wisconsin are fulfilling their European dream when his job relocates them to cycle-centric Utrecht, Netherlands. They're looking for a home near the city center, but finding a place in their price range will be a challenge.
S188, EP3 "The Finer Side of Valencia"South African ex-pats working abroad look to buy property in sunny Valencia, Spain; they've enjoyed a jet-set lifestyle for 20 years, so their decision to finally plant some roots might mean that they'll have to make some sacrifices.
S188, EP2 "All Work and No Play in Hanoi, Vietnam"Young newlyweds uproot from Bangkok to pursue her dream job in Hanoi, Vietnam; he wants to be in the heart of the action to explore the city and its opportunities, but with her job located far from downtown, she's keen on having a short work commute.
S188, EP1 "Arizona House Flippers Seek R&R in Costa Rica"Burned out from working long hours in real estate, an Arizona family looks for relaxation in the jungles of Ojochal, Costa Rica; they're looking for a place with rental potential to recoup costs, but in an expanding market, they may be priced out.
S187, EP13 "NYC Artist Finds Peace and Inspiration in Cambodia"An established Brooklyn-based painter is hoping to find heightened inspiration and lower rent in Siem Reap, Cambodia. A mass influx of expats has created demand, and it's driving up prices and forcing trade-offs she didn't anticipate.
S187, EP12 "Finding Family in Dublin"Upon discovering a family path to Irish citizenship, newlyweds decide to connect with his family history and move to Dublin; she's leaving her job to return to school, so the pressure's on to find a place that will ease their transition.
S187, EP11 "Big Adjustments in Small Town Cambodia"A free-spirited yoga instructor leaves Toronto for the quaint, riverside town of Kampot, Cambodia; she's living away from her parents for the first time, so finding a place in a developing city bursting with a brand-new culture may be a challenge.
S187, EP10 "A Historic Home in Gloucestershire, England"An Aussie family searches for an affordable and charming home in Gloucestershire, England; with different priorities, and the challenge of finding a budget-friendly place in a highly sought-after region, their quest may prove to be a challenge.
S187, EP9 "A Baby Story in Siem Reap, Cambodia"A South African couple seeks a more serene lifestyle with their toddler in the friendly town of Siem Reap, Cambodia; they're exploring new careers in teaching, and with so many changes happening at once, settling in proves to be harder than expected.
S187, EP8 "From Riverside to Oceanside in Mexico"Empty-nesters are ready to take the plunge and relocate to Mexico; they're both looking forward to all the activities this area offers, but he wants to slow down and downsize, while she's looking for extra space for her stuff, and her visiting son.
S187, EP7 "Leaning Into Outlander Life"Boston newlyweds with European roots look to trade the big city for Stirling, Scotland; with new-found citizenship and the ability to work remotely, they're returning to his parents homeland to explore his family heritage and historic charm.
S187, EP6 "A Military Family Together in Gloucestershire, England"A military family makes a company move to Gloucestershire, England; after several domestic moves and a long solo deployment for dad, they're looking for a place where they can spend more time together as a family.
S187, EP5 "Full House in Melbourne, Australia"First-time parents are leaving Colombia to start fresh with their new baby in Melbourne, Australia; the in-laws are coming along too, so they're looking for a spacious home that can accommodate their extended family of five.
S187, EP4 "Downsizing Their Home, but Expanding Their Wish List in Costa Rica"An impulsive Canadian couple is moving with their 16-year-old daughter to the calmer vibes of Costa Rica; they're searching for a place just big enough to house them and their visiting family, but it may be a challenge.
S187, EP3 "Growing a Family in Yokosuka, Japan"A Washington mother urges her husband to take a work assignment so their children can grow abroad in Yokosuka, Japan; they're hoping to provide their kids with an enriching experience, but finding a place for a family of five may be a challenge.
S187, EP2 "Grad School Roommate Revelations in Manchester, England"Two Texan twins search for a place as they embark for grad school in Manchester, England; they're teaming up with an unknown roommate to afford the high rent, but with contrasting priorities, the hunt is sure to be an educational experience.
S187, EP1 "Big Budget, Bigger Drama in Spain"With over $1 million for their dream house, a couple move from Seattle to Spain's Garraf Coast; their search is divided as one wants to live in the center of a bustling beach town, while the other yearns for quiet, inland privacy.
S186, EP13 "From London to Amsterdam, I'm Being Followed by a Housing Crisis"House hunters search for homes around the world.
S186, EP12 "Quarter Life Crisis in Rotterdam"An Australian man in search of a post-breakup reset looks to move to Rotterdam, Netherlands; he wants to find an apartment near the action, but his dog's need for outdoor space might push him out into the suburbs.
S186, EP11 "Puerto Vallarta Rent vs. Buy, Oh My"A young family leaves San Francisco to move to her dream of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; she wants a turnkey property to ensure an easy transition, but with a hot real estate market, they may have to consider renting over buying to get settled fast.
S186, EP10 "Trading the Circus for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico"A former circus gymnast looks to leave the Massachusetts cold and embrace the sunshine of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; he wants to establish a new business and seeks both a living space and workspace before his nest egg runs out.
S186, EP9 "Attempting to Adult in Maroochydore, Australia"An aspiring radio personality leaves the crowded, expensive life in London for her dream job in Maroochydore, Australia; she's working with a small budget, which means that the responsible, adult decision is also the boring one with roommates.
S186, EP8 "Downsizing in Madrid"After visiting their son abroad in Spain, two small business owners sell their expansive home and downsize in Madrid; with no experience living outside California, the frugal husband hopes to prevent his wife from spending too much of their savings.
S186, EP7 "An Apprehensive Adventurer in Tokyo"A lawyer used to predictability in Washington, D.C., takes a leap into the unknown and accepts a research fellowship in Tokyo; he's emerged in a vastly different culture, and finding a place in a small and expensive real estate market is a challenge.
S186, EP6 "Coming Home to the Hague"After more than two decades raising her children in Brooklyn, an empty nester returns home to the Hague to spend more time with her aging parents and extended family, but wants to find a cozy home while still helping her children financially.
S186, EP5 "Everything All at Once, in Puerto Morelos, Mexico"After a lifetime of frigid winters, an engaged Vermont couple looks to move to Puerto Morelos, Mexico; they're investing their modest savings toward a new home and a wedding, but finding the right place before the next winter will be a challenge.
S186, EP4 "A Family's Wanderlust in Christchurch"Seasoned Canadian travelers are ready to introduce their children to new experiences in Christchurch, New Zealand, but need to find a home to fit the entire family's needs.
S186, EP3 "Shaking Off the Ice in Puerto Morelos, Mexico"A family of five trades life in frigid Red Deer, Canada for the warm beaches of Puerto Morelos, Mexico; but as they seek a new home for their clan, too much noise and too little space threaten to get in the way of their perfect reset.
S186, EP2 "Never Seen Snow, in Malmo"An international couple seeks a better work-life balance and looks to move from Singapore to Malmo, Sweden; she wants to be close to the relaxing calls of nature, but he's a chef and needs to be near the city center for better work opportunities.
S186, EP1 "Tension on the Thames"A New Jersey-based flight attendant on unpaid leave moves to London for his husband's job; he wants an affordable flat that fits his exacting taste, but this proves to be a challenge for his usually laid-back partner.
S185, EP13 "Money Matters in Cambridgeshire, England"As a cost engineer from South Africa, getting the chance to advance her career in England while fulfilling her dream of living abroad was an opportunity too good to pass up, but moving solo to Cambridgeshire and not knowing anyone there is daunting.
S185, EP12 "Returning to Roots in Cairns"Hoping to broaden their children's horizons and rediscover their Aussie roots, a Portland-based couple goes real estate hunting in Cairns for a home away from home.
S185, EP11 "A Slower Pace for an Affordable Price"A Chicago couple looks to sell their condo and buy a house in Puerto Morelos, Mexico; they're searching for a place that has a roof deck with a pool, but she's putting her career on hold and doesn't want to create stress by spending too much money.
S185, EP10 "Empty Nest in Puerto Morelos, Mexico"After raising six kids while running a law firm together, a couple leaves Kansas to slow down and finally relax in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.
S185, EP9 "Too Big for Berlin"After a proposal and marriage in Iceland, newlyweds take advantage of her job opportunity and relocate to Berlin; they're looking for a place that's furnished and pet-friendly, but his bodybuilder size may find trouble in a European apartment.
S185, EP8 "A Castle to Call Home in Cheesy Gouda, Netherlands"A Dutch-born woman is happy to return to her homeland for her husband's job transfer to Gouda, Netherlands.
S185, EP7House hunters search for homes around the world.
S185, EP6 "Looking for Less in Costa Rica"A Los Angeles executive assistant looks to refocus on herself and move to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica; she has big plans for a more simple life, but on her scaled-down budget, giving up the opulent amenities she's used to will be a challenge.
S185, EP5 "The Twin Towns of Tipperary, Ireland"A family of six is moving from the twin cities of Minnesota to the twin towns of Tipperary, Ireland, to get more quality time together; while Mom is hoping to be surrounded by Irish charm, Dad is looking for a modern home close to work.
S185, EP3 "Comfort and Compromise in Madrid"Two lifelong Floridians look to fulfill their dream of teaching abroad and relocate to Madrid; one's searching for a space that's reminiscent of home with a roomy terrace, but the other's bent on finding extra bedrooms at a discount price.
S185, EP2 "Style in Utrecht, Netherlands"The Netherlands' post-pandemic real estate crisis may become a hindrance to a small American family's desire for a new home in Utrecht.
S185, EP1 "Coming Attractions in Auckland"An Aussie movie trailer editor and her Kiwi husband are leaving NYC and moving back to his roots in Auckland, New Zealand.
S184, EP13 "A Mother-Daughter Reset on the Sunshine Coast"After years in San Diego, a single mom and her daughter return to her roots on Australia's Sunshine Coast; she's looking for a private home with acreage for the dog her daughter wants, but finding a place that's pet-friendly will be a challenge.
S184, EP12 "Stargazing on the Sunshine Coast"A Seattle free spirit discovers stargazing and decides to turn his passion into a career on Australia's Sunshine Coast; he's got his telescopes in tow, but with rental costs soaring, his sky-high expectations may clash with a pricey reality.
S184, EP11 "My House, My Rules in Lisbon"A recently graduated New Hampshire woman who grew up traveling with her family has decided to make the move to Lisbon, Portugal; her mom isnt exactly thrilled, so shes along in the search to help find a space big enough for frequent family visits.
S184, EP4 "Dilemma In Dublin"An American couple seeks budget-friendly real estate options in Dublin; the wife makes no secret of her admiration for Irish culture.
S184, EP3 "Best Life in Ajijic, Mexico"Newly enabled to work remotely, a Canadian woman looks to escape the cold and head south to live her best life in Ajijic, Mexico.
S179, EP4 "Single Mom Moxie in Merida, Mexico"An overworked, single mother of three looks to move her entire family to Merida, Mexico; he promises her oldest daughter her own room, but she's also supporting her mother and aunt, so keeping costs as low as possible will be a challenge.
S179, EP3 "Living in the Shadow of a Volcano in La Fortuna, Costa Rica"An Illinois couple is ready to trade the forests of Carbondale for a towering volcano in La Fortuna, Costa Rica; they're looking for a place that has plenty of room to work from home; she wants to be near town, but he prefers the quiet country.
S179, EP2 "Rushing Toward Romance in Phnom Penh, Cambodia"A budding romance leads a young man to leave his native Germany and relocate near his new girlfriend in Phnom Penh, Cambodia; he's looking for a one-bedroom apartment they can potentially share but finding a place in his budget will be a challenge.
S179, EP1 "De Nada Granada"Recent college grads move from Oregon to work as English teachers in Granada, Spain; they're living together for the first time and she has a long wish list, but in a red-hot rental market, finding a place in their budget will be a challenge.
S178, EP13 "Discovery Mission, Costa Rica"A Brooklyn man in search of his truer self looks for personal growth and a quiet life in Uvita, Costa Rica; he's looking for a place with modern finishes and a pool, but his long wish list may not meet the reality of his budget.
S178, EP12 "Don't Let the Baby Get Krabi in Thailand"An unexpected pregnancy leads a pair of Florida travel bloggers to change their plans and settle down in Krabi, Thailand; they're looking for a place with modern touches that's kid-friendly, but he's also concerned about being near his Muy Thai gym.
S178, EP11 "Ladies Take London"A Wisconsin couple takes on London for a job opportunity; for one, it's a dream come true, but for the other it's a terrifying change from the quiet life she prefers, and finding middle ground could be hard in one of the world's busiest cities.
S178, EP10 "Growing Into Greystones"An Illinois family looks to return to the father's family roots and find a slower pace in Greystones, Ireland; she wants a home large enough for their kids and to host visiting family, but he prefers something smaller and cheaper.
S178, EP9 "First-Timers Shack Up Down Under"A Canadian travel writer and an Aussie tour guide have travelled around New Zealand rent-free for almost 3 years, but now one of them wants to settle down; the other is rent-avoidant, but the allure of nearby family has induced a compromise.
S178, EP8 "Ooh La La Woof, in Paris"A single woman looks to follow in the footsteps of literary greats and relocate with her elderly dogs to Paris; she's looking for her ideal vision of 1920s cafe culture in the Latin Quarter but finding an apartment in her budget will be a challenge.
S178, EP7 "Career Swaps and Trade-Offs in Stockholm"A couple relocates for a teaching opportunity that promises a better work-life balance in Stockholm, Sweden; the move will reduce them to a single income, so the pressure is on to find a place with plenty of room that they can afford.
S178, EP6 "Big Brisbane Dreams for a Family's First Move"A Minnesota family takes a chance on a job transfer to the warm ocean town of Brisbane, Australia; the promise of more family time motivates the move, but the newness of a single income threatens to limit the lifestyle they all imagined.
S178, EP5 "The Physics of Moving from Texas to Germany"A Texas couple looks to relocate for his new business venture in physics in Darmstadt, Germany; the husband gives up a tenured professorship and the wife sells her business for the move, so they feel the pressure to find the perfect home.
S178, EP4 "There's No Snow in Puerto Morelos, Mexico"A couple looks to trade the cold Midwestern winters for the beaches of Puerto Morelos, Mexico; she wants full-on beachfront living at any cost, but he's focused on a vacation rental business and thinks being closer to town is the best way to go.
S178, EP3 "Haggling in the Hague"After years of jumping from one city to the next, a young couple visits the Hague, Netherlands, for the first time, where they're looking for their first long-term home because they need to settle down and provide a stable life for their first child.
S178, EP2 "Paradise and Practicality in Phuket, Thailand"A married couple chases a new adventure by moving from her home in Jordan to Phuket, Thailand; he's willing to stretch their salaries to the limit for a pool and resort lifestyle, but she prefers to steer toward something that's more affordable.
S177, EP13 "Empty Nests and Resets in Cabo San Lucas"After 40 trips to Cabo San Lucas, empty nesters look to buy a home in their favorite vacation spot; they want to keep their house in Oregon, but accomplishing this dream may come with a price tag that means they'll have to keep working to afford it.
S177, EP8 "Twinning in Madrid"Identical twins from West Virginia take on teaching jobs in Madrid; one is looking for something that has a traditional style, while the other prefers modern touches, but their modest budget may determine their decision.
S172, EP13 "Lights, Camera, London!"A Hollywood couple and their aspiring movie-maker son are looking for a change of pace that's closer to family in London; their plans hit a snag when they realize London's no place to find a blockbuster home on an indie film budget.
S172, EP4 "London Limbo Between City and Suburbs"A surprise pregnancy changes everything for a young couple who receive work transfers to London; they originally planned to jet-set around Europe, but now that they're expecting, they're in limbo between the city or the suburbs.
S167, EP1 "Cupid's Arrow Strikes in Bangkok, Thailand"A Denver man met his new girlfriend, a Brazilian expat, on Valentine's Day in Thailand, and now they're looking for a place together in Thailand.
S166, EP1 "Staying Calm in Cologne"A newlywed couple follow a job opportunity back to the woman's home country of Germany; they're down to a single income, and they may need to make some sacrifices to stay within their budget.
S165, EP5 "Trading Dreams in Dublin, Ireland"A woman trades her dream life in Chicago for her partner's job opportunity in Dublin; he prefers to be near the city center and close to work, which means higher prices, but they're down to a single income and she wants to stay well under budget.
S164, EP3 "Beat Drops and Flip Flops in Koh Chang, Thailand"An up-and-coming rapper who is tired of life in Canada seeks freedom and adventure on the island of Koh Chang, Thailand; he wants a place that's fully furnished and near the vibrant beach nightlife, but his small budget may not fetch his desires.
S161, EP11 "Full Immersion in South Korea"After a two-year deployment, a U.S. airman leaves the large community of Okinawa, Japan, for a lesser known base in Daegu, South Korea; he hopes to find a place downtown to connect with locals, but he also needs space for his family to visit.
S161, EP10 "Brink of a Wedding in Bangkok"After years in a long-distance relationship, a Canadian cinematographer and a Thai fixer decide to start married life together in Bangkok; they quickly realize her tiny condo isn't big enough for the both of them, let alone a growing family.
S161, EP9 "Brussels Without a Net"A job transfer makes Brussels, Belgium, the eighth country a couple have called home; they're looking for a place with outdoor space and room for visitors; he's looking for something with historical charm, but she's concerned with modern amenities.
S161, EP8 "Wiesbaden, Take Two"Two former soldiers and their son return to Wiesbaden, Germany, as married civilians; she wants a traditional home that's near the city center, while he prefers something modern that's farther out.
S161, EP5 "Cooking Up Adventure in Yeppoon, Australia"An overworked Argentinian couple take a job opportunity in Yeppoon, Australia; they need at least three bedrooms and a yard for their kids, and they're willing to take on a fixer-upper to be near the beach.
S161, EP4 "Honeymoon House Hunt in Berlin"Having met in a high school German class, a newlywed couple starts their life together in her native Berlin; they're looking for a fully furnished one-bedroom apartment with space for visiting guests, but can't agree on the right place.
S161, EP2 "City Dreams vs. Rural Reality in Stockholm"To foster her children's independence, a single mother moves her two daughters from India to Stockholm; she wants something quiet that's close to nature, but her daughters prefer the city center.
S161, EP1 "You Only Live Once in Leiden"After dating for only six months, a Denver couple move to the Netherlands; they're looking for place with two bedrooms for visiting friends and family, but finding a spacious kitchen may be difficult.
S160, EP13 "House, Dog, Ring, Baby, in Dublin"A newly engaged couple take the first big step in their four-part plan and look for a place in his hometown of Dublin; he wants to stay Southside and doesn't mind a fixer-upper, but she's open to explore other areas of Dublin and wants turnkey.
S160, EP10 "A Flurry of Firsts in Dublin, Ireland"A young couple grew up together, went to college together, and spent the last two years in a long-distance relationship with plans of reuniting near their families in Michigan, but just weeks before their reunion, he receives a job offer in Dublin.
S160, EP9 "Blending Family in Ipswich, Australia"When the phone bills got too steep during their long-distance relationship that began online, an Aussie and a Texan decided to meet in person; they met, married, and settled in Texas before his mother's health required a move back to Australia.
S160, EP7 "Getting Comfortable in London"A couple is leaving New York City for a job opportunity in London; he is satisfying his travel bug and wants to save money to explore; she's anxious about the change and is willing to pay more to surround herself with familiar things.
S159, EP12 "Designs on Birmingham"A Wisconsin newlywed couple takes advantage of a job transfer and moves to Birmingham, England; her interior designer's eye is concentrated on finding style and comfort, while her accountant husband just wants to keep things on price and practical.
S159, EP6 "Putting Down Roots in Paris"A newly engaged couple look to move from Oslo, Norway, and put down roots in their favorite city of Paris; she dreams of buying an apartment with tons of Parisian charm, but he's a frugal Frenchman who believes that he's got all the charm she needs.
S159, EP3 "American Dreaming in Amsterdam"A Georgia couple looks to give their kids an international experience and move for his work to Amsterdam.
S158, EP9 "Stubborn in Stuttgart"A Florida couple relocates for work and searches for a home in Stuttgart, Germany; a traditional standalone house with an outdoor space is a must for him, but she wants modern conveniences and a place that's near the city center with an easy commute.
S158, EP2 "Take Two in Thailand"After getting divorced, a British man decides to make a new start in Phuket, Thailand; he's looking for a home with enough space to accommodate his kids when they visit, and he prefers to be near both his brother's place and the beach.
S157, EP12 "Fishing for New Experiences in Crete"A family moves to Crete, Greece, for a job relocation opportunity; he wants a small place on the ocean, but she wants a big home with a big backyard.
S156, EP7 "Digital Nomading in Vietnam"A young entrepreneur tries the digital nomad lifestyle as a way to incorporate his love of travel into his online business; when a friend recommends Vietnam as a home base, he falls in love with his first stop, Da Nang.
S156, EP5 "New Baby, New Town, New Rules in Canberra"A U.S. soldier, his pregnant wife, and their toddler are moving from Hanoi, Vietnam to Canberra, Australia for his new station in the military.
S156, EP3 "Traveling Solo to Madrid"A newly divorced woman looks to challenge herself and seeks adventure in Madrid, Spain; she's looking for a traditional Spanish neighborhood with easy access to public transportation, but on her budget, there will need to be some compromises.
S155, EP11 "Stretching the Dollar in Nha Trang, Vietnam"A man is trying entrepreneurship by investing in a tourism company in Nha Trang, Vietnam, and he's hoping to live large with a cheaper cost of living, but massive development threatens to derail his plan.
S144, EP13 "Location vs. Loved Ones in Bucerias, Mexico"After vacationing and falling in love with Bucerias, Mexico, a couple decide to search for a home; she wants a house with enough space for family to visit and stay, but he wants a condo with low maintenance.
Buying a house is no easy task, but when it's in another country, imagine the stresses of negotiating in a foreign language. Emotions run high as realtors and their clients leave their milieu to look for new properties abroad in this spinoff of HGTV's popular "House Hunters."
Original Air Date: Feb 20, 2006
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