The Dog Days of Christmas

S5, EP10 "The Dog Days of Christmas"

Airs: Dec 08, 2022

Dan meets his in-laws for the first time when Louise's family comes to visit; Darlene helps Becky with a parenting problem.

ABC • 30m
Crumbs and Couch Surfers

S5, EP9 "Crumbs and Couch Surfers"

On Demand

Darlene, Ben, Becky and Beverly Rose move into the new house, where Darlene implements a new set of rules.

Original Air Date: Nov 30, 2022 • ABC • 30m
Of Missing Minds and Missing Fries

S5, EP8 "Of Missing Minds and Missing Fries"

On Demand

Jackie must come to terms with her mother becoming ill; Darlene's job hunt proves to be more difficult than anticipated.

Original Air Date: Nov 16, 2022 • ABC • 22m
Take This Job and Shove It Twice

S5, EP7 "Take This Job and Shove It Twice"

On Demand

Darlene receives a promotion at her company, but she quickly learns the fancy title is not all it's cracked up to be; when Louise loses her job at Casita Bonita, an opportunity arises to work with Jackie at the Lunch Box.

Original Air Date: Nov 02, 2022 • ABC • 22m
Book Bans and Guillotine Hands

S5, EP6 "Book Bans and Guillotine Hands"

On Demand

Dan encourages the family to decorate the house for Halloween; Harris takes a stand on an issue that ruffles a few feathers in Darlene's new neighborhood.

Original Air Date: Oct 26, 2022 • ABC • 22m
A Little Weed and a Bad Seed

S5, EP5 "A Little Weed and a Bad Seed"

On Demand

Problems arise on Beverly Rose's first day of kindergarten; Becky and Darlene have a disagreement; Harris advises an unusual solution for Dan's back pain.

Original Air Date: Oct 19, 2022 • ABC • 22m
Parent Traps and Heart Attacks

S5, EP4 "Parent Traps and Heart Attacks"

On Demand

When a relative passes away unexpectedly, the family must debate about who should gain custody of a jaded nephew, who is just shy of his 18th birthday.

Original Air Date: Oct 12, 2022 • ABC • 22m
Driving, Dating and Deceit

S5, EP3 "Driving, Dating and Deceit"

On Demand

Mark is anxious to get his driver's license when a job opportunity presents itself across town; Darlene attempts to teach Mark to drive, but her frantic energy sends him running to Ben for help; Harris meets a new guy online.

Original Air Date: Oct 05, 2022 • ABC • 22m
Scenes From Two Marriages: The Parrot Doth Protest Too Much

S5, EP2 "Scenes From Two Marriages: The Parrot Doth Protest Too Much"

On Demand

When Jackie moves in with Neville, he shows up to their home with an excess of animals from his vet office; Darlene and Ben have an argument as Ben points out Darlene is turning into her father.

Original Air Date: Sep 28, 2022 • ABC • 22m
Double Honeymoon and Seeing Double

S5, EP1 "Double Honeymoon and Seeing Double"

On Demand

In an effort to save money, Darlene and Ben join Jackie and Neville on a joint honeymoon, where the newlyweds' cost-saving measures contribute to a tension-filled getaway; Dan, Becky, Harris, Mark and Beverly Rose go to a water park.

Original Air Date: Sep 21, 2022 • ABC • 22m