Fiesta Mexicana

S54, EP16 "Fiesta Mexicana"

Airs: Apr 12, 2023

It's a fiesta in the "Chopped" kitchen as every basket features foods from Mexico; the chefs must combine a weird ice cream and a classic sauce for the entree and get creative with unusual chips and a leafy greens for dessert.

Food Network • 60m
Fry of the Beholder

S54, EP15 "Fry of the Beholder"

Airs: Apr 05, 2023

The chefs must fry and fly as they use the deep fryer or air fryer to make crispy, creative cuisine; the chefs rush to fry up appetizers, and it's unclear whether everyone will remember to plate every basket ingredient.

Food Network • 60m
Wanna Pizza Me?

S54, EP14 "Wanna Pizza Me?"

On Demand

It's a pizza style showdown as four pizza pros race the clock; in the appetizer round, the chefs discover that a notorious pizza topping is a mandatory ingredient, and dessert deals them one of the most controversial toppings ever.

Original Air Date: Mar 28, 2023 • Food Network HD • 41m
Uncommon Ramen

S54, EP13 "Uncommon Ramen"

On Demand

Four determined chefs may think that combining ramen with fruity cereal is their biggest challenge, but a serious injury leaves one competitor stunned; the chefs must deal with a strange frozen food and show their point of view with meaty desserts.

Original Air Date: Mar 21, 2023 • Food Network HD • 42m
A Bunch of Abalone!

S54, EP12 "A Bunch of Abalone!"

On Demand

Four chefs with distinct personalities are on a quest to show the judges what they can do; in the first basket, they're not thrilled to see a sea creature with which nobody has worked; a condiment made with worms is a squirmy surprise for dessert.

Original Air Date: Mar 14, 2023 • Food Network HD • 42m
Flamin' Hot

S54, EP11 "Flamin' Hot"

On Demand

With powerful peppers in every basket, four chefs learn that they'll get hotter chilies for every round; after balancing hot and cold components in the entree, they'll have to use finesse to add one of the hottest peppers to desserts.

Original Air Date: Mar 07, 2023 • Food Network HD • 42m
Gluten for Punishment

S54, EP10 "Gluten for Punishment"

On Demand

Something fried in the appetizer basket is a bit of a head-scratcher for the chefs; the competitive fire is strong in the entree round, as they pull some curious fusion tacos from the basket and hustle to put together plates.

Original Air Date: Feb 28, 2023 • Food Network HD • 41m
Good Ole Creole Cookin'

S54, EP9 "Good Ole Creole Cookin'"

On Demand

Four chefs who specialize in comforting and complex Creole cuisine get creative with their basket ingredients; the judges are excited to chomp down on their appetizers, but the chefs seem overwhelmed by a protein in the entrée basket.

Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2023 • Food Network HD • 42m
Blind Date Night

S54, EP8 "Blind Date Night"

On Demand

Four pairs of chefs are set up on teams to compete against other lovelorn duos in a culinary showdown, and sparks could fly in the heat of battle.

Original Air Date: Feb 14, 2023 • Food Network HD • 41m
Pig Candy

S54, EP7 "Pig Candy"

On Demand

Four chefs get basket ingredients that make them feel like they've died and gone to hog heaven; round-by-round, the competitor who is able to celebrate the pig the best in their dishes is bound to be the champion.

Original Air Date: Feb 07, 2023 • Food Network HD • 41m
Casino Royale XL: Grand Finale

S54, EP6 "Casino Royale XL: Grand Finale"

On Demand

The champs open up the finale appetizer basket and come eye-to-eye with a shocking ingredient; champagne in the dessert basket foreshadows the celebration that lies ahead for one of the competitors.

Original Air Date: Jan 31, 2023 • Food Network HD • 42m
Casino Royale XL: Battle Four

S54, EP5 "Casino Royale XL: Battle Four"

On Demand

With a spot in the tournament's finale at stake, four chefs open their first basket to find an ingredient called goat water; a squirmy sea creature in the second basket doesn't seem like a keeper, but a risky switch could land something worse.

Original Air Date: Jan 24, 2023 • Food Network HD • 42m
Casino Royale XL: Battle Three

S54, EP4 "Casino Royale XL: Battle Three"

On Demand

Four new, bold chefs compete in a preliminary battle, and a super sweet ingredient in the first basket proves to be problematic; the entrée basket reveals a cured piece of seafood that doesn't seem like a piece of cake.

Original Air Date: Jan 17, 2023 • Food Network HD • 42m
Casino Royale XL: Battle Two

S54, EP3 "Casino Royale XL: Battle Two"

On Demand

Four more culinary gamblers have high hopes as they arrive for a preliminary battle of the tournament; the chefs unanimously agree to give one appetizer ingredient the boot and debate using an odd cotton candy creation in the entrée.

Original Air Date: Jan 10, 2023 • Food Network HD • 42m
Casino Royale XL: Battle One

S54, EP2 "Casino Royale XL: Battle One"

On Demand

The chefs tempt fate when they are given the risky option to switch out their ingredients, and everyone is shocked when one competitor decides to keep a strange one; a turn of events leaves a chef with an ingredient nobody sees coming.

Original Air Date: Jan 03, 2023 • Food Network HD • 41m

S54, EP1 "Noodle-palooza"

On Demand

Four chefs who specialize in noodles compete; a spicy surprise means the noodle appetizers might come with a kick; a special coffee makes an appearance for dessert.

Original Air Date: Dec 27, 2022 • Food Network HD • 41m