Poorhouse Rock
S33, EP22 "Poorhouse Rock"
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After Bart humiliates him at church, Homer finally teaches his son to admire his dad -- until a visit from a magical, singing janitor changes everything.
Original Air Date: May 22, 2022 • FOX • 22m
Meat Is Murder
S33, EP21 "Meat Is Murder"
On Demand
Grampa finds himself in a pickle when his hidden hamburger past comes back to haunt him.
Original Air Date: May 15, 2022 • FOX • 22m
Marge the Meanie
S33, EP20 "Marge the Meanie"
On Demand
A surprise from Marge's past has her bonding with Bart and terrifying Homer.
Original Air Date: May 08, 2022 • FOX • 22m
Girls Just Shauna Have Fun
S33, EP19 "Girls Just Shauna Have Fun"
On Demand
When Lisa joins the high school marching band, she finds an unlikely mentor in Shauna Chalmers; Homer becomes a craft beer brewer.
Original Air Date: May 01, 2022 • FOX • 22m
My Octopus and a Teacher
S33, EP18 "My Octopus and a Teacher"
On Demand
Bart can't control his feelings when he gets a new teacher; Lisa befriends an octopus.
Original Air Date: Apr 24, 2022 • FOX • 22m