We Will Survive!
S5, EP13 "We Will Survive!"
On Demand
Lindsay and Melanie move; a request is made of Michael; Ted understands his relationship with Tad.
Original Air Date: Jul 31, 2005 • Showtime East • 59m
Mr. Right (Never Broke a Promise)
S5, EP12 "Mr. Right (Never Broke a Promise)"
On Demand
Brian and Justin make a decision about their relationship; Melanie and Lindsay consider moving; Ted feels lucky in love; Emmett catches Drew with another man.
Original Air Date: Jul 31, 2005 • Showtime East • 50m
F...in' Revenge
S5, EP11 "F...in' Revenge"
On Demand
Brian re-evaluates his priorities; Michael is in the hospital; Liberty Avenue holds a vigil.
Original Air Date: Jul 24, 2005 • Showtime East • 55m
I Love You
S5, EP10 "I Love You"
On Demand
Babylon hosts a benefit to "Stop Prop 14"; guest star Cyndi Lauper.
Original Air Date: Jul 17, 2005 • Showtime East • 47m
Anything in Common
S5, EP9 "Anything in Common"
On Demand
The gang fights Proposition 14; Michael and Brian continue to not speak; Lindsay and Melanie's separation heats up; Drew comes out; Ted wants to find Mr. Right.
Original Air Date: Jul 10, 2005 • Showtime East • 50m
Honest to Yourself
S5, EP8 "Honest to Yourself"
On Demand
Justin finds himself in jail; Brian and Brandon make their way through the list; Ben grieves; Melanie and Lindsay attempt an in-house separation; Emmett's stalker reveals himself.
Original Air Date: Jul 03, 2005 • Showtime East • 47m
Hope Against Hope
S5, EP7 "Hope Against Hope"
On Demand
Proposition 14 threatens same-sex couples; Brian deals with Brandon; Justin's decision creates a rift; Lindsay moves home with Gus.
Original Air Date: Jun 26, 2005 • Showtime East • 52m
Bored Out of Ya F...ing Mind
S5, EP6 "Bored Out of Ya F...ing Mind"
On Demand
Brian's reign at Babylon is challenged; Emmett has a realization; Ted gets the opportunity for revenge; Ben and Michael want to help Hunter.
Original Air Date: Jun 19, 2005 • Showtime East • 48m
Excluding and Abstemiousness
S5, EP5 "Excluding and Abstemiousness"
On Demand
Brian has news to share; Debbie gives Loretta bad news; Lindsay drops out of the custody battle; Hunter considers leaving school.
Original Air Date: Jun 12, 2005 • Showtime East • 49m
Hard Decisions
S5, EP4 "Hard Decisions"
On Demand
Brian remains steadfast in his beliefs; Debbie has difficulty accepting retirement; Ted considers a makeover.
Original Air Date: Jun 05, 2005 • Showtime East • 49m
Fags Are No Different Than People
S5, EP3 "Fags Are No Different Than People"
On Demand
Brian and Michael grow apart; Debbie decides to retire; Loretta Pye (Rosie O'Donnell) takes over.
Original Air Date: May 29, 2005 • Showtime East • 47m
Back in Business
S5, EP2 "Back in Business"
On Demand
Brian reopens Babylon; Justin returns to Pittsburgh; Michael pursues custody; Ted considers a new look; Emmett gets an on-camera role.
Original Air Date: May 22, 2005 • Showtime East • 49m
Move and Leave
S5, EP1 "Move and Leave"
On Demand
Michael throws a surprise anniversary party for Lindsay and Melanie; Justin's stay in Hollywood is extended; Brian makes a new investment.
Original Air Date: May 22, 2005 • Showtime East • 48m