Just Don't Be a Stranger, Okay?
S4, EP20 "Just Don't Be a Stranger, Okay?"
On Demand
Hope, Lizzie, MG, Kaleb, Jed, Cleo and Alaric reflect on recent events and what comes next for each of them; Hope and Lizzie each find solace from unexpected sources.
Original Air Date: Jun 16, 2022 • The CW • 43m
This Can Only End In Blood
S4, EP19 "This Can Only End In Blood"
On Demand
Hope presents a challenge to Ken, which he has to accept; Cleo is set on revenge; the team prepares for the battle of their lives; Landon has some unexpected visitors.
Original Air Date: Jun 09, 2022 • The CW • 43m
By the End of This, You'll Know Who You Were Meant to Be
S4, EP18 "By the End of This, You'll Know Who You Were Meant to Be"
On Demand
Alaric briefs the squad on what comes next; Hope has a heart-to-heart with Lizzie; Cleo continues to test her new powers and figure out her purpose; Landon takes on a new role.
Original Air Date: Jun 02, 2022 • The CW • 43m
Everything That Can Be Lost May Also Be Found
S4, EP15 "Everything That Can Be Lost May Also Be Found"
On Demand
Hope continues to be swirled in confusion; Kaleb wants to introduce Cleo to his world, including those who had the most profound influence on his path; Lizzy devises a plan to get in someone's good graces.
Original Air Date: Apr 14, 2022 • The CW • 43m