The Deputy

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The DeputyThe lives of a marshal and his townsfolk in early 1880s Arizona.
S1, EP14 "Man of Peace"An Apache raiding party steals two wagons full of rifles, prompting Fry to call for help.
S1, EP15 "The Orphans"An out-of-control wagon careens through town, but Clay finds only children inside.
S1, EP20 "Lawman's Blood"An outlaw kidnaps the town doctor to tend to his brother, who was shot during a robbery.
S1, EP22 "Queen Bea"Fry targets a sophisticated gang that is trying to monopolize the general stores in the state.
S1, EP23 "The Two Faces of Bob Claxton"A wounded young outlaw makes an impression on both Fran and Clay.
S1, EP24 "Lady With a Mission"A spunky suffragette needs protection at her rally.
S1, EP26 "Final Payment"An injured businessman vows revenge on the children of his enemy.
S1, EP27 "Dark Reward"State bankers offer rewards for dead bank robbers, which prompts an enterprising gang to stage a robbery.
S1, EP28 "Marked for Bounty"A kindly jailer allows a young prisoner to escape to see his father one last time.
S1, EP29 "The Truly Yours"A gang burns down the store as a diversion that will allow them to rob the bank.
S1, EP30 "A Time to Sow"A gunman believes he was hired to settle a dispute between two ranchers.
S2, EP37 "Lawman's Conscience"A deathbed confession frees a ranch hand convicted of murder and Clay feels guilty for gathering the evidence that sent him to Yuma prison.
S2, EP36 "Lorinda Belle"Jason Getty discovers he's been poisoned by one of the many people who hated him and becomes determined to kill the man who's responsible.
S2, EP35 "Brand of Honesty"Three ex-convicts trying to go straight are accused of a series of hold-ups and bank robberies by Silver City's citizens.
S2, EP34 "The Deathly Quiet"Two army deserters steal a pair of Gatling guns and embark on a reign of terror targeting mines, miners and assay offices throughout southern Arizona.
S2, EP33 "The Legend of Dixie"Dixie Miller takes credit for killing two bank robbers who were gunned down by their gang leader.
S2, EP32 "An Enemy of the Town"A newspaper editor takes on Silver Creek's newest employer, a large tannery, claiming that the company's by-products are polluting the town's only river.
S2, EP31 "Spoken in Silence"When a deaf woman provides the information Simon needs to kill a bandit, the rest of the gang finds out she informed on their leader.
S2, EP30 "The Return of Widow Brown"The widow of a man who was lynched comes back to town to claim his farm.
S2, EP29 "Brother in Arms"Billy Jason returns to Silver City to avenge the murder of his father.
S2, EP28 "Tension Point"A murderous outlaw gang turns the tables by invading the family home of one of their dead gang members.
S2, EP27 "Cherchez la femme"Sarge accidentally kills the son of a powerful rancher while protecting a young woman from his unwanted advances.
S2, EP26 "The Example"Clay implores young man's father, a wanted outlaw, to return to Arizona and convince his son not to follow the outlaw trail.
S2, EP25 "The Means and the End"Simon and Clay bring in the wife of a notorious outlaw to set a trap for the murderer.
S2, EP24 "Two-Way Deal"Simon transports a teenage criminal to a town for trial after a father brings the boy to Silver City and claims the reward.
S2, EP23 "The Edge of Doubt"When a man is found robbed and murdered, everyone assumes a former criminal is responsible for the crime.
S2, EP22 "The Challenger"Sarge insists on fighting Titan, a heavyweight champion, to earn money for Clay when he learns his friend is considering leaving law enforcement.
S2, EP21 "The Lonely Road"Shad Billings, is paroled from the state penitentiary and Simon Fry is concerned for the welfare of the man's wife.
S2, EP20 "The Shackled Town"Clay works with the local padre to organize townspeople to rebel against their oppressors.
S2, EP19 "The Dream"An engineer relocates a river on his property so he can mine for gold.
S2, EP18 "The Hard Decision"A criminal whose brother faces the hangman kidnaps McCord.
S2, EP17 "Past and Present"A well-liked miner is killed during an attempted bank robbery when a bank clerk can't bring himself to shoot at the outlaws; The mine owner is convinced that clerk is part of the outlaw gang.
S2, EP16 "The Lesson"Silver Creek's pretty schoolteacher receives a surprise visit from her estranged husband who wants her back.
S2, EP15 "Duty Bound"Clay, Sarge and Simon escort a pair of prisoners to Silver City to stand trial for murder.
S2, EP14 "Judas Town"Clay arrests the son of prominent cattleman after the young man and his sidekicks shoot up Silver City.
S2, EP13 "Second Cousin to the Czar"A crooked gambler fixes a horse race causing Clay and his speedy stallion to lose.
S2, EP12 "Day of Fear"Clay captures a notorious outlaw who is racked with fever.
S2, EP11 "Three Brothers"Simon narrows murder suspects to a trio of brothers, each of whom is provided an alibi by a beautiful saloon girl.
S2, EP10 "Sally Tornado"Simon orders Clay to escort a beautiful murderess to Yuma prison and her date with the gallows.
S2, EP9 "The World Against Me"Clay and Sarge help a boy track down the men who murdered the youngster's grandfather.
S2, EP8 "Passage to New Orleans"Clay's assignment of escorting a beautiful woman to a New Orleans murder trial quickly turns from pleasure to menacing.
S2, EP7 "The Higher Law"A man who was beaten and robbed insists on exacting vengeance rather than helping Clay arrest the perpetrator.
S2, EP6 "Bitter Root"A lonely woman who owns the only source of good water in the vicinity hides a wounded outlaw from Clay and Sarge.
S2, EP5 "Mother and Son"Marshal Fry paroles the brains behind an outlaw gang so he can visit with his mother, who is unaware of his criminal activities.
S2, EP4 "The Fatal Urge"A sister frames her brother for the murder of their wealthy uncle.
S2, EP3 "The Jason Harris Story"Simon Fry arrests Jason Harris for complicity in some robberies; Harris could clear himself but remains silent to protect his guilty wife, Laurie.
S2, EP2 "Meet Sergeant Tasker"Clay tries to help a sergeant recover $2,000 of Army funds stolen by a beautiful blonde saloon hostess and her two confederates.
S2, EP1 "The Deadly Breed"Clay is curious and concerned when Chief Marshal Fry insists on personally handling the investigation into the activities of a pair of swindlers.
S1, EP25 "The Border Between"Clay takes a job in a mine, hoping to rescue a girl kidnapped by the mine's owner.
S1, EP21 "The Return of Simon Fry"A botched assassination attempt leaves townsfolk mourning for Fry.
S1, EP19 "The Hidden Motive"While making an arrest, Clay accidentally shoots a childhood friend.
S1, EP18 "Silent Gun"A mute gunslinger arrives in town, and immediately begins provoking gunfights.
S1, EP17 "Hang the Law"Clay McCord is framed for murder while visiting a border town.
S1, EP16 "Backfire"A marshal mistakenly shoots a fugititve.
S1, EP13 "Land Greed"A widow claims her neighbors are trying to drive her off her land.
S1, EP12 "The Deal"Fry tracks a gang of outlaws whose goal is to kidnap a prominent citizen and force that person to assist in a robbery.
S1, EP11 "The Next Bullet"Fry thinks a death threat is connected to a sensational trial held earlier.
S1, EP10 "The Big Four"McCord makes a discovery when four outlaws join forces, and tries to warn Fry via homing pigeon before it's too late.
S1, EP9 "Focus of Doom"When three town marshals are killed near Silver City, Fry sets a trap for the murderer, using himself as bait.
S1, EP8 "The Johnny Shanks Story"When Fry learns that three bounty hunters are headed to town, Fran tries to get her brother out of harm's way.
S1, EP7 "Proof of Guilt"A reformed outlaw takes the blame when his son helps steal a shipment of gold.
S1, EP6 "Like Father"A young veterinary student is mistaken for a gunslinger.
S1, EP5 "Powder Keg"Fry suspects that Tom Deaver has been selling gunpowder to the Apaches.
S1, EP4 "Shadow of the Noose"Fry arrests a drifter, but then has to protect the man from a lynch mob.
S1, EP3 "Back to Glory"Bank robbers happen across a traveling theater and kidnap an actress.
S1, EP2 "The Wild Wind"Clay McCord tries to help Charlotte's brother turn his life around.
S1, EP1 "Badge for a Day"Fry tricks a shopkeeper into helping trap train robbers.
The lives of a marshal and his townsfolk in early 1880s Arizona.
Original Air Date: Sep 12, 1959
Genres: ActionTV Series
Rating: 16
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (56 episodes)
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