Top Ten: Most Beautiful Rides
S2020, EP12 "Top Ten: Most Beautiful Rides"
Jay reviews his top 10 beautiful cars.
Original Air Date: Oct 07, 2020 • CNBC • 43m
America's Toughest: Unsung Heroes
S2020, EP11 "America's Toughest: Unsung Heroes"
Jay jumps headfirst into some of the most dangerous and underappreciated automotive jobs; Martha Stewart shows off Edsel "Son-of-Henry" Ford's Maine estate, and they take a ride in her pristine Edsel wagon.
Original Air Date: Sep 30, 2020 • CNBC • 46m
America's Toughest: In Harm's Way
S2020, EP10 "America's Toughest: In Harm's Way"
Jay Leno explores the various reasons people may put themselves and their vehicles in harm's way; he hangs out with people who like danger just for the thrill, like Travis Pastrana and famous stunt driver Debbie Evans.
Original Air Date: Sep 23, 2020 • CNBC • 47m
America's Toughest: Made in America
S2020, EP9 "America's Toughest: Made in America"
Jay looks back at a classic episode celebrating tough American cars and people; Jay heads to President George W. Bush's ranch to ask all about his famous Ford pickup, challenges Wanda Sykes to a race for the ages, and takes a ride with Billy Gardell.
Original Air Date: Sep 16, 2020 • CNBC • 47m
America's Toughest: Tough Enough
S2020, EP8 "America's Toughest: Tough Enough"
Jay looks back at a classic episode celebrating tough American cars and people; Kevin Hart on one of the most outrageous off-road vehicles in the world; injured veterans who use high-speed racing as rehabilitation.
Original Air Date: Sep 09, 2020 • CNBC • 47m
Top Ten Hair-Raising Moments
S2020, EP5 "Top Ten Hair-Raising Moments"
Jay counts down his craziest and most dangerous automotive experiences on the show; highlights include death-defying stunt driving with Jamie Foxx, off-road madness with Kevin Hart, and tank driving with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Original Air Date: May 13, 2020 • CNBC • 43m
Top Ten: Military and Service Vehicles
S2020, EP3 "Top Ten: Military and Service Vehicles"
Jay puts out a raging fire at an airport; landing a U-2 aircraft; testing out artillery on an Abrams tank; piloting a hovercraft.
Original Air Date: Sep 02, 2020 • CNBC • 43m