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The KitchenLooking for recipes and meal tips from an all-star lineup of Food Network hosts? Then "The Kitchen" is for you. The hourlong show, featuring hosts Sunny Anderson, Katie Lee, Jeff Mauro, Marcela Valladolid and Geoffrey Zakarian, shares simple dinner recipes and family meal tips, plays trivia games, and answers viewer questions in addition to just shooting the breeze about all things food. With a roster that includes a "Food Network Star" winner who specializes in making sandwiches, an Iron Chef, and a Tijuana native who is known for her Mexican cuisine, there's sure to be something of interest for all home cooks in Food Network's "Kitchen."
S19, EP9 "A Healthy Helping"The Kitchen is serving up a healthy helping of delicious recipes, starting with Katie Lee's Beef, Bean and Veggie Burgers.
S11, EP12 "Winter Lodge"To ward off the winter chill, Jeff Mauro makes some hot tub chicken; Marcela Valladolid and Sunny Anderson make two delicious fondue recipes; Geoffrey Zakarian makes French onion soup; Katie Lee prepares hot chocolate bread pudding.
S15, EP8 "A Festive Family Feast"Sticky apricot drumsticks; shaved Brussels sprout salad with pomegranate vinaigrette and pecans; pappardelle with sausage and beef bolognese; how to dress up holiday cookies; fireside brulee coffee.
S34, EP11 "Après Ski Bites"The Kitchen gets cozy with dishes inspired by après ski vibes. Jeff Mauro gets comfy with his Ultimate Steak Chili, Sunny Anderson makes Roasted and Herbed Fingerling Potatoes with Cheese and Geoffrey Zakarian leads the toast with a Winter White Russian.
S34, EP10 "Light Up Your Holidays"The Kitchen celebrates the season of lights with Jeff Mauro's delicious Orange Glazed Cinnamon Rolls, Geoffrey Zakarian's favorite Braised Lamb Shoulder, Sunny Anderson's Easy Bean and Kale Stew, and Katie Lee Biegel's crispy Vegetable Latke Bar.
S34, EP9 "Spread Some Cheer"A group of talented food experts gather in the kitchen to share lively conversation and delicious recipes. From simple supper ideas to the latest food trends, they cover all things fun in food!
S34, EP8 "Turkey Day Mashups"The Kitchen goes big on Thanksgiving flavors with mashup favorites! Katie Lee Biegel makes Spinach Artichoke Dip Stuffed Mushrooms, Jeff Mauro preps Jalapeños and Cranberry Stuffed Turkey Breast and Sunny Anderson bakes Adult Pecan Pie Brownie Bars.
S34, EP7 "Retro Thanksgiving"The Kitchen goes back in time to give turkey day staples an update; Jeff Mauro and Geoffrey Zakarian team up for a classic Thanksgiving turkey and vintage cranberry sauce mold; Sunny Anderson gives Grandma Williams' squash pie a citrus makeover.
S34, EP5 "First Food Jobs"The Kitchen hosts share recipes inspired by their first food jobs. Sunny Anderson revisits her drive-thru days with Nacogdoches Cherry Limeade, Geoffrey Zakarian fries up Bistro Steak Frites and Alex Guarnaschelli remakes her first Fish with Salsa Verde.
S34, EP3 "Oh My Gourd!"The Kitchen is turned into a pumpkin patch as Katie Lee Biegel makes comforting Butternut Squash and Kale Lasagna Spirals, Jeff Mauro fries up Bacon and Chive Spaghetti Squash Fritters and Geoffrey Zakarian tries out the official Harry Potter Cookbook.
S34, EP2 "Picture Perfect Meals"The Kitchen recreates the food moments on your feed. Sunny Anderson gets an epic cheese pull with her Insta-Famous Cheesy Bread Bowl with Hot Roasted Tomato and Peppers Dip, and guest Franco Noriega shares a Perfect Poached Egg served on Avocado Toast.
S34, EP1A group of talented food experts brings fun conversation and delicious recipes into the kitchen; from simple supper ideas to the latest food trends, to the Cookbook Club, they cover all things fun in food.
S34, EP1 "On a Stick!""The Kitchen" crew puts tailgate foods on a stick; Jeff Mauro flips the script on a classic sandwich with his Philly cheesesticks; Geoffrey Zakarian pours out a real beer float; Sunny Anderson brings sweet heat with buffalo chicken meatballs.
S33, EP35 "Kitchen Toolkit"The Kitchen hosts share tricks to keep in the culinary toolkit; Alex Guarnaschelli makes chermoula chicken drumsticks with sweet potatoes, Sunny Anderson preserves herbs with her house Italian seasoning and Jeff Mauro serves up key lime cannoli dip.
S33, EP34 "Smorgas-board"The Kitchen crew goes overboard with a summer party spread to remember; Sunny Anderson builds a tex-mex burger board, Katie Lee Biegel makes a colorful summer taco board and Geoffrey Zakarian shares a fun margarita board for sunny celebrations.
S33, EP32 "Supreme Street Food""The Kitchen" crew takes a tour of street foods from around the world; the Iron Chefs team up to make Parisian-style crepes; Katie Lee Biegel goes Italian with fried calamari; and Jeff Mauro puts his own spin on a classic chicken milanesa torta.
S33, EP30 "School Lunch Redo""The Kitchen" turns cafeteria classics into meals the whole family will love; Sunny Anderson transforms the iconic square pizza; Alex Guarnaschelli makes pork sloppy Joes with pickled onions; Jeff Mauro bakes gooey cafeteria chocolate-chip cookies.
S33, EP29 "Snacks for Dinner"The Kitchen hosts have hearty versions of everyone's favorite snacks; Jeff Mauro makes a light dinner of coconut shrimp salad, Sunny Anderson creates a meal out of an easy egg roll bowl and Geoffrey Zakarian digs into a supersized snack for dessert.
S33, EP28 "Kitchen Confessions"Katie Lee Biegel reveals her cheesy, soft and crunchy drive-thru taco; Jeff Mauro grills up his sweet and smoky baked bean dog; Sunny Anderson goes meatless with a six-ingredient eggplant delight.
S33, EP27 "Kitchen Premieres"The hosts are making dishes they've never done before; Geoffrey Zakarian shares his chicken cacciatore; Katie Lee Biegel does an open-faced tuna melt; Alex Guarnaschelli creates a juicy peach Melba cocktail.
S33, EP26 "Gettin' Saucy"The crew has a sauce for every dish; Katie Lee Biegel makes an indulgent blue cheese fondue burger with crunchy potato sticks; Geoffrey Zakarian sauces up salmon with balsamic apricot-ginger marmalade glaze; Jeff Mauro creates buffa-yaki wings.
S33, EP24 "Summer Party School"Sunny Anderson does budget entertaining with Easy Rice and Lamb Stuffed Peppers; Jeff Mauro goes Italian with his Summertime Friselle Salad; Geoffrey Zakarian shakes up a classic Bayshore.
S33, EP23 "Stick to Your Ribs Recipes"Sunny Anderson and Jeff Mauro team up for a classic combo; Katie Lee Biegel whips up a Southern Zucchini and Squash Gratin; Alex Guarnaschelli cools down with Frozen Affogato.
S33, EP21 "The Kitchen's Test Kitchen"Geoffrey Zakarian cooks dumplings with crispy skirt; Sunny Anderson shares a chicken club sandwich; Jeff Mauro makes dirty fries; Katie Lee Biegel stuffs deviled strawberries.
S33, EP20 "Countdown to Summer"Katie Lee Biegel shares her jerk-style burgers with coconut lime slaw; Alex Guarnaschelli shakes up a blue raspberry lemonade slushy; Geoffrey Zakarian rethinks the blueberry pie.
S33, EP18 "Top Notch Tea Party"The Kitchen preps tea party food that's perfect for any celebration; Sunny Anderson whips up her easy asparagus and tomato quiche, Alex Guarnaschelli serves up cornmeal scones, and Geoffrey Zakarian tops off the tea tower with millionaire bars.
S33, EP16 "Hot New Takes"Jeff Mauro makes trendy quesabirria tacos; Sunny Anderson keeps it simple with three-ingredient spicy and sweet green beans; Alex Guarnaschelli kicks-up tangy noodles with peanut sauce and fresh herbs.
S33, EP14 "Salad School"Jeff Mauro uses historic grains for his blistered tomato and farro shrimp salad; Alex Guarnaschelli gets scientific with a chicken caesar salad; Geoffrey Zakarian leads French class with a salade lyonnaise.
S33, EP13 "Buffet Like a Boss"Alex Guarnaschelli serves up fresh quinoa and herb lettuce cups; Sunny Anderson creates a nunya business lemon meringue dip; the hosts enjoy a color-changing lavender lemonade punch.
S33, EP11 "Cheese Pull!"Jeff Mauro revisits Katie Lee Biegel's Super Cheesy Hometown Lasagna.
S33, EP10 "Tropic Like It's Hot"Beating the winter blues with a taste bud vacation featuring Sunny's coco-nutty crunch vacay French toast, Alex's shrimp and chopped iceberg salad, and Katie's Caribbean-inspired chicken stew.
S33, EP9 "Chef Swap"The hosts trade places and cook dishes in each other's style; Geoffrey Zakarian stacks an egg sandwich with tomato jam for Sunny Anderson while she mixes a gin and juice spritzer; Katie Lee Biegel makes a salad that represents her fellow hosts.
S33, EP8 "Rule-Breaking Recipes"Throwing out the recipe rulebook to make fun, innovative dishes; Sunny Anderson makes an easy lobster tail mac and cheese; Jeff Mauro does the unthinkable with a frozen-to-pan steak; Katie Lee Biegel breaks baking rules with a do-nothing cake.
S33, EP6 "Pub Grub"Sharing comforting bar food recipes to re-create at home; Sunny Anderson makes easy loaded nacho skins; Alex Guarnaschelli whips up a Santa Fe burger with cheesy sauce and fresh chiles; Geoffrey Zakarian pairs favorite drinks with snacks.
S33, EP5 "Ultimate Mardi Gras Menu"Celebrating all things Mardi Gras; Sunny Anderson returns to her roots with a simple jambalaya; Jeff Mauro loads up a classic roast beef debris po' boy with flavor; Geoffrey Zakarian and Katie Lee Biegel take on NOLA's cocktails.
S33, EP4 "Sweet Surprises"Taking date night to a new level with some sweet surprises; Katie Lee Biegel makes a romantic dinner with cocoa rubbed steak; Geoffrey Zakarian whips up a tartufo for dessert; Sunny Anderson makes trendy sweets for Valentine's Day.
S33, EP3 "Four Quarter Feast"A football menu timed for the big game; Katie Lee Biegel gets pregame started with crunchy taco bites; Sunny Anderson preps white chicken chili; Jeff Mauro has fudgy brownies for the second half.
S33, EP2 "Kitchen Wishlist"Fulfilling viewers' wish lists with sought-after recipes; Katie Lee Biegel shares an indulgent fried ravioli; Jeff Mauro makes his Indiana breaded pork tenderloin; Alex Guarnaschelli preps seared scallops with a quick lemony pan sauce.
S33, EP1 "Season of Citrus"Celebrating seasonal citrus with brightened-up winter dishes; Geoffrey Zakarian prepares pan roasted salmon with blood orange sauce; Jeff Mauro shares his satisfying bucatini al limone; Alex Guarnaschelli makes a tangy grapefruit lime pie.
S30, EP39 "Dinner Party on a Dime"Throwing a dinner party without breaking the bank; Katie Lee Biegel makes an aromatic lemon garlic chicken; Jeff Mauro turns a budget staple into rum raisin rice pudding; Geoffrey Zakarian shakes up a Hemingway daiquiri.
S30, EP38 "Fresh Takes"Revealing ways to make favorite flavors healthier; Sunny Anderson whips up her sambal salmon bowl; Katie Lee Biegel makes BBQ tofu; Jeff Mauro puts a veggie twist on caramelized mushroom cheesecakes.
S30, EP37 "The Kitchen's Brunch in Bed"The ultimate cozy brunch menu; Geoffrey Zakarian whips classic Belgian waffles; Katie Lee Biegel shares her indulgent everything bagel cream cheese rolls; Sunny Anderson serves up a brown sugar cold brew.
S30, EP30 "Ultimate Autumn Menu"Cooking up easy weeknight dinners; Katie Lee Biegel prepares roasted fall vegetable pasta salad, Jeff Mauro makes al pastor-style slow cooker tacos, and Geoffrey Zakarian whips up crispy pork-rind breaded chicken.
S30, EP29 "Dining Through the Decades"The Kitchen hosts turn back time with dishes from different decades; Sunny Anderson updates a classic '70s easy beef stroganoff, Jeff Mauro makes a totally '90s chocolate lava cake; the whole crew shares their favorite takes on a timeless drink.
S30, EP28 "Treat Yourself!""The Kitchen" is about indulgent treats and over-the-top sweets; Geoffrey Zakarian and Alex Guarnaschelli mix up fall-inspired drinks, Jeff Mauro cooks a rich, classic fettuccine alfredo, and Sunny Anderson shares her perfected OG sugar donuts.
S30, EP27 "The Kitchen's Super Savers""The Kitchen" hosts share money-saving ingredients for hearty family meals; Geoffrey Zakarian gets two meals from his slow-roasted pork shoulder, Katie Lee Biegel creates a chilaquiles frittata, and Sunny Anderson presents a potato recipe round-up.
S30, EP26 "Red Sauce Recipes""The Kitchen" co-hosts put their own unique touches on delicious Italian recipes; Alex Guarnaschelli brings dessert with her classic tiramisu, Geoffrey Zakarian whips up a tricolore salad, and Jeff Mauro makes the ultimate cheesy chicken parmesan.
S30, EP25 "#GameDayGoals"Katie Lee Biegel packs flavor into buffalo chicken tot-chos; Jeff Mauro levels up with a loaded cream cheese bread; Sunny Anderson steals the show with her cookie butter cookies.
S30, EP24 "The Kitchen's Hack Attack"Getting dinner done fast with some time-saving hacks; Sunny Anderson preps an Oktoberfest cheat sheet; Geoffrey Zakarian microwaves salmon with Maître D'Hôtel butter and asparagus; Katie Lee Biegel cooks a falafel chicken cutlet.
S30, EP23 "Cookout Combos"Creative and delicious combos of cookout favorites, like BBQ chicken fajitas, a gyro dip and caesar pasta salad.
S30, EP22 "Cool for the Summer"The Kitchen serves up easy, breezy recipes to cool things down in the dog days of summer, like a ginger garlic steak and noodle salad, red and white gazpacho, chia seed oat milk puddings, and more.
S30, EP21 "What We Ate on Summer Vacation"The Kitchen hosts send taste buds on summer vacation with their favorite dishes, including a buttery Connecticut lobster roll, jerk pan jerk chicken, tropical tuna ceviche, and Hawaiian shaved ice; Chef Kathy Fang stops by to chat about her new show.
S30, EP20 "Craveable and Colorful Creations"Serving up the most colorful dishes that kids will love; Jeff Mauro makes pulled pork and veggie rice bowls; Sunny Anderson cooks multi-colored waffles; Katie Lee Biegel flips the script with her colorful veggie quesadilla.
S30, EP19 "Summer Recipe Swap""The Kitchen" co-hosts try something new and swap styles with each other; Katie Lee Biegel cooks up a cacio e pepe with fresh corn; Geoffrey Zakarian takes on no-bake peaches and cream cheesecake cups.
S30, EP18 "Foolproof Alfresco""The Kitchen" hosts cook up recipes for eating outdoors; Jeff Mauro makes a giant pork Milanese sub, and Alex Guarnaschelli whips up Hoisin sauce noodles with chicken; Geoffrey Zakarian takes his cucumber vodka cooler on the go.
S30, EP17 "K-I-S-S (Keep It Simple Summer)"Breezy recipes for summer nights, like marinated chicken and simple summertime couscous salad, linguine with clams and coconut tres leches cake; "American Detective's" Joe Kenda stops by to sip an espresso.
S30, EP16 "Fireworks Feast""The Kitchen" hosts are making colorful, spicy food to celebrate Independence Day, like dry rubbed hanger steak with smoky aioli and charred peppers, crispy oven-fried m-80 chicken wings and blue cheese stuffed tomatoes.
S30, EP15 "Eat With Your Hands!"The Kitchen makes a handheld feast filled with apps, mains and sweets; Sunny Anderson grills up easy chicken taco skewers, Geoffrey Zakarian makes spicy tuna tartare, and Jeff Mauro cooks a flamin' Greek-style cheese dog.
S30, EP14 "Summer Steakhouse Dinner"The hosts make a summery steakhouse menu to celebrate Father's Day, including Chicago steakhouse peppercorn-crusted filet, crab au poivre, and barbeque bacon wedge salad with grilled corn; the hosts share their favorite summer wines.
S30, EP13 "The Kitchen's Take on Trends"The hosts put their spins on the hottest trends in the food world; Katie Lee Biegel busts out the air fryer to make her summer fish fry; Alex Guarnaschelli jumps on the plant-based meal trend with cheesy, stuffed portobello mushroom burgers.
S30, EP12 "All You Can Eat BBQ"The hosts cook up big batch dishes for a great summer party; Sunny Anderson makes an easy smokehouse burger; Geoffrey Zakarian whips up his herbed potato salad; Alex Guarnaschelli satisfies the sweet tooth with glazed funnel cakes.
S30, EP11 "Mom-spirational Meals"The hosts celebrate the moms in their lives with recipes and crafts; Geoffrey Zakarian toasts with his rose elderflower sangria and savory lamb sliders; Jeff Mauro honors his mom with Pam's shrimp and pea pasta.
S30, EP10 "Weekend Winners"The hosts share favorite recipes, including Alex Guarnaschelli's comforting pork osso buco, Jeff Mauro's butternut squash and leek agnolotti and Geoffrey Zakarian's cozy almond orange cake.
S30, EP10 "Get That Dinner Done!"The hosts have shortcuts and easy recipes for flavorful weeknight meals, including a turkey Reuben, peanut sauce over shrimp skewers and rice noodles, and easy veggie marinara ravioli bake; chef Jet Tila stops by.
S30, EP9 "Delivery D-I-Y"Sharing twists on takeout and making delivery favorites at home, including orange peel chicken, souvlaki, a giant double decker taco, and spicy pork lettuce wraps; the hosts have some kitchen hacks that will change people's lives.
S30, EP9 "Festive Flashbacks"Serving up a nostalgic menu of festive classics, as Geoffrey Zakarian shares a roasted whole duck with honey, spices and oranges, Katie Lee Biegel puts a spin on oysters Rockefeller and Jeff Mauro upgrades figgy pudding.
S30, EP8 "Perfect Plate of Spring"A menu for a spring feast, including slow cooked brisket with carrots, lemon caper deviled eggs, spring pea salad and lemon meringue pie cupcakes.
S30, EP8 "Chips and Dips and Sips"Jeff Mauro pairs his white hot pizza dip with Geoffrey Zakarian's Lambrusco spritz; Alex Guarnaschelli shares her salt and vinegar-ish potato chips; Katie Lee Biegel dips in with chocolate hazelnut fondue.
S30, EP7 "The Right Stuff!"Spinach and mushroom stuffed shells; sausage stuffed onion; classic cream puffs with chocolate sauce; the hosts share trending stuffed foods.
S30, EP7 "Turkey Day Road Trip"The co-hosts celebrate regional Thanksgiving traditions, as Sunny Anderson goes big with Texas two-step turkey, Geoffrey Zakarian uses New England produce for a vegetable clafoutis and Jeff Mauro bakes Midwestern butterscotch apple gooey butter cake.
S30, EP6 "Early Bird!"For a make-ahead menu of Thanksgiving classics, Jeff Mauro makes freezable pinwheels, Sunny Anderson and Katie Lee Biegel tackle sides that can be made days in advance and Alex Guarnashelli shares her roasted turkey breast.
S30, EP6 "Greatest Recipes in History!""The Kitchen" hosts are cooking up their takes on great recipes in history; classic dishes include chicken marbella, crab louis, cheese and creamy tomato soup.
S30, EP5 "Ingredient Relay"Each host cooks with a pantry staple, then tosses it to another host for a different recipe idea; the dishes include buttermilk brined pork chop, chopped iceberg salad with buttermilk dressing, and cheeseburger chickpea skillet.
S30, EP5 "Power Lunches"The crew whips up new lunches, including Geoffrey Zakarian's meatball sandwich inspired by Italian wedding soup, Sunny Anderson's creamy Reuben soup, Katie Lee Biegel's BBQ chicken ranch salad and Jeff Mauro's Nashville hot popcorn shrimp.
S30, EP4 "Childhood Faves, Grown-Up Flavs"Putting delicious grown-up spins on childhood favorites.
S30, EP3 "Picture Perfect Plates"Cooking the most shareable, Instagrammable dishes ever, including spring pasta with mushrooms, shrimp with yuzu dressing, and Korean-inspired corn dogs.
S30, EP2 "The Sweetest Pairings"The Kitchen has sweet and exciting flavor pairings, like pomegranate glazed lamb lollipops, endive salad with candied nuts and agrodolce salmon; plus special guest Anne Burrell.
S30, EP1 "Big Game Party Playbook""The Kitchen" hosts have play-by-play rules for hosting the perfect big game party, including a new spin on buffalo chicken enchiladas, spicy salami mozzarella sticks and a brewsky sour.
S29, EP20 "A Week of Winter Meals"A week's worth of simple, crowd-pleasing weeknight meals, starting with slow cooker chili and baked curry tofu; there's also a shortcut southwestern pot pie and Nunya Business buffalo chicken garlic bread pizza.
S29, EP19 "Eat Local""The Kitchen" hosts share the local food traditions they love; there's an old-world Chicago-style thin crust pizza, white bean, cherry tomato and sausage orecchiette, easy raspberry and strawberry danishes, and a Florida-inspired fried fish sandwich.
S29, EP18 "Cravings and Savings"The hosts make satisfying recipes like banana birthday cake, without breaking the bank; there's roast chicken with taqueria-style green sauce, and the leftovers turn into easy chicken tortilla soup; Ebonée Noel stops by.
S29, EP17 "Feel Good Family Faves"Giving beloved family recipes a feel-good makeover, starting with spicy pork loin and lettuce wraps; there's also a non-alcoholic dry-tai, chocolate cheesecake with strawberry topping, and post-workout lemon poppy seed bars.
S29, EP16 "Bottomless Brunch"A bottomless brunch that starts with bacon, egg and cheese slider casserole; the hosts collaborate on a continental brunch board, and the menu also includes loaded home fries and sheet pan swirl pancakes.
S29, EP15 "Roasts and Toasts"The Kitchen gets cozy with roasts and toasts, starting with Sunny's Winning Pesto and Ricotta Crostini and Geoffrey's Tostones with Tuna Tartare and Adobo Chili.
S29, EP14 "The Kitchen's Holiday Inspo"The hosts share their inspired dishes for a festive holiday feast, from Super Cheesy Hometown Lasagna to Fried Shrimp with AtomiCocktail Sauce.
S29, EP13 "Retro Cocktail Party"Throwing it back to iconic party bites that deserve a comeback with new twists; fon-duo of taleggio fondue and quick horchata fondue, mini beef wellington bites, and retro rum ginger pomegranate punch.
S29, EP12 "Back to Thanksgiving Basics"The Kitchen hosts explore Turkey Day basics with essential recipes and tips for every home cook; there's a butterflied roast turkey with easy orange spice rub, creamy potato puree, creamy green bean salad and classic chess pie for dessert.
S29, EP11 "Fabulous Friendsgiving"The Kitchen hosts throw a Friendsgiving party that kicks off with toasted mulled cider margaritas, and baked brie with cranberry chutney and toasted almonds; roasted turkey and root vegetables and mini pumpkin spice latte puddings for dessert.
S29, EP10 "Recipe Swap!"Shaking things up with a new-school take on a recipe swap, where each host shares a dish made in another's signature style; short rib bourguignon over creamy polenta, crunchy orange french toast, pumpkin-spiced irish coffee and more.
S29, EP9 "Trends Worth Trying""The Kitchen" shares the trends that are worth making in one's own kitchen, including a chili crisp egg bowl, whipped feta dip and cashew cheese sauce; the hosts lead a hack attack with viral kitchen tips.
S29, EP8 "Let's Dinner Party""The Kitchen" eases back into entertaining with a creamy burrata and sweet fig appetizer, easy white bean and mushroom soup and pan-roasted filet mignon with green peppers; there's also dessert, plus a game to get party guests laughing.
S29, EP7 "Halloween How-to Headquarters"The hosts have creepy Halloween creations and recipes for kids of all ages, including graveyard chicken enchiladas and roasted pumpkin pasta; the hosts share a dead velvet cake, leftover candy treats and unforgettable scares.
S29, EP6 "Grocery Game Plan"Proving that even the professionals use shortcuts, the hosts each pick one supermarket staple to use in an easy weeknight dish; their chosen ingredients include frozen garlic and ginger cubes, French onion soup mix and puff pastry dough.
S29, EP5 "Tailgate Across America"Re-creating the best local dishes from football tailgates across America, starting with an upstate-style roast beef sandwich; they also make Cincinnati-style chili and the ultimate giant peanut butter dark chocolate sea salt buckeyes.
S29, EP4 "Back to Cooking School"Back-to-school season isn't just for kids; the hosts are teaching new recipes and techniques, starting with chicken marsala and vinaigrette; there's also zoo mix for an after-school snack for kids, and Bobby Flay stops by for a chat.
S29, EP3 "Pick Your Own"Each host cooks with favorite fall produce; they make everything from pan-roasted chicken and pear slaw to cavatappi with sausage, kale and mushrooms; chef Carla Hall stops by to chat about Halloween and share her squash tips.
S29, EP2 "Summer BBQ Finale"Using unique ingredients and techniques to make the menu tasty and memorable at a Labor Day cookout; the spread includes spicy green goddess burgers, hibachi-style hot dogs and spiked lemony iced tea.
S29, EP1 "Summer Checklist"Hosts create the ultimate summer checklist filled with must-have dishes to enjoy before the season ends.
S28, EP13 "Noodle mania"Hosts simmer, twirl and slurp their way through oodles of noodle dishes.
S28, EP12 "Fresh and Fast Feast"Hosts share easy, breezy summer recipes, including everything-but-the-kitchen-sink pizza and chicken stir fry with spicy peanut sauce.
S28, EP11 "Greenmarket Game Plan"The Kitchen hosts share recipes to take greenmarket ingredients from the farm stand to the table; they make Spicy Chicken Eggplant Boats, Roasted Carrots with Carrot Top Pesto and Spinach and Swiss Chard Stew with Coconut Curry Greens and Lentils.
S28, EP10 "Picnic Palooza"The Kitchen hosts serve up packable eats for the beach, park, pool or a hike; they make Picnic Fried Chicken with Honey Giardiniera Butter, Curried Chickpea Salad Pitas and Chilled Melon, Cucumber and Mint Salad; tips for outdoor feasting.
S28, EP9 "Cook-Out of Control"The Kitchen hosts are amping up summer foods for an epic summer celebration; the cookout menu includes triple decker burgers with roasted vegetables and cheese sauce, lobster roll panzanella and grilled biscuit sundae with peaches and blueberries.
S28, EP8 "Thanks a Brunch, Dad!"The hosts make everything bagel breakfast casserole, a strawberry pandowdy, hazelnut shakerato coffee cocktails and the perfect Father's Day mug cake.
S28, EP7 "License to Grill"Grilling up the summer's best recipes, including grilled tomatoes with scallions, chives and ricotta and grilled corn and farro salad; "Cakealikes" judge Kalen Allen stops by to share his opinions on the season's grilling trends.
S28, EP6 "A Spin on Spring"Asparagus and rhubarb; Chrissy Teigen's mom's new cookbook.
S28, EP5 "Mother's Day Made Easy"Making Mother's Day easy with a bacon, onion and cheese tart, a shortcut sheet pan chicken a l'orange and limoncello ginger tiramisu, and the hosts create beautiful, colorful fruit boards.
S28, EP4 "Spice It Up!"The Kitchen is firing on all cylinders with spicy, flavorful recipes, including a fried chicken sandwich with gochujang glaze, chipotle carrot soup and shrimp cocktail with lemon; chef Duff Goldman stops by to chat about his new show.
S28, EP3 "Let's Get Green!""The Kitchen" is going green with seasonal recipes and sustainable ingredients; dishes include lentil stuffed peppers, broccoli stem salad and a ratatouille sandwich; hosts create an indoor vertical herb garden and try upcycled snacks.
S28, EP2 "The Kitchen's Essentials""The Kitchen" hosts are sharing essential dishes and pro tips for every home cook; classic shrimp scampi and chocolate croissant bread pudding; chef Cliff Crooks stops by to help the hosts tackle some common cooking do's and don'ts.
S28, EP1 "Switch up Your Spring Feast""The Kitchen" is rewriting the rule book for a spring feast with fun, new recipes that include jalapeno honey ham, easy Rosemary deviled potatoes and chocolate matzoh bark for dessert; the hosts craft beautiful and simple metallic Easter eggs.
S27, EP13 "Spring to It!"Seasonal dinners; cavatelli with asparagus, lemon and fresh ricotta; a family-friendly easy wedge salad; black sea bass en papillote; magic mousse for dessert.
S27, EP12 "Recipes by Request"Easy and creative recipes; smothered chicken and grilled red curry lamb chops; a chocolate cake with easy chocolate frosting.
S27, EP11 "Starch Madness"A starch-filled menu; beer cheese soup in a bread bowl with kielbasa croutons; a pierogi pizza; fettuccine alfredo pie; a pasta personality test.
S27, EP10 "Classics Worth Cooking""The Kitchen" hosts are breaking down the classic dishes that every cook can master in their own kitchens; there's no-fail whole roasted chicken, salad nicoise, a T-bone steak with easy bearnaise sauce; chili orange chocolate souffle for dessert.
S27, EP9 "Skillets, Bakes and Casseroles"The Kitchen hosts are sharing their favorite regional casseroles, bakes and skillets -- with fresh side dish options, too; the menu includes New York-inspired cheesy spinach manicotti with lemon, and a Southern chili cornbread skillet.
S27, EP8 "Dinner in a Pinch"The menu includes bucatini carbonara, turkey piccata and no-bake chocolate hazelnut cheesecake; the hosts share some store-bought shortcuts that feel homemade.
S27, EP7 "Sweet Ways to Celebrate"Sweet ways to celebrate Valentine's Day; sake and miso-marinated salmon with coconut rice and broccolini; a brownie tart; mint chocolate bonbons.
S27, EP6 "Stadium Staples"Re-creating stadium eats at home; nunya business Chili cheese fries; pimento cheese-stuffed soft pretzels; beef and roasted poblano empanadas; pickled jalapeno corn dogs.
S27, EP5 "Ooey-Gooey Goodness"The versatility of cheese, starting with a French Onion Soup Burger and Baked Brie Topped with Savory Granola and Fruit. There are also Chiles Rellenos and, for dessert, Ginger Lemon Basque Cheesecake with Lemon Curd Topping.
S27, EP4 "Breakfast All Day"Celebrating breakfast with spicy eggs in Purgatory and sweet peaches and cream pancakes; the menu also includes larger-than-life scones and breakfast nachos using waffle fries.
S27, EP3 "Step Up The Savings"Making flavorful meals on a budget, starting with cheat sheet chorizo panzanella; there's also spaghetti with clams, slow-cooked Adobo chicken and fancy-yet-frugal English pea and sweet onion risotto.
S27, EP2 "Winter Weeknight Wins"Tackling a week's worth of warming winter dinners, starting with fusilli with sausage and oyster mushrooms; there's also an easy beef French dip with quick jus, sheet pan blackened salmon with garlicky kale and strawberry crostata.
S27, EP1 "Food Forecast""The Kitchen" hosts share their predictions for which supermarket veggies will rocket from staple to superstar this year; they make eggplant parmesan boats and vegetable top salad with walnut dressing, and actress Maureen McCormick stops by to chat.
S27 "Weeknight Wins Part 2"The hosts share their top tips for meal-prepping veggies, then Jeff and Katie transform them into two cheat-sheet meals.
S26, EP13 "Brunchday Funday"Lambrusco spritz sangria; smoked salmon eggs Benedict with sauce Maltaise; country-style eggs Benedict; cannoli-style ricotta toast; easy bacon, peppers and cheese home fries; powdered-style cake donuts; melted coffee ice cream latte.
S26, EP12 "A Kitchen Carol"Pork crown roast with roasted potato and vegetables; smokey bar nut mix; flaming provolone with parsley toast; peppermint skillet cake; blood orange sherry cobbler cocktail punch.
S26, EP11 "Home for the Holidays"Pastrami-rubbed short ribs; beefed-up charred veggie and cheese grits; roasted vegetables with herbed feta, pistachio and pomegranate; sausage and parmesan arancini; chocolate rum balls; cookbook author Eden Grinshpan.
S26, EP10 "Secret Santa"The hosts play Secret Santa for family and friends, surprising them with delicious food gifts; spinach artichoke dip pasta bake; coconut maple granola; holiday stroopwafel latte; the traveling cookie tin makes its way to singer Meghan Trainor.
S26, EP9 "Holiday Hall of Fame"Ginger chili glazed ham with a flambe finish; loaded mashed potato bar; pistachio and pomegranate cheese log with pomegranate glaze; easy cherry pistachio biscotti cookies; Christmas sweater cookies; pomegranate punch.
S26, EP8 "Turkey Day To-Do List"Whole roasted turkey with sumac, lemon and thyme, plus gravy; charred orange cranberry relish; spinach and artichoke stuffed sweet potatoes; cornbread dressing with sausage and mushrooms; pumpkin spice latte pie; decor ideas and wine tips.
S26, EP7 "No-Rules-Giving"Bacon wrapped turkey breast with "stuffing" croutons; Cornish game hens and veggie holiday cheat sheet; twice-baked sweet potatoes with sausage and ricotta; Thanksgiving chimichanga; Thanksgiving sundae duo; frozen apple pie margarita.
S26, EP6 "Fall for Your Pantry"Seasonal dishes using pantry staples; chicken bolognese; popovers with sesame butter and spiced pear jam; German-style sweet potato salad; lentil salad with mushrooms and pink lady apples; spicy bean dip.
S26, EP5 "Fall Throwdown"Kitchen hosts are cooking and tasting favorite fall produce; easy cheese and cranberry stuffed grilled chicken; farro and butternut squash salad; rutabaga, turnip and pear gratin; chicken sausage with apples, sage and cabbage.
S26, EP4 "#KitchenGoals"Kitchen hosts are taking on viral trends; Jeff Mauro makes Chicago pizza pot pie with pepperoni sauce and baby bella mushrooms; Alex Guarnaschelli makes her Monte Cristo breakfast sandwich; garden focaccia; five-ingredient stuffed slider bake.
S26, EP3 "Haunt Your Home"Easy ideas for a ghoulishly good Halloween with smoky butternut queso dip, sunflower butter cups, bloody beef fingers, a decadent and festive pumpkin pie crème brûlée served in mini pumpkins.
S26 ""Sweater Weather" Weeknight Warrior"Meals that are cozy for the cool weather such as harissa and fennel marinated lamb chops with tapenade, green curry with shrimp, turkey meatloaf with cranberry ketchup glaze, Tex-Mex chili mac skillet.
S25, EP13 "Our Best Big Batch Recipes"Jeff Mauro starts with his escarole, sausage, peppers and beans cheat sheet; Geoffrey Zakarian makes a big batch of his ratatouille; big easy chicken and andouille file gumbo; Alex Guarnaschelli's pork chops pizzaiola can turn into multiple meals.
S25, EP12 "Simple Speedy Dishes"Grilled chicken parmesan; Alex Guarnaschelli shares a pork, tofu and vegetable stir fry; Jeff Mauro shows his original Chicago cheese steak with Taylor Street cheese sauce; cod with brown butter lemon sauce; easy mussels and shrimp paella pouches.
S25, EP11 "Labor Day BBQ"Tips for making pork roast sandwiches with spicy apricot mustard; quadruple Illinois sweet corn salad; hot dog burnt ends; Alex Guarnaschelli prepares tomato and herby mozzarella salad; Katie Lee with her chocolate strawberry shortcake.
S25, EP10 "Summer Comfort Food"Sunny Anderson has a spin on citrus glazed can-grilled chicken; Jeff Mauro cooks up grilled giardiniera salad; summer pasta with garden fresh zucchini; Alex Guarnaschelli makes her juicy turkey burgers with onion jam; zucchini-pineapple bread.
S25, EP9 "Beat the Heat"Fun recipes for the hottest days of summer, including easy roasted green gazpacho, strawberry balsamic BLT and grilled swordfish with mango salsa; plus, watermelon granita parfait is the perfect summer dessert.
S25, EP8 "Kitchen Lessons"Jeff Mauro and his son, Lorenzo, make the Mauro family's bacon and pineapple pan pizza; Alex Guarnaschelli and her daughter, Ava, make fun and easy grilled vegetable skewers; Geoffrey and his daughters, Madeline and Anna, prepare fish tacos.
S25, EP7 "Summer Produce Relay"Katie Lee uses peaches to make grilled smoky tofu tacos with peach cucumber salsa; Sunny Anderson makes her easy mustard-pickled veggies; Jeff Mauro makes smoked corn and poblano chicken skillet; Alex Guarnaschelli makes fried zucchini.
S25, EP6 "Al Fresco Feast""The Kitchen" shares delicious meals to enjoy outside, including honey bourbon chicken pops and summer orzo salad; Alex Guarnaschelli makes summer berry carpaccio, and Katie Lee prepares an arugula lemonade.
S25, EP5 "BBQ and A"Geoffrey Zakarian starts off with his grilled hanger steaks with roasted garlic romesco sauce; Katie Lee's spicy pineapple BBQ sauce; Sunny Anderson's nunya business Asian BBQ sauce; Jeff Mauro makes his peach pappadew pork pops.
S25, EP4 "Easy Breezy Summer Meals"Katie Lee makes her baked rigatoni with tomato and eggplant; Jeff Mauro makes his crispy grilled harissa shrimp Greek salad; Alex Guarnaschelli shares her summery corn soup; salad Nicoise; Sunny Anderson makes her raspberry brookie pie; mocktails.
S25, EP3 "Sun's Out, Buns Out"Geoffrey Zakarian starts by sharing his mushroom turkey burger; Katie Lee makes a meatless grilled Halloumi sandwich with watermelon relish; Sunny Anderson with her meatloaf burgers; hot dogs with mustard and relish; smashed burger.
S25, EP2 "Family Style: Can You Grill It?"Sunny Anderson grills an open-faced BLT; Geoffrey Zakarian grills potatoes with chipotle yogurt; charred caprese salad; grilled herb vinaigrette with grilled vegetables; grilled banana butterscotch pudding dessert.
S25, EP1 "Family Style: Summertime Faves With a Twist"Summer recipes with delicious twists include easy grilled Garden State salad, fish and chips with spicy tartar sauce, lime cocktail with watermelon ice cubes, and LA fruit stand fruit salad; cupcakes inspired by classic ice-cream truck treats.
S24, EP13 "Quarantine Edition: Fan Feedback"Katie Lee with her Any Bean Burgers; Sunny Anderson with three ways to top Honey Glazed Salmon; Jeff Mauro makes Peanut Butter and Chocolate Stuffed Bread; Geoffrey Zakarian's Barley with Green Tahini Vinaigrette; Quickie Minestrone.
S24, EP12 "Quarantine Edition: Family-Inspired Feast"Jeff Mauro with a Chicago classic, Sausage and Mini Sweet Peppers; Asparagus Quiche; Katie Lee shares her family tradition of Lemon Yogurt Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup; Quick Beef and Pineapple Skewers; Shrimp and Spaghetti Aglio e Olio.
S24, EP11 "Quarantine Edition: Leftover Takeover"Sunny Anderson makes easy bacon 'n' eggs breakfast pizza; Jeff Mauro's crispy Hawaiian fried rice; Alex Guarnaschelli makes her midnight chicken salad; leftover beef stew Ragu; Katie Lee turns roasted veggies into a tasty taco skillet supper.
S24, EP10 "Quarantine Edition: A Full Day of Delicious"Geoffrey Zakarian's Huevos Rancheros; Katie Lee's grilled cheese with Chipotle mayo and bacon; Jeff Mauro's sheet pan roasted tomato soup; Sunny Anderson's 1-2-3 rub with grilled chicken; Alex Guarnaschelli's cucumber salad.
S20 "Sharing Our Secrets Pt. 2"A group of talented food experts brings fun conversation and delicious recipes into the kitchen; from simple supper ideas to the latest food trends, to the Cookbook Club, they cover all things fun in food.
S20 "Award-Winning Comfort Food Pt. 2"The hosts make award-winning comfort foods with Zac Young and Anne Burrell.
S20 "Favorites Pt. 2"Zeroing in on the viewers' favorite flavors and recipes, like easy-smothered French onion chicken thighs; Katie Lee makes a new pizza crust using chickpeas, and the hosts make hot chocolate floats four ways.
S1, EP13 "Martha Stewart Visits The Kitchen"Martha Stewart stops by to share her recipe for a chocolate chip cookie icebox cake; blueberry pancakes; oregano burgers.
S1, EP12 "Ultimate Meatloaf"Jeff and Geoffrey team up to make ultimate meatloaf; tofu, eggplant and chiles; crispy Szechuan eggplant and tofu; cookbook author Haylie Duff makes chicken wrapped dates and herb mushroom crostini.
S1, EP11 "The Comeback Classic"Sunny makes Bahamian peas and rice with bacon; Marcela makes ranch dressing; Katie makes guacamole; grilled pound cake with tequila-soaked pineapple; iceberg wedge salad.
S1, EP10 "Family Traditions"A celebration of family traditions; beef stew re-do; updating viewers' traditional family dishes; pesto rubbed baked salmon with cucumber and apple salad.
S1, EP9 "The Kitchen Helpline"The hosts answer viewer videos and Geoffrey makes a pan seared chicken with olives; fixing viewers food fails; hummus and salsa; cookbook author Kelsey Nixon makes sloppy Janes.
S1, EP7 "The Kitchen on Ice"Guest Brian Boitano makes rigatoni with spicy chicken sausage; Jeff Mauro's dish uses three ingredients from the freezer; Geoffrey mixes an icy orange cosmo; Sunny makes spicy mac and cheese.
S1, EP6 "Old Tools, New Ideas"Sunny's one pan plan; Marcela makes today's dinner and tomorrow's lunchbox; new uses for old tools; Katie gives a lesson in making the perfect pizza.
S1, EP5 "Easy Fixes for Dinner"Marcela makes chicken empanadas; Katie's making frittata using leftovers; Geoffrey makes a dark chocolate pudding; chef Scott Conant demonstrates his easy polenta.
S1, EP4 "The Big Game"Ideas for throwing the ultimate football party including a stadium made of snacks, cheesy ranch popcorn, game day chili, and caramel apple pear pie.
S1, EP2 "Cookbook Club"The chefs prepare a recipe using chicken, kale and quinoa; Cookbook Club inductee, Jenny McCoy; easy cheesy beefy ravioli; the perfect Manhattan cocktail.
S1, EP1 "Welcome to the Kitchen"Katie Lee makes creamy kale and eggs; the chefs discuss their New Year's resolutions; Geoffrey Zakarian makes a red velvet cocktail.
Looking for recipes and meal tips from an all-star lineup of Food Network hosts? Then "The Kitchen" is for you. The hourlong show, featuring hosts Sunny Anderson, Katie Lee, Jeff Mauro, Marcela Valladolid and Geoffrey Zakarian, shares simple dinner recipes and family meal tips, plays trivia games, and answers viewer questions in addition to just shooting the breeze about all things food. With a roster that includes a "Food Network Star" winner who specializes in making sandwiches, an Iron Chef, and a Tijuana native who is known for her Mexican cuisine, there's sure to be something of interest for all home cooks in Food Network's "Kitchen."
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