The Shake Up

S2, EP6 "The Shake Up"

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Lukrum pushes its corporate interest too far and jeopardizes the safety of both colonies; IMSF springs into action to stabilize the situation, but, for some, it will be too late; on Earth, human activity destabilizes the natural world.

Original Air Date: Dec 16, 2018 • National Geographic • 47m
Power Play

S2, EP5 "Power Play"

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Lukrum strikes a deal with Russia for exclusive mining rights; Lt. Cmdr. Mike Glenn undermines Hana and endangers colony members; the first-generation Martian baby arrives two months early; on Earth, nations attempt to rein in corporate interests.

Original Air Date: Dec 09, 2018 • National Geographic • 47m

S2, EP4 "Contagion"

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A mysterious illness sweeps through the colonies; when IMSF realizes one of their own has died as a result, they race to find its cause before more lives are taken; on Earth, an activist sheds light on a health crisis being kept quiet.

Original Air Date: Dec 03, 2018 • National Geographic • 47m
Darkness Falls

S2, EP3 "Darkness Falls"

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When a solar flare strikes the planet and knocks out communications between and within the colonies, the Olympus Town team races against the clock to locate Marta, who becomes stranded on the surface during a rogue research expedition.

Original Air Date: Nov 25, 2018 • National Geographic • 47m
Worlds Apart

S2, EP2 "Worlds Apart"

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The tenuous coexistence between the two Mars colonies threatens to dissolve; Greenpeace activists take to the seas to protest Arctic oil drilling; relations between IMSF and Lukrum, now sharing a common water and power source, face rising tensions.

Original Air Date: Nov 19, 2018 • National Geographic • 47m
We Are Not Alone

S2, EP1 "We Are Not Alone"

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After almost a decade alone on Mars, scientists at IMSF's now fully developed Olympus Town settlement prepare for the arrival of a group of highly skilled astronauts working for a for-profit corporation specializing in natural-resource extraction.

Original Air Date: Nov 12, 2018 • National Geographic • 47m