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NCIS: New OrleansAgent Dwayne "King" Pride has a team out of New Orleans' NCIS field office that is investigating crimes that affect military personnel. He's a local guy with a drive to do the right thing and leads agents Christopher LaSalle -- who plays almost as hard as he works -- and former ATF agent Sonja Percy -- who finds being a part of a team an adjustment after years of working undercover assignments on her own. Eccentric coroner Dr. Loretta Wade supports them on cases. Together, they delve into the dark side of the colorful city that's a magnet for servicemen on leave.
S2, EP14 "Father's Day"A Mardi Gras celebration at Pride's bar is cut short when he and Mayor Douglas Hamilton (Steven Weber) are abducted by unknown assailants.
S2, EP15 "No Man's Land"Evidence suggests that the man responsible for saving a lieutenant's life is a soldier who was captured in Afghanistan.
S2, EP16 "Second Chances"Special Agent Pride and the team uncover a domestic drug ring -- led by Sonja's childhood friend, Marion Watkins (Samaire Armstrong), that is producing cocaine.
S2, EP17 "Radio Silence"A Navy captain is murdered during an appearance on a local radio show; Pride's daughter comes home to talk about her plans for the future.
S2, EP18 "If It Bleeds, It Leads"Agent Brody sees a connection between the case of a sailor struck by a party bus and the death of her sister; the team gets ready for the city's St. Patrick's Day celebrations.
S2, EP19 "Means to an End"After Pride's daughter is attacked on campus, the team finds a surveillance van loaded with pictures of the special agent's every move.
S2, EP20 "Second Line"The team investigates when a Navy lieutenant is murdered during a traditional funeral procession in the French Quarter honoring the recently deceased.
S2, EP21 "Collateral Damage"When a Navy lieutenant dies during a secret visit to a general's hotel, agent Pride and the team are asked to break protocol for the investigation.
S2, EP22 "Help Wanted"While visiting her family's restaurant in the French Quarter, a Navy culinary specialist is the target of an explosion; in D.C., Brody tracks a lead in the Gen. Leak case.
S2, EP23 "The Third Man"NCIS teams with Homeland Security when the murder of a Navy master diver is discovered to be linked to the chatter concerning a foreign attack on the city.
S2, EP3 "Touched by the Sun"When a highly regarded Navy pilot is killed after crashing a new, high-tech jet at an air show, the team must determine if it was human or mechanical error.
S2, EP4 "I Do"The NCIS team investigates when a Navy drone pilot is murdered after using a black market drone to obtain military surveillance.
S2, EP24 "Sleeping With the Enemy"The NCIS team discovers a mole in the ranks while helping the Department of Homeland Security locate 900 pounds of missing explosives that are a threat to New Orleans.
S3, EP1 "Aftershocks"The team joins forces with several federal agencies to stop a sniper who has been targeting crowded events in the city; FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregario begins investigating Pride's team.
S3, EP2 "Suspicious Minds"Pride faces more repercussions from the FBI after he helps a former Navy Intelligence Analyst who is the primary suspect in a multiple homicide case.
S3, EP3 "Man on Fire"After the discovery of a petty officer's body inside a sports arena, evidence leads Pride and the NCIS team to a kidnapping case of another petty officer, last seen in Mexico.
S6, EP16 "Pride and Prejudice"When a man impersonating Lasalle attempts to free a young woman from jail, the team investigates both the impostor and the prisoner; Pride's daughter pays him a surprise visit.
S6, EP17 "Biased"Racial tensions rise in New Orleans when a white officer shoots a black Navy officer he believed was armed in the middle of a busy street party.
S6, EP18 "A Changed Woman"When a Navy sailor is found dead, the team tracks the suspicious movements of people in his life prior to his death; Hannah comes to terms with her daughter's relationship with her ex's new girlfriend.
S6, EP19 "Monolith"When Sebastian is injured while unsuccessfully trying to prevent a kidnapping, NCIS races to find the missing woman and her abductors; the team gets a peek into Agent Carter's personal life.
S6, EP20 "Predators"The team investigates the death of a Naval microbiologist whose hobby as a "myth buster" resulted in his death at the hands of a legendary bayou creature; Agent Khoury conducts an investigation into previous actions of Deputy Director Van Cleef.
S3, EP4 "Escape Plan"The NCIS must come to the rescue of one of its own when Sebastian is kidnapped while dining in a restaurant with his mother; Sebastian relies on his gaming skills in a prison break.
S3, EP5 "Course Correction"The NCIS and the FBI investigate a private plane crash in the bayou that killed three sailors; Sonja and Lasalle interview candidates for a job opening on the team.
S3, EP6 "One Good Man"A Navy SEAL candidate is murdered weeks before his graduation; Wade seeks Pride's help when her adopted son announces his plan to join the Navy.
S3, EP7 "Outlaws"A sailor is murdered during a rowdy motorcycle rally in the city; Lasalle seeks personal advice from Gregorio.
S7, EP1 "Something in the Air, Part 1"As New Orleans grapples with the effects of COVID-19, Pride sends Tammy and Carter to investigate a suspicious death aboard an offshore humanitarian ship; Wade is overwhelmed by the high volume in the morgue due to COVID-19.
S7, EP2 "Something in the Air, Part 2"Tammy and Carter continue to investigate a suspicious death aboard a COVID-infected humanitarian ship; Pride and the team discover what may be the key to finding the killer; Wade helps a grieving woman.
S7, EP3 "One of Our Own"Pride and the team take on a group of dirty cops when they discover that a murder victim was also a key witness in multiple excessive force cases; Tammy faces the reality of being in a new relationship.
S7, EP5 "Operation Drano, Part I"The team investigates a suspicious death and the missing key piece of evidence is a top secret, high-tech battery; Pride and the team realize there could be deadly consequences if it falls into the wrong hands.
S7, EP6 "Operation Drano, Part II"When a torpedo hits a fishing trawler at sea, the entire Gulf Coast is in jeopardy as Pride and NCIS race to find the submarine before it can strike again.
S3, EP8 "Music to My Ears"After a member of the United States Navy Band is murdered in her home, Pride looks after the victim's nephew, who is the only witness to the crime.
S3, EP9 "Overdrive"The NCIS team investigates when a Marine corporal who is an amateur race car driver is in a fatal crash on the track.
S3, EP10 "Follow the Money"Pride needs to protect a family friend engaged to the prime suspect in an ongoing NCIS and FBI cartel case.
S3, EP11 "Let It Ride"Sebastian goes under cover; Patton practices his old gambling skills; Pride and the team embark on a perilous plan to trap Garcia.
S4, EP17 "Treasure Hunt"The team investigates the murder of a Navy captain who was searching for a priceless 200-year-old fleur-de-lis during the annual Louisiana Pirate Festival.
S4, EP18 "Welcome to the Jungle"Pride, Sebastian and Tammy travel to South America after Pride is personally requested by a former colleague to assist with a classified operation that has been compromised.
S4, EP19 "High Stakes"Percy and Lasalle go under cover at a high-stakes poker game after the organizer targets players with access to a naval research laboratory; Laurel Pride visits her dad during spring break to discuss options after her upcoming graduation.
S4, EP20 "Powder Keg"Pride and his bar patrons are held hostage by a group of volatile thieves.
S4, EP21 "Mind Games"Gregorio calls on her former behavioral science professor when the team's latest case matches one she studied during FBI training.
S4, EP22 "The Assassination of Dwayne Pride"A journalist posts a scathing article documenting Pride's "reckless use of justice"; the team is concerned about the fallout from the piece and the confidential information revealed; Rita Devereaux tells Pride it is a coordinated attack on him.
S4, EP23 "Checkmate, Part I"Pride assembles an off-the-books team to search for a loophole when he faces a grand jury indictment for abuse of power.
S4, EP24 "Checkmate, Part II"Pride's teams uncover a sinister plot during the New Orleans Tricentennial Fleet Week celebration.
S5, EP1 "See You Soon"While Pride fights for his life in the ICU, the team scours the city for the hit woman who attempted to assassinate him.
S5, EP2 "Inside Out"The team searches for a former Irish Republican Army bomb maker who was smuggled into the city; they are joined by agent Hannah Khoury, Pride's replacement during his medical leave; Pride considers a new position within the agency.
S5, EP3 "Diplomatic Immunity"The team investigates the murder of a Navy intelligence officer killed during a conference for foreign diplomats; Pride has some trouble adjusting to his new position at the agency.
S5, EP4 "Legacy"An investigation into the murder of a petty officer reveals a conspiracy in a tight-knit local fishing community; Lasalle awaits the final results of the tax fraud investigation into his family's company.
S5, EP5 "In the Blood"Pride's father, Cassius Pride, is wrapped up in an NCIS case involving a notorious unsolved casino heist; Pride meets a family member he never knew existed.
S5, EP6 "Pound of Flesh"After Pride's assistant escapes from a kidnapper, the team uncovers evidence of a suspect who is harvesting organs from multiple victims; Pride turns to a friend for guidance as he struggles with the ramifications of his recent brush with death.
S5, EP7 "Sheepdogs"Following a deadly car explosion in the French Quarter, the team interrogates a professor and former member of a student protest organization; Tammy discovers a secret about Hannah's personal life.
S5, EP8 "Close to Home"The team places Mateo Diaz, a high school gang member turned informant, in protective custody while they investigate the murder of his junior reserve officers' training corps instructor; Pride needs his brother's help to gain Mateo's trust.
S5, EP9 "Risk Assessment"The team investigates the murder of a Navy contractor who secretly lived two lives for decades.
S5, EP10 "Tick Tock"Pride is given a series of tasks to complete by unknown assailants who are holding Wade and his father hostage.
S5, EP11 "Vindicta"Pride and the team hope to take down a secret and lethal group of former intelligence agents and avenge the death of someone close to them.
S5, EP12 "Desperate Navy Wives"While under cover, Gregorio joins a social club for military wives after one of the members is contacted by an ex-boyfriend who is on the FBI's most wanted list.
S3, EP12 "Hell on the High Water"After Pride travels to a deep-sea oil rig for a murder investigation, the team uncovers a gas leak that's on the verge of causing a catastrophic explosion; Sebastian starts his NCIS special agent training.
S3, EP13 "Return of the King"After thousands of classified government files are stolen, the NCIS team searches for an underground group of hackers who were co-founded by Elvis Bertrand, Pride's old contact.
S3, EP14 "Pandora's Box, Part II"NCIS agents McGee and Torres head to New Orleans to partner with Pride and his team in the search for the missing homeland security theoretical terror playbook.
S3, EP15 "End of the Line"Painful memories come flooding back when a gruesome copycat murder leads to the reopening of a case for Wade.
S3, EP16 "The Last Stand"Pride's longtime friend, state and military attorney Rita Devereaux, asks NCIS to investigate the disappearance of a JAG lawyer who specializes in classified cases and volunteers at a private military academy.
S3, EP17 "Swift, Silent, Deadly"A highly skilled special operations Marine assaults six men in a bar, sending the NCIS team on a city-wide manhunt.
S3, EP18 "Slay the Dragon"Tammy is reunited with her ex-husband, Ethan McKinley - who embezzled millions in Katrina relief funds - after he's tied to the murder of a crime boss' son.
S3, EP19 "Quid Pro Quo"A deadly accident at a naval base exposes a unit of Seabees to a super virus and leaves the rest of the base and the city of New Orleans at risk for an outbreak; Wade is infected with the virus and given hours to live.
S3, EP20 "NOLA Confidential"Lasalle must investigate his former partner in the Vice unit after the NCIS team finds a link between an international drug ring and the New Orleans Police Department; Rita looks into a connection between the mayor and illegal activity in Clearwater.
S7, EP4 "We All Fall..."The team continue to investigate the murder of an officer who was about to blow the whistle on police misconduct; Pride must get creative in order to finally get rid of the dirty cops; the mayor asks Pride to join her new task force.
S7, EP7 "Leda and the Swan, Part I"A Navy therapist who is working to get justice for victims of sexual assault is murdered; Carter's mother confronts him when he refuses to talk to the FBI for a background check on her behalf.
S7, EP8 "Leda and the Swan, Part II"As Pride and the team continue the investigation of an officer's assault and the murder of her therapist, NCIS zeroes in on a suspect who's been working the system for years; Carter and his mother talk about how they'll move forward after a mistake.
S7, EP9 "Into Thin Air"Pride and the team are on the hunt for a kidnapped 14-year-old and discover that her father, who will soon have custody of her, is a radical survivalist living off the grid.
S7, EP10 "Homeward Bound"When a petty officer is shot down by a sniper, Pride and NCIS hunt down the killer, only to find that he may not be acting alone; Rita tells Pride that she has been offered a compelling job.
S7, EP11 "Stashed"Sebastian's life is in danger when a criminal he put behind bars escapes police custody; Carter is tasked with keeping Sebastian in protective custody; Carter and Hannah's flirtation is fun gossip fodder for Tammy and Sebastian.
S7, EP12 "Once Upon a Time"After a Molotov cocktail is hurled into Pride's bar, evidence leads him to his old nemesis, Sasha Brousard; Tammy uses her profiling skills on Hannah and Carter with shocking accuracy.
S7, EP13 "Choices"The team investigates the deadly bar bombing and impending criminal turf war involving Sasha Broussard; Pride must come to terms with having Connor in his life; Carter and Hannah work to define their new relationship.
S7, EP14 "Illusions"Pride directs the team to link Sasha to the recent attacks in New Orleans; Carter and Tammy search for a stolen highly trained military dog; Pride and Rita make an important decision about their wedding.
S7, EP15 "Runs in the Family"Pride and Rita plan their wedding; the FBI arrests Connor in connection to the bar's firebombing.
S5, EP13 "X"NCIS investigates the disappearance of a Navy entomologist after a deadly shooting at a research lab; the team finds that a rare and deadly virus was stolen.
S5, EP14 "Conspiracy Theories"Pride and the team reunite with conspiracy journalist Oliver Crane after the source for his latest story is murdered; Hannah's former partner, Liam Somers, surprises her and shares a shocking revelation about an old case.
S5, EP15 "Crab Mentality"The team investigates multiple murders tied to a construction company that creates an experimental chemical that strengthens sea walls; evidence from Hannah's previous mission in Oman is used against her.
S5, EP16 "Survivor"After an elusive terrorist with a personal vendetta against Hannah resurfaces, she and her family are placed in protective custody while the team searches for the suspect.
S5, EP17 "Reckoning"After a reshuffling of assignments, Pride returns to the New Orleans office during the investigation of a missing petty officer.
S5, EP18 "In Plain Sight"The NCIS team investigates the murder of Patton's friend, a former Navy SEAL gunned down in a drive-by shooting while Patton watched.
S5, EP19 "A House Divided"A Navy lieutenant from a well-connected and affluent family has a fatal fall down a flight of stairs at a charity gala; the team investigates whether his death was an accident or foul play.
S5, EP20 "Jackpot"When Elvis Bertrand's "daughter" is linked to a murder case, he asks Pride to prove her innocence.
S5, EP21 "Trust Me"Tammy is convinced that a con man committed the hit-and-run murder of a Navy doctor, even though the evidence shows otherwise; unbeknownst to Hannah, her husband approaches Pride with new intel on an underground spy network.
S5, EP22 "Chaos Theory"The NCIS team investigates a deadly bombing at a military museum event with over 1,000 people in attendance.
S5, EP23 "The River Styx, Part 1"Pride and Lasalle travel to war-torn South Ossetia to locate an FBI agent who was kidnapped during a failed mission to apprehend the leader of Apollyon, the underground spy network responsible for murdering Pride's father.
S5, EP24 "The River Styx, Part II"After tracking Apollyon, a deadly underground spy network, to war-torn South Ossetia, Pride is separated from the team and faces grave danger; in order to save Pride, the NCIS team must locate a mole who continues to feed information to Apollyon.
S6, EP1 "Judgement Call"Pride must cut his vacation short when Hannah is suspended for breaking protocol during a joint investigation with the FBI.
S6, EP2 "The Terminator Conundrum"A Navy pilot says she saw an unidentified object prior to a private plane crash; Pride suffers from insomnia and nightmares as a result of being kidnapped and drugged last year.
S6, EP3 "Bad Apple"Pride travels to New York City after new DNA evidence is linked to a 20-year-old cold case from his past.
S6, EP4 "Overlooked"The team uncovers a sinister plot by a private detention center contracted by the government to house undocumented immigrants; Lasalle and Sebastian travel to Alabama to search for Lasalle's missing brother.
S6, EP5 "Spies & Lies"Navy Lt. Max Landry asks the New Orleans field office for help when he suspects his girlfriend is a spy; Lasalle faces another devastating dead end as he searches for his brother's last known whereabouts.
S6, EP6 "Matthew 5:9"Lasalle hopes to avenge his brother's murder by tracking a drug ring in Alabama he believes is responsible; when Pride assists with the case, he crosses paths with Eddie Barrett, an elusive individual who knows more than he is sharing.
S6, EP7 "Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom"Following a natural gas explosion at a movie theater, the team discovers the gas company has been hacked and more explosions could be triggered.
S6, EP8 "The Order of the Mongoose"Sebastian calls the team to assist with a possible kidnapping case when a dignitary's son he was assigned to protect disappears from a local concert venue.
S6, EP15 "Relentless"Tammy must protect a teenage girl after her father is shot in their home; the rest of the team searches for a motive.
S6, EP14 "The Man in the Red Suit"When Pride is unable to sleep due to continuing nightmares about the mysterious man in the red suit, he undergoes a specialized treatment to help him figure out the man's identity; an arrogant new officer joins the team.
S6, EP13 "The Root of All Evil"The team investigates the murder of a JAG captain who was discovered at home by his daughter, the only heir to his large estate; Sebastian is intimidated when he is put in charge of a team on his first day of training.
S6, EP12 "Waiting for Monroe"The team must track down a mysterious female assassin responsible for murders in Athens, Rome and London; Wade's son begs her to allow him to go on a police ride-along for an article he's writing on a youth outreach program.
S6, EP11 "Bad Moon Rising"The team is concerned when Sebastian becomes unreachable while under cover as a new recruit.
S4, EP16 "Empathy"A congressional aide disappears after a hit man saves her from two men posing as NCIS agents; LaSalle struggles with life-altering decisions regarding his brother's future.
S4, EP15 "The Last Mile"FBI Special Agent Raymond Isler asks Pride for help with an off-the-books opioids theft investigation he is personally invested in; Percy works under cover as a getaway driver, with Isler as the muscle for a job tied to the case.
S4, EP14 "A New Dawn"A petty officer is murdered while in town to help a refugee family; Wade works on the special election campaign for Mayor Zahra Taylor that takes place during Mardi Gras.
S4, EP13 "Ties That Bind"A petty officer's murder leads the team to a night club where Pride's mother used to perform; Lasalle must return home to Alabama after receiving an unexpected call from his family.
S4, EP12 "Identity Crisis"Sebastian's high school friend asks for help when her business partner is killed at a gaming convention; FBI Special Agent Raymond Isler believes Adrian is the hacker that the Cyber Crimes division has been tracking for years.
S4, EP11 "Monster"After a deadly armed robbery and high-speed chase is linked to an undercover ATF operation, Percy reconnects with her former ATF partner.
S4, EP10 "Mirror, Mirror"Rita Deveraux tells Pride that Douglas Hamilton is about to make a deal to get out of prison; Pride and the team re-investigate the Clearwater case in hopes of spoiling his plans.
S4, EP9 "Hard Knock Life"Pride starts to doubt evidence suggesting homeless kids murdered a petty officer.
S4, EP8 "Sins of the Father"Wade's son asks Pride for help after being attacked and discovering his girlfriend is missing; Pride must meet with a therapist to discuss his process for solving cases.
S4, EP7 "The Accident"The team investigates after a clinical trial in which brain implants are put into veterans is hacked; Patton must work alongside his ex-wife, who spearheads the project.
S4, EP6 "Acceptable Loss"The murder of a petty officer leads the team to a woman who is targeting men with high security clearance; Lasalle's father arrives to discuss the family business.
S4, EP5 "Viral"Sebastian is placed on administrative leave after being questioned by the FBI about a foot chase; Pride and the team attempt to clear Sebastian's name.
S4, EP4 "Dead Man Calling"The team investigates the copycat murder of an unsolved case from 150 years ago that spawned a legendary ghost story; Gregorio is spooked when the case is connected to a recent séance and a local medium.
S4, EP3 "The Asset"The team joins forces with FBI Director Isler after a Russian operative with intelligence on sleeper agents disappears; Tammy partners with former sleeper agent Eva Azarova to assist in the disappearance.
S4, EP2 "No. 1 Fan"An erratic whistleblower who calls Pride her mentor kidnaps him to help her locate a serial killer targeting young women in the Gulf of Mexico.
S4, EP1 "Rogue Nation"While Pride remains on probation after his rogue takedown of the corrupt Mayor Hamilton, his team is closely monitored by a strict supervisor; the team must secretly investigate after the FBI takes the lead on a case involving stolen nuclear waste.
S3, EP24 "Poetic Justice"Unable to trust anyone in New Orleans, the NCIS team calls in FBI Assistant Director Isler to help expose and stop Mayor Hamilton's sinister scheme.
S3, EP23 "Down the Rabbit Hole"When Pride is spotted tracking one of Mayor Hamilton's accomplices on a crowded street, the suspect opens fire, putting innocent lives at risk before disappearing.
S3, EP22 "Knockout"The murder of a Navy chaplain leads Pride to uncover a possible connection between Mayor Hamilton and illegal activity taking place in the city of Clearwater; Percy continues to face repercussions of her choices on a previous case.
S3, EP21 "Krewe"Pride listens in on a wiretap of Mayor Hamilton; the NCIS team investigates when Navy weapons get stolen in a train heist; featuring musical performances by Sheryl Crow.
S2, EP13 "Undocumented"The staged suicide of a petty officer turns out to be murder; the team secretly works on an online dating profile for Pride.
S2, EP12 "Sister City: Part Two"Special Agent Pride and the team investigate a Russian sleeper agent involved with Abby's brother; Sebastian goes to Washington, D.C., to work with Abby; Bishop drives all night to deliver a package and help the New Orleans team.
S2, EP11 "Blue Christmas"Wade's adopted son becomes a suspect after a series of Christmas burglaries turn deadly; Brody and LaSalle tease Sonja about the team's holiday gift exchange.
S2, EP10 "Billy and the Kid"A Marine's murder reveals new clues in the first case LaSalle and Pride worked together; a Thanksgiving celebration at Pride's bar.
S2, EP9 "Darkest Hour"During a blackout in New Orleans, Pride is determined to figure out who murdered a family friend's fiance.
S2, EP8 "Confluence"After traveling to Texas to escort a key witness to the trial of an infamous arms dealer, Sonja and Special Agent Pride are ambushed.
S2, EP7 "Broken Hearted"An extremely intelligent Navy coder -- employed by Brody's mom (Annie Potts) -- is put in danger when the heart intended for him is stolen.
S2, EP6 "Insane in the Membrane"When a petty officer is found dead, the team's participation in the annual Red Dress Run comes to a halt.
S2, EP5 "Foreign Affairs"When an Australian Royal Navy Lieutenant is murdered in New Orleans, Special Agent Naomi Parsons (Kate Beahan) is sent to work with Special Agent Pride.
Agent Dwayne "King" Pride has a team out of New Orleans' NCIS field office that is investigating crimes that affect military personnel. He's a local guy with a drive to do the right thing and leads agents Christopher LaSalle -- who plays almost as hard as he works -- and former ATF agent Sonja Percy -- who finds being a part of a team an adjustment after years of working undercover assignments on her own. Eccentric coroner Dr. Loretta Wade supports them on cases. Together, they delve into the dark side of the colorful city that's a magnet for servicemen on leave.
Original Air Date: Sep 23, 2014
Genres: ActionDramaTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
4 seasons available on demand (34 episodes)
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