Plan and Execution
S6, EP7 "Plan and Execution"
On Demand
Jimmy and Kim deal with a last-minute snag in their plan.
Original Air Date: May 23, 2022 • AMC Premiere • 51m
Axe and Grind
S6, EP6 "Axe and Grind"
On Demand
Kim and Jimmy enlist a knowledgeable contact; Howard scrutinizes Jimmy's business practices; Mike refuses to compromise as tensions mount within Gus' operation; Lalo interrogates a witness.
Original Air Date: May 16, 2022 • AMC Premiere • 45m
Black and Blue
S6, EP5 "Black and Blue"
On Demand
Jimmy brings in reinforcements as business booms; Howard doesn't pull any punches when it's time to put an end to a nuisance; the vise tightens on the cat-and-mouse game between Gus and Lalo.
Original Air Date: May 09, 2022 • AMC Premiere • 53m
Hit and Run
S6, EP4 "Hit and Run"
On Demand
Despite assurances from the cartel, Gus takes extreme measures to protect himself against looming threats; Kim and Jimmy enlist the help of a local pro to put on a show for Cliff Main; Howard seeks outside counsel.
Original Air Date: May 02, 2022 • AMC Premiere • 45m
Talking Saul 607
S6 "Talking Saul 607"
On Demand
Bob Odenkirk, Patrick Fabian, Peter Gould and Rhea Seehorn discuss the Season 6 episode of "Better Call Saul," "Plan and Execution"; host Chris Hardwick.
Original Air Date: May 23, 2022 • AMC Network • 41m
American Greed: James McGill
S6 "American Greed: James McGill"
On Demand
James McGill has a secret weapon -- his mouth; as a public defender, he fights for the little guy -- and wins; but soon he's after a new client: the drug cartel.
Original Air Date: Apr 18, 2022 • AMC Premiere • 10m
Stories From Set: Michael Mando
S6 "Stories From Set: Michael Mando"
Airs: Jun 07, 2022
He wasn't always Saul Goodman, ace attorney for chemist-turned-meth dealer Walter White. Six years before he begins to represent Albuquerque's most notorious criminal, Goodman is Jimmy McGill, a small-time attorney hustling to make a name for himself. He's a forceful champion for his low-income clients, an underdog whose morals and ambitions often clash. Jimmy works with private eye Mike Ehrmantraut, a former Philadelphia cop and recent transplant to the Southwest. Mike has a specialized skill set -- he's a "fixer" of sticky situations -- that Jimmy soon learns to appreciate.
AMC Network • 4m