Bringing Up Babies
S13, EP7 "Bringing Up Babies"
The Browns rally to bring home Billy's beloved animals to the mountain as a dose of bush medicine. And as Bear and Raiven give their relationship another try, the young father welcomes son River to North Star for the very first time.
Discovery • 61m
Browntown Boomtown
S13, EP6 "Browntown Boomtown"
After the summer's devastating wildfire, the Wolfpack is eager to reestablish roots back on their mountain ranch; as they race to build a new Boomtown-inspired base camp, an unexpected tragedy strikes and the family must grieve one of its own.
Original Air Date: Oct 17, 2021 • Discovery • 42m
The Storm and the Sea
S13, EP5 "The Storm and the Sea"
An incoming storm threatens to cut the siblings' Alaska trip short. But surprise news from Billy sends them on a quest to reunite with an old friend. Noah struggles to train his new war horse, Prometheus.
Original Air Date: Oct 10, 2021 • Discovery • 42m
Back to Browntown
S13, EP4 "Back to Browntown"
Bird, Bear and Rain make a long-awaited return to Browntown to reconnect with their bush past; on North Star Ranch, Bam, Gabe and Noah use a unique method to repair the roads damaged by the fire.
Original Air Date: Oct 03, 2021 • Discovery • 42m
Little River and the Big Sea
S13, EP3 "Little River and the Big Sea"
With the Browns committed to rebuilding, Bear gets the chance to finally meet his son River for the first time; Bird grapples with her future, longing for life back on the sea in Alaska.
Original Air Date: Sep 26, 2021 • Discovery • 42m
Scorched Earth
S13, EP2 "Scorched Earth"
After the wildfire sweeps through the mountain, the Wolfpack return to their homestead to assess the damage the fire has left in its wake.
Original Air Date: Sep 20, 2020 • Discovery • 42m
Wild Wild Wonderland
S13, EP1 "Wild Wild Wonderland"
Billy rallies the family toward the monumental next stage of North Star Ranch, including the discovery of gold mines on the land.
Original Air Date: Sep 20, 2020 • Discovery • 42m