Heart and Soul of the Pack

S14, EP15 "Heart and Soul of the Pack"

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It has been a challenging year for the Brown sisters and the Wolfpack pays tribute to the crucial role Bird and Rain play and how, even as life events take them in new directions, they will always remain the heart of the Wolfpack.

Original Air Date: Dec 04, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Hearts of Gold

S14, EP14 "Hearts of Gold"

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The Wolfpack struggles to bring its 50-year-old mining equipment back to life; Rain makes an emotional return to resume her role as Brown mine boss in hopes of fulfilling the Brown's dream of striking gold.

Original Air Date: Dec 04, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Above Us Only Blue

S14, EP13 "Above Us Only Blue"

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A new year brings new adventures for the Browns; from a wedding and expanding families to a long-awaited journey to Alaska, the Wolfpack reflects on some never-before-seen moments.

Original Air Date: Dec 01, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Gold Blooded Browns

S14, EP11 "Gold Blooded Browns"

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The Brown's embark on bold, new chapters, from expanding families to a long-awaited journey to Alaska; Bird and Noah race to overcome big obstacles to get their gold mining setup operational; the Wolfpack reflect on never-before-seen moments.

Original Air Date: Nov 27, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Gabe Against the Machine

S14, EP10 "Gabe Against the Machine"

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The Wolfpack moves to fulfill sister Rain's longtime goal of mining gold on the mountain; with the siblings shorthanded, other big projects like Gabe's cabin build must compete for priority.

Original Air Date: Nov 20, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
All Aboard The Barter Train

S14, EP9 "All Aboard The Barter Train"

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Noah finds his dream property on a remote, private island but without the full deposit to secure it, agrees to a complex barter deal; back on Mosman Island, the emotion of the Alaskan trip takes its toll on youngest sibling Rain.

Original Air Date: Nov 13, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Stormy Straight and Narrows

S14, EP8 "Stormy Straight and Narrows"

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The Browns must navigate the treacherous Wrangell Narrows on course for the storied Mosman Island, where Bird hopes to begin a new chapter; with the clock ticking for Noah to find his homestead, stormy seas threaten their journey.

Original Air Date: Nov 06, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
No Sleep Till Petersburg

S14, EP7 "No Sleep Till Petersburg"

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The Brown siblings battle boat issues while racing to meet a deadline to see a dream property; in Washington, Bam strives to save the ranch money by learning from a local hay farmer; Bear and Raiven share big news for their future.

Original Air Date: Oct 30, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
The Alaskan Code

S14, EP6 "The Alaskan Code"

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In Alaska, Noah risks losing a dream property when he volunteers his siblings and himself for a hauling-and-build mission to help an off-grid family in need; Bear invents a new way to accomplish a tedious bush chore.

Original Air Date: Oct 23, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Coming Home

S14, EP5 "Coming Home"

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The siblings touch down in Haines, Alaska, on a mission to find a new homestead for Noah; on North Star Ranch, Bam and Gabe set out to deter encroaching predators hungry from hibernation; Bear introduces off-grid cuisine to Raiven.

Original Air Date: Oct 16, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Heart of a Wolf

S14, EP4 "Heart of a Wolf"

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On the eve of their journey back to Alaska, Bird faces a life-changing crisis; on the ranch, Bear and Raiven decide to move up the mountain and finally start their life as a family.

Original Air Date: Oct 11, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
Growing Pains

S14, EP3 "Growing Pains"

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While Bird undergoes emergency surgery, Gabe embarks on a risky wood salvage mission for his homestead build; Raiven gets her first lesson in off-grid building with Bear.

Original Air Date: Oct 09, 2022 • Discovery • 42m
A New Crossroad

S14, EP2 "A New Crossroad"

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The Wolfpack launches into spring with ambitions that will push them in new directions; Gabe and Bam ramp up their efforts to rebuild the ranch by turning burnt trees into lumber; Noah reveals epic plans for Alaska.

Original Air Date: Oct 09, 2022 • Discovery • 48m
Brave New World

S14 "Brave New World"

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Spring ambitions push the Wolfpack into new directions; Gabe and Bam turn burnt trees into lumber; Noah reveals epic Alaskan plans; Bird faces a life-changing crisis while Bear and Raiven decide to begin their family life up on the mountain.

Original Air Date: Oct 02, 2022 • Discovery • 87m