Expedition Unknown

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Expedition UnknownIntrigued by legendary mysteries and driven by curiosity, Josh Gates is on a mission for answers. "Expedition Unknown" chronicles his global adventures as he investigates iconic unsolved events, lost cities, buried treasures and other puzzling stories. Armed with a degree in archaeology, a quick wit and a thirst for action, Gates investigates recent developments before embarking on a detailed exploration. Whether he's trekking through Fiji in search of Amelia Earhart's remains or diving the deep seas of Panama to locate Captain Morgan's pirate ship, Gates' roughshod expeditions lead him one step closer to the truth.
S9 "Graveyard of the Great Lakes"After witnesses report ghostly lights and sounds, Phil and Jess dive into an investigation to uncover the truth behind alleged paranormal activity on Michigan's shipwreck coast.
S2 "Secrets of Shangri-La"Josh treks high into the Sky Caves of Nepal in search of the origins of the Shangri-La myth, the fabled heaven on earth.
S2 "Nazi Secrets Revealed"Josh travels to Europe to reveal the last secrets of the Third Reich.
S5 "Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Close Encounters"Josh begins his search for extraterrestrial life with a once-in-a-lifetime visit to NASA.
S5 "Hunt for Extraterrestrials: Roswell Revealed"Josh's search for extraterrestrial life comes to a close in the United States, where an investigation team brings him to a hot case in Arkansas.
S12, EP11 "Hunt for the Secret Seaplane"Josh searches for a top-secret WWII seaplane that crashed into the Pacific; now, 70 years later, Josh joins a team scouring the ocean floor hundreds of feet below to find a lost aviation treasure -- the only XP5Y-1 still in existence.
S12, EP7 "Lost Tomb of the Viking King"Josh chases the treasure of legendary Viking Harald Bluetooth Gormsson; the discovery of a mysterious gold artifact sends Josh on a journey through Scandinavia and into remote northern European forests to uncover Bluetooth's tomb and fortune.
S12, EP6 "Sunken Treasure of the Bahamas"Josh helps recover the richest stash of lost treasure in the Americas; deploying cutting-edge technology and an armada of boats, the team dives the Caribbean to bring coins and jewels from the legendary Spanish galleon Maravillas to the surface.
S12, EP5 "Chasing Bonnie and Clyde"Tracking America's most infamous couple, Josh teams up with a former FBI agent to scour a legendary Bonnie and Clyde hideout; then Josh hits the road on a 700-mile trip through the heartland to the site of the outlaw duo's most notorious shootout.
S12, EP4 "Riches of Spain's Pirate King"Hot on the trail of a stolen fortune, Josh chases the treasure of the infamous Spanish pirate Amaro Pargo; an exhaustive hunt of Pargo's stomping grounds in the Canary Islands leads Josh beneath an active volcano to dive for the pirate's hoard.
S12, EP3 "Lost City of the White Jaguar"Trekking deep into Mexico's narco-controlled jungles, Josh hunts for the last Mayan stronghold to ward off the Spanish conquistadors; he joins an expedition braving snakes, spiders and jaguars to uncover the legendary Sac Balam.
S12, EP2 "Finding the Lost Pilots of WW2"Josh dives deep into the Navy's Pearl Harbor counterattack, uncovering an eyewitness who shares details of American soldiers' executions; new intel leads to the discovery of the first U.S. plane ever found from this battle.
S12, EP1 "Missing Heroes of WW2"Josh investigates America's daring response to Pearl Harbor, which destroyed a vital Japanese base in the South Pacific; using brand-new intel, Josh dives in with Project Recover to find 40 planes and 200 American heroes lost in Operation Hailstone.
S11, EP10 "Cambodia's Stolen Monuments"A clandestine meeting with a Cambodian looter puts Josh on the trail of multi-million-dollar stolen monuments; Josh dives into a murky moat, where he unearths a priceless lost statue and a missing piece of a national treasure.
S11, EP9 "Looted Treasures of Cambodia"Pushing into remote jungles, Josh investigates one of the 20th century's biggest heists - looting of Cambodian statues worth hundreds of millions; Josh rappels into a crumbling pyramid and digs up a treasure trove of missing monuments.
S11, EP8 "Hunt for Spain's King Arthur"Plunging hundreds of feet below ground, Josh explores Spain's treacherous La Garma cave system and finds a floor littered with human remains more than 1,000 years old; Josh's deep dive is a quest for scientific proof of Spain's legendary King Pelayo.
S11, EP7 "Great Lakes' Vanished Warships"Diving into Lake Superior, Josh has brand-new intel that may finally solve a 100-year-old mystery: the resting place of two WW1 minesweepers; on their way to combat German mines in the Atlantic, the warships sank and took the lives of 79 sailors.
S11, EP6 "Treasure of the Pirate King"Josh finds treasure from the greatest score in pirate history; the most feared pirate of his time, Henry Avery stole a fortune worth more than $100 million today; Josh leaps into the frigid North Atlantic to recover Avery's riches.
S11, EP5 "Lost City of the Gospels"Josh travels to the Holy Land to find a lost city where Jesus performed many miracles and is home to three apostles; while investigating competing sites that claim to be the lost city, Josh reveals an inscription that hasn't been seen in 1,400 years.
S11, EP2 "Mystery of the Flooded Pyramid"The conclusion to Josh Gates' dive into a Kush king's flooded pyramid tomb; Josh scales a mountain to learn how the Kingdom of Kush conquered Egypt and braves the murky waters for one more dive to find the king's mummified remains.
S11, EP1 "Sunken Pyramids of the Nile"Josh Gates travels to the Kingdom of Kush to dive the flooded pyramid tomb of a king; the murky water provides zero visibility, and the pyramid is at risk of collapse; the dive could unlock the mystery of a civilization that once conquered Egypt.
S10, EP20 "Finding Italy's Lost Empire"Searching a city of the dead, Josh unearths artifacts from the Etruscans who ruled central Italy before being conquered by the Roman Empire; a dig site unearths clues that reveal the Etruscans may have inspired Rome's greatest achievements.
S10, EP18 "Donner Party Horror and Heroes"Josh treks the punishing Donner Pass to uncover how desperate pioneers who were trapped by blizzards in the Sierra Nevada turned to cannibalism; in an unprecedented six-month investigation, Josh retraces the steps of the courageous rescue teams.
S10, EP15 "Chasing the Mysteries of Moses"Josh Gates retraces Moses' steps from the peak of Mount Sinai deep into the Israeli desert; to separate man from myth, Josh dives the Sea of Galilee and investigates what is said to be Moses' tomb.
S10, EP13 "Mysteries of Moses"Looking to answer enduring questions around Moses' existence and the story of Exodus, Josh takes an epic adventure that starts with opening an ancient Egyptian tomb and ends with trekking what could be the true Mount Sinai.
S10, EP12 "Chasing Everglades Treasure"Josh digs deep into the swamp to hunt the lost fortune of notorious bootleggers and bank robbers the Ashley Gang; Josh needs to retrace the outlaw family's criminal empire, which included a blood feud with the local Florida sheriff.
S10, EP11 "Egypt's City of the Dead"Investigating the mysterious collapse of Egypt's old kingdom, Josh completes his Saqqara necropolis dig; opening several tombs, Josh finds treasure, clues and haunting remains; testing results may prove they've discovered Egypt's oldest royal mummy.
S10, EP10 "Egypt's Lost Tombs"With breakthrough discoveries in Egypt, Josh races to join an active dig of 4,000-year-old tombs; Josh gains exclusive access and uncovers mummies and treasure that could solve the mysterious collapse of ancient Egypt's Old Kingdom.
S10, EP9 "The Bootlegger's Millions"Josh Gates chases the lost fortune of Prohibition's infamous bootlegger Dutch Schultz; Josh dives the murky shore near Dutch's lavish New York mansion and searches the underground bunker that housed his secret distillery.
S10, EP8 "The Beast of Andros Island"Braving shark-filled waters and deadly undersea tunnels, Jess and Phil probe reports of the Lusca, a sea monster said to be attacking Bahamian locals; their hunt takes them deep into unexplored blue holes and could expose shocking military secrets.
S10, EP6 "The Hunt for Templar Treasure"On the trail of the secretive Knights Templar, Josh chases the legendary warriors' lost fortune, including the coveted Holy Grail; in England, Josh digs in to find a Templar buried tunnel then travels to Poland to excavate a rare Templar grave site.
S10, EP4 "Buried Secrets of the Nazis"Josh Gates rafts into an abandoned tunnel system to chase art and treasure stolen by the Third Reich; the diary of a high-ranking SS officer leads to a search for tons of stolen gold; Josh searches for a buried Nazi Enigma machine.
S10, EP2 "Dalton Gang's Outlaw Fortune"Josh Gates heads to the Wild West in search of the hidden loot heisted by infamous lawmen turned criminals, the Dalton Gang; retracing the Gang's last steps and investigating their final, deadly shootout, Josh chases a fortune worth millions today.
S10, EP1 "Buried Secrets of Hitler"With word of an urgent lead, Josh jets to Poland to join in the opening of a secret Nazi tunnel system dug into a dormant volcano; Josh helps a local team tear away a stone wall built by the Germans in the last days of World War II.
S10 "Escaping the Rock"Tackling the most famous prison break of all time, Josh retraces the 1962 Alcatraz escape; new leads take Josh from San Francisco to the jungles of Brazil, where he finds witnesses and evidence that rewrite the FBI's version of the story.
S10 "Lindbergh's Lost Rivals"Josh Gates goes on a worldwide search for one of aviation's most famous lost planes; just before Lindbergh made history, two rivals attempted a Paris to New York trans-Atlantic flight.
S9, EP6 "America's Titanic"Josh dives the Atlantic in search of millions in lost coins that sunk with America's Titanic.
S9, EP5 "Uncovering the Golden City"The hunt for El Dorado is Josh's most grueling journey ever, and one of the crew tumbles into a raging river; when cutting-edge aerial scans reveal a lost city, the crew pushes into the jungle to uncover El Dorado and the gold that comes with it.
S9, EP4 "The Quest for El Dorado"Josh Gates treks into Colombia's deadly jungle to unravel the El Dorado myth and retrace the steps of Spanish conquistadors; Josh meets with the tribe that inspired the legend of a city of gold and unearths its treasure in a surprising location.
S9, EP3 "Ransom in the Sky"Josh looks to finally crack the DB Cooper case, America's only unsolved skyjacking; a deathbed confession and cutting-edge forensics have Josh hot on the trail of the $200,000 ransom that's never been recovered.
S9, EP2 "The Lost Avenger"A three-man crew of Navy pilots training for World War II crashed into the Pacific Ocean 75 years ago; Josh Gates teams up with Project Recover on a daring mission to find the plane and bring closure for the three souls who have never been found.
S9, EP1 "Dillinger's Lost Loot"Josh Gates chases leads across the Midwest, searches a childhood home, and dives into a frigid lake at a remote Wisconsin lodge as he joins the hunt for notorious bank robber John Dillinger's fortune.
S8, EP8 "Revealing the Triangle"In the conclusion of his epic investigation, Josh Gates uses cutting-edge technology to investigate the Triangle's most infamous shipwreck and lost flights.
S8, EP7 "Mysteries of Bermuda Triangle"In the conclusion of his epic investigation, Josh Gates uses cutting-edge technology to investigate the Triangle's most infamous shipwreck and lost flights; Expedition X probes America's most haunted lake and an extraterrestrial cult in Thailand.
S8, EP6 "The Fortune of the Buzzard"Josh Gates takes on the Indian Ocean's punishing waters as he chases the lost treasure of Olivier Levasseur, aka The Buzzard, rumored to be worth more than $1 billion.
S8, EP5 "The Warrior Queen's Treasure"Josh Gates takes on the Indian Ocean's punishing waters as he chases a lost treasure that is rumored to be worth more than $1 billion.
S8, EP4 "Revealing Our Ancient Ancestors"Josh Gates travels to Africa to get up close and personal with a distant relative and scale dangerous cliffs all to figure out where humans come from.
S8, EP3 "The Hunt for Our Ancient Ancestors"In a two-part investigation, Josh Gates travels the globe attempting to solve the most fundamental mystery of all humanity's origins.
S8, EP2 "Searching For America's Lost Flight"The mysterious vanishing of Northwest Flight 2501 with 58 people on board.
S8, EP1 "Digging Into D-Day"Josh Gates travels to the D-Day battlefields and the beaches of Normandy where he joins investigators making history-changing discoveries; Josh uncovers secrets about the invasion, including a complex of Nazi bunkers as well as an unexploded bomb.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: Some-Fin Special"Josh Gates talks all things Shark Week with comic Jeff Foxworthy, adventurer Forrest Galante ("Extinct or Alive: Land of the Lost Sharks") and shark expert Paul de Gelder who has the inside scoop on "Will Smith: Off The Deep End."
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: Game, Set, Josh"It's Game Night as Josh Gates interviews astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Baseball Hall of Famer John Smoltz, and Office Space star Gary Cole; Josh tries to survive running the course of Discovery's newest series, Dodgeball Thunderdome.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: Show Me the Mummy"Josh Gates returns to Egypt to interview special guests Lucy Lawless, Padma Lakshmi and director Steven Soderbergh; Josh explores what it takes to walk like an Egyptian.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: Sherlock Josh"Josh explores mysteries across the globe with the help of "Stranger Things'" Matthew Modine, guru Deepak Chopra and the Indiana Jones of Art Heists, Arthur Brand.
S8 "After the Hunt: D-Day Revealed"At EXU Headquarters, Josh Gates is joined by historian Gary Sterne and military veteran Capt. Dale Dye to analyze unseen footage, unravel new insights and dig into more secrets of D-Day.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: A Spot of Josh"Josh goes on an Anglophile adventure as he travels across the pond to interview celebrity royalty and dig deeper into British culture and history.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: Totally Jaw-some"Josh Gates' Shark Week adventure continues with former NBA basketball player Shaquille O'Neal, actor William Shatner and Shark Week daredevil Dickie Chivell; Josh also dives into the Georgia Aquarium's tiger shark tank.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: No Fear of Heists"Josh is putting together a crack crew that knows how to pull off a great heist; Josh's rogues' gallery of screen bandits includes Elliott Gould of "Ocean's 11," Kevin Pollak from "The Usual Suspects," and Luiz Guzman from "Narcos."
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: Shark Week"Josh Gates talks to boxer Mike Tyson about overcoming his fear of sharks and tackles Air Jaws with Allison Towner and Jeff Kurr; Josh swims with sharks at the Georgia Aquarium's new tank.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: The Gill of It All"Josh Gates interviews actress Ruby Rose ("Batwoman"), TV personality Jim Belushi ("Growing Belushi") and shark expert Dr. Tristan Guttridge ("Monster Under the Bridge").
S8 "Mysteries Beneath Our Feet"An investigation into the Mammoth Caves and the search for Boudica's lost treasure.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: Mother Russia"Josh goes behind the Iron Curtain (while staying in his spare bedroom) with a packed lineup including Hunt for Red October's Scott Glenn, Machete's Danny Trejo, Amazing Race's Phil Keoghan and Mike Rowe who's back on Discovery for more Dirty Jobs.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: Stayin' Alive""Scream's" David Arquette talks about his near-death experience; actor Josh Lucas of "Alive;" the stars of Discovery's new off-grid series, "100 Days Wild."
S8 "Uncovering Humanity"Josh Gates and the Expedition X team are joined by Ghost Nation's Jason Hawes to delve into strange occurrences on The Island Of The Dolls; Josh continues his look at the first humans with a hands-on demonstration of tool making.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: Stayin' Inside"Josh interviews Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson East and tracks stolen art looted by the Nazis with author Robert Edsel ("The Monuments Men"); then, Josh embarks on an ambitious expedition -- getting takeout dinner for his family.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: Wild Wild Josh"Josh Gates explores the legends of the Wild West with special guests and exclusive footage, all from the comfort of his spare bedroom.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: Exploration Home Office"Josh is joined by TV personalities Jack Osbourne and Sig Hansen and other special guests; Josh shares updates and footage from his Viking expeditions and shows how he keeps his sense of humor intact while staying at home.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: Earth Day"Oh the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Josh has exclusive interviews with Joel McHale, the Property Brothers, Dr. Pimple Popper, and "Deadliest Catch's" Keith Colburn; together, they share tips.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: Are We Having Fin Yet?"Josh Gates embarks on one of his most epic adventures of all time -- Shark Week 2020; from celebrity interviews to underwater explorations, Josh is ready to take a deep dive into all things shark.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: GI Josh"Exploring the world while staying safer at home, Josh interviews celebrity guests and experts to give insight into the battles of D-Day as well as the history of World War 2.
S8 "America's Mysteries Uncovered"Unseen footage in the investigations into disappearance of Northwest Flight 2501 and the Mothman.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: Back From Outer Space"Josh Gates explores the final frontier and what could be out there in galaxies far, far away all while never leaving his headquarters. Strap in as Josh interviews Star Wars royalty Anthony Daniels, aka C3PO, as well as Star Trek's Jonathan Frakes.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: Unexplained and Unexplored"Josh Gates dives into all things unknown, from the Bermuda Triangle to UFO sightings; joining the search are actors Bruce Campbell, Michael Emerson and Gwen Grimes, former CIA agent Mike Baker, and comedian Mo Mandel.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: King Me!"Josh dares to celebrate America's horror master, Stephen King; Josh discusses screen screams from some of King's most memorable work.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: Indiana Josh"Josh hosts a virtual Raiders of the Lost Ark reunion with stars Karen Allen and John Rhys-Davies. Then, Josh attempts to master Indiana Jones' signature bullwhip -- hopefully without injuring himself.
S8 "Diving Deeper, Looking Higher"Josh Gates and the "Expedition X" team present new evidence of extraterrestrials from their investigation in Mount Adams, Wash.; then, Josh and his crew dive deeper into the hunt for The Buzzard's hidden pirate treasure.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: Josh's Monster Mash"Josh chats about tales of good and evil with "American Gods'" Orlando Jones, "Walking Dead's" Sarah Wayne Callies and Doug Jones of "Hellboy."
S8 "Uncovering Land and Sea"Josh and his crew delve into theories of what causes so many mysterious occurrences in the Bermuda Triangle.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: Gold Digging Josh"Josh breaks out the treasure maps as he virtually searches for buried fortunes and riches around the world with the help of magicians Penn and Teller, among others.
S8 "Josh Gates Tonight: Like, Totally Josh""Back to the Future's" Lea Thompson; "Bill and Ted's" Alex Winter; "The Secret" illustrator, John Jude Palencar.
S8 "Unknown Ancestors"Josh Gates and the Expedition X team gather to discuss their Cambodian adventure, and Josh goes in depth on his African trip to investigate the origins of humanity.
S7, EP12 "The Secret Solved"Breaking news about "The Secret" prompts Josh Gates to race across the globe to find out if the series of puzzles has been solved.
S7, EP11 "Chasing the Snake Kings"With a potential new breakthrough in the search for a Snake King tomb, Josh Gates returns to the jungles of Guatemala and the archaeological dig at the ancient Mayan city of El Mirador; the archeologists attempt to pinpoint the tomb's location.
S7, EP10 "Search for the Sultan's Heart"Four years after Josh Gates goes on a journey to find the lost heart of Suleiman the Magnificent, he travels to the newly rediscovered town of Turbek for some new revelations about the case.
S7, EP9 "Gold Rush of the Atlantic"Josh Gates has a fresh lead on the massive lost treasure of the shipwrecked 1715 Spanish fleet; Josh returns to Florida waters to locate the fleet's flagship using the latest technology.
S7, EP8 "Cracking the Secret"Josh Gates goes on a nationwide treasure hunt to solve a mystery no one has cracked for 40 years: The Secret; Josh travels coast-to-coast and back in time using cutting-edge augmented reality and tapping into a network of obsessed Secret detectives.
S7, EP7 "Hunt for the Chupacabra"In Puerto Rico, Josh Gates explores caves and treks through dense jungles in search of the chupacabra; working with a wildlife biologist, a veterinarian and an investigator, Josh explores a recent wave of attacks to separate fact from fiction.
S7, EP6 "The Search For Florida's Lost Pirate"Josh Gates sets sail for Florida chasing the long-lost treasure of bloodthirsty pirate Jose Gaspar; Josh joins marine archaeologists and treasure hunters working to crack the mysteries of the pirate's life so they can find the riches he left behind.
S7, EP5 "Siberia's Coldest Case"Josh Gates concludes his in-depth investigation of the Dyatlov Pass incident; taking on Dead Mountain's brutal conditions, Josh and two investigators retrace the last steps of the hikers; a big discovery could finally solve the mystery.
S7, EP4 "Mystery of Dead Mountain"Braving sub-zero conditions in Siberia, Josh Gates investigates the Dyatlov Pass incident, during which nine hikers died under suspicious circumstances in 1959.
S7, EP3 "Chasing the Fortune of Sir Francis Drake"Josh Gates searches land and sea for the lost fortune of legendary pirate Sir Francis Drake; joining treasure hunters and maritime archaeologists, Josh hunts for a lost cache of Spanish gold and the remains of Drake himself.
S7, EP2 "Treasure of the Copper Scroll"Josh Gates investigates a unique Dead Sea Scroll etched with riddles that could lead to an ancient treasure; following new leads, Josh treks into the punishing Jordanian desert in search of the potential fortune.
S7, EP1 "Mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls"Josh Gates travels to the Holy Land to unearth the mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls with an archaeologist who has discovered new ones; Josh sees cutting-edge technology restore scroll fragments in a way that could change how people read the Bible.
S7 "Lost Tomb of the Mummy"Josh Gates heads to an active dig site in Egypt where he joins famous archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass on the cusp of an incredible discovery -- the mummy of an ancient high priest.
S7 "After the Hunt: Return to the Dead Sea"Along with archaeologist Dr. Oren Gutfeld, Josh Gates and his crew gather to unravel more of the mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
S7 "Lost Predator of the Deep"Alongside fellow paleontologists and shark experts, Josh Gates dives into shark-infested waters to unravel the mystery of the disappearance of Megalodon, the largest marine fish that has ever lived.
S6, EP9 "The Hunt for the Golden Owl"Josh uses a book of riddles with cryptic clues and joins treasure hunters using new leads to find the Golden Owl statuette hidden somewhere in France.
S6, EP8 "America's Lost WWII Hero"Josh Gates explores the case of WASP pilot Gertrude "Tommy" Tompkins who went missing in her P-51 Mustang during World War II; Josh joins search teams using modern technology to locate Tompkins' lost aircraft.
S6, EP7 "Legend of the Crystal Skull"Josh Gates takes on Central America's jungles to investigate the legendary crystal skull discovered by a renowned adventurer who was the inspiration for the movie character, Indiana Jones.
S6, EP6 "Ghost Ship of the Great Lakes"Josh uses a state of the art two-man submersible to find The Griffon, the first ship to be lost in the Great Lakes.
S6, EP5 "Lost Gold of Scotland"Hunting for a lost cache of gold, Josh Gates heads to the Scottish Highlands; his search focuses on a huge gold reserve hidden after the Jacobite Uprising of 1745 and never recovered; Josh joins treasure hunters chasing a lead across the Highlands.
S6, EP4 "Atlantis of the Andes"Josh Gates dives into a mystery below the surface of Lake Titicaca in South America; during the investigation, Josh discovers multiple structures of the ancient Tiwanaku people, including ruins hidden in the depths, dubbed the Atlantis of the Andes.
S6, EP3 "Mysteries of Jesus"Josh Gates journeys to the Holy Land to find out where Jesus was born; his investigation leads to potentially explosive revelations that may change people's understanding of Jesus' origin story.
S6, EP2 "Deciphering the Last Nazi Code"Josh Gates ventures into the former Third Reich in search of an elusive Nazi fortune hidden with a code allegedly created by Adolf Hitler's private secretary and embedded into a piece of sheet music.
S6, EP1 "Egypt Live"From Egypt, Josh Gates gains access to an underground tomb complex, where a sealed sarcophagus may contain the identity of a mummy who has remained a mystery for 3,000 years.
S5, EP14 "Mahogany Ship"Josh goes Down Under to search along Australia's infamous Shipwreck Coast for the missing Mahogany Ship.
S5, EP13 "Lost Gold of Jean Lafitte"Josh Gates investigates the legends swirling around the storied life and death of French pirate Jean Lafitte who is reputed to have buried treasure at sites in coastal Louisiana.
S5, EP12 "Nazis in Argentina"Josh treks to Argentina, which became a haven for many Nazi SS officers after World War II; he uncovers secret Nazi hideouts and investigates the conspiracy theory about Adolf Hitler's ultimate fate.
S5, EP9 "Secrets of Brother XII"Josh Gates attempts to uncover a treasure left behind by the Aquarian Foundation, an isolated spiritual community led by a mystic known as Brother XII.
S5, EP8 "Egypt's Lost Queens"Josh Gates continues his journey through Egypt to unearth the secrets and possibly the final resting places of Nefertiti and Cleopatra.
S5, EP7 "Great Women Of Ancient Egypt"Josh Gates strives to uncover the buried secrets of three of the most powerful and elusive women in ancient Egypt -- Hatshepsut, Nefertiti and Cleopatra; a facial reconstruction project is commissioned to reveal the face of King Tut's mother.
S5, EP6 "Hunt for the Metal Library"Josh travels through the jungles of Ecuador to explore the watery depths of Tayos Cave for a legendary set of metal plates believed to be created by an advanced ancient civilization.
S5, EP5 "Butch Cassidy's Lost Loot"Josh immerses himself in Wild West lore on a quest to find Butch Cassidy's missing money; he traces the iconic outlaw's footsteps through Colorado, Utah and Nevada, eventually learning he may have to find the man himself to locate the lost loot.
S5, EP4 "The Secret"Josh travels across the United States to find the treasures featured in the cryptic 1982 book "The Secret"; Josh meets with members of the book's cult following, who each think they are on the verge of locating one of the 10 remaining treasures.
S5, EP3 "Origins Of Stonehenge"Josh travels to his ancestral home of Great Britain to explore the origins of Stonehenge; from high in the air to deep under the sea, he finds an unexpected network of monuments that could have inspired one of history's most mystical locations.
S5, EP2 "Vikings In America"Josh traces the Vikings' westward expansion from the volcanic landscape of Iceland to a mysterious settlement in Greenland; he aims to find out if the Vikings landed in the United States more than 500 years before any other Europeans.
S5, EP1 "Viking Secrets"From Denmark and Iceland to the United States and Canada, Josh Gates treads into Viking territory in an effort to unlock answers to their most enduring secrets, including how they attained and sustained their power and how far they really traveled.
S5 "Solved: Mysteries of the Lost Ruby Slippers"Profiles in History CEO Joe Maddalena and Josh Gates assist in the recovery of stolen ruby slippers from the movie, "The Wizard of Oz;" investigators have been searching for them ever since they were stolen from the Judy Garland Museum in 2005.
S5 "Amazing Adventures"Josh Gates and his cameraman, Evan B. Stone, count down their top 10 close calls and strange situations, featuring bonus footage from their investigations.
S5 "Legend of the Snake King, Part 1"Archaeologist Dr. Richard Hansen joins Josh and his team to venture deep into the Guatemalan rainforest to find the hidden tombs of the mysterious Snake Kings in the ancient Mayan city of El Mirador.
S5 "Legend of the Snake King Part 2"Josh concludes his investigation into the mysterious Mayan city of El Mirador, from the possible burial of the elusive Snake Kings to uncovering the secrets behind the fall of one of history's greatest ancient cities.
S4, EP20 "Lost Spanish Fortune, Found!"The search for sunken treasure from a fleet of Spanish ships sunk in 1715; the previously sealed National Archives of Cuba.
S4, EP19 "India's Atlantis"Josh Gates travels to India in search of Dwarka, a mythical kingdom swallowed by the ocean; diving into the Arabian Sea; a dig site that could rewrite history.
S4, EP18 "Italy's Barbarian Booty"To find the plundered riches of the Roman Empire, Josh Gates must locate the tomb of the Visigoth king Alaric in Italy; the hunt extends from the capital of Rome to the southern city of Cosenza.
S4, EP17 "Corsica's Nazi Treasure"Josh Gates hunts for the hidden treasure of Erwin Rommel, a Nazi general who plundered the wealth of North Africa as his tank corps fled the continent; never-explored underground lakes and undersea relics of World War II.
S4, EP16 "England's Vanished Crown Jewels"Josh Gates goes on a quest to find the legendary lost treasure of King John; exploring the deadly marshlands of England to find the despised king's crown jewels, which were swept away in a freak tidal surge in the 13th century.
S4, EP15 "The Ark Of The Covenant"Josh Gates follows in the footsteps of Indiana Jones as he searches in Israel and Ethiopia for the lost Ark of the Covenant, the sacred relic said to contain the Ten Commandments and possess extraordinary powers.
S4, EP14 "Africa's Cursed Lake Of Gold"Josh Gates journeys to the wilds of Namibia to embark on a treacherously deep dive in Lake Otjikoto for a long lost World War I treasure.
S4, EP13 "Captain Kidd's Treasure"Retracing the footsteps of the legendary Captain Kidd in the hopes of finding his buried treasure.
S4, EP12 "Global Game Show: Aussie Adventure"Josh Gates plays game show host as he presents highlights, expanded scenes and behind-the-scenes extras from his investigations into two Australian legends.
S4, EP11 "Global Game Show: Without Borders"Josh quizzes fellow travelers as he explores the globe, and anyone, anywhere could be his next contestant.
S4, EP10 "Global Game Show: Greek Odyssey"Josh Gates plays his humorous traveling trivia game in Greece; behind the scenes extras, expanded scenes and highlights from his investigation into the lost civilization of the Minoans.
S4, EP9 "Tracking Tasmania's Tiger"Josh Gates ventures to Australia's island state of Tasmania to investigate sightings of the supposedly extinct Thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian Tiger.
S4, EP8 "Lasseter's Gold"Josh Gates sets off deep into the Australian Outback, following the footsteps of legendary explorer Harold Lasseter, who claims to have found a vast field of gold.
S4, EP7 "Cracking the D.B. Cooper Case"Josh Gates sets off on an expedition to crack the mystery behind the perpetrator of the only unsolved plane hijacking in U.S. history.
S4, EP6 "Journey To The Ice Age"Josh retrieves bone samples from the massive Batagay crater and gets DNA results to find out if the woolly mammoth will walk the earth again.
S4, EP5 "Cloning The Woolly Mammoth"One of the most iconic creatures of the Ice Age, the Woolly Mammoth, has gone extinct and Josh and a team search for enough DNA to clone a woolly mammoth.
S4, EP4 "The Lost Colony of Roanoke"America's first missing-persons case, the Lost Colony of Roanoke, is investigated with newly discovered clues.
S4, EP3 "The Vanished Empire"Josh travels to Greece to explore Europe's first superpower and how it disappeared on the Mediterranean island of Crete.
S4, EP2 "The Lost Tomb of Attila the Hun"Josh Gates travels to Hungary to join three separate archeological teams looking for the lost tomb of Attila the Hun; legends and ancient texts lead the search from the bottom of the Danube to the mountain forests just outside of Budapest.
S4 "Extra Finds: Plummer's Gold"Josh Gates sets off for gold rush country to search for the lost fortune of a notorious Montana sheriff; hidden cave systems; a mine that's been sealed for over a century.
S3, EP5 "A Day in the Life"Behind the scenes with Josh Gates' crew while they film with never-before-televised footage from the craziest experiences.
S3, EP4 "Hitler's Atomic Secrets"The most enduring mysteries of the Third Reich are solved in Austria by Josh Gates.
S3, EP3 "Nazi Gold Train"The latest and darkest secrets of the Nazi empire are exposed in Europe.
S3, EP2 "Incan King's Mummy"Josh seeks a long-lost Incan mummy high in the Andes Mountains.
S3, EP1 "Lost Mexican City"Josh Gates searches for answers about the lost Teotihuacano civilization in Mexico.
S2, EP24 "Global Game Show"Visiting remote locations on Earth and quizzing tourists and locals with trivia based on adventure, history and humor.
S2, EP23 "Most Extreme Adventures"10 extreme adventures from filming are shared by Josh and the crew.
S2, EP22 "Shangri-La Found"The search for the mystic Shangri-La continues deeper in the Himalayans.
S2, EP21 "Searching for Shangri-La"Investigating the mythical paradise of Shangri-La in Nepal.
S2, EP20 "What to Know Before You Go"Josh shares travel tips.
S2, EP19 "Columbus: Legend or Liar?"The myths behind Christopher Columbus are uncovered.
S2, EP18 "Yamashita's Gold"Searching for gold in the Philippines hidden by Japan in WWII.
S2, EP17 "Kalahari Desert's Lost City"Josh Gates travels to the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa to look for a fabled lost city; on the journey, he traverses rough desert terrain, encounters wild animals, rafts down rapids and flies in an open-air helicopter.
S2, EP15 "Africa's Gold Hoard"The Kruger Millions in the harsh wild of South Africa.
S2, EP14 "The Sultan's Heart"Traveling to Turkey and Hungary searching for the heart of a former ruler.
S2, EP12 "True Cross of Christ"Josh Gates journeys to Jerusalem and Istanbul searching for lost pieces of the cross from the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
S2, EP11 "Japan's Atlantis"The sunken ruins called Japan's Atlantis.
S2, EP10 "Columbus Unearthed"The search for the missing bones of Columbus in the Caribbean and Spain.
S2, EP9 "Secrets of Christopher Columbus"Retracing Columbus' incredible voyages, the search for his final resting place and the search for the missing ship that altered the course of human history.
S2, EP8 "Most Dangerous Moments"Josh counts down the 10 most dangerous moments from season one.
S2, EP7 "Finding Fenn's Fortune"A two-million-dollar treasure hidden deep in the Rocky Mountains.
S2, EP6 "Raw & Unfiltered"Josh answers viewers questions and reveals behind the scenes extras.
S2, EP5 "The Real Robin Hood"Josh travels the English countryside in search of the real Robin Hood.
S2, EP4 "Hunting Vampires"Josh explores the history of vampirism in Romania and Bulgaria.
S2, EP3 "Blackbeard's Hidden Gold"Josh dives for the lost treasure of the legendary pirate Blackbeard.
S2, EP2 "Genghis Khan's Tomb"Josh journeys to Mongolia's forbidden zone to find Genghis Khan's tomb.
S2, EP1 "The Quest for King Arthur"One of the greatest legends of all time, King Arthur; ruins of a fifth-century fort that once served as Arthur's administrative capital.
S1, EP12 "Curse of the Golden Bell"The ancient cursed Golden Bell of King Dhammazedi.
S1, EP11 "Samurai Sword of Power"Josh searches for the missing, mystical Honjo sword in ancient shrines hidden in the mountains and underground tunnels of Japan.
S1, EP10 "Secrets of The Nazca"Josh travels to Peru to investigate the giant geoglyphs drawn into the earth by the ancient Nazca tribes and while studying newly found lines joining a Nazca psychedelic ritual, Josh discovers the meaning behind the mysterious tracings.
S1, EP9 "Mayan Apocalypse"Unearthing human skulls and ancient Mayan sacrificial alters in the caverns underneath the jungles and ruins of Mexico.
S1, EP8 "Code to Gold"Josh Gates scours the Virginia backcountry in search of the legendary Thomas Beale treasure, worth millions in the current day.
S1, EP7 "Captain Morgan's Lost Gold"The search for treasure chests off the Panama coast.
S1, EP6 "Viking Sunstone"The secrets of Viking Sunstone; a crypt in a Nordic church.
S1, EP5 "City of Gold"The stone-paved Inca Trail in search of the City of Gold; ruins of Machu Picchu.
S1, EP4 "The Legend of Jesse James"The search for the legendary gold loot of Jesse James.
S1, EP3 "World's 8th Wonder"The search for the Amber Chamber on the trail from Russia to Germany; exploring Nazi bunkers and a German mine.
S1, EP2 "Temple of Doom"The lost city of Khmer Empire and the search for a mystical relic.
S1, EP1 "Amelia Earhart"Josh Gates hunts down new evidence on the disappearance of Amelia Earhart; he first treks to uncharted tribal lands of Papua New Guinea and ends his journey in Fiji, hoping to uncover Earhart's remains.
"After the Hunt: More Secrets of the Copper Scroll"Josh Gates and his expedition team reconvene to dig deeper into their search for the treasure of the Copper Scroll; with additional discoveries and bonus footage.
"Amelia Earhart Special"Evidence on the disappearance of Amelia Earhart.
"Expedition Unknown"Intrigued by legendary mysteries and driven by curiosity, Josh Gates is on a mission for answers. "Expedition Unknown" chronicles his global adventures as he investigates iconic unsolved events, lost cities, buried treasures and other puzzling stories. Armed with a degree in archaeology, a quick wit and a thirst for action, Gates investigates recent developments before embarking on a detailed exploration. Whether he's trekking through Fiji in search of Amelia Earhart's remains or diving the deep seas of Panama to locate Captain Morgan's pirate ship, Gates' roughshod expeditions lead him one step closer to the truth.
Intrigued by legendary mysteries and driven by curiosity, Josh Gates is on a mission for answers. "Expedition Unknown" chronicles his global adventures as he investigates iconic unsolved events, lost cities, buried treasures and other puzzling stories. Armed with a degree in archaeology, a quick wit and a thirst for action, Gates investigates recent developments before embarking on a detailed exploration. Whether he's trekking through Fiji in search of Amelia Earhart's remains or diving the deep seas of Panama to locate Captain Morgan's pirate ship, Gates' roughshod expeditions lead him one step closer to the truth.
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