Fear Thy Neighbor

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Fear Thy NeighborNeighbors turn against each other with frightful consequences.
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S9, EP6 "Bones of Contention"Two neighbors who are down on their luck bond over their struggle; when one buries the other in debt with a hustle gone wrong, things fall apart, but their co-dependence keeps them entwined until an act of revenge.
S9, EP5 "Full Frontal Attack"A family lends a friend a place to stay but kicks her out after a blowup; instead of moving away, she buys a house across the street, kicking off a yearslong dispute ending in a hail of bullets, blood, death, and a community in shock.
S9, EP4 "Commanded to Kill"The paranoid delusions of one young man compel him to conspire against the unwitting family next door; over a series of months, his deteriorating mental condition escalates into a midnight shooting, which shakes the foundation of the neighborhood.
S9, EP3 "Vendetta in Vegas"A Baptist pastor moves in next-door to a free-spirited older woman in suburban Las Vegas, leading to years of back and forth accusations of dog theft, intimidation and drug use; once the agitation reaches biblical proportions, retribution is wrought.
S9, EP2 "Bullets in the Snow"After years of a married couple ruling their street, a new neighbor who doesn't abide by them moves in; years of tension fester between the two parties until one is pushed over the edge, resulting in a shocking double-execution.
S9, EP1 "The Secret Wife"A peaceful suburb turns upside down when a family learns that the neighbor has kept a secret wife locked in his home for years; things escalate when the family helps her escape with her baby, leading to a bitter feud that ends in terrible bloodshed.
S8, EP12 "Hell Bent"This true-crime series tells the chilling tales of those most unfortunate souls who unwittingly take up residence within a stone's throw of a psycho or killer.
S8, EP11 "Under Surveillance"A man returns to his hometown after years away; he receives a warm welcome from the residents until the noise from a new neighbor's puppies turns him into a vengeful menace who goes to war with the entire community.
S8, EP10 "The Filth and the Fury"A retired couple's golden years shatter when a troubled Army veteran moves in next door and makes their lives hell with his appalling behavior; they declare war, fighting vicious battles until one of these neighbors turns up dead.
S8, EP9 "Blood on the Lawn"A five-year relationship between neighbors falls apart when one borrows the other's lawnmower and supposedly returns it broken; camaraderie morphs into rage, threats, and physical violence until a bloody murder devastates the community.
S8, EP8 "Gone to the Dogs"A friendly retired couple delights a family with young children when they move in next door. Then the new neighbors' dog attacks the children's mother, setting off a vicious conflict that ends in two shocking murders.
S8, EP7 "A Ticking Time Bomb"A long-time resident of a suburban street descends into a morass of delusion, anger and paranoia that turns him against innocent neighbors; he eventually becomes wholly unhinged and unleashes his violent wrath upon his small Baltimore community.
S8, EP6 "A Clockwork Killing"An apartment-dwelling family finds their peace and quiet shattered when a loud neighbor moves into the unit directly overhead; the conflict engulfs both sides resulting in flying fists, drawn weapons, and a man left bleeding out in the hallway.
S8, EP5 "Other People's Property"The mountain road between them fails to keep two long-time neighbors from tormenting each other; seemingly small events bring their decadeslong hostility to a bloody boil, and property lines become battle lines in a fight to the death.
S8, EP4 "Unwelcome to the Neighborhood"The unofficial mayor of an idyllic suburban street locks horns with the new neighbor who shows no respect for local values; disagreements escalate to arguments, threats, and property damage, ending in brutal violence that shatters two families.
S8, EP3 "The Next Door War"An Army veteran delivers a parcel to his neighbor, but instead of receiving gratitude, he ignites a war between the two military men that spirals out of control, until the feud finally ends in a hail of bullets.
S8, EP2 "Appalachian Vendetta"Once-friendly neighbors on a mountain road become sworn enemies after one family calls police about a theft -- violating the unspoken tradition of leaving authorities out of disputes; years of conflict finally culminate with shots fired.
S8, EP1 "Blizzard of Blood"A single woman and her two young sons believe they have found a perfect new apartment, but their overbearing landlord and neighbor soon turns their idyllic situation into a living hell of arguments and intimidation that finally ends in bloodshed.
S8 "Inferno of Hate"A lifelong resident of his neighborhood despairs when he sees it descend into vice and criminality; vowing to restore it to an oasis of clean living, he turns his fiery wrath on all those he deems responsible with horrifically tragic results.
S8 "Inferno of Hate"A lifelong resident of his neighborhood despairs when he sees it descend into vice and criminality; vowing to restore it to an oasis of clean living, he turns his fiery wrath on all those he deems responsible with horrifically tragic results.
S7, EP13 "Sin City Shootout"On a quiet cul de sac, a contractor helps his neighbor rent the home beside him; unwittingly trapping himself between an increasingly unhinged presence on one side and the man's hostile parents on the other.
S7, EP12 "Law and Disorder"A former cop is moving into a close-knit neighborhood; conflict arises with the whole community over dogs, noise, and other disturbances that keep piling on and ratcheting up until a boiling point is reached, guns are drawn, and blood is spilled.
S7, EP11 "Philly Fallout"The building of a backyard shed destroys a yearslong, close relationship between two neighbors and ignites a vicious conflict that sees property destroyed, pets killed, and finally two people shot to death in cold blood.
S7, EP10 "Fence Face Off"Complaints about dogs running loose lead to the construction of a fence between two long-time neighbors, but the problem isn't solved and flaring tempers lead to fist fights, stabbings, and ultimately a shocking shootout captured on video.
S7, EP9 "Sour Grapes"Two women with a shared wall between their townhouses become increasingly volatile with each other; food fights, physical altercations and vandalism come to a bloody climax.
S7, EP8 "Bloodshed on Beattie Street"A former police chief gets into constant conflicts with a young renter who doesn't respect his authority; the war between them intensifies until blood flows down their street.
S7, EP7 "What's Mine Is Mine"A Virginia man insists, "What's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine."
S7, EP6 "Old Friends, Bad Neighbors"Mixing business with pleasure spells murder for neighboring best friends.
S7, EP5 "The Enemy Upstairs"In Harlem, N.Y., a couple discovers it's not better to have the upstairs apartment.
S7, EP4 "Bloodland"They say fences make good neighbors, but sometimes they can make dead ones.
S7, EP3 "Backyard Blood"Some grudges die hard, but this neighbor's won't die until his enemies do.
S7, EP2 "I'm Not Moving"A Detroit man wishes his neighbor lived on the opposite end of 8 Mile Road.
S7, EP1 "Hell in Hawaii"A handyman, living rent-free in the home of a generous friend, grows increasingly paranoid about his neighbors; filming them constantly and fighting with them incessantly until conflict escalates out of control and culminates in explosive violence.
S6, EP10 "Boom Town"In a tight-knit community, a new family commits a slight against a community member causing all of their neighbors to turn against them and leading to an explosive conclusion.
S6, EP9 "Mailbox Madness"Neighbors take sides after someone decides to build a dream home on their quiet street; longtime friends turn into hardcore enemies, and death is right around the corner.
S6, EP8 "Rural Madness"Differences over how to enjoy life in a rural neighborhood quickly escalate into a feud that comes to a bloody end on the road where it began.
S6, EP7 "Screaming Oaks"A U.S. Army veteran goes out of his way to make his neighbors feel welcome, but when a child's birthday gift goes missing, it takes only 37 days for the friendships to end in a killing spree.
S6, EP6 "Not in My Yard"A rash of break-ins shatters the peace in a tight-knit community; when residents take sides, good friends turn into deadly enemies.
S6, EP5 "Fireworks on Fury Lane"A firefighter moves into a family-friendly neighborhood with his wife and child, but the rambunctious teenagers living next door drive him over the edge.
S6, EP4 "Deadly Turn"A couple escapes the dangers of the big city and moves to the country; however, they begin to suspect their new neighbors are involved in the drug trade, leading to a bloody conflict with children caught in the crossfire.
S6, EP3 "House of Shards"A childish joke between neighbor kids turns into an all-out war when the adults get involved, and, for some, the laughter will end forever.
S6, EP2 "Games of Homes"New neighbors disrupt the harmony that has existed between residents for years; alliances change and terror reigns until a winter storm puts a bloody end to the feud.
S6, EP1 "A Killer View"A young family builds their dream home in the Kentucky Hills, but their slice of heaven turns into a hellish experience for the quiet couple living next door; a dispute over a shared road leads to fireworks, fury and cold-blooded murder.
S5, EP10 "Family Values"Living in her family home, a woman befriends her new neighbors, only to be plunged into a nightmare of threats, violence and betrayal; after her brother steps up to protect her, blood will be spilled and lives forever shattered.
S5, EP9 "Dead Men Tell No Tales"A man who is meticulous about his lawn bickers with a new neighbor who doesn't have the same priorities; the feud between the two men escalates, ultimately ending in an episode of shocking violence.
S5, EP8 "The War Next Door"A family loves everything about their new home except the mockingbirds that perch and squawk in the backyard lemon tree; the family seeks to scare them off, igniting a feud with their neighbors that spins out of control until someone lies dead.
S5, EP7 "This Bullet's for You"Realizing a long-held dream, a Michigan couple relocates to Florida, then their life in the sun is destroyed after they get into a fatal conflict with their neighbor.
S5, EP6 "Mistress of Death"Two women have lived next door to each other since childhood; then, one of the women's ex-husband begins seeing the other, leading to a conflict; when property disputes are mixed in, the result is a shocking act violence that engulfs them all.
S5, EP5 "Roadkill"A single woman and her daughter are delighted when a single man and his two daughters move in next door; they become fast friends until molestation charges result in anger, accusations and multiple bloody deaths.
S5, EP4 "Cock-a-Doodle-Dead"A homeowner has high hopes for the renters who move in next door; then, his hopes are dashed, setting the stage for a shocking act of violence that threatens to claim many lives.
S5, EP3 "Head in the Oven"Two neighboring bachelors start out as friends; harmless banter turns into threats eventually igniting an escalating war; the violence ends with a murder so shocking it is almost beyond belief.
S5, EP2 "Deadly Duplex"A retiree buys a duplex and rents out half of it to a troubled family; with the help of his gun, he sends the abusive husband packing and becomes smitten with the wife left behind; the situation turns deadly when the husband returns.
S5, EP1 "Desperate Houseknives"Two families with several children between them get along famously until one of the mothers starts to dictate to the other how she should be raising her children; battle lines are drawn, violence flares, and blood runs in the street.
S4, EP10 "Boiling Point"Two women in neighboring apartments become fast friends before becoming sworn enemies; the women enlists their sisters as reinforcements in a war that escalates and ends in horrifically shocking violence.
S4, EP9 "Mountain of Madness"A wealthy executive causes conflict after forbidding his neighbors access to his extensive lands; one local handyman fights to keep the roads and trails open for all, a struggle that ends when one man lies dead.
S4, EP8 "Monkey in the Middle"A man finds himself living between hostile neighbors on both sides, including a former U.S. marine with post-traumatic stress disorder; the neighbors' campaign of intimidation ramps up to the point of no return and ends with a deadly confrontation.
S4, EP7 "Bang Goes the Neighborhood"After moving to the countryside, a couple clashes with the gun shop owners across the street; mutual video cameras record threats, fights and growing hostilities leading to shots fired and blood spilled.
S4, EP6 "Neighbors on a Dead End"A disabled fireman polices his neighbors and punishes violations ranging from loud music to off-leash dogs; things boil over at a birthday party where shots are fired and blood runs in the street.
S4, EP5 "Pack Mentality"A single mother gets along with her handyman neighbor, until she gets a new man in her life and her neighbor adopts more than 50 dogs; accusations become threats, threats become attacks and, eventually, the conflict reaches a bloody conclusion.
S4, EP4 "Feud on the Frontier"On the frontier, a neighbor's dog frightens the other's daughter and grandson, resulting with an all-out war that will leave one of them shot dead and the other in a white-knuckle standoff with police.
S4, EP3 "Hysteria Lane"Bereaved over the loss of their son, a couple is thrilled when a family with two boys moves in across the street; however, the relationship soon sours, engulfing all of them in a conflict that ends in a deadly shooting.
S4, EP2 "Desperate Times, Deadly Measures"An Appalachian couple is delighted when their neighbors return home after disappearing for 10 years, but they've changed for the worse, unleashing a campaign of endless intimidation and harassment that ultimately ends in a bloodbath.
S4, EP1 "Lust to Dust"A woman becomes the target of her overly flirtatious neighbor after her husband dies; the woman's brother moves in to protect her and is put on a collision course with the the neighbor that will be resolved with bloodshed.
S3, EP10 "Night of the Machete"In an apartment building, two young couples walk around on eggshells because of a neighbor who can't stand one couple's music and the other's dog, then all hell breaks loose, and a violent rampage ensues.
S3, EP9 "Bonfire of Blood"Two California men are at each other's throats over access to a disputed road, and things progress from intimidation and property damage to one of the most shocking murders the area has ever seen.
S3, EP8 "Nightmare Next Door"In New Brighton, Minn., two neighbors get along great until one of them catches Lyme Disease from the deer the other feeds on his property, then the ensuing blame game leads to rising hostility and ends in gunfire.
S3, EP7 "Daddy's Got A Gun"A decorated police officer relies on his neighbors to help him take care of his beloved daughter, then she accuses one of them of molesting her, and all hell breaks loose.
S3, EP6 "Burn Neighbor, Burn"In Alden, N.Y., siblings who live next door to each other get into a conflict when a brother returns home; soon, they are at each other's throats and their family feud comes to a fiery end.
S3, EP5 "House of the Rising Gun"A single mother of four children finds the perfect house in New Orleans, then a robbery at a neighbor's home leads to a misunderstanding, then to paranoia, conflict and bloodshed.
S3, EP4 "Tunnel of Hate"An industrious woman and an ambitious man buy adjoining houses, intending to restore the derelict properties to their former glory, but when one of the renovations falls behind, it leads to conflict and murder.
S3, EP3 "Neighborhood Madhouse"In Longboat Key, Fla., a psychologist discovers her neighbor may be a violent criminal and vows to protect herself -- with devastating consequences.
S3, EP2 "Hell Hounds"In Dayton, Ohio, a woman welcomes a young family when they move into the long-derelict house next door, then escalating fights over pets and children lead to a deadly confrontation.
S3, EP1 "Nail in the Coffin"In Tamarac, Fla., a new boy becomes friends with the most unruly youngsters in his neighborhood, leading to bad blood that boils over on Halloween and comes to a horrific end.
S2, EP13 "Fatal Family Feud"In Euclid, Ohio, a teenage boy develops a crush on the girl next door but gets rebuffed, setting the stage for murder.
S2, EP12 "Landlord, Death Lord"In Vancouver, Wash., a young couple's neighbor violates the strict codes of community conduct in their housing development.
S2, EP11 "Homeowner Hell"In Oregon, a couple learns their new neighbor has a deadly past, then relations sour, tempers flare and blood is spilled.
S2, EP10 "Next Door to Crazy"Seeking to make a fresh start in Las Vegas, a teacher and her son find themselves the targets of harassment and escalating intimidation by the woman who lives next door.
S2, EP9 "My House, My Revenge"A couple moves to an idyllic California beach town and hits it off with their new neighbors, then one of the wives descends into drugs and madness, terrorizing the other.
S2, EP8 "Kill-De-Sac"When a freewheeling family moves from California to the conservative enclave of Leesburg, Va., they get on the wrong side of one of their neighbors, and the conflict escalates until bullets fly and blood flows in the street.
S2, EP7 "Home Bloody Home"When neighbors stand up to a bully after his dog bites their son, a grudge he's been nursing for decades finally explodes into a frenzy of violence.
S2, EP6 "Death by Neighbor"When family members fall ill from deadly poison found in their soda, investigators turn their attention to the quiet couple who live next door.
S2, EP5 "There Bleeds the Neighborhood"In Elyria, Ohio, two neighboring families live in harmony for decades, then their friendly coexistence devolves into acrimony, accusations and violence.
S2, EP4 "Good Fences Make Dead Neighbors"When a man moves to Canyon Country, Calif., he finds himself embroiled in a bizarre and increasingly acrimonious 8-year feud with a neighbor that terminates with blasts from a shotgun.
S2, EP3 "Driveway of Death"In Carmel Canyon, Calif., wealthy neighbors get into disputes over everything from shared roads and bridges to the upkeep of their respective properties until anger boils over and the ongoing feud is resolved with fatal gunfire.
S2, EP2 "Lake of Madness"A family moves into a Minnesota lake house, then a dispute with a neighbor over water access escalates until it leads to a bloody resolution.
S2, EP1 "Kill Thy Neighbor"Enmity, treachery and gunfire ensue when a man rejects the romantic advances of his next door neighbor.
S1, EP6 "Welcome to Murder Street"An elite California lakeside community is shaken when two well-to-do gentlemen go to war over a one-inch property line discrepancy; one neighbor takes the dispute to new heights when he hires a hit man to solve the problem permanently.
S1, EP5 "Home's Where the Hearse Is"A three-year feud over land and morals reaches a bloody conclusion for a young mother in Miami.
S1, EP4 "There's No Place Like Hell"Two neighboring friends turn enemies after a vicious spat; both of their homes burned to the ground.
S1, EP3 "Final Notice"Two Altadena, Calif., families fear for their lives when an LAPD cop moves in next door.
S1, EP2 "Red Picket Fences"After moving to a quiet seaside town in Maine, a family experiences a night shattered by a barrage of gunfire.
S1, EP1 "Lies, Lawns & Murder"A retired veteran sells a piece of his land to a young family; a modern day Hatfield McCoy feud ensues.
Neighbors turn against each other with frightful consequences.
Original Air Date: Apr 14, 2014
Genres: DocuseriesTV Series
Rating: TV14
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