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Homestead RescueIdyllic in nature, the concept of living a scaled-down, simpler, off-the-grid life has gained popularity in recent years, but the initial results for many budding homesteaders have been disappointing. The learning curve is steep, especially in the most dangerous and isolated locations across the country. Many families are not equipped with the skills, experience or knowledge of how to grow food, find water, harness power or deal with the threat of predators. In "Homestead Rescue," craftsman and survival expert Marty Raney -- joined by daughter Misty, a farmer, and son Matt, a hunter and fisherman -- attempt to teach these families the essential skills on how to survive -- and thrive -- in the wilderness. Because sustaining a homestead through hunting, fishing, gardening, building upkeep, security, and problem solving is a full-time job. At the conclusion of each episode, the rookie survivalists decide to either tough out their first year or pack up and return to civilization.
S10, EP1 "Black Hills Hope"The Raneys struggle to revive an inherited Wyoming hill country homestead with a tragic legacy; to bring water to the property, Marty must solve the mystery of an untapped well; Misty and Matt combine forces on one of their most ambitious builds.
S11, EP15 "Denali Double Rescue"The Raneys enter the shadow of Mount Denali to tackle their first-ever dual homestead rescue; Marty, Misty and Matt race against the clock to address food, water and shelter concerns that could ensure both homesteads survive the next brutal winter.
S6 "Hog Heaven & Homestead Hell"The Raneys answer an SOS from a family displaced by their failing homestead; Marty must move a cabin onto a flood-proof foundation, Matt teaches an ill mother how to face her fear of invasive hogs and Misty crafts a rice patty garden in a flood zone.
S11, EP11 "Tennessee Unplugged"A three-generation family in Tennessee's Smoky Mountains finds their homestead failing because they choose to live on the useless side of their land attached to power; The Raneys embark on a rescue to convince them to move to the other side.
S11, EP3 "Stormy and Raney in Texas"An early 20s couple struggles to keep their homestead afloat in torrential Texas weather; the Raneys face a tense and daunting rescue to save the rain-devastated cabin and soggy livestock shelters under threat of storms and tornado warnings.
S11, EP2 "Bridge Over Troubled Water"Oregon homesteaders find their dream in jeopardy following a near-fatal accident; the Raneys face a daunting rescue where a dilapidated bridge has cut them off from their land, and strict building regulations force them to get creative.
S11, EP1 "Where the Wild Wind Blows"A Colorado war veteran's family and stable of horses are ravaged by hurricane-force winds that make subsistence all but impossible; when the Raneys learn of their larger dream, they pull out the stops with some of their most creative builds yet.
S10, EP6 "Kentucky Calamity"A Kentucky homestead, built in the historical remnants of an old mining town, faces biblical flooding; Marty revives the original barn, Matt devises a livestock escape pod and Misty conceives her first floating greenhouse.
S10, EP5 "Rubble With a Cause"In a rescue first, the Raneys arrive at a Washington state homestead and find the couple's cabin recently collapsed; with winter weeks away, on land with a dangerous predator funnel, the race is on to solve the shelter, food and predator threats.
S10, EP4 "Subarctic S.O.S."The Raneys answer an urgent call where they find a family with all the infrastructure, but minimal skills to realize their dream; with subzero temps looming, the Raneys must help them winter-proof and set them up for the spring ahead.
S10, EP3 "By a Landslide"The Raneys meet their match on a homestead in Idaho, where millennial off-gridders are plagued with dead soil, grizzly bear visits and constant landslides; making matters worse, COVID strikes one of the Raneys, jeopardizing the rescue.
S10, EP2 "Bus, Sweat and Tears"Bus-dwelling Virginia homesteaders struggle for a foothold; after learning the couple sent their son to live with his grandmother until the homestead can thrive, the Raneys undertake one of the biggest rescues ever to reunite the family.
S10 "Black Hills Hope"Struggling to revive a Wyoming hill country homestead with a tragic legacy, Marty must solve the mystery of an untapped well, while Misty and Matt combine forces on one of their most ambitious builds.
S10 "Roadhouse Rally"The Raneys rally at Rika's Roadhouse, a legendary homestead established by one of Alaska's toughest female pioneers; gathering inspiration for the summer ahead, they reflect on past rescues and the importance of a well-developed, off-grid mindset.
S9, EP9 "Smoky Mountain Hope"Marty faces his most daunting challenge ever in the rescue of a Tennessee homestead. Down Misty and Matt, he calls on past homesteaders and friends Ken and Anita Corsini, a husband and wife HGTV home renovation team.
S9, EP8 "Bone Dry in Big Sky"The Raneys rescue a single-father homesteader facing threats of rockslides and bears in a Montana box canyon; but with Matt in Alaska awaiting the birth of his daughter, Marty and Misty face an uphill battle.
S9, EP7 "It Takes a Village"The Raneys find a Montana homestead struggling with food, predator and power problems; Marty and Matt reunite them with old firefighter squadmates who help consolidate and build out a couple's homestead for safety and accessibility.
S9, EP6 "Back in the Saddle"With a major setback in Misty's build, the Raneys race the clock in their rescue of a Texas homestead; Marty tackles the water crisis, Misty scrambles to complete the pond and garden, and Matt builds a hog trap for an additional food resource.
S9, EP5 "All the Pretty Horses"The Raneys rush to Texas homesteaders in severe hardship and unable to realize their dream of rescuing kill horses; Misty builds a multi-tier garden and duck pond, Marty constructs an innovative horse barn and Matt designs a unique storm shelter.
S9, EP4 "Marsh Madness"In order to save a Georgia homestead drowning in a snake and gator-infested swamp, the Raneys must find an ingenious way to reclaim the Buchannans' land from the encroaching mire and all it brings with it.
S9, EP3 "No Place Like Dome"The Raneys find an Idaho family struggling to survive in a geodesic dome home on the edge of a cliff; while Marty brings them water and Misty builds an innovative garden greenhouse, Matt and a local tracker corner a dangerous predator in a tree.
S9, EP2 "Green Mountain Gurus"The Raneys bring some homesteading mastery to a Vermont couple; Marty creates viable access through dense terrain; Misty builds an underground garden; Matt bear-proofs the homestead with ingenious builds.
S9, EP1 "Home Is Where the Yurt Is"In the rugged Tennessee mountains, the Raneys scramble to save a family without suitable food, water and shelter; Marty constructs a massive yurt, Misty transforms a rundown pond into a food source, and Matt creates a workshop with a propane forge.
S9 "The Wild Year"During a wild, unprecedented year, the Raneys visit a homestead they helped save more than three years ago and check in with other homesteads that have flourished in the months since the Raneys' rescue.
S8, EP6 "Tropic Thunder"The Raneys attempt to rescue a family descended from rock 'n' roll royalty by reclaiming their homestead from the jungle on Kauai; when a dangerous flash flood strikes, the Raneys find themselves on the wrong side of the river and out of time.
S8, EP5 "Paradise in Peril"The Raneys rescue a young family with a crumbling cabin on a homestead infested by slugs carrying a brain-eating parasite.
S8, EP4 "Stuck in the Mud"Misty and Matt find themselves alone on a critical rescue of Alaskan homesteaders ill from dirty water and stuck in a crumbling cabin. It's all-hands-on-deck as the Raneys call in family reinforcements to bring all new ingenuity to save the day.
S8, EP2 "Mississippi Mayhem"In Mississippi, the Raneys must first solve the mystery of flooding water before teaching a family of six to thrive off-grid together; builds include a new Elvis-inspired "Heartbreak Goat-tel" goat pen, garden compound and metal forge.
S8, EP1 "Sweet Homestead Alabama"The Raneys face an emotional rescue of young, inexperienced homesteaders in Alabama; to save the legacy of an eighth generation family property, they must use all new ingenuity including a solar kiln, tornado bunker and upcycled predator-proof coop.
S8 "Built to Thrive"Using their own 40-acre homestead, the Raneys reveal the five essential watch-outs for wanna-be homesteaders seeking land.
S7, EP5 "Home Sweet Homestead: Rugged Road Home"Marty embarks on a dangerous mission to carve a road up 300-foot cliffs; with their chickens growing, Misty asks her family to build a predator-proof coop from scratch.
S7, EP4 "Home Sweet Homestead: Winter Washout"In Alaska, Marty races to rescue his property from a deluge of snow runoff; in Hawaii, Matt builds a human-sized slingshot to bring down invasive trees.
S7, EP3 "Home Sweet Homestead: Homestead Is Where the Heart Is"The Raneys kick off an annual tradition on the Alaskan homestead with a project that passes along essential skills to the next generation.
S7, EP2 "Home Sweet Homestead: Cold Hard Lockdown"The intense winter has frozen the water supply on the homestead, forcing Marty to hunt for a new water source In Hawaii, Matt and his wife Katie self-film a lesson in Cacao harvesting on her family's plantation.
S7, EP1 "Home Sweet Homestead: Safer at Homestead"The Raney family turn cameras on themselves as they shelter in place on their Alaskan homestead; a moose kill is discovered dangerously close to their cabin, and Marty attempts to track the predators.
S6, EP12 "Volcano's Edge"The Raneys put their ingenuity to the test on a homestead in Hawaii that was destroyed by 20-foot thick lava flow; first, they must bring life back to the property, then figure out how to make the structures mobile in case of another eruption.
S6, EP11 "Smoky Mountain Fury"In the Smoky Mountains, the Raneys visit a wind-ravaged homestead on the brink of total collapse; the Raneys race to shore up key structures and establish a viable homestead business before the next big storm.
S6, EP10 "Arizona Washout"In a first ever Homestead intervention, a daughter pleads for help from the Raneys to rescue her mother and step-father whose failing homestead in Arizona sits in the crosshairs of deadly monsoon floods and a menacing cougar.
S6, EP9 "Burned Out"In Northern California, the Raneys give a masterclass on rebuilding from scratch when they come to the aid of the Olson-Wilcox family whose homestead was completely destroyed in a devastating wildfire.
S6, EP8 "Idaho Death Trap"The Jackson family in Idaho suffers from a cabin on the verge of collapse and predator threat from 100 chickens; the Raneys use all new ingenuity to make the cabin livable, protect the flock and create a valuable income source.
S6, EP7 "Treehouse of Terror"In Missouri, the Raneys tackle a tree-house cabin that is on the verge of collapsing; Marty works to overhaul the entire base of the cabin; Misty constructs a greenhouse out of scavenged windows.
S6, EP6 "Troubled Water"The Raneys help a couple with a toxic salt water well, making it impossible for them to maintain a food source or livestock; Marty needs clay to build a massive catchment pond; Matt must build a large-scale solar still to de-contaminate the water.
S6, EP5 "Quake Shattered"After a devastating earthquake, Marty saves the Hartleys' log cabin from crumbling to the ground; Misty replaces a collapsed greenhouse; Matt constructs a brand new building for the family to start a diesel engine repair shop.
S6, EP4 "Cobbers Nightmare"The Raneys continue rescuing the Broadhead's tire bale homestead in Central Ohio; the clock is ticking as Marty, Misty, and Matt work to provide fresh water, strengthen walls and jumpstart an indoor garden.
S6, EP2 "Moose Mayhem"The Raneys seek to save a woman and her daughter from rampaging moose and help them secure a source of food; Marty builds a bridge across a creek; Matt teaches predator deterrent techniques; Misty builds a snow-proof greenhouse.
S6, EP1 "Crisis Calls"In Alaska, the Raneys turn a homestead on the verge of going up in flames into a golden opportunity; they race to Louisiana to protect a family under threat of vicious storms, black mold and feral hogs.
S6 "The Reathifords"The Raneys revisit the Reathifords in the Smoky Mountains to get an update on how their off-grid dream has progressed since they were ravaged by storms that caused crippling power outages.
S6 "The Shields"The Raneys return to the Shields-Rouu homestead in Wisconsin to get an update on their progress.
S6 "Home Sweet Homestead: Future of the Forty"Spring arrives and the family self-shoots preparation for the epic expansion of their homestead; Misty plots a supersized greenhouse to feed three generations; Matt and Marty acquire the family's first ever sawmill.
S6 "Savage Wilderness"The Raneys explore their most epic rescues, counting down to the five most hostile and dangerous states that present the most grueling challenges for new homesteaders.
S6 "Shaky Ground"With just three days to preserve the legacy of a fourth-generation Alaskan homesteading family, the Raneys must fix an earthquake-ravaged foundation and revive a dormant garden before hitting the lower 48 for another year of incredible rescues.
S6 "Homesteads Revisited"The Raneys have traversed America saving homesteaders on the verge of failing and look back on the homesteads they saved.
S5, EP5 "Quake on the Forty"The Raneys return to Alaska to discover their own homestead is in utter disrepair; beetle kill has destroyed their only access, so they race to build a steel tram before the deep freeze sets in, but it may not be able to withstand a 7.2 earthquake.
S5, EP4 "Life or Death in Michigan"Marty is hit with a bombshell; the old well he's come to fix has already claimed its first victim; to set the Dagues on a path to self-sufficiency, the Raneys try to deliver a long-term water source, protein supply and sustainable power.
S5, EP3 "High Country Bear Lair"Shocked to find a bear den near the Counter family's Colorado homestead, the Raneys build an old-school root cellar and an innovative greenhouse; they attempt to inspire two teenage sisters to help bring their father's dream to life.
S5, EP2 "Wisconsin Washout"Marty takes on a risky first-time build -- a huge diverter trench to deflect the torrents of storm water devastating the homestead of musician Lou and his wife, Stacey; with a huge storm forecast, no one can predict if this rescue will succeed.
S5, EP1 "Line of Fire"A homestead is in serious danger from a raging California wildfire prompting Marty to clear-cut surrounding trees and create an evacuation ark for livestock; Matt devises a unique layer of fire protection to save the home from destruction.
S4, EP8 "Fury and Fire"Threatened by an approaching wildfire, Stuart and Toni Rinker need a quick solution for their failing Idaho homestead; the Raneys plan to fireproof the Rinkers' cabin and build a firebreak, but Stuart objects.
S4, EP7 "Killzone"Marty helps Oregon homesteaders April and Mike Kondash build a barn; Misty creates her first-ever subterranean garden; Matt finds a humane approach to a mysterious predator threat.
S4, EP6 "Flood, Sweat & Tears, Part 2"The Raneys must move an entire cabin into the flood zone as Marty's dam is put to the test; a surprise arrival of chicks means Misty needs a clever upgrade for a ravaged chicken coop; Matt crafts a knife blade in the Smiths' newly improved foundry.
S4, EP5 "Flood, Sweat & Tears, Part 1"A dangerous request from the Smith family in a Missouri flood zone forces the Raneys into the homestead challenge of their lives as they build a dam and plan an entire cabin move; to save the family's business, Matt embarks on a knife shop remodel.
S4, EP4 "Fire and Ice"The Raneys create their first-ever self-automated homestead in the fierce Alaskan wilderness to function while firefighters Kim and Casey Boespflug are away on duty.
S4, EP3 "Shock and Awe"Marty embarks on an ambitious, off-grid hydropower system after Tennessee storms obliterate the Reathifords' power source; Matt creates a meat smoker, but a surprise accident leads to a construction site injury for one of the Raneys.
S4, EP2 "High and Dry"Stranded on a cliff in their RV, Jeff Tatsch, an amputee, and his wife, Carol, need a livable home, water and a place to grow food, so the Raneys build an entire cabin from scratch on solid ground and harness a source of water from a natural spring.
S4, EP1 "Poisoned"Toxic land plagues a Kentucky homestead, so the Raneys must build the Rains family a hillside garden, turn a cave into a goat fortress and find uncontaminated water deep underground.
S4 "Hardcore Homesteading"Embarking on a new season of saving homesteads in peril, the Raneys look back on some of their most ingenious builds; they unpack their techniques, examine off-grid financial savings and reveal the all-time, fan-favorite build.
S3, EP7 "Storm Shelter Showdown"A hungry bear scratching the walls, disease carrying ticks, no food to eat, no power and 60 massive oaks looming over a flimsy cabin in tornado alley present the Raneys with their greatest challenges yet.
S3, EP6 "Drowning"In Hawaii, the Raneys attempt to save two homesteaders whose dream homestead is in a flash-flood zone; as the weather closes in, they try to save the property from the water.
S3, EP5 "Ozark Mountain Misery"The Raney family goes to the Ozarks and discovers a malnourished couple and a moldy cabin that's making them sick; massive electric storms threaten the build.
S3, EP4 "Methane Meltdown"The Raneys try to restore a couple's failed homestead in Ohio; Marty attempts to repair an old gas well.
S3, EP3 "The Hill of Death"The Raneys help an Oregon homestead trapped at the bottom of a 100 foot cliff that separates them from four acres of land that they need for food and livestock; Marty takes a risk forming a road up a bedrock cliff to a forest with mountain lions.
S3, EP2 "When Cows Attack"The Raney family arrives at a homestead threatened by heat, coyotes and even cows; Marty attempts to protect livestock with a massive build.
S3, EP1 "The Bears and the Bees"The Raney family arrives at a homestead with a bee-obsessed owner that is unintentionally attracting bears with his hives; Marty bush-engineers a windmill to pump water to a new bathhouse.
S3 "Bear Bait"The Raneys must save a unique family of homesteaders themselves; Marty and Matt build a new homestead on 40 acres of virgin wilderness.
S2, EP6 "Off Grid: The Raney Way"Marty and son Matt try to access 40-acres of wilderness to build a new homestead, but must cross a dangerous river by way of an ingenious solution.
S2, EP5 "Grizzly Bait"Arctic temperatures and a hungry grizzly wreak havoc on a struggling homestead; the Ranys pursue huge builds, including a blacksmith shop.
S2, EP4 "Homestead of Horrors"A couple terrified to hunt and a ramshackle home with exposed wires in the shower and chickens in the living room.
S2, EP3 "Trapped"The Raneys assist two Montana homesteaders who face being trapped on their property; when a medical emergency strikes, the Raneys face their first ever failed rescue.
S2, EP2 "Honey I Torched the Homestead"The Raneys assist an Oregon homestead where fire is a constant threat and livestock are family pets instead of meat.
S2, EP1 "Wolves at the Door"The Raneys help the Johnson family who have no drinking water or food sources; their dogs have been killed by a mystery predator and worry they are next.
S1, EP6 "Bearanoia"The Raneys rush to a failing homestead in Colorado where husband Don makes a 40-mile mountain commute each day, leaving his wife alone and terrified to leave the house because of the surrounding bears and mountain lions.
S1, EP5 "Winter's Fury"The Raneys help the Russells, who are struggling on a failing homestead in the forests of Pennsylvania; the family faces a food shortage, with no hunting skills, and a cabin on the brink of collapse.
S1, EP4 "Nevada Thirst"The Raneys help the Kondors in the Nevada desert, where the homestead suffers from rattler infested trailers, searing heat, sand storms and a lack of water.
S1, EP3 "Trust or Die"The dog-mushing Deeters own a homestead on the edge of disaster; the Raneys attempt to help, but discover the Deeters don't trust outsiders.
S1, EP2 "Under Siege"The Raney's help the Zabec family in Virginia, where pigs are destroying the homestead, predators are killing livestock, and a huge oak is threatening their cabin.
S1, EP1 "Abandoned & Alone"In Montana, the Raney's help Beth and Mike Ettinger who live in an abandoned ghost town stalked by a mountain lion and void of any livestock, water or food.
Idyllic in nature, the concept of living a scaled-down, simpler, off-the-grid life has gained popularity in recent years, but the initial results for many budding homesteaders have been disappointing. The learning curve is steep, especially in the most dangerous and isolated locations across the country. Many families are not equipped with the skills, experience or knowledge of how to grow food, find water, harness power or deal with the threat of predators. In "Homestead Rescue," craftsman and survival expert Marty Raney -- joined by daughter Misty, a farmer, and son Matt, a hunter and fisherman -- attempt to teach these families the essential skills on how to survive -- and thrive -- in the wilderness. Because sustaining a homestead through hunting, fishing, gardening, building upkeep, security, and problem solving is a full-time job. At the conclusion of each episode, the rookie survivalists decide to either tough out their first year or pack up and return to civilization.
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