Naked and Afraid

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Naked and AfraidThe ubiquitous survival show theme is taken to the next level by stripping it to its bare essentials; two complete strangers - a man and a woman - meet, stranded in a dangerous, desolate location, without food and water, and they're completely naked.
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S16, EP5 "Odd Man Out"Three women attempt to survive 21 days in Zambia; when their fourth partner arrives unexpectedly, the all-female dynamic is shattered.
S16, EP4 "A Shart at Redemption"After poisoning the water in her fan 14-day challenge, survivalist Ashley seeks redemption in Tobago with a new partner, but making it to 21 days in a rain-sodden jungle will push them beyond their limits.
S16, EP3 "Broke Back Jungle"A circus performer and an avid hunter take on 14 days in the untamed jungle of Tobago; a serious injury threatens their challenge.
S16, EP2 "City Slickers in the Wild"Two city slickers from the urban jungles of New York City see if they have what it takes to survive for 14 days in South Africa; the rough terrain, extreme heat and elusive resources could prove more challenging than they anticipated.
S16, EP1 "Blood and Money"An ICU nurse and a banker attempt a 14-day fan challenge in the rugged Mexican jungle; as food becomes scarce, they question their will and skill to make it to the end.
S15, EP10 "Not Today, Satan"Two survivalists attempt to endure 21 days in Mexico's Devil's Canyon, a notorious hellscape where no one else has managed to make it past one week.
S15, EP9 "Love Thy Neighbor ... or Not"Two fans discover that the dense, mosquito-infested mangrove of Palomino, Colombia, isn't the only challenge they face; as their communication breaks down, they must come to a compromise or survive on their own terms.
S15, EP8 "Beauty and the Beasties"An expert hunter and an Air Force veteran attempt to survive in Zambia, where they are preyed upon by deadly lions, aggressive baboons and elephants.
S15, EP7 "Taste of Their Own Medicine"For the first time ever, two Naked and Afraid crew members attempt to survive 21 days in front of the camera. But faced with swarms of unrelenting insects and a lack of food, this history-making duo is about to get a taste of their own medicine.
S15, EP6 "Sucker Punched in South Africa"In this Tribes' episode, two men and a woman attempt to survive 21 days in the searing heat of Limpokwena, South Africa; after suffering from harsh burns and severe dehydration on Day 1, their will to endure is threatened.
S15, EP5 "Kalahari Cold Front"Jaclin, a paralegal, and Michael, a fishing boat captain, take on 21 days in the mighty Kalahari Desert; they soon are hit with an unexpected cold front and aggressive lions and rhinos threatening their shelter.
S15, EP4 "Bro, Hold My Fear"Four male survivalists who tapped in previous challenges seek redemption in South Africa; humbled by their past failures, they hope to survive 21 days and triumph as a tribe.
S15, EP3 "No Gear, No Fear"A backpacker and experienced hunter attempt to survive 21 days in a swampy Argentine savanna teeming with mosquitoes and violent subtropical storms.
S15, EP2 "No Holds Barred"A tough-as-nails MMA fighter and a professional paramedic need to dig deep to survive 21 days in the brutal caiman-infested jungle of Rupunini, Guyana.
S15, EP1 "Welcome to America!"Two foreigners try to become the first survivalists to endure 21 days on U.S. soil; rattlesnakes, unfamiliar terrain and plummeting temperatures threaten to send them back across the pond.
S15 "Cry for Me, Argentina"Rachel, a survivalist from "Naked and Afraid of Love," and Na'im, an outdoorsman from Colorado, take on 21 days in the rugged wilderness of Argentina, but freezing nighttime temperatures may push them to their limit.
S14, EP13 "Lost in Translation"An American and a Brazilian survivalist are dropped into the unforgiving South African bush for 21 days only to discover that neither of them speaks each other's language.
S14, EP12 "The Labyrinth"An anthropologist and mountaineer take shelter in a labyrinth of caves in Colombia but are plagued by bats, swarming bees and unpredictable storms.
S14, EP11 "Abandoned Village"Two survivalists try to endure 21 days in the wreckage of an abandoned village in Botswana's Okavango Delta, where aggressive hippos have claimed the territory.
S14, EP10 "Battle of the Sexes"Two women and two men face off in South Africa to see who can survive 21 days.
S14, EP9 "Legends and Rookies"Survivalists Max and Rylie are dropped in the South African bush with two novice fans to try and survive 21 days with spitting cobras, aggressive warthogs, rhinos and leopards.
S14, EP8 "Opposites Don't Attract"A wilderness EMT and a hard-headed homesteader try to survive in a coastal Colombian jungle; when their priorities clash, their partnership becomes volatile.
S14, EP7 "Valley of the Leopards"Shark attack fan survivalist teams up with an environmentalist military vet for a 21-day challenge in Zambia.
S14, EP6 "Next Gen Survival"For the first time, two young adult kids of veteran survivalists try to prove they are as good as their parents when they take on 21-days in a dense Mexican rainforest where they face pumas, jaguars and deadly fer de lance snakes.
S14, EP5 "Night Stalkers"A wilderness guide and a software engineer diagnosed with Asperger's try to survive in the Botswana desert; herds of aggressive elephants threaten their security at night, but their biggest hurdle is learning to communicate with each other.
S14, EP4 "Sibling Survival"After his brother is medically tapped, a South African sibling seeks redemption in Zambia, paired with an endurance athlete from Louisiana; vindication proves harder than expected.
S14, EP3 "Fallen Farmer"A transgender Air Force vet and a South African farmer tackle the deadly bush of Zambia, where territorial elephants, baboons and crocodiles threaten their every move; when disaster strikes, a sibling seeks redemption.
S14, EP2 "Haunted and Hungry"A former Marine sniper and a Mississippi mom try to endure 21 days in a haunted Colombian swamp; extreme humidity, insects and infection prove difficult to endure.
S14, EP1 "Breaking the Curse"A football coach and midwife attempt to survive in Chiapas, Mexico, a location no survivalist has lasted 21 days in; their different approaches to survival hurt their ability to endure.
S13, EP6 "Buffalo Bait"In South Africa, two fans attempt a 14-day challenge in the middle of dangerous cape buffalo territory.
S13, EP5 "Gag Me with a Turtle"Two fans are ready to take on 14 days in the brutal landscape of South Africa.
S13, EP4 "USA vs. World"For the first time, two teams of international survivalists converge in South Africa for the ultimate challenge -- USA versus the World.
S13, EP3 "The Death Ledge"Three young survivalists test their skills in the coastal rainforest of Ecuador, where they risk their lives scaling a massive rock cliff to forage for food.
S13, EP2 "Two is a Crowd"Lynsey, a survivalist who thrives in partnerships, finds herself at odds with her companion Darvil, whose lone-wolf tendencies become destructive in the grueling landscape of Lapalala, South Africa.
S13, EP1 "Baskets and Bullet Ants"All-stars Fernando and Dani land in a rainforest in Ecuador for their third challenge, where jaguars, caiman, anacondas and bullet ants are on the prowl; their divergent approaches to primitive survival might do them in.
S12, EP11 "Come Hell and Black Water"Florida's brutal black water swamp pushes a hard-headed homesteader and an elite military Alpha male to their limits; threatened by venomous snakes, dangerous wild boar and torrential rain, the clashing survivalists have to work together or fail.
S12, EP10 "Bite Me"Surrounded by crocodiles, leopards and venomous snakes, survivalists band together against the South African bush, but scorpion and aggressive tick bites put their challenge at risk.
S12, EP8 "Monkey Business"An Australian bushman and American biologist form an intimate bond as they take on the Namibian desert together; the relationship grows as they search for scarce food along a thin stretch of raging river while territorial baboons track them.
S12, EP7 "Shark Attack"When nature calls, a fan's risky survival strategy backfires and endangers the challenge in the Arizona desert; an Eagle Scout and a stay-at-home mom struggle to survive among rattlesnakes and mountain lions while overcoming their own mistakes.
S12, EP6 "A Tangled Web in Texas"After surviving a near-fatal car crash, an impulsive adventurer is paired with a cautious archaeologist in the Texas desert; stalked by mountain lions and tarantulas, this odd couple must work together to endure scorching days and frigid nights.
S12, EP5 "Stars Against the Storm"All-star survivalists Wes and Suzänne take on Ecuador's relentless rainforest; aggressive pumas, venomous snakes and constant storms make every step dangerous and even these veterans are not prepared for the shocking news that shakes their challenge.
S12, EP4 "Sand Trapped"Upon completing his 14-day Fan Challenge, Dan, a biologist from Hawaii, attempts 21 days in a completely foreign landscape, the Chihuahua Desert; paired with a leathersmith, he takes on rattlesnakes, stinging fire ants and bone-chilling nights.
S12, EP3 "The Devil's Woods"The frigid Montana wilderness pushes the survivalists' partnership over the edge; they struggle to work together; wildlife including bears and aggressive moose circle their camp; plummeting temperatures create the need for drastic action.
S12, EP2 "Mile-High Clubbed"The mile-high altitude of Colorado's Rockies tests two strangers' ability to adapt and survive; black bears are not only a predator threat; storms roll in, bringing hailstorms and hypothermic conditions.
S12, EP1 "No Rain, No Gain"Torrential downpours hammer the survivalists as soon as they're dropped into the Georgia rainforest; pushed by the weather, mountain lions, black bears and poisonous copperheads; the pair create a bond that leads to a life-changing decision.
S12The ubiquitous survival show theme is taken to the next level by stripping it to its bare essentials; two complete strangers - a man and a woman - meet, stranded in a dangerous, desolate location, without food and water, and they're completely naked.
S11, EP26 "Snow Daze"In the frozen American Rockies, snowstorms and freezing temperatures force the survivalists to make risky choices with their fire and food sources; an out-of-control blaze and toxic mushrooms put their challenge and safety at risk.
S11, EP24 "Don't Cave In"In the relentless Colombian jungle, a mom and National Guard vet teams with a firefighter; violent storms and hypothermic conditions force them to huddle in bat-infested caves; a special bond develops between a survivalist and a wild monkey.
S11, EP23 "Honeymoon From Hell"A married couple goes from watching the challenge from their couch in Idaho to taking it on in the perilous Philippine jungle.
S11, EP21 "Ring Of Fire"In the frigid mountains of Bulgaria, wolves circle a successful fan survivalist trying to conquer the 21-day challenge. Large fires are their defense against predators and hypothermia until the flames fan out of control and become the biggest threat.
S11, EP15 "In Too Deep"On the edge of the Bermuda Triangle, an Army veteran dive master and a Cajun boat captain take on relentless thunderstorms and battle dehydration as they try navigate more than 20 miles of open ocean in the ultimate test of sink or swim.
S11, EP14 "Close Encounters"Two strangers are dropped in one of the most dangerous African locations in the dead heat of summer; faced with aggressive hippos and charging elephants, they quickly learn their place but must mark their territory if they want to make it 21 days.
S11, EP13 "Naked and Ghosted"In a brutal Mexican jungle known to be haunted by Mayan spirits, All-star survivalists Sarah and Trent are tormented by rain, predators and spirits of the rainforest.
S11, EP12 "Two Tarzans, One Jane"When a third survivalist is added to the mix, romantic complications make surviving the Colombian jungle's poisonous dart frogs and deadly jaguars much more complicated.
S11, EP11 "Alone: Bugging Out"In the darkness of the Belize jungle, all-star survivalist Kim Kelly is hammered by torrential downpours, relentless ticks, and terrifying howler monkeys; Kim quickly spirals into sleep deprivation which puts her at risk in the unrelenting jungle.
S11, EP10 "Bahama Drama"In the Bahamas, two fans face relentless insects and aggressive sharks during hurricane season.
S11, EP9 "Little Person, Big Challenge"Underestimated his whole life, a survivalist with dwarfism tries to prove himself in the Amazon but struggles against predators and his partner; in the Bahamas two fans face relentless insects and aggressive sharks during hurricane season.
S11, EP7 "Twinning"In an unprecedented Naked and Afraid challenge, identical twin sisters Amber and Serena, as well as brothers Warren and Thomas, are dropped in the African savannah; they take on rhinos, hyenas and a territorial leopard stalking their camp.
S11, EP4 "Alone: Blazed and Confused"Desperate for a kill on the African savannah, all-star survivalist Ryan Holt risks his safety to get in position for a better shot; a fire in his shelter could take Ryan out of the challenge.
S11 "Jungle Genius"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime; from shelters, traps and rafts to wilderness fashion, take a look at the survivalist's most successful primitive design and techniques.
S11 "Andrea and Joe in Namibia"Andrea and Joe get together virtually to catch up with each other and watch their challenge in Namibia; they offer fresh perspective and new insights into their struggles, partner dynamics, and survival tactics.
S11The ubiquitous survival show theme is taken to the next level by stripping it to its bare essentials; two complete strangers - a man and a woman - meet, stranded in a dangerous, desolate location, without food and water, and they're completely naked.
S11 "Naked and Afraid of Sharks 2"On the edge of the Bermuda Triangle, five "Naked and Afraid" veterans, Matt Wright, Jeff Zausch, Serena and Amber Shine, and Alex Maynard, attempt to survive on remote islands where the waters are teeming with predators.
S10, EP21 "Feel the Burn"Dropped into Guyana's scorching savannah, two super fans battle the oppressive heat and relentless insect attacks; scorching temperatures lead to severe dehydration and force a desperate fan to risk illness by drinking unsanitary fluids.
S10, EP20 "Stalked on the Savannah (Part 2)"In sun-scorched Brazil, survivalists Wes and Jesse try to complete their 21-day challenge, but a jaguar in their camp puts them on high alert; starvation forces Jesse to attack a beehive in search of honey and the entire colony retaliates.
S10, EP19 "Stalked on the Savannah (Part 1)"In a punishing Brazilian savannah, survivalists Wes and Jesse deal with searing heat as well as paralyzing wasps, aggressive bees and poisonous rattlesnakes; a territorial jaguar family circling their shelter may cost them the 21-day challenge.
S10, EP18 "Honduran Hell"In the mountainous rainforest of Honduras, a survivalist with an unusual past is paired with a hard-headed police detective to try and survive 21 days, but predatory jaguars, swarms of fire ants and a debilitating injury threaten their challenge.
S10, EP17 "Just Kidding"Being naked in the jungle with a complete stranger can lead to funny moments, and laughter can be a critical skill when trying to survive through blood, sweat, tears, snake bites, burns, and rashes in hard to reach places.
S10, EP16 "Meltdown on the Mountain"Dropped into a high-altitude jungle in Colombia, Tommy and Leah face territorial pumas and venomous fer-de-lance snakes, but the biggest threat is the extreme temperature changes, wherein highs reach nearly 100 degrees and lows plummet into the 40s.
S10, EP15 "Don't Let the Jungle Bugs Bite"Avoiding the dangers of a rushing river, two survivalists brave a vast cave system in the Colombian rainforest; trying to survive 21 days, the jungle tests them with threats including venomous fer-de-lance snakes, piranhas and biting insects.
S10, EP14 "For Better or a Lot Worse"The first "Naked and Afraid" couple faces challenges to themselves and their relationship as they take on the relentless Guyana jungle; they must work together to battle jaguars, anacondas, caiman, and more than two-million species of insects.
S10, EP13 "What the Duck?"In Mexico, two fan survivalists are dropped on an unforgiving, cenote-covered island filled with venomous coral snakes, territorial jaguars, blood-sucking chiquistas, and a duck named Henry that they desperately want to eat for dinner.
S10, EP12 "Swamp Don't Care"All-star survivalists Jake Nodar and Melissa Miller take on a punishing Florida swamp teeming with poisonous snakes and aggressive alligators; when one of the survivalists becomes disoriented, authorities are called in to conduct an all-out search.
S10, EP11 "Stalked on All Sides"Pinned down by Africa's most dangerous threats, including elephants, hippos and lions, survivalists Mama Kel and Eric work together to avoid becoming prey and endure relentless storms, but a debilitating injury puts them both at risk.
S10, EP10 "Naked and Haunted"Survivalists expect to struggle against natural threats for 21 days, but when they also face supernatural phenomena -- haunted locations, ancient curses and evil spirits -- their resolve is tested both physically and mentally.
S10, EP9 "The Spirits Are Angry"A haunted Colombian rainforest punishes the survivalists with threats from deadly jaguars, 300 species of snakes and relentless biting insects; the challenge is threatened when the survivalists don't heed the curse of the jungle.
S10, EP7 "Stomping Grounds"Elite survivalists Matt Wright and Gary Golding are tested by deadly spitting cobras and territorial elephants in an African killing zone; however, Matt and Gary aren't alone, and they must protect novices from the threats surrounding them.
S10, EP6 "Baked Alaskan"A deadly spider bite puts Gwen at risk, but she works with her partner to get her revenge in the 130-degree heat of the Mexican jungle.
S10, EP5 "Threesome"When a third survivalist crashes the challenge, tension and jealousy are just as threatening as the piranha and jaguars of the Ecuadorian rainforest; claims that there's more going on than just survival puts everyone's challenge at risk.
S10, EP1 "Naked Gets Weird"Surviving 21 days naked in the wilderness leads to weird and awkward moments, including bizarre pre-challenge prep, mortifying naked introductions, nighttime cuddling gone wrong, and wildlife bathroom routines.
S10 "Bite Club"A survivor of rattlesnake, shark and bear attacks teams up with Matt Wright's wife, Brooke, in a vicious African feeding ground; a haunted Colombian jungle tests survivalists with threats from predators and the supernatural.
S9, EP16 "Fire and Fury"Stalked by aggressive leopards and unable to get fire for protection, survivalists Angela and Chad fight the elements and each other as they look for double redemption in South Africa.
S9, EP15 "Eaten Alive"Spiders, botflies, mosquitos, and other torturous bugs and insects are the unexpected threats that take down survivalists on the series, "Naked and Afraid."
S9, EP14 "Blindsided"A dangerous burn and clashing survival strategies plague survivalists Angela and Steven in the jungles of Panama.
S9, EP13 "Naked and Afraid of Sharks"Stranded on a barren island in the middle of the most shark-infested waters on Earth, five "Naked and Afraid" all-stars must survive for 14 days, exclusively on what the ocean provides.
S9, EP12 "Fan Down"A freak injury puts super-fan survivalists Maci and Justin at risk as they attempt to survive the treacherous Nicaraguan jungle for 14 days.
S9, EP11 "Trouble in Paradise"Torrential downpours and brutal windstorms push starving survivalists Riley and Kyle to their breaking points in the Honduran jungle.
S9, EP10 "Pick Your Poison"Swarming wasps, deadly anacondas, poisonous toads, and venomous stingrays surround the survivalists in sun-scorched Brazil; just days into their challenge, a standoff with a poisonous fer-de-lance snake threatens to send both survivalists home.
S9, EP9 "Loaded for Bear"Surrounded by aggressive and territorial black bears day and night, two survivalists must compete against the apex predators for resources in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.
S9, EP8 "Burnt to a Crisp"In a post-hurricane Nicaraguan jungle, survivalists are tormented by crocodiles and howler monkeys; one survivalist suffers from a third-degree sunburn because there's no tree canopy, while the other one's life is threatened by a mysterious illness.
S9, EP7 "Love at First Fight"Instant attraction gives way to unforgiving conditions on a Nicaraguan island teeming with bull sharks and big cats; as the struggle to survive hits a low point, a flood threatens to wipe out the camp and all chances of survival.
S9, EP6 "Thieves in the Night"One survivalist falls into a roaring fire after being depleted of energy due to a lack of food; with just days to go, the pair of survivalists makes a daring plan on how to survive, but it may cost them the challenge.
S9, EP5 "Island of Tears"Max and Bianca face off with aggressive caiman, boa constrictors, large spiders, and thorny mangroves in this Superfan challenge on a tropical island in Panama.
S9, EP4 "Forbidden Fruit"Bug swarms and a lack of food test Gary and Karra's survival skills in the arid, desolate savannah region of Brazil; after days of starvation, one of them eats unripe fruit and pays the price by becoming desperately ill.
S9, EP3 "Swamp Queen"In the snake-filled Mississippi swamps, Gabrielle, a former survivalist, takes on the full 21-day challenge; Gabrielle and Brian are faced with deadly snakes, unrelenting mosquitos, nocturnal predators, and a week-long thunderstorm.
S9, EP2 "A Screw Loose"In a haunted Mayan jungle, a painful injury tests the resolve of survivalists Leah and Caesar, who contend with suffocating humidity, hungry predators, torrential rainfall, unrelenting insects, and intoxicating fruit.
S9, EP1 "Category 5 Survival"A category-five hurricane blasts through Amal and Duke's camp; in addition to the hurricane, the pair also endure venomous spiders, insects and nocturnal predators in the swamps of Florida.
S9 "Unsurvivable"Mother Nature is in full throttle as 20 new survivalists attempt the 21-day challenge, dealing with hurricanes, broken bones, unrelenting insects, bear encounters, deadly snakes, and wasp stings.
S8, EP7 "Belize Breakdown"Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley and YouTuber Cory Williams take their shot at surviving in the jungles of Belize.
S8, EP6 "Stone Cold"An Army vet and a newly married man grapple with gender norms as they take on the mountains of Croatia; extreme hunger and frigid temperatures force this unlikely pair to bond together, but a vicious storm threatens to rip them apart.
S8, EP5 "Rain of Terror"A mom and an adventure addict drop into the cloud forest of Ecuador; unbearably wet conditions, violent lightning, cabin fever, trench foot and finger-slicing machetes threaten to keep the pair from completing their 21-day challenge.
S8, EP4 "The Hunted"A mother of four and a country boy get dropped into the jaguar-filled jungle of Belize.
S8, EP3 "Texan Torture"A surfer from Hawaii and an ex-military take on the Texas countryside, surrounded by armadillo, bighorn sheep and vicious wild boar; as they battle starvation and face a potentially fatal flood, their skills get fully put to the test.
S8, EP2 "Lost at Sea"For the first time on the show, a divemaster and a Navy Seal become stranded at sea, facing exposure to deadly sharks and heatstroke.
S8, EP1 "Suffering, Sunburn and Sharks"A look at six pairs of new survivalists and the locations and challengers they will encounter.
S7, EP12 "Worlds Collide"A former military man and an optimistic naturalist face humidity, violent storms, caiman, and red-bellied piranha in the Amazon jungle.
S7, EP11 "Arachnid Overload"A survival-savvy yoga teacher and a custom knife maker face deadly spiders and ticks in the jungle of Colombia.
S7, EP10 "Curse of the Swamp: Part 2"Jeremy and Melanie continue their challenge in the haunted swamps of Louisiana, enduring threats from predators as they search for food.
S7, EP8 "Unhinged"An ex-marine and a perky Southern girl face constant downpours, cabin fever, threats from predators, lack of sleep and extreme hunger in the Panamanian Jungle.
S7, EP7 "The Monster"A California Buddhist and an Oregon fisherman test their skills against the unforgiving Australian outback, where harsh conditions, scarce food sources and saltwater crocodiles threaten their survival.
S7, EP6 "The Lost World"Two fans, a single mom and an optimistic novice, get selected to take on a special 14-day survival challenge on the coast of South Africa.
S7, EP5 "Ashes to Ashes"A survival instructor and a retiree of the armed forces are inserted into the volcano-ravaged island of Montserrat; they have different survival styles but find a way to work together, then one accident has an eruptive effect on both.
S7, EP4 "Bares All: Naked Nights"Surviving in the wilderness during the day presents its own dangers, but come night fall the survivalists are faced with a whole new set of threats.
S7, EP3 "Hangry"Former Marine Tim and stonemason Shannon take on armies of stinging red ants and bubbling mud volcanoes on the Caribbean island of Trinidad; even with this daunting location working against them, their biggest struggle is actually with each other.
S7, EP2 "Washed Out"An extreme athlete and a book smart bartender tackle an Ecuadorian cloud forest where it rains daily.
S7, EP1 "Eye of the Storm"A wild child and retired sergeant are stranded in the Belize Jungle following a catastrophic hurricane that threatens their entire challenge.
S6, EP15 "Bares All: Battered and Broken"Awkward, humorous, and terrifying moments from the last nine locations; survivalists use ingenuity and sheer will to deal with hostile environments, homesickness and hygiene.
S6, EP14 "23 Days"A book-smart survivalist and a rock climbing wilderness enthusiast face harsh conditions in the savannah of Namibia.
S6, EP13 "Strength in Pain"An adventuress and a wilderness instructor take on storms, frigid nights and deadly snakes in the Honduras rainforest.
S6, EP12 "Bad Blood"A self-taught survivalist and an impulsive black belt take on the arid lakebeds of Nicaragua and their deadly predators.
S6, EP11 "Melt Down Under"A Swedish adventure guide and a Texas military veteran take on windstorms, freezing temperatures and cultural friction in Australia's Outback.
S6, EP10 "Bares All: Never Give Up"A look back on some of the most exotic locations and post-challenge perspectives from the survivalists on just what it takes to survive.
S6, EP9 "The Danger Within"A resilient mom and a quirky spider-lover are placed in the Seminole Forest of Florida, where they must contend with huge alligators and black bears.
S6, EP8 "Hell or High Water"A pair of complete strangers are stranded in and literally exposed in one of the world's most extreme weather environments.
S6, EP7 "Contamination"A stay-at-home mom and stubborn trucker struggle to survive in a typhoon-battered Philippine forest, combating sickness and hunger with the help of a skunk.
S6, EP6 "All Falls Down"An endurance athlete and a stay-at-home dad team up in a rugged Belize jungle to contend with jaguars, venomous snakes, falling trees and powerful storms.
S6, EP5 "From the Ashes"A strong bond develops between a biology student and an expert survival instructor in Croatia before they are confronted with a freak accident.
S6, EP4 "Rise Above"In the Amazonia jungle a horse trainer and an anxious wilderness instructor face constant rain and a lack of resources.
S6, EP3 "Frozen in Fear"In Canada, a marine biologist and a special forces veteran face not only a harsh climate but also deadly wildlife.
S6, EP2 "King of the Forest"A self-proclaimed "king of the forest" and an endurance athlete spend time in the Alabama backwoods, but when hunger gets the best of them, they are pushed to extremes.
S6, EP1 "Into the Wild"A first look at Season 6 of "Naked and Afraid" as survivalists endure inhospitable places, covering six continents.
S6 "Watch Party: Fernando and Samantha"Survivalists Fernando Calderon and Samantha Pearson reconnect virtually and watch their challenge that took place in the Malaysian rainforest.
S6 "Watch Party: Christina and Steve"Survivalists Christina McQueen and Steven Hansen reconnect virtually and watch their challenge in the Mexican jungle; they offer fresh perspective and new insights as a lack of food and sleepless nights quickly take a toll on them.
S6 "Watch Party: Trish and Jeremy"Survivalists Trish Bulinsky and Jeremy Upshaw reconnect to catch up with each other and watch their challenge in the Colombian jungle; they offer fresh perspective and new insights as they fight torrential rains, swarming insects and flash floods.
S5, EP5 "All or Nothing"A hunter from Louisiana and a surfer girl from California must survive on a deserted island in the Philippines.
S5, EP4 "The Swarm"Survivalists must endure the jungles of Panama, where disease-carrying insects may prove to be the team's largest threat.
S5, EP3 "The Darkest Hour"A mountain man and a former cop survive in Namibia, which is home to dangerous predators, but inner demons seem to cause more trouble.
S5, EP2 "Fear the Unknown"A person who fears the dark, and believes in Bigfoot, and a tough mother take on the Mayan jungles of Belize.
S5, EP1 "Forsaken"An ex-cop and a "wild child" clash over cuddling in the Panamanian jungle, but when one gets overwhelmed, the other steps up to the plate.
S4, EP12 "Easier Said Than Done"Fans take on a 14-day survival challenge; a mother and an adventurer try to survive the rainforests of Nicaragua.
S4, EP11 "Surthrive"An independent mother and a Green Beret battle sand flies, venomous snakes and an infestation of caiman in Guyana.
S4, EP10 "Redemption Road"A former survivalist returns to for a chance at redemption in the jungle of Guyana, but her priorities differ from her partner's.
S4, EP9 "Garden of Evil"A Navy vet and a military mother face a panther, poisonous sap, and freezing rain in Mexico's Cayo Venado.
S4, EP8 "Bares All: Survival in Close Quarters"Footage of the survivalists reveals good, bad, awkward and weird moments from their various adventures.
S4, EP7 "Colombian Conflict"A New Yorker and a nature-loving vegetarian attempt to survive in the Colombian jungle for three weeks.
S4, EP6 "Lord of the Rats"A workaholic mom and a loner are challenged to survive three weeks in Thailand, where they must compete for food with monkeys and rats.
S4, EP5 "Fire on the Mountain"An avid outdoorsman and a novice survivalist endure the cold nights and a wild fire in the peaks of Udhampur, India.
S4, EP4 "Edge of Madness"Survivalists endure Guyana's equatorial savannah, battling health issues, a breakdown in team dynamic and survival malfunctions.
S4, EP3 "Mayan Sacrifice"A man from Southern California and a survival instructor must survive dehydration, hunger and the threat of caiman in the Yucatan.
S4, EP2 "Rumble in the Jungle"Christina and Steve tackle the Mexican jungle of Quintana Roo for 21 days, but tensions rise between them.
S4, EP1 "Alligator Alley"An Army mother and a Marine test their military survival training to the test in the Florida Everglades.
S3, EP11 "Dunes of Despair"A wilderness instructor and a go-getter battle both hunger and dehydration in the sand dunes of Brazil.
S3, EP10 "Botswana Breakdown"A Seattle banker and a bartender from Rhode Island test their survival skills in the barren plains of Botswana.
S3, EP9 "Nicaragua Nightmare"Armed with a machete and a roll of duct tape, survivalists endure the hot and swampy jungles of Nicaragua.
S3, EP8 "Himalayan Hell"People try to survive for three weeks in the cold of the Himalayan foothills, one survivalist's illness threatens the chances of both of them.
S3, EP7 "Dominica"Corinne Kohlen and Chris Fischer contend with a barren topical terrain as they are dropped on a deserted Dominica beach.
S3, EP6 "Argentina"A survival instructor and a pediatrician brave storms, cold and hunger in Argentina's Yungas Cloud Forest.
S3, EP5 "Nicaragua"Polar opposite survivalists endure the freezing nights and dehydration in the Nicaraguan rain forest.
S3, EP4 "Hearts of Darkness"Survivalists have disagreements while facing extreme heat and crocodile-filled waters in the Cambodian jungle.
S3, EP3 "Blood in the Water"Survivalists must overcome starvation, swarms and accusations to weather the terrain of Andros Island in the Bahamas.
S3, EP2 "Primal Fear"A mountain man and a homeschooling mother must survive the thorny landscape and high temperatures of Namibia.
S3, EP1 "New Season Exposed"The elements involved in creating the adventure series; new survivalists and locations are revealed; unseen footage.
S3 "Snaketacular"Snake highlights from what the survivalists have had to endure; fascinating facts about snakes from all over the world.
S3 "Bares All: Blood, Sweat and Fears"Never-before-seen footage of bare-naked strangers struggling to survive 21 days in some of the harshest environments on Earth.
S3 "Naked and Awkward"Survivalists endure embarrassing moments while filming, including agonizing small talk and hygiene issues.
S2, EP7 "Meltdown in Bolivia"Vincent Pinto and Sabrina Mergenthaler contend with flash floods and heat exhaustion while surviving in a Bolivian jungle.
S2, EP6 "The Pain Forest"Firefighter Fernado Calderon and single mother Samantha Pearson face stubborn storms the Malaysian rainforest.
S2, EP5 "Mayan Misery"Shannon Thomas and Leonard Cassidy attempt to survive in a flooded jungle of Belize alongside poisonous snakes and rabid bats.
S2, EP4 "Paradise Lost"Alana Barfield and Keith Busch attempt to survive on a Fijian island with minimal water and little food.
S2, EP3 "Damned in Africa"Survivalists Jeff and Eva journey to Massif D'lsalo in Madagascar where they face boa constrictors, black widows and unforgiving desert.
S2, EP2 "Man vs. Amazon"Survivalists take on the Amazon and it's dangerous wildlife without any modern conveniences or clothing.
S2, EP1 "Double Jeopardy"Two pairs of strangers must find each other and work together to survive in the Panamanian rain forest.
S2 "Bares All: Starvation, Snakes and Strife"The survivors return with their families to reveal extra footage and provide behind-the-scenes insight.
S1, EP7 "Bares All"The cast returns with their families to reveal never-before-seen footage and behind-the-scenes insight.
"Naked and Afraid"The ubiquitous survival show theme is taken to the next level by stripping it to its bare essentials; two complete strangers - a man and a woman - meet, stranded in a dangerous, desolate location, without food and water, and they're completely naked.
"Bulent and Cat in Colombian Rainforest"Bulent Gurcan and Cat Orza get together virtually to catch up with each other and watch their challenge in the Colombian rainforest. They offer fresh perspective and new insights into their struggles, partner dynamics and survival tactics.
"Skintillating Season Sneak Peek"This season of "Naked and Afraid" will take nudity to places you'll never imagined; watch the premiere on Sunday, Feb. 23 at 8 p.m.
The ubiquitous survival show theme is taken to the next level by stripping it to its bare essentials; two complete strangers - a man and a woman - meet, stranded in a dangerous, desolate location, without food and water, and they're completely naked.
Original Air Date: Jun 23, 2013
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