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Family KarmaFollowing several multi-generational families originally from India who are now taking America by storm.
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S3, EP15 "Love Wins"Amrit and Nicholas' wedding weekend comes to an epic conclusion; Dharma attempts to reconcile with Reshma but is met with mixed results; Bali prepares for a future away from Miami; Monica and Rish reach a crossroads.
S3, EP14 "Wedding Woes"Everyone gathers for Amrit and Nicholas' wedding; tempers flare between the couple and Amrit's parents, threatening to derail the entire weekend; Raj confronts Rish and delivers an ultimatum.
S3, EP13 "Groomzilla"With Amrit and Nicholas' wedding only days away, the Kapais prepare to meet Nicholas' parents for the first time; Monica faces the reality of her rocky relationship; Bali is shocked by her parent's proposition.
S3, EP12 "Holi Moly"It's a colorful Holi as the entire community buzzes over Anisha's engagement deadline; Rish surprises Monica with a romantic date that leaves her hopeful about their future; Vishal and Richa attempt to legally tie the knot again.
S3, EP11 "Analyze Vish"A visit to a fertility clinic results in concerning news for Amrit and Nicholas; Vishal and Richa work on their marriage with a dose of couple's therapy; Brian makes a big move that impacts his parents.
S3, EP10 "Project Karma"Anisha puts everything on the line for a make-or-break fashion show; Vishal and Brian's friendship is tested; Amrit and Nicholas travel to Atlanta for a contentious wedding scout.
S3, EP9 "Cooked and Served"As the aunties and uncles gather for a cook-off, long-simmering tension between Dharma and Reshma comes to a boil; Nicholas struggles with the role his parents will play at his wedding.
S3, EP8 "The Auntie Bunch"When Anisha invites everyone to walk in her fashion show, one friend is surprised to be on the guest list; a perceived snub at Vishal and Richa's wedding threatens the auntie group.
S3, EP7 "The Dysfunctional Dinner"Vishal must shape up to save his marriage to Richa; a family dinner with their moms gets awkward; Monica questions Rish's lack of commitment; Avni hits the brakes on her flirtation with Brian.
S3, EP6 "Bros Before Booze"Rish makes a confession to Monica; Brian attempts to make things right and charm his way back into Amrit's bachelor party; Vishal and Richa hit a breaking point over his drinking.
S3, EP5 "Rumor Has It"The scandalous cheating rumor about Monica and Rish continues to spread throughout the community and ultimately threatens the entire friend group, leading to confrontations, lies and betrayals.
S3, EP4 "Drag Me to Brunch"As the aunties come together for a traditional Guyanese brunch, the kids gather and some chai is spilled when Amrit reveals a shocking rumor about Monica and Rish; Bali must come to terms with a life-altering decision.
S3, EP3 "The Blackout"Recovering from the couple's epic fail of a wedding night, Vishal sets out to make things right with his new wife, Richa; Amrit receives life-changing news from work; Rish asks Monica a very important question.
S3, EP2 "Vish Gets Rich"As Vishal and Richa's final wedding ceremony approaches, Brian sets his sights on Richa's friend Avni, much to his mother's dismay.
S3, EP1 "My Big Fat Indian Wedding"After 10+ years, Vishal and Richa are finally ready to tie the knot with a three-day Bollywood wedding in Mexico; as friends and family gather, however, Anisha is nowhere to be found.
S2, EP9 "One Last Proposal"Vishal plans an epic week of surprises to get the ring back on Richa's finger, but first, their moms must meet up to settle old scores; Anisha considers a life away from home, and the Aunties try to "out party" the kids.
S2, EP4 "Resting Witch Face"When Amrit and Nicholas throw a Halloween housewarming party, long-simmering tensions in the friend group finally come to a head; Brian begins to question his relationship; Monica visits her mom as she tries to repair her fractured family.
S2, EP3 "So You Think You Can Garba?"Vishal and Richa sit down in an attempt to salvage their broken relationship; Anisha, with her eggs now successfully frozen, tests the dating waters; Monica plans a Navratri celebration on the beach, but not everyone makes the guest list.
S2, EP2 "Not So Happy Hour"Anisha wonders what's to follow in her uneventful dating life with her egg retrieval right around the corner; drama between Patel and Vishal continues.
S2, EP1 "Welcome Back Karma"Anisha starts to secure her future by freezing her eggs; Vishal reveals a shocking secret; this tight-knit community is put to the test when an argument breaks out at Brian's 29th birthday bash.
S1, EP8 "An Engagement to Remember"Vishal and Richa's engagement party has finally arrived, and it's up to Vishal to bring the fractured families together one more time; as everyone gathers, relationships are tested when Amrit's mom introduces his boyfriend as only a friend.
S1, EP7 "I Kinda Don't Like You"With his engagement eminent, Vishal prepares for the return of his mother-in-law Lopa, who badmouthed his family at the Gala; Amrit throws a launch party for his new firm, but what starts as a professional event, turns into a circus.
S1, EP6 "Karma's a Beach"It's off to Key West for a weekend of fun in the sun; while Brian and Shaan butt heads, Monica tests Anisha's patience with her good-girl image; storm clouds gather as a game takes a scandalous turn, causing Monica to draw a line in the sand.
S1, EP5 "Frienemies for Life"Vishal wishes to mend his friendship with Anisha at Bali's not-so-friendsgiving.
S1, EP4 "Sari, Not Sari"Diwali may be a time of forgiveness, but some people missed the memo; as an argument between Vishal, Amrit and Bali erupts at the Fire Tower celebration, the friend group is fractured; Amrit welcomes his boyfriend, Nicholas, to town.
S1, EP3 "A Game of Telephone"After telling his feelings to Monica, Brian wishes to get rid of his playboy image and prove they can be more than just friends; Vishal and Anisha's cold war heats up.
S1, EP2 "Family Fun in Flannel"With the dirt about his family out in the open, Vishal sweeps it back under the rug, which doesn't sit well with Anisha; despite the tension, it's all smiles and flannel at a local pumpkin patch until Brian drops a bombshell on Monica.
S1, EP1 "Family Secrets"It's Diwali season, which means new beginnings for Vishal and his fiancé Richa; when Vishal invites his future mother-in-law to the yearly Diwali Gala, she spills the chai on how she really feels about his family.
Following several multi-generational families originally from India who are now taking America by storm.
Original Air Date: Mar 8, 2020
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
3 seasons available on demand (28 episodes)
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