Tyler Perry's Young Dylan

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Tyler Perry's Young DylanAn affluent family's world is turned upside down when their nephew, an aspiring hip-hop star, moves in unannounced.
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S4, EP18 "Rhyme It and They Will Come"During the launch of their label, Dylan and Rebecca must secure a new venue before it's too late.
S4, EP17 "Mo Viral, Mo Problems"After Charlie's video of Dylan performing a dance goes viral, Dylan must recover his reputation.
S4, EP16 "Sleepover Showdown"In an epic sleepover showdown, the girls and boys engage in a fierce battle to claim dominance over the living room.
S4, EP15 "A Very Delivery Van Christmas"Dylan and Charlie's holiday spirit comes to a halt when they are trapped in a delivery van on Christmas Eve.
S4, EP14 "What's Poppin'"When Rebecca embarks on a mission to sell Fun Goo, Dylan accidentally ruins all of her products, causing sabotage to her master plan.
S4, EP13 "Boyz to Men"Deciding they aren't babies anymore, Dylan and Charlie turn their bedroom into a man cave.
S4, EP12 "Model Behavior"After Rebecca is chosen as a model for a hot clothing boutique, Dylan and Bethany will do anything to get her back.
S4, EP11 "Hot Takes"Dylan and Rebecca secure a guest spot on a popular hot wing eating talk show to promote their new record label.
S4, EP10 "Deliver Us From Viola"Dylan and Rebecca hatch up a plan to set Viola up on a date with the delivery man.
S4, EP9 "Picture Perfect"Dylan tries to convince local street artists to create a mural featuring himself resulting in widespread chaos.
S4, EP8 "Best Friends For-Never"Dylan tries to mend a rift between Rebecca and Bethany, only to make matters worse.
S4, EP7 "The Wilson Family"Dylan must deal with his family dressed up for Halloween when the heads of a hot brand stop by to interview him as a potential spokesperson.
S4, EP6 "Dancing With the Sons"Charlie convinces Dylan to stand in for him in the mother-son dance, leading to surprising consequences.
S4, EP5 "So Fresh, So Clean"After getting hit rapper Pi'erre Bourne for their first single, Dylan and Rebecca must find a way to recoup money to hire him.
S4, EP4 "Artificial Intelligence"While receiving tutoring from Bethany, Dylan's decision to cheat leads to sabotaging Bethany's class presentation.
S4, EP3 "Wilson vs. Wilson"Charlie enlists Dylan to help run his campaign for school ambassador against their mutual enemy Ace.
S4, EP2 "No Camping, No Problem"When the family vacation entails an unwanted camping trip, Dylan and Rebecca devise a plan to sabotage.
S4, EP1 "Build It and They Will Flow"Dylan and Rebecca unexpectedly play the role of magician's assistant, while determined to return a cash-filled lock box to its rightful owner.
S3, EP19 "Between a Roach and a Hard Place"When he's hired to perform his hit viral song for a commercial, Dylan's artistic integrity is tested; Charlie must give a school presentation on someone in his family tree.
S3, EP18 "The GOAT"Dylan has a realization about his true family; Rebecca and Bethany get invited to the cool girl group chat.
S3, EP17 "Who's the Boss"Dylan and Charlie come face to face with their tyrant boss at the school store; Rebecca hires a conniving lab assistant who tries to sabotage her chances of entering the school's science program.
S3, EP16 "Burning After Reading"After discovering Dylan has read her diary, Bethany, with the help of Rebecca, decides to set him up for disaster.
S3, EP15 "Principal Party Pooper"Rebecca, Dylan and crew use Rebecca's anonymous online advice blog to control Principal Matthews.
S3, EP14 "Curse This Verse"Rebecca puts a curse on Dylan; Charlie orchestrates both dinner and the perfect gift for his parents' anniversary.
An affluent family's world is turned upside down when their nephew, an aspiring hip-hop star, moves in unannounced.
Original Air Date: Feb 29, 2020
Genres: ComedyTV Series
Rating: TVG
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (24 episodes)
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