Return to the Pride Lands
S3, EP19 "Return to the Pride Lands"
On Demand
When the Lion Guard returns to the Pride Lands, they discover Vitani has formed her own Lion Guard in their absence.
Original Air Date: Nov 03, 2019 • Disney Junior • 25m
Journey to the Pride Lands
S3, EP18 "Journey to the Pride Lands"
On Demand
After learning that the Pride Lands are threatened, Kion uses the Roar to help the Lion Guard return home as soon as possible.
Original Air Date: Nov 02, 2019 • Disney Junior • 24m
Triumph of the Roar
S3, EP17 "Triumph of the Roar"
On Demand
When a new army of predators seizes control of the Tree of Life, it's up to Kion to channel his Roar to drive out the bad guys.
Original Air Date: Oct 27, 2019 • Disney Junior • 23m
The Lake of Reflection
S3, EP16 "The Lake of Reflection"
On Demand
When Kion's confidence as a leader is lacking, the Lake of Reflection flashes back to a young Lion Guard, helping Kion remember his past and embrace his role as a leader.
Original Air Date: Oct 26, 2019 • Disney Junior • 23m
Long Live the Queen
S3, EP15 "Long Live the Queen"
On Demand
When Rani worries she isn't ready to become queen, Makini reveals the special gift Queen Janna left for her.
Original Air Date: Oct 20, 2019 • Disney Junior • 23m
Poa the Destroyer
S3, EP14 "Poa the Destroyer"
On Demand
While touring the Tree of Life, looking to make new friends, Beshte accidentally frightens the community.
Original Air Date: Oct 19, 2019 • Disney Junior • 23m
Little Old Ginterbong
S3, EP13 "Little Old Ginterbong"
On Demand
Mama Binturong pretends to be an animal in need and enters the Tree of Life to gather information for the villains.
Original Air Date: Oct 13, 2019 • Disney Junior • 23m
The River of Patience
S3, EP12 "The River of Patience"
On Demand
While Kion heals at the Tree of Life, villains attack; Kion is eager to defend the Tree but must learn to focus and find patience in order to heal fully.
Original Air Date: Oct 12, 2019 • Disney Junior • 23m
The Tree of Life
S3, EP11 "The Tree of Life"
On Demand
The Lion Guard is thrilled to be at the end of its journey to the Tree of Life; the celebration is cut short when the Night Pride mistakes the Guard for a threat and attacks.
Original Air Date: Oct 06, 2019 • Disney Junior • 23m
Friends to the End
S3, EP10 "Friends to the End"
On Demand
Ever closer to the Tree of Life, Kion's scar bothers him more than ever, causing Bunga to think that the venom in Kion's body is turning him evil.
Original Air Date: Oct 05, 2019 • Disney Junior • 23m
Mama Binturong
S3, EP9 "Mama Binturong"
On Demand
The Guard's ability to find the Tree of Life disappears when Makini's staff is stolen by a scheming Binturong.
Original Air Date: Sep 29, 2019 • Disney Junior • 23m
The Race to Tuliza
S3, EP8 "The Race to Tuliza"
On Demand
Fuli gets lost in the territory of a male cheetah, Azaad, who refuses to show her the way out until she races him; Kion's patience is tested by a group of raucous flamingos.
Original Air Date: Sep 28, 2019 • Disney Junior • 23m
Journey of Memories
S3, EP7 "Journey of Memories"
On Demand
When Makini's memories of her first journey to the Tree of Life result in getting the Guard lost in the desert, they must learn to travel by night and navigate by the stars.
Original Air Date: Sep 22, 2019 • Disney Junior • 23m
Dragon Island
S3, EP6 "Dragon Island"
On Demand
When the Lion Guard ventures onto a peninsula to find the next moja kwa moja stone, they're attacked by Komodo dragons.
Original Air Date: Sep 21, 2019 • Disney Junior • 23m
Marsh of Mystery
S3, EP5 "Marsh of Mystery"
On Demand
When Makini chases some mysterious blue lights, she and Ono get trapped in a cave.
Original Air Date: Sep 15, 2019 • Disney Junior • 23m
Ghost of the Mountain
S3, EP4 "Ghost of the Mountain"
On Demand
The Lion Guard must protect a pack of red pandas from the Ghost of the Mountain when they claim Bunga as their "Chosen One."
Original Air Date: Sep 14, 2019 • Disney Junior • 23m
The Accidental Avalanche
S3, EP3 "The Accidental Avalanche"
On Demand
Kion must make amends when he loses control of his roar and accidentally harms a snow monkey habitat.
Original Air Date: Sep 08, 2019 • Disney Junior • 23m
The Harmattan
S3, EP2 "The Harmattan"
On Demand
A powerful dust storm called the harmattan traps the Guard and Makucha's leopards; Ono uses his knowledge of the harmattan to send Makucha and his cronies into a whirlwind.
Original Air Date: Sep 07, 2019 • Disney Junior • 23m
Battle for the Pride Lands
S3, EP1 "Battle for the Pride Lands"
On Demand
Scar devises a scheme to destroy the Lion Guard, and the battle leaves its members forever changed; following the battle, the Lion Guard sets off for the Tree of Life.
Original Air Date: Aug 03, 2019 • Disney Junior • 53m