Dressed to Kill

S12, EP8 "Dressed to Kill"

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The final teams face off in an epic showdown as Zak Bagans takes them to the haunted catacombs in Paris; host Eddie Jackson and fellow judges Shinmin Li and Aarti Sequeira crown a winner to claim the title of Halloween Wars champions.

Original Air Date: Oct 30, 2022 • Food Network HD • 41m
Killer Waves

S12, EP7 "Killer Waves"

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Three teams battle it out in the rough waters of the semifinals as Eddie asks them to dive into their deepest fears, inspired by the dark and haunted sea that surrounds Cape Disappointment in Washington.

Original Air Date: Oct 23, 2022 • Food Network HD • 42m
Boos and Booze

S12, EP6 "Boos and Booze"

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Eddie challenges the four remaining teams to conjure up a ghostly rave party inspired by the haunted Shanghai Tunnels of Portland, Ore.

Original Air Date: Oct 16, 2022 • Food Network HD • 41m
All Dolled Up

S12, EP5 "All Dolled Up"

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Eddie introduces the five remaining teams to The Island of the Dolls in Mexico City and the competitors tackle another challenge.

Original Air Date: Oct 09, 2022 • Food Network HD • 42m
A Coven of Confections

S12, EP4 "A Coven of Confections"

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Six teams face off for the first time in the main competition, hoping to impress the judges; Eddie introduces them to the haunted city of Salem, Mass., and a coven of witches that is looking for revenge.

Original Air Date: Oct 02, 2022 • Food Network HD • 41m
Monsters of London

S12, EP2 "Monsters of London"

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Eddie Jackson shares the haunted Hellfire Caves in London and the monsters that haunt them; the three teams create Halloween-themed displays, and the judges send two more teams to the next round.

Original Air Date: Sep 22, 2022 • Food Network HD • 42m