Before the Beginning
S2, EP21 "Before the Beginning"
This sitcom follows the lives of two fun-loving newlyweds and their preteen stepsiblings, polar opposites who must now somehow learn to be harmonious siblings. While the setup may sound like an all-too typical family comedy, that's where the similarity ends and the hilarity begins. At numerous points in each episode, the scripted high jinks are interrupted by the sound of a foghorn. As the actors retreat backstage, the studio audience uses electronic devices to select which of three comedic scenarios they would like to see take place next. Votes are cast, the crew quickly resets, and the actors return to the stage to "Just Roll With It," relying on their improvisational skills to move the story along and hopefully generate laughs in the process. Succeed or fail, the unpredictability inherent in the show's "can they pull this off" element certainly makes for an interesting twist on the traditional sitcom.
Original Air Date: May 14, 2021 • Disney Channel • 24m
Lightning and Lockdown
S2, EP20 "Lightning and Lockdown"
Gator helps the family create its own scary night of frights after a lightning storm prevents it from seeing a highly anticipated zombie film.
Original Air Date: May 07, 2021 • Disney Channel • 24m
Blair Bennett: Child Activist
S2, EP19 "Blair Bennett: Child Activist"
When Frank Morris Middle starts serving new, inedible lunches, Blair sees an opportunity to skip class by becoming a student activist.
Original Air Date: Apr 30, 2021 • Disney Channel • 24m
In Da Club
S2, EP17 "In Da Club"
When Blair gets caught selling the coveted after school club spots she's signed up for, Byron and Rachel force her to attend every club to teach her a lesson.
Original Air Date: Apr 16, 2021 • Disney Channel • 24m
The Great Switchy Witchy
S2, EP16 "The Great Switchy Witchy"
When the parents and kids grow irritated with each other, they switch places for the day to determine which is harder, being a kid or being an adult.
Original Air Date: Apr 09, 2021 • Disney Channel • 23m
A League Of Their Owen
S2, EP15 "A League Of Their Owen"
The Bennett-Blatts take part in a charity sporting event to raise money for the local kids club.
Original Air Date: Apr 02, 2021 • Disney Channel • 24m
Warlock World: War of the Warlocks
S2, EP14 "Warlock World: War of the Warlocks"
The Bennett-Blatts visit a local comic convention, and Owen, Byron and Rachel test out a new VR game.
Original Air Date: Mar 26, 2021 • Disney Channel • 24m
The Blair Crush Project
S2, EP13 "The Blair Crush Project"
A sitcom about fun-loving newlyweds and their polar-opposite stepsiblings gets an improvisational twist as members of the studio audience vote on the direction of key scenes in each episode.
Original Air Date: Dec 11, 2020 • Disney Channel • 24m
Just Reminisce With It!
S2, EP13 "Just Reminisce With It!"
Blair's homework assignment is to write a story about the most interesting thing about her family; Byron, Rachel and Owen try to one-up each other.
Original Air Date: Mar 19, 2021 • Disney Channel • 24m