Rose Route

S8, EP10 "Rose Route"

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The Mayor cuts deals all over town to secure the perfect route for the Portland Marathon; Fred and Carrie decide to run to break their addiction to news alerts; Candace's house guest Dolly quickly becomes her new best friend.

Original Air Date: Mar 22, 2018 • AMC Premiere • 22m
Long Way Back

S8, EP9 "Long Way Back"

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The Weirdos lose their favorite trash can, which takes an unexpected journey throughout the city; Malcolm and Kris visit their pediatrician; Peter and Nance wonder why they've never been hacked; Fred and Carrie just give up.

Original Air Date: Mar 15, 2018 • AMC Premiere • 21m
Peter Follows P!nk

S8, EP8 "Peter Follows P!nk"

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Peter and Nance interact with celebrities on social media; Fred gives Carrie a rock n' roll remodel; James rides his bike to work; Gil and George say hello to Toni and Candace.

Original Air Date: Mar 08, 2018 • AMC Premiere • 22m
Most Pro City

S8, EP7 "Most Pro City"

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The Mayor sets out to prove Portland's diversity; text message drama unfolds during a business meeting; activists on a hunger strike take a cheat day; drivers communicate via hand signals.

Original Air Date: Mar 01, 2018 • AMC Premiere • 22m
You Do You

S8, EP6 "You Do You"

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Sandra discovers she can have it all; Jamie's co-workers help her get over a cold; Fred and Carrie prepare for a natural disaster; Kathleen and Dave learn how to take photo booth pictures.

Original Air Date: Feb 22, 2018 • AMC Premiere • 22m
Open Relationship

S8, EP5 "Open Relationship"

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Doug and Claire try an open relationship; Shannon gets help parallel parking; a company uses VR for a meeting; the Mayor waits for a helicopter; Fred steps on a snail.

Original Air Date: Feb 15, 2018 • AMC Premiere • 22m

S8, EP4 "Abracadabra"

On Demand

Nina and Lance tell how they met; Peter and Nance look forward to breakfast; a couple uses distraction cancelling glasses; Malcolm and Kris get involved at a community meeting.

Original Air Date: Feb 08, 2018 • AMC Premiere • 22m
No Thank You

S8, EP3 "No Thank You"

On Demand

Fred and Carrie help Rachel navigate dating apps; Kathleen and Dave take on an escape room; Doug gives his friends benefit fatigue; Andy and Drew swear off women; Joey tries therapy.

Original Air Date: Feb 01, 2018 • AMC Premiere • 22m
Shared Workspace

S8, EP2 "Shared Workspace"

On Demand

Toni and Candace get involved in healthcare; Peter and Nance deal with a sushi situation; Kathleen becomes the first female partner at her firm; a single guy interrupts a couples' dinner.

Original Air Date: Jan 25, 2018 • AMC Premiere • 21m
Riot Spray

S8, EP1 "Riot Spray"

On Demand

Spyke gets his old band back together; podcasters investigate a police station; Candace brings Toni to her childhood summer home; Brendan and Michelle consider buying a van.

Original Air Date: Jan 18, 2018 • AMC Premiere • 22m