Everyone's Invited
S4, EP13 "Everyone's Invited"
On Demand
Ethan, Olivia, Micah and Moriah celebrate Ethan's birthday in Jamaica, but the trip takes a turn when Micah and Moriah confront Olivia about her issues with Kim; Barry arranges a river trip and Olivia makes a tough decision.
Original Air Date: Aug 02, 2022 • TLC • 86m
You Know What You Did
S4, EP12 "You Know What You Did"
On Demand
Micah goes on a romantic first date; despite the turmoil from the day at Joshua's gravesite, Ethan surprises Olivia with something special; Moriah's frustration with Olivia continues to brew; Kim is shocked when she learns Ethan wants to talk.
Original Air Date: Aug 01, 2022 • TLC • 43m
I'm Done Choosing
S4, EP11 "I'm Done Choosing"
On Demand
The Plath children all gather at the farm to celebrate Joshua, but when Olivia learns Kim is included at the gravesite visit, tensions quickly rise; Moriah's frustration with Olivia grows and a request from Ethan shocks Kim.
Original Air Date: Jul 26, 2022 • TLC • 43m
I Wasn't Invited
S4, EP10 "I Wasn't Invited"
On Demand
Micah bartends at his friend's art show, where things heat up with Antia; the rest of the family reunites with Barry in Cairo, but Kim is excluded because Ethan and Olivia do not want to see her.
Original Air Date: Jul 19, 2022 • TLC • 43m
You Have a Lot of Nerve
S4, EP9 "You Have a Lot of Nerve"
On Demand
Kim and Micah share first-ever cocktails together; Kim reveals the reasoning behind her parenting choices; Ethan and Barry finally make amends, but Ethan keeps new secrets from Olivia; Lydia asks Kim tough questions.
Original Air Date: Jul 12, 2022 • TLC • 43m
I Feel Like a Cow
S4, EP8 "I Feel Like a Cow"
On Demand
Barry reaches out to Ethan after two years with shocking news; Ethan's hesitation about seeing his mom leaves Kim feeling excluded from an important family discussion; Moriah and Olivia rebel against their past and try pole dancing.
Original Air Date: Jul 05, 2022 • TLC • 43m
Eyes Down!
S4, EP7 "Eyes Down!"
On Demand
Micah celebrates a wild 21st birthday at a strip club with Ethan and Olivia; Moriah confronts Lydia about her recent meet ups with Max; Kim moves back home, and she and Barry discuss the future of their relationship.
Original Air Date: Jun 28, 2022 • TLC • 43m
Dirty Little Sinners
S4, EP6 "Dirty Little Sinners"
On Demand
Tensions run high in Tampa as Ethan returns home from Cairo to face Olivia; Moriah's ex-boyfriend posts a video on social media that releases a new flood of emotions; Kim comes to visit Moriah and opens up about her own relationship issues.
Original Air Date: Jun 21, 2022 • TLC • 43m
I Was Born in the Dining Room
S4, EP5 "I Was Born in the Dining Room"
On Demand
Olivia feels shocked when Ethan reveals that he's been keeping a secret from her for months; Micah goes on a double date; Kim opens up to the little girls about her separation, resulting in some very tense discussion.
Original Air Date: Jun 14, 2022 • TLC • 43m
Double Life
S4, EP4 "Double Life"
On Demand
Kim and Barry's marital issues become undeniable, leaving the family reeling; Ethan keeps a secret from Olivia, but gets forced to reveal his hidden past; Moriah spends a cozy night talking with Nathan; Micah tries Indian food for the first time.
Original Air Date: Jun 07, 2022 • TLC • 43m
Missed Myself
S4, EP3 "Missed Myself"
On Demand
Moriah tags along with Micah to go to LA; Ethan has a big secret he's keeping from Olivia; tensions rise when Kim invites Nigel, a friend from the gym, to the house for dinner.
Original Air Date: May 31, 2022 • TLC • 43m
I Took Things a Little Too Far
S4, EP2 "I Took Things a Little Too Far"
On Demand
Micah meets with Max to get to the bottom of Max and Moriah's breakup; the divide between Kim and Barry quickly grows; Moriah opens up to her family about her breakup.
Original Air Date: May 24, 2022 • TLC • 43m
The Universe Had Different Plans
S4, EP1 "The Universe Had Different Plans"
On Demand
Kim shares a shocking revelation; Moriah hides a massive secret; Ethan and Olivia continue to mend their marriage in Tampa; Micah takes in all that Los Angeles has to offer.
Original Air Date: May 17, 2022 • TLC • 43m