Blue's Snowy Day Surprise
S3, EP5 "Blue's Snowy Day Surprise"
Airs: Dec 06, 2021
Josh and Blue play a wintry game of Blue's Clues to figure out what her surprise is; along the way, they make shapes in the snow with their friends and sing a snow day song with Mo Snow.
Nickelodeon • 30m
A Blue's Clues Festival of Lights
S3, EP4 "A Blue's Clues Festival of Lights"
On Demand
A special, surprise guest comes to Periwinkle's house to celebrate Chanukah; Josh and Blue play Blue's Clues to figure out who the surprise guest is, and celebrate the holiday by spinning dreidels, frying latkes, and singing.
Original Air Date: Nov 26, 2021 • Nick Jr. • 23m
The Ghost of the Living Room
S3, EP2 "The Ghost of the Living Room"
On Demand
Josh and Blue are throwing a Halloween party and all their friends are in costume; Blue's a unicorn, Magenta's a mouse, but nobody knows who the silly ghost is.
Original Air Date: Oct 18, 2021 • Nick Jr. • 23m
Our New Neighbor!
S3, EP1 "Our New Neighbor!"
On Demand
Josh and Blue have some big news; Periwinkle just moved in next door; how to help Periwinkle feel welcome and learn more about the new kitten neighbor.
Original Air Date: Oct 01, 2021 • Nick Jr. • 23m