S3, EP10 "ONE!"
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On New Year's Eve in 1989, Mo's "wedding day," he and Dawn, Blair, Keith and Yassir work together to make sure they live to see another decade.
Original Air Date: Aug 01, 2021 • Showtime East • 30m
S3, EP9 "TWO!"
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Mo tries to make his own bachelor party happenin'; a killer is still on the loose; Keith enjoys his social status upgrade until someone unexpected returns.
Original Air Date: Jul 25, 2021 • Showtime East • 29m
S3, EP8 "THREE!"
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Dawn prepares for her upcoming move only to find that Mo's attempt to help her has backfired; Blair realizes that the killer is inside the house; Keith needs a job.
Original Air Date: Jul 18, 2021 • Showtime East • 29m
S3, EP7 "FOUR!"
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Mo and Dawn work through some differences as Nomi's star rises; Blair and Tiff schmooze a VIP; Keith tries to rekindle things with Mike.
Original Air Date: Jul 11, 2021 • Showtime East • 29m
S3, EP6 "FIVE!"
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The group is thrust back together in a black-site interrogation turned group-therapy session.
Original Air Date: Jun 27, 2021 • Showtime East • 29m
S3, EP5 "SIX!"
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Mo and Dawn clash over Nomi's musical future; Keith, Tiff and Corkie team up to make a damage-control commercial for Pfaffashions; Blair gets a panic room to panic in.
Original Air Date: Jun 20, 2021 • Showtime East • 29m
S3, EP4 "SEVEN!"
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Mo tries to keep up with Nomi, but he comes to realize that he can't party like he used to; Dawn's attempt to get him to slow down backfires; Pastor Newell's funeral planning goes off the rails and ends with a bang.
Original Air Date: Jun 13, 2021 • Showtime East • 29m
S3, EP3 "EIGHT!"
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Dawn puts on a show for her parole officer; Blair puts on a show for the RNC; Mo makes a big personal announcement; Keith tries to please Larry; Blair shoots for political points.
Original Air Date: Jun 06, 2021 • Showtime East • 29m
S3, EP2 "NINE!"
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Keith thinks he's the business-wiz; Tiff and Corkie need to rebrand and refinance Pfaffashions; Dawn and Mo negotiate their new work-life balance; Blair has a near-death sexperience and makes a new frienemesis.
Original Air Date: May 30, 2021 • Showtime East • 30m
S3, EP1 "TEN!"
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Mo makes his first discovery as a jazz producer; Dawn's still serving time for masterminding Black Monday; Blair learns the hard way how to play politics; Keith discovers that the late Lenny Leighman has some big follicles to fill.
Original Air Date: May 23, 2021 • Showtime East • 30m