Fastest Cars in the Dirty South

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Fastest Cars in the Dirty SouthEric Malone and his team customize and create cars for grudge racing.
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S3, EP8 "Out of the Rubber Ashes"After a crushing defeat, Team Outkast is limping and wounded, but not out; they'll have to regroup to take on this new team's biggest challenge yet when they face Detroit's Jay Payso and his battalion of Fastest Cars in the Motor City.
S3, EP7 "Grudge in Motor City"Dodge challenges Eric Malone to a grudge shootout on Woodward Avenue, where he'll go up against social media stars to build the fastest Hellcat; Team Outkast runs into trouble with Jay Payso, who claims he has the Fastest Cars in Motor City.
S3, EP6 "Kings of Grudge"Malcolm Storey has pulled together a force that just might be able to match the strength of Team 256; with Dayne Hearn's motor down and Malcolm fighting gremlins in his car Lil' Duke, the newly named Team Outkast could be in for a slaughter.
S3, EP5 "No Fast Redemption"Malcolm and his team are on a roll; a challenging path lies ahead for Eric, and he could use all the help he can get.
S3, EP4 "Faster Disaster"As Malcolm puts the pieces together for a new team, a former rival seeks help on a big wager; this may be a chance to make a splash on the racing scene.
S3, EP3 "All Torqued Up"Dayne Hearn tells Team 256 about Malcolm Storey's new grudge racing team; Malcolm works on pulling Brant Arnold away from his custom trucking business to join Malcolm's grudge force and go head-to-head against Eric Malone.
S3, EP2 "Grudge of Thrones"Eric puts his team to the test to restore a speedy S-10; to claim victory, they'll need to defeat a fast Mustang built by the 256 two years ago.
S3, EP1 "Build Back Badder"Eric Malone confronts Team 256 about last year's race against the Memphis 10 that divided the team; Malcolm Storey gets the boot.
S2, EP8 "No Race No Glory"Everyone has been working all season to prepare for the 256 versus the Memphis 10. Grudge racing is known as a gentleman's sport, but when all the racers pull into the dragstrip, it's like someone turns up the flame on a simmering pot.
S2, EP7 "Back on Track"Eric Malone and his team customize and create cars for grudge racing.
S2, EP6 "The Family Impala"The 256 has a rusty old 1968 Impala that Brant and Eric believe can be a sleeper on the race track; with the Memphis 10 race approaching fast, they ask James Rowlett to lend a hand and convert this old family car into a bad-to-the-bones turbo.
S2, EP5 "What a Nightmaro"Team member Dayne Hearn has a street-legal Camaro collecting dust, and mouse droppings, in his garage; it's going to need more than just a little cleanup; the 256 will need to upgrade the car with fresh parts and tune it up for a street-style track.
S2, EP4 "Building a Legend"Brant Arnold recruits his 256 teammates to help rebuild local legend Jumping Jim Barnett's dilapidated 89 Camaro; they muscle the car back together, hoping to learn some of old Jims race-winning secrets.
S2, EP3 "Triple F Rated"A Chevy Caprice has the bones to become a flashy and fun donk car, but it's missing speed; Eric Malone, Brant Arnold and James Rowlett scheme to build a donk with a Triple F rating: flashy, fun and fast.
S2, EP2 "Fast Focus"The 256 takes a young racer who is losing a lot this racing season and tries to turn him into a success at one of Alabama's biggest grudge race events.
S2, EP1 "The Wrecking Bull"After a terrible start to the racing season and a wreck that nearly blew up one of the team cars, the 256 pulls together to help Britt Berryhill rebuild the Bull, as a new team in town threatens to take their title as the fastest cars.
S1, EP9 "The Vega's Swan Song"The newly painted Vega is ready for testing at last, but they need to get it down the track in under five seconds in order to beat James Rowlette and his Boost of Burden Mustang.
S1, EP8 "Making Up Takes a Braveheart Camaro"Brant has taken his new Camaro to his own shop while the 256 team works to build a Vega from stock.
S1, EP7 "A Mustang's Second Chance"Eric has been called to rescue an 06' Mustang that was top of the line in its heyday, but has been sitting in a garage for a decade.
S1, EP6 "Malibu Twins"Eric and Brant rebuild a second Malibu into a twin G-body then test it's speed against the previous build.
S1, EP5 "Dirty Dodge Dart Swinger"The 256 team is challenged with whipping Kenny Ford's old Dodge Dart into shape in time for Radial Fest, Alabama's biggest street car race.
S1, EP4 "The Grand Prix Storey"Tension is high while the 256 team scrambles to come up with a plan for James Rowlette's Vega; the race between the 442 and Riley, Malcolm Storey's Grand Prix is approaching.
S1, EP3 "The First 48 Mustang"Eric Malone thinks he can make Jeff Hunt's slowest car, the First 48, outrun his fastest car, Homicide.
Eric Malone and his team customize and create cars for grudge racing.
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