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City HunterA legendary gunman and private detective takes in his murdered partner's sister, who who ends up helping him fight crime in Tokyo.
S1, EP26 "Episode 26"A rich father hires Ryo to keep an eye on his 18-year-old daughter when she starts working at a fast food place.
S1, EP27 "Episode 27"Umibozu turns out to have a soft spot, as he's been using an assumed name to send money to the daughter of his deceased friend.
S1, EP28 "Episode 28"An assassin tries to kill the daughter of Umibozu's friend at a violin concert.
S1, EP29 "Episode 29"A young girl hires Ryo to protect a children's book author from her dangerous former editor.
S1, EP30 "Episode 30"When a wealthy adventurer goes missing in Alaska, his nephew hires Ryo as a bodyguard so he can stay alive long enough to inherit his uncle's fortune.
S1, EP31 "Episode 31"A rich young woman hires Ryo to get the guy she likes to quit his biker gang.
S1, EP32 "Don't Die Ryo: Hard Boiled Magnum"Ryo goes up against a master assassin who has come to Japan to assassinate the president of another country.
S1, EP33 "Episode 33"Umibozu falls in love with a freelance reporter masquerading as a restaurant pianist so she can investigate a crooked politician.
S1, EP34 "Episode 34"A mother drops her daughter off at Ryo's place with a note that the little girl is being targeted.
S1, EP35 "Episode 35"Ryo is hired as the bodyguard of a popular newscaster who is doing a story on the link between a major politician and the Yakuza.
S1, EP36 "Episode 36"The college student stepdaughter of a wealthy industrialist has seemingly attempted suicide twice, but Ryo finds out that someone wants her dead.
S1, EP37 "Episode 37"Ryo isn't happy when the lackeys of a Yakuza boss plow into one of his favorite establishments with a bulldozer.
S1, EP38 "Episode 38"The daughter of a Yakuza boss becomes Ryo's disciple, but also confesses to Kaori that she dreams of a normal life.
S1, EP39 "Episode 39"After saving a young woman from a girl gang, Ryo learns that she's amnesiac, only able to remember her name.
S1, EP40 "Episode 40"Ryo teams up with an insurance investigator to retrieve a stolen diamond, the Smile of Cleopatra.
S1, EP41 "Episode 41"When a private investigator opens up shop next door, Ryo is startled to learn his new rival is Saeko's little sister, a former police detective.
S1, EP42 "Episode 42"Reika Nogami reveals to Ryo that someone high up in the chain of police command has Yakuza connections and is responsible for her former partner's murder.
S1, EP43 "Episode 43"An orphaned best-selling poet seeks Ryo's help after being constantly harassed by perverts recently.
S1, EP44 "Episode 44"Trouble brews after the two young brother's of Ryo's hairdresser find a bag of stolen money in an abandoned building.
S1, EP45 "Episode 45"The president of a company hires Ryo to guard his three daughters at a ski chalet while he goes off to complete a business merger that makes some people very angry.
S1, EP46 "Episode 46"Ryo encounters a pickpocket while out shopping with Kaori.
S1, EP47 "Episode 47"When an explosion in a billiards hall leaves a hustler maimed, Ryo steps in to make sure the hustler's daughter's big game isn't marred by her opponent's dirty pool.
S1, EP48 "Episode 48"Ryo is hired to safeguard the house of a young widow plagued by a thief, who keeps coming to raid her late husband's fine art collection.
S1, EP49 "Episode 49"Ryo helps a nun who lost her rosary while spending one drunken night of freedom before saying her vows.
S1, EP50 "Episode 50"The mafia organization responsible for Makimura's death is back in Japan and their first move is getting rid of Umibozu.
S1, EP51 "Episode 51"It's Ryo to the rescue when Kaori is held captive by the mafia on a cargo ship in Tokyo Bay.
S1, EP25 "Episode 25"Ryo teams up with a blonde sweeper from another country to track down a tank smuggling operation.
S1, EP24 "A Rosy Hospital Stay?; An Angel in White in Danger"Ryo is hospitalized so he can protect a nurse who has suddenly inherited a fortune from one of her former patients.
S1, EP23 "Buzz Buzz Buzz Go the Killer Bees; A Bride Fallen From the Sky"Ryo helps a runaway bride dodge her fiance and his murderous father.
S1, EP22 "Episode 22"While Ryo tags along with Kaori to a lingerie fashion show, Ryo accidentally saves the life of one of the models named Arisa; Arisa seduces Ryo into becoming her new bodyguard/boyfriend to protect her from an onslaught of kidnappers.
S1, EP21 "Episode 21"Saeko tricks Ryo into protecting a rich old American friend of hers who's on the run from assassins.
A legendary gunman and private detective takes in his murdered partner's sister, who who ends up helping him fight crime in Tokyo.
Original Air Date: Apr 6, 1987
Genres: Kids/FamilyTV Series
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (5 episodes)
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