S1, EP10 "Reckoning"
Both sides of McCall's life converge when her daughter Delilah and her school friends are threatened by a European crime syndicate for being eyewitnesses to the outfit's execution of a drug cartel boss.
Original Air Date: May 23, 2021 • CBS • 44m
S1, EP8 "Lifeline"
The daughter of McCall's deceased CIA mentor is pursued by a hit squad in France; Aunt Vi becomes suspicious when McCall skips out on another family night for work.
Original Air Date: May 09, 2021 • CBS • 44m
Hunting Grounds
S1, EP7 "Hunting Grounds"
McCall races to find a woman kidnapped by a serial killer whose past crimes went undetected because the victims were from marginalized communities; trouble arises for McCall when her vigilante activity puts her on a district attorney's radar.
Original Air Date: May 02, 2021 • CBS • 44m
The Room Where It Happens
S1, EP6 "The Room Where It Happens"
McCall tries to help a despondent college student being threatened by someone working for a rising politician; McCall worries when Delilah starts hanging out with a young girl who served time in juvenile detention.
Original Air Date: Apr 04, 2021 • CBS • 44m
The Milk Run
S1, EP5 "The Milk Run"
When McCall tries to locate a missing British mathematician, she finds herself embroiled in an international fight for a revolutionary financial technology.
Original Air Date: Mar 28, 2021 • CBS • 43m
It Takes a Village
S1, EP4 "It Takes a Village"
McCall investigates a community activist's staged suicide and uncovers a connection between his murder and his protests over local real estate development; Delilah's driving lessons lead McCall and Aunt Vi to teach her an even bigger lesson.
Original Air Date: Feb 28, 2021 • CBS • 43m
Judgment Day
S1, EP3 "Judgment Day"
McCall tries to help an escaped prisoner who is wrongly accused of murder; McCall worries when her daughter, Delilah, stops hanging out with a close friend; Dante's search for McCall takes an unexpected turn.
Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2021 • CBS • 44m
S1, EP2 "Glory"
A mother's son is kidnapped by a human trafficker and will be executed unless McCall steals confidential information from her FBI agent employer; McCall enlists Aunt Vi to help uncover a secret Delilah is keeping from them both.
Original Air Date: Feb 14, 2021 • CBS • 43m
The Equalizer
S1, EP1 "The Equalizer"
Robyn McCall, an enigmatic former CIA operative, must use her extensive skills to help a teenager accused of murder and on the run from the criminals who framed her for the crime.
Original Air Date: Feb 07, 2021 • CBS • 44m