S1, EP12 "Salsa"
Kat asks Max to help her learn how to salsa dance to impress Oscar; Phil bakes a bun that looks exactly like a celebrity.
Original Air Date: Mar 18, 2021 • FOX • 22m
Moving In
S1, EP11 "Moving In"
With Daniel out of town on the day of Randi's big move to his place, Kat offers to help her and discovers an unexpected secret about Daniel's past; Max offers to help tutor Carter's son in English.
Original Air Date: Mar 11, 2021 • FOX • 22m
Business Council
S1, EP10 "Business Council"
When Carter helps Kat get elected to the local business council, a rift forms in their friendship when she doesn't vote in his favor to keep the bar open later; Sheila asks Max to help her move some of her furniture to make room for her boyfriend.
Original Air Date: Mar 04, 2021 • FOX • 21m
First Date
S1, EP9 "First Date"
Kat deals with nerves over her first date with Oscar; Randi tries to figure out the perfect anniversary gift for Daniel.
Original Air Date: Feb 25, 2021 • FOX • 22m