An Inferior Product
S1, EP5 "An Inferior Product"
Stabler faces the consequences of a failed drug bust; Bell is forced to choose between the job and her family; Gina gets an unexpected visitor.
NBC • 60m
The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
S1, EP4 "The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of"
While the Wheatleys celebrate an important birthday, Benson joins a Stabler family gathering; Bell investigates an accidental death; Jet gets some offsite experience.
Original Air Date: Apr 22, 2021 • NBC • 42m
Say Hello to My Little Friend
S1, EP3 "Say Hello to My Little Friend"
Stabler and Bell team up to investigate a major lead; Wheatley makes moves to elevate his business.
Original Air Date: Apr 15, 2021 • NBC • 42m
Not Your Father's Organized Crime
S1, EP2 "Not Your Father's Organized Crime"
Bell and Stabler welcome two new faces to the task force, and they investigate two seemingly unrelated crimes in hopes they'll be connected back to their case.
Original Air Date: Apr 08, 2021 • NBC • 42m
What Happens in Puglia
S1, EP1 "What Happens in Puglia"
Elliot Stabler returns to the NYPD to take on the city's most powerful organized crime syndicates and rebuild his life in the wake of a devastating personal loss.
Original Air Date: Apr 01, 2021 • NBC • 42m