Hair Show
S1, EP10 "Hair Show"
Kenan, Rick, Gary and Mika prepare the girls for the annual Atlanta Hair Show, but Kenan feels pressure because it was one of Cori's favorite events; Gary secures a sitcom offer, but Kenan must contemplate a move to L.A.; Cori's mother pays a visit.
Original Air Date: Apr 27, 2021 • NBC • 22m
Teacher's Strike
S1, EP9 "Teacher's Strike"
When the teachers go on strike, everyone has to pitch in to keep the kids occupied; Rick sets up a unique schoolroom in the morning show conference room.
Original Air Date: Apr 20, 2021 • NBC • 21m
Wednesday's Gal
S1, EP8 "Wednesday's Gal"
Mika is determined to use the show's annual "Wednesday's Gal" wedding segment to generate desperately needed advertising revenue for the station; with love in the air, Kenan contemplates his romantic future.
Original Air Date: Apr 13, 2021 • NBC • 22m
Kenan's Mom
S1, EP7 "Kenan's Mom"
When Kenan's mom, Bobbi, comes for a visit, it's apparent she's developed a new sense of independence, and Kenan finds himself competing for her attention.
Original Air Date: Apr 06, 2021 • NBC • 22m
You Go, Squirrel!
S1, EP6 "You Go, Squirrel!"
Kenan has some odd encounters with a squirrel that he believes might be Cori's spirit; Rick and Gary think they've missed Kenan's birthday and try to organize an impromptu surprise party.
Original Air Date: Mar 30, 2021 • NBC • 22m
S1, EP5 "Flipp'd"
When Kenan's former boy bandmate-turned-huge popstar comes to town, Kenan finds himself doubting Gary's effectiveness as a manager and contemplates a change; Mika gives Aubrey and Birdie a lesson in feminism and the art of persuasion.
Original Air Date: Mar 23, 2021 • NBC • 22m
S1, EP4 "Flirting"
With Gary's encouragement, Kenan agrees to get back into the dating world slowly through flirting; Rick takes Aubrey and Birdie for a spa day and can't help but join in.
Original Air Date: Mar 16, 2021 • NBC • 22m
The Fourth Hour
S1, EP3 "The Fourth Hour"
Kenan struggles with his increased work schedule when "Wake Up With Kenan!" adds a fourth hour; Rick encourages Kenan to get tough and say "no" more often; Gary suspects that Tami has her eye on Kenan's job and takes matters into his own hands.
Original Air Date: Mar 02, 2021 • NBC • 22m
Hard News
S1, EP2 "Hard News"
Kenan, Rick and Gary go to great lengths to uncover what they think is a deep, dark secret Cori was hiding; Mika believes the morning show should cover more hard news stories.
Original Air Date: Feb 23, 2021 • NBC • 22m
S1, EP1 "Pilot"
Kenan thinks he's adjusted to life as a busy single parent, but after everyone confronts him about denying his grief, he realizes it's time to make some changes; Gary thinks it's time for Rick to move out of the house.
Original Air Date: Feb 16, 2021 • NBC • 22m