Supreme Sweets
S1, EP8 "Supreme Sweets"
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Food Network all-stars share their sweetest restaurant finds; Martha Stewart gets lemon meringue in Manhattan; Duff Goldman takes the cake in Las Vegas; Sunny Anderson, Anne Burrell and Valerie Bertinelli all share incredible dessert recipes.
Original Air Date: Sep 07, 2020 • Food Network HD • 42m
Unbeatable Breakfast
S1, EP7 "Unbeatable Breakfast"
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Rachael Ray has a breakfast sandwich in Pittsburgh; Martha Stewart eats a country breakfast in Nashville; Alton Brown gets the greatest cinnamon roll in California; Anne Burrell and Alex Guarnaschelli share winning breakfast recipes.
Original Air Date: Aug 31, 2020 • Food Network HD • 42m
Brilliant Barbecue
S1, EP6 "Brilliant Barbecue"
On Demand
Wolfgang Puck eats a smoky sandwich in LA; Duff Goldman gets barbecue surf and turf in Maryland; Carla Hall loves smoked wagyu in Washington, DC; Bobby Flay shares a can't-miss brisket recipe; Alton Brown smokes St. Louis-style ribs.
Original Air Date: Aug 24, 2020 • Food Network HD • 42m
Magical Combos
S1, EP5 "Magical Combos"
On Demand
Duff Goldman finds a burger between glazed doughnuts; a whole Thanksgiving feast inside a waffle inside Guy Fieri; Martha Stewart's unique salmon; Alton Brown, Valerie Bertinelli and Sunny Anderson demonstrate how to get crazy in the kitchen.
Original Air Date: Aug 17, 2020 • Food Network HD • 41m
Deep Fried Decadence
S1, EP3 "Deep Fried Decadence"
On Demand
Bobby Flay reveals his favorite neighborhood joint for fried chicken; Martha Stewart has a fried feast in Manhattan; Molly Yeh eats pickles in North Dakota; for the home fryer, Alton Brown shares the secret to his chicken-fried steak.
Original Air Date: Aug 03, 2020 • Food Network HD • 42m
Pizza and Burgers
S1, EP2 "Pizza and Burgers"
On Demand
From classics like Alex Guarnaschelli's tomato pie to amazing combos like Alton Brown's Crab Rangoon Pizza, this is the definitive guide to comfort food; Bobby Flay shares his world-famous burger recipe, and Alton makes pizza on the grill.
Original Air Date: Jul 27, 2020 • Food Network HD • 42m
Sensational Sandwiches
S1, EP1 "Sensational Sandwiches"
On Demand
Rachael Ray's favorite pork sandwich in Philly; Valerie Bertinelli's cheesiest croque madame in LA; Bobby Flay shares his delicious lobster roll recipe, and Anne Burrell makes a pulled pork sandwich.
Original Air Date: Jul 20, 2020 • Food Network HD • 42m