Episode 8

S3, EP8 "Episode 8"

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Aulus takes Lucius & a few survivors to a remote fortress where he is joined by Amena & Hemple; Cait finds her way to the fort and Antedia launches an attack with a firestorm, as Divis & others arrive.

Original Air Date: Mar 06, 2022 • EPIX • 46m
Episode 7

S3, EP7 "Episode 7"

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Amena and Hemple follow in Aulus's footsteps; Cait and her band find a snake trap in the form of a huge Roman Aqueduct where they plan an attack; Aulus interrogates Lucius about the spear.

Original Air Date: Feb 27, 2022 • EPIX • 48m
Episode 6

S3, EP6 "Episode 6"

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Cait and her team's rescue mission to free Lucius is thwarted by Aulus who gets there first; Veran seeks to destroy and mounts a devastating and unexpected attack on Aulus's Villa.

Original Air Date: Feb 20, 2022 • EPIX • 49m
Episode 5

S3, EP5 "Episode 5"

On Demand

Cait and her companions go in search of Lucius and the Spear of the Silver Dawn; Aulus takes a cohort in search of the same prize; Hemple is left behind at the Villa and approaches Willa for help.

Original Air Date: Feb 13, 2022 • EPIX • 47m
Episode 4

S3, EP4 "Episode 4"

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Cait and Antedia stay together after running from more trouble; Amena and Willa appear to set a trap for Aulus and Hemple; Veran gathers the Druids and Cait selects companions for a journey.

Original Air Date: Feb 06, 2022 • EPIX • 47m
Episode 3

S3, EP3 "Episode 3"

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Cait and Antedia team up on the road whilst Divis struggles to cope with a novice Druid and new arrivals in camp; Aulus visits the Underworld and Cait witnesses Antedia's vengeful nature.

Original Air Date: Jan 30, 2022 • EPIX • 46m
Episode 2

S3, EP2 "Episode 2"

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Antedia escapes from cruel captivity and Cait runs from a brief encounter with Lucius at a Roman Road Building Camp; Hemple and her Acolytes are now established in Aulus's Villa.

Original Air Date: Jan 23, 2022 • EPIX • 46m
Episode 1

S3, EP1 "Episode 1"

On Demand

In Rome, Aulus makes a sacrifice to the cult of Lokka; back in Britannia, Aulus tries to negotiate with the Druids before he receives a visitor; Cait has a bone to pick with Veran.

Original Air Date: Jan 16, 2022 • EPIX • 47m