Signs of a Psychopath

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Signs of a PsychopathRevisiting some of the most dangerous killers in modern history to see which psychopathic traits they exhibited.
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S5, EP28 "Deadly Women"Experts examine unique characteristics of female psychopathic killers, whether they are as rare as people imagine, and their crimes.
S5, EP27 "This is What I Chose to Be"A missing persons report leads police to a career criminal and his girlfriend; they uncover a twisted world of illicit schemes, macabre fantasies, and a puppet master manipulating young women down a dark path of sex, drugs and exploitation.
S5, EP26 "An Excuse to Kill Somebody"A New Hampshire town reels after police arrest four teenagers for robbing and murdering a 42-year-old mother and maiming her 11-year-old daughter; detectives uncover two suspects with the characteristics of sadistic psychopaths.
S5, EP25 "Kids Will Be Kids"Police find a 17-year-old female's dead body in a ditch with two gunshot wounds; the investigation centers on two friends of the victim claiming her death was an accident, but detectives uncover it was a thrill kill carried out by evil psychopaths.
S5, EP24 "He Thought We Were Buddies"A man calls 911 with his dying breath, and first responders arrive to find him brutally murdered and stabbed 59 times; when detectives question his best friend, they uncover a tangled story of deception and jealousy that ends in psychopathic rage.
S5, EP23 "I Still Care About Her"A killer shoots a young woman dead in her boyfriend's Orlando, Fla., apartment; hours later, he turns up in a hospital bed 500 miles away with a gunshot wound and a bizarre story that unravels to reveal he's a lying, callous psychopath.
S5, EP22 "He Didn't Know I Was There"A gunman shoots a man dead as he runs along a country road, and first responders find a witness standing next to the body with a strange story to tell; detectives unravel the lies of a callous psychopath who takes out his frustrations in bloodshed.
S5, EP21 "Having Breakfast on Him"Investigators search a farm for a missing man and find a human leg bone on the property; the owner, Susan Monica, admits that her pigs ate her tenant alive, and he's not the only victim; Monica despises humans but loves her pigs.
S5, EP20 "Hey Look, I'm a Serial Killer"A racially motivated serial killer on death row who targeted civil rights leader Vernon Jordan and pornography publisher Larry Flynt confesses to additional unsolved murders with the help of a shrewd female prosecutor.
S5, EP19 "Something a Man Would Do"A woman finds her elderly brother dead in his bedroom with his throat slashed; uncovering the truth poses a challenge for detectives, as the individual responsible for killing him is a manipulative psychopath who craftily deflects blame.
S5, EP12 "How to Spot a Psychopath"A look inside the mind of psychopaths to discover when common pervasive traits deviate into violence, such as grandiosity, sadism, superficial charm, manipulation, lack of empathy and having a parasitic lifestyle.
S5, EP11 "I'm a Sick Puppy"When a priest from Florida goes missing, police focus on a troubled ex-convict whom he helped support; through multiple interrogations, a psychopathic killer reveals details of a twisted vengeance that escalates to a chilling murder.
S5, EP10 "In My Van, I'm the Aggressor"When Omaha, Neb., police officers arrest the driver of a stolen van, he shocks detectives by giving an unsolicited confession to a gruesome murder, and it is only the first of many chilling revelations.
S5, EP9 "Ladies First"When a beloved elderly couple disappears on a Sunday afternoon, one person knows their battered bodies lie dead at the bottom of a well; that man is the couple's son, who lives off his parents' charity yet takes pleasure in murdering them.
S5, EP8 "I'm Gonna Recycle a Snitch"Behind a church lies a dismembered body burned beyond recognition; investigators identify the victim and receive a tip the suspect is female; a police interview reveals her as the most remorseless psychopathic killer they've ever seen.
S5, EP7 "Hell to Look Forward To"A man confesses to accidentally killing his best friend while cleaning his gun; during his interrogation, he stuns police by revealing that he's behind a long trail of bloodshed and is a serial killer who seems to consider himself an angel of mercy.
S5, EP4 "Heat Will Destroy"After his conviction for the brutal slaying of his wife, a Florida inmate lays claim to another unsolved murder 17 years prior, revealing that he's a manipulative psychopath with a history of violence and an unquenchable thirst for revenge.
S5, EP3 "It Wanted to Kill Somebody"Searchers for a missing woman find her brutally beaten body in a dilapidated house near her home; the case goes cold until a local teen steps forward to reveal that he's the killer.
S5, EP1 "I Guess My Life Is Over Now"A mother who calls 911 to report her 32-year-old son is threatening her turns up dead in her home; he becomes the only suspect, and when he turns himself in, his pragmatic retelling of the slaying isn't just cold-hearted, it's psychopathic.
S4, EP15 "He Is Not Among the Living"A young woman calls 911 because her boyfriend is missing and there is a pool of blood in their apartment; evidence leads investigators to the couple's roommate, a manipulative psychopath hell-bent on revenge, along with his loyal best friend.
S4, EP11 "I Call Him Monster"Police respond to the site of a fiery car crash alongside a Michigan highway, where they discover the badly burned body of a young woman; investigators quickly realize this is no accident but a cold-blooded murder plot.
S4, EP9 "I Was a Star"A woman dies in a brutal stabbing at home; police quickly locate the prime suspect, her ex-boyfriend Antoine Bynum; in his interrogation, he appears to have a psychotic episode until detectives discover it's merely the ruse of a deranged psychopath.
S4, EP8 "I Knew She Lived Alone"Burlington Police get a call that a man has killed his girlfriend; they arrive at the home to find the man calm while his girlfriend's body lies nearby; he explains that he has other victims, revealing a history of psychopathic sexual deviancy.
S4, EP7 "Most People Would Be Haunted"A failed actor returns home, ready to take out his rage on the weakest members of society; after killing four people, a chance encounter with police leads to his downfall; the interrogation room becomes the stage for this killer's final performance.
S4, EP6 "God Was Going to Use Me"A longtime nurse confesses to helping end the lives of numerous elderly patients at multiple nursing homes; detectives discover this is no angel of mercy; behind her unsuspecting persona lies a ruthless psychopath.
S4, EP5 "Sleeping Beauties"First responders arrive at a home in Ontario, where a mother leads officers to the dead bodies of her two children; an investigation yields a twisted truth: this tragedy isn't an accident but a carefully crafted killing by a vengeful psychopath.
S4, EP4 "Everyone Has a Death Sentence"The Tourniquet Killer terrorizes young girls across Houston, Texas, and when advances in DNA finally lead to his arrest, this psychopath eagerly confesses to multiple murders; weeks before his execution, he grants one interview in the spotlight.
S4 "Sometimes People Get Shot; I Call Him Monster"A 17-year-old steals a gun and begins a horrifying road trip; he murders two gas station attendants in cold blood, laughing as he shoots his victims in the face; when officers catch up with him, a haunting portrait of a burgeoning psychopath emerges.
S4Revisiting some of the most dangerous killers in modern history to see which psychopathic traits they exhibited.
S4 "The Women on His List; He Is Not Among the Living"In the course of a few hours, an unhinged man snaps, unleashing a furious rampage that leaves three women dead in their homes; a statewide manhunt ensues, which yields a misogynistic psychopath hell-bent on revenge.
S3, EP7 "She Isn't Acting Dead Enough"A man crashes into the back of a woman's vehicle; officers respond to the scene only to find her car abandoned; witnesses point to the other driver, and detectives are horrified to discover a sadistic psychopath who admits to murder.
S3, EP6 "I'm Just a Sick Murderer"An officer responds to a 911 call placed by a robber on the lam who feels compelled to turn himself in; when the officer arrives at the scene, the criminal confesses to much more than breaking and entering.
S3, EP5 "You Met the Angel of Death"When a graduate student suddenly goes missing, the family he's staying with immediately contacts police; days later, a horrific discovery forces investigators to face a rare kind of monster.
S3, EP4 "I Killed Him. Boom. Boom."Police respond to a 911 call to find a father dead in his home with more than 15 gunshot wounds.
S3, EP3 "Do Her Mortal Harm"The naked and mutilated body of a mother turns up at the bottom of a ravine in Baton Rouge, La.; when tire tracks lead investigators to a suspect, they encounter an undetected serial killer who confesses to butchering eight women over a decade.
S3, EP2 "The Good Girl"A young woman makes a frantic 911 call about a brutal home invasion, which results in the shooting of her mother and father; as police interview her, they uncover a secret double life and an elaborate web of lies spun by a maniacal psychopath.
S3, EP1 "I Am Strange"A lone gunman shoots a young man and woman on their way home from the gym where they work; while interrogating a suspect, detectives learn that this is no random attack but the twisted plan of a deranged psychopathic stalker.
S2, EP6 "Only if There's Something in It for Me"While being questioned in the abduction of an Anchorage barista, a young local businessman starts negotiating with investigators to reveal details of a depraved secret life as one of America's most meticulous and psychopathic serial killers.
S2, EP5 "I Have a Surprise for You"After coming home to find her parents on the floor bleeding, a woman's younger brother claims their father shot their mother before turning the gun on himself.
S2, EP4 "Diary of a Psychopath"A college student disappears at the start of his freshman year without a trace, leaving his family and his girlfriend reeling; when authorities look to his best friend for answers, they uncover a love triangle gone wrong.
S2, EP2 "Fantasy Over Family"A troubled 29-year-old son is kicked out of his parents' house after spending the family fortune on a web-cam model; his mother, father and brother are found murdered, the young man insists he's innocent.
S2, EP1 "I Didn't Do Anything"A former escort hires a hit man to kill her husband; she thinks she's committed the perfect crime when officers notify her that he is dead; little does she know that the police have been watching and recording her every move.
S1, EP8 "Now They Lay Me Down to Sleep"A death row inmate grants an interview just weeks prior to his execution; bodies of a man's family members are discovered in the ashes of a house fire, and he is the main suspect in the murders.
S1, EP7 "I Am the Devil"A Colorado woman is missing and her roommate may be a rare female psychopath and a skilled manipulator.
S1, EP6 "I Could Hear Her Calling My Name"A girl disappears after school and her last known steps are caught on surveillance cameras; these cameras lead investigators to two dark minds that carefully plotted one of the most sinister, depraved crimes imaginable.
S1, EP5 "I Dug a Hole and Said a Prayer"Police question a man in the disappearance of his pregnant ex-girlfriend and her young son; they discover he has a terrifying capacity for violence.
S1, EP4 "Where Evil Grows"A charming 20-year-old wants to help authorities with a murder investigation; he claims to have met one of the three victims and says he has no knowledge of the crime, but detectives suspect otherwise.
S1, EP3 "I'm Not the Monster I Was"An unapologetic 14-year-old boy confesses to the murder of his best friend; twelve years later, he is back in court with a chance at a reduced sentence.
S1, EP2 "Into the Woods at Midnight"Residents of a quaint village are terrified when a local innkeeper and two others are found brutally murdered; detectives must follow the depraved killer into the woods at night.
S1, EP1 "Chase Me"A 50-year-old woman is found dead in her home, and all that's left behind is a piece of paper that has "chase me" written on it; when detectives uncover the killer, they discover they have come face-to-face with a remorseless psychopath.
"Signs of a Psychopath"Revisiting some of the most dangerous killers in modern history to see which psychopathic traits they exhibited.
Revisiting some of the most dangerous killers in modern history to see which psychopathic traits they exhibited.
Original Air Date: Aug 23, 2020
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