100 Bible Verses That Made America

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100 Bible Verses That Made AmericaPastor Robert Morgan explores the Bible and American history.
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S4, EP25 "February 7, 2019: The National Prayer Breakfast"Exploring the different facets of The National Prayer Breakfast.
S4, EP24 "September 19, 1979: The National Day of Prayer"Exploring how the National Day of Prayer came to be.
S4, EP23 "March 15, 1965: Bloody Sunday"Exploring President Lyndon Johnson'sto demand to pass the Voting Rights Act of 1965.
S4, EP22 "April 12, 1945: You Are the One in Trouble Now"Exploring how Harry Truman leaned on his faith when tasked with leading the nation.
S4, EP21 "December 7, 194: From Pearl Harbor to Calvary"Reading Sergeant Jacob DeShazer's evangelistic pamphlet about his time as a prisoner and his faith.
S4, EP20 "July 12, 1917: The Book in the Trenches"Explaining how copies of God's word helped to stifle the horrors of World War I.
S4, EP19 "September 14, 1901: The Assassination of William McKinley"Exploring William McKinley's faith in God.
S4, EP18 "March 4, 1881: The Prayer That Saved a President"Explaining the harrowing experience that turned the life of James Abram Garfield into preaching.
S4, EP17 "September 6, 1863: Revival in the Ranks"Exploring the impact of Union chaplain Dwight L. Moody's message to one wounded soldier.
S4, EP16 "July 5, 1852: Frederick Douglass and the Fourth of July"Robert Morgan explains why Frederick Douglass chose the 4th of July for his most famous sermon.
S4, EP15 "June 8, 1845: Old Hickory's Firm Foundation"Robert Morgan tells the remarkable story of Andrew Jackson's life after the White House.
S4, EP14 "June 21, 1834: Better Make it a Hundred"Explaining the scripture "Reap What You Sow."
S4, EP13 "December 30, 1823: Preaching in Sodom"Robert Morgan explains how the revivals of the 1800s were not coincidental or accidental.
S4, EP12 "April 19, 1813: The Father of American Medicine"Telling the life story of Dr. Benjamin Rush, the youngest to sign the Declaration of Independence.
S4, EP11 "June 4, 1800: Noah Webster and His Dictionary"Exploring the significance of Noah Webster and his dictionary.
S4, EP10 "November 26, 1789: An American Holiday is Born"Exploring how an American holiday was born.
S4, EP9 "December 11, 1783: God's Instructions to a New Nation"Listening to the chaplain of the Continental Congress' sermon afterr the Revolutionary War was won.
S4, EP8 "October 26, 1777: Watchman, What of the Night?"Exploring the plight of British general John Burgoyne.
S4, EP7 "May 17, 1776: When Politics Got Into the Pulpit"Following the story of John Witherspoon's journey to becoming president of a college.
S4, EP6 "April 23, 1775: The Origin of America's Military Chaplains"Robert Morgan explains the Battles of Lexington and Concord.
S4, EP5 "March 5, 1774: Parson Parsons"Exploring Jonathan Parsons' preparation for the ministry.
S4, EP4 "January 30, 1750: The Catechism of the Revolution"Explaining how the Forth of July correlates with America's pre-Revolutionary preachers.
S4, EP3 "October 23, 1740: The News From Heaven"Robert Morgan brings George Whitefield's story to life.
S4, EP2 "May 31, 1638: The Father of Democracy"The story of the Father of Democracy.
S4, EP1 "July 20, 1620: The Pilgrims"Explaining how three groups of Protestants emerged after King Henry VIII cut ties with Rome.
S3, EP25 "September 11, 2001: The Day We'll Never Forget"Discussing the events of September 11, 2001.
S3, EP24 "January 19, 1979: The Holy Spirit Was Present"Jimmy Carter's open Bible and faith have fueled his work as our longest-living former president.
S3, EP23 "August 28, 1963: Let Freedom Ring!"Martin Luther King Jr. is remembered primarily as a civil-rights figure who fought for social and political change, but he was also a pastor.
S3, EP22 "December 14, 1944: Patton's Prayer for Clear Skies"In December of 1944, General Patton requested a special prayer from one of his chaplains.
S3, EP21 "January 17, 1941: The Verse That Made Churchill Weep"Months before the US. and Great Britain entered the Second World War, a little-known confidant of President Roosevelt's paid a visit to Winston Churchill.
S3, EP20 "July 16, 1914: The Concoction"Businessman Asa Candler devoted his life to Christ and used his stewardship in both furthering education and civil service.
S3, EP19 "November 21, 1899: A President Like That"Discussing William McKinley's greatest hour during the turmoil of the Civil War.
S3, EP18 "November 20, 1866: The Christian General"Despite having his arm amputated, this Civil War general, still leading his troops, became known as the Christian General.
S3, EP17 "July 5, 1863: Wrestling in Prayer for Gettysburg"Abraham Lincoln made a solemn vow with God during the events at Gettysburg.
S3, EP16 "June 5, 1851: Book of the Century"Sharing the story of Harriet Beecher Stowe and her best-selling book of the 19th century.
S3, EP15 "May 24, 1844: The Artist Who Struck Lightning"Sharing the story of Samuel Morse, the inventor who created the telegraph.
S3, EP14 "December 4, 1833: The Tappan Brothers"The Tappan brothers gave their lives to Christ and in turn, devoted the rest of their lives fighting for the emancipation of all slaves.
S3, EP13 "May 11, 1816: Give Me That Book!"In 1829, the American Bible Society undertook one of the most astounding missions in American church history: to provide every family in the United States with a Bible.
S3, EP12 "June 27, 1810: The Haystack Prayer Meeting"The Haystack Prayer Meetings were credited by church historians as the birthplace of American foreign missions.
S3, EP11 "June 6, 1799: Patrick Henry's Sealed Envelope"America's greatest orator, Patrick Henry, left the Earth with his thoughts recorded on a sheet of paper and shared his opinion on American independence.
S3, EP10 "September 26, 1789: The Founder Who Walked with God"Exploring the life of one American Founding Father who helped shape the nation and was also a devoted follower of the Bible.
S3, EP9 "October 19, 1781: The Victory Sermon at Yorktown"When the American Revolution was officially over, war chaplain Isreal Evans preached sermons that strengthened the American faith.
S3, EP8 "September 30, 1777: A Speech to Bewildered Men"During a time in the Revolution when discouragement fell on America, Samuel Adams offered comfort in the words of the Bible.
S3, EP7 "March 5, 1776: Dorchester Heights"Washington and the Continental Army were on the verge of a confrontation with the British until the weather and help from God changed the course.
S3, EP6 "April 19, 1775: The Shot Heard Round the World"Pastor Jonas Clark brought enthusiasm for scripture during the time of the American Revolution, and his sermon helped the nation to understand who was really in control during these unprecedented times.
S3, EP5 "December 7, 1771: Sermon at an Execution"Occum, who was born in the village of Mohegan in Connecticut, was a teenager during the Great Awakening; his interest in the gospel led him to be ordained into the Presbyterian Ministry where his popularity grew.
S3, EP4 "October 9, 1747: I Dared to Rejoice in God"David Brainerd's journal entries inspired missionaries around the nation and have since never gone out of print.
S3, EP3 "May 5, 1740: Citizens of Heaven"Pastor William Tennent Jr. had an otherworldly experience similar to an episode in the life of Saint Paul in 2 Corinthians 12.
S3, EP2 "September 8, 1636: The Founding of Harvard"One Puritan that arrived in Massachusetts Bay during the Great Migration was substantial in the founding of one of our nation's most prestigious universities.
S3, EP1 "September 10, 1608: Jamestown"The colony of Jamestown experienced chaos and lacked Christianity until Captain John Smith arrived and made an important ruling based on 2 Thessalonians 3:10.
S2, EP25 "February 22, 1990: Why Did God Spare Me?"President George H. W. Bush dies at age 94 in 2018.
S2, EP24 "January 22, 1973: The Conscience of an Honest Woman"A story about the "conscience of an honest woman" and abortion.
S2, EP23 "January 20, 1953: Eisenhower and His Preacher"The story of President Dwight D. Eisenhower and his preacher Billy Graham.
S2, EP22 "June 6, 1944: FDR's Prayer on D-Day"Allied forces invade German-occupied French Normandy on D-Day June 6, 1944, during World War II.
S2, EP21 "October 8, 1934: A Letter to Almighty God"Circuit-riding evangelists of the 1800s give way to the itinerant evangelists of the 1900s.
S2, EP20 "December 3, 1911: The Biblical Secret of America's Retailer"Adolescent John Wanamaker, who became a notable merchant and U.S. postmaster general, makes a list of all the things he wants to be.
S2, EP19 "December 24, 1898: Christmas Eve in War Zone"Examining the famous Christmas Eve truce during World War I, when German and Allied soldiers paused on the Western Front to sing carols and exchange greetings in 1914.
S2, EP18 "April 14, 1865: Lincoln's Last Words"Born in Kentucky, Abraham Lincoln rejects frontier religion and the faith of his parents.
S2, EP17 "January 1, 1863: The Day the Nation Felt Clean"President Abraham Lincoln's staff brings him a draft of the Emancipation Proclamation on New Year's Day in 1863.
S2, EP16 "September 17, 1849: Go Down, Moses"The story of former slave Harriet Tubman and how she guided others to freedom.
S2, EP15 "March 1, 1841: The Friend of Both Washington and Lincoln"Robert Morgan asserts that no one in American history can match the résumé of John Quincy Adams, who served in the government of George Washington and in Congress with Abraham Lincoln.
S2, EP14 "April 23, 1833: The Nation's Schoolmaster"The life of Dr. William Holmes McGuffey, who was born in 1800 in Pennsylvania, grew up in Ohio and had a remarkable ability to memorize scripture.
S2, EP13 "March 31, 1816: Circuit Riders Who Tamed the Frontier"The Cane Ridge Revival is started by Presbyterian Barton Stone, but its combustion fires up Methodists, whose circuit riders tackles the frontier -- Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Illinois and points beyond.
S2, EP12 "July 11, 1804: The Death of Alexander Hamilton"Founding father Alexander Hamilton is mortally wounded by Vice President Aaron Burr in a duel in 1804.
S2, EP11 "April 25, 1799: The Father of American Geography"At the height of the Revolutionary War, Jedidiah Morse enrolls at Yale and soon feels a sense of his need for Christ.
S2, EP10 "October 26, 1788: Kindling the Second Great Awakening"Exploring the genesis of the Second Great Awakening in America.
S2, EP9 "September 26, 1780: The Sword of the Lord and of Gideon"How Elizabethtown, Tenn., played a part in winning the Revolutionary War.
S2, EP8 "May 28, 1777: The Prayers That Turned the Tide"The story of Samuel Webster, who was a minister for nearly 55 years until dying at age 78 in 1796.
S2, EP7 "January 21, 1776: The Fighting Parson of the Revolution"The story of John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg, who was born in Pennsylvania in 1746 and became a Lutheran pastor in Virginia in 1772.
S2, EP6 "March 23, 1775: America's Orator Gives the Speech of His Life"Robert Morgan explains the story of Patrick Henry, who was a natural orator.
S2, EP5 "August 17, 1755: Divine Body Armor"Strife between France and England triggers the Colonial French and Indian War in the mid-1700s.
S2, EP4 "October 16, 1746: The Prayer That Sunk a Navy"Bostonians learn that a French fleet plans to attack their city and ravage New England.
S2, EP3 "November 22, 1739: William Tennent's Log Cabin Seminary"The Rev. William Tennent Sr. leaves Ireland for America in 1716 and settles in Bucks County, Pa.
S2, EP2 "April 8, 1630: The City on a Hill"John Winthrop, a noted English lawyer, joins 700 Puritans who leave the Isle of Wight aboard a fleet of four ships to sail to the New World.
S2, EP1 "April 20, 1534: Jacques Cartier and the Northwest Passage"In 1534, explorer Jacques Cartier sails from France with two ships and 61 sailors on a mission.
S1, EP25 "August 7, 1982: Ronald Reagan's Remarkable Letter"One Saturday in 1982, Ronald Reagan reached for his White House stationery and wrote a four-page letter in his distinctive scrawl.
S1, EP24 "December 24, 1968: For All the People Back on Earth"On Christmas Eve, Americans gathered around the TV for one of the most extraordinary moments in modern history: a worldwide broadcast from lunar orbit.
S1, EP23 "May 14, 1948: The Rebirth of the State of Israel"Clark Clifford, legendary Washington powerbroker and advisor to multiple presidents.
S1, EP22 "February 3, 1942: The Four Chaplains"After the attack on American naval forces at Pearl Harbor, four American clergymen left family and friends to enlist as chaplains during World War II.
S1, EP21 "March 4, 1933: May He Guide Me"After the U.S. stock market crashes on Black Tuesday, Oct. 29, 1929, the ensuring Great Depression leaves 37 percent of all non-farm workers unemployed.
S1, EP20 "March 26, 1905: The Queen of American Hymn Writers"Pastor Robert Morgan explains how the USA has been shaped by singing hymns and how the first book printed in British North America was the Bay Psalm Book.
S1, EP19 "December 6, 1884: A Virtual Bible Engraved in Stone"The Washington Monument is crowned with an aluminum tip bearing the Latin phrase "Laus Deo" (Praise Be to God).
S1, EP18 "August 16, 1864: Providence Spring"After the Civil War erupts, Michigan teenager John L. Maile joins the Union Army, serves bravely and rises to the rank of lieutenant.
S1, EP17 "September 23, 1857: Revival Sweeps the Country"Pastor Robert Morgan tells the story of tailor Jeremiah Lanphier, who closed his business to lead a life of spreading God's words.
S1, EP16 "February 23, 1848: Death in the House"John Quincy Adams is elected to Congress and fights slavery based on his Christian convictions.
S1, EP15 "November 7, 1837: Freedom of the Press"Elijah Lovejoy begins reading the Bible at age 4 and later graduates at the top of his class.
S1, EP14 "July 4, 1826: Benjamin Rush's Amazing Dream"Teaching pastor Robert Morgan explains the falling out between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.
S1, EP13 "August 24, 1814: The Tornado That Saved Washington"British troops put Washington, D.C., to the torch during the War of 1812.
S1, EP12 "August 6, 1801: America's Pentecost"After the Revolutionary War, the newly independent Americans were intent on building a nation.
S1, EP11 "December 10, 1795. Invaluable Treasure"Pastor Robert Morgan tells the story of Elias Boudinot, a founding father committed to Jesus Christ.
S1, EP10 "June 28, 1787: The Prayer That Saved the Constitution"After the American Colonies gain independence from Britain, delegates gather in Philadelphia in May 1787 to draft a constitution to establish an effective federal government.
S1, EP9 "December 31, 1777: How Prayer Funded the Army at Valley Forge"Gen. George Washington's army overcomes miserable conditions at Valley Forge.
S1, EP8 "August 29, 1776: The Fog of War"After being humiliated in Boston, the British fleet retires to Canada to lick their wounds and repair their vessels, then sails straight for New York City during the Revolutionary War.
S1, EP7 "June 17, 1775: The Boy Who Saw the Battle of Bunker Hill"A boy witnesses the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775.
S1, EP6 "September 7, 1774: The First Prayer of the Continental Congress"Samuel Adams nominates Anglican pastor Jacob Duché to lead the Continental Congress in prayer.
S1, EP5 "June 7, 1753: The Liberty Bell Cracks the Case"The history behind the iconic Liberty Bell.
S1, EP4 "July 8, 1741: America's Most Famous Sermon"Brilliant child Jonathan Edwards grows up to inspire others with his words.
S1, EP3 "December 29, 1649: God Stept in and Helped"The story of John Eliot and his last words urging praying.
S1, EP2 "September 22, 1620: The Mayflower Compact"Understanding the story of the pilgrims from the words of Pastor Robert Morgan; the Mayflower Compact would become the cornerstone of American representative government.
S1, EP1 "December 21, 1511: Antonio De Montesinos and His Blowtorch"Dominican Friar Antonio De Montesinos denounces slavery.
Pastor Robert Morgan explores the Bible and American history.
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