Tournament of Champions
S1, EP9 "Tournament of Champions"
Competitors from Season 1 return to the Thunderdome to claim Dodgeball supremacy; a single champion will claim ultimate prize.
Original Air Date: Oct 14, 2020 • Discovery • 42m
Balls to the Wall
S1, EP8 "Balls to the Wall"
A dancing accountant takes on a bouncing boater; a shooter takes her best shot against a man-child with moves.
Original Air Date: Oct 07, 2020 • Discovery • 42m
Joy, Sparkle, and Pain
S1, EP7 "Joy, Sparkle, and Pain"
Only two spots remain in the Tournament of Champions, where the winner will claim Dodgeball supremacy and a $25,000 prize; a ninja dazzles the competition with theatricality and deception; a queen tries to claim her crown.
Original Air Date: Sep 30, 2020 • Discovery • 42m
Mother of All Thunderdomes
S1, EP6 "Mother of All Thunderdomes"
Exploding balls, a barrage of buckshot and a new adversary plague contestants competing for a shot at the $25,000 grand prize; a realtor tries to close the deal, and a hospital administrator may need his employee discount.
Original Air Date: Sep 23, 2020 • Discovery • 42m
Hammer Time
S1, EP5 "Hammer Time"
A rocket scientist, a social media guru and the Lebron James of dodgeball compete for one of the final spots in the championship round; twists and turns abound, including a mighty new weapon that will make even the god of thunder tremble.
Original Air Date: Sep 16, 2020 • Discovery • 42m
Beware the Buckshot
S1, EP4 "Beware the Buckshot"
Halfway to the championship, a new group of players comes up against an array of perilous new dodgeball projectiles; a pro wrestler brings the fury, a mad scientist shows off her ninja skills, and it's the United States vs. the United Kingdom.
Original Air Date: Sep 09, 2020 • Discovery • 42m
Exploding Red Ball
S1, EP3 "Exploding Red Ball"
A tattooed trainer flexes her muscles against a martial arts master; a bench warmer in search of a comeback takes aim at a sporty single mom.
Original Air Date: Sep 02, 2020 • Discovery • 42m
The Hits Keep Coming
S1, EP2 "The Hits Keep Coming"
For a stuntwoman, it's just another day at work; a dockhand hopes his sea legs will keep him steady; a deputy sheriff lays down the law.
Original Air Date: Aug 26, 2020 • Discovery • 42m
Welcome to Thunderdome
S1, EP1 "Welcome to Thunderdome"
Contestants compete for glory and $25,000 cash in an arena unlike any other; a dodgeball deity tests his mettle; a fitness model shows she can do more than just look the part; Aaron Rodgers tries his hand at a brand-new ballgame.
Original Air Date: Aug 19, 2020 • Discovery • 42m