Walk of Fame/ Walk of Shame
S2, EP4 "Walk of Fame/ Walk of Shame"
The Bradshaw Bunch tours tinsel town in style, complete with a Beverly Hills shopping spree, a Hollywood bus tour, and a visit to Terry's star on the Walk Of Fame; but their appearance on "Celebrity Family Feud" goes anything but smoothly.
E! • 30m
Playing the Field and Playing the Feud
S2, EP3 "Playing the Field and Playing the Feud"
Still stinging from their embarrassing loss last year, Terry coaches the family for a repeat appearance on "Celebrity Family Feud"; in Los Angeles, Rachel meets a new guy and tries to keep it casual, despite her sisters' and Terry's meddling.
E! • 30m
Working Slime to Five
S2, EP2 "Working Slime to Five"
Terry helps Rachel become a brand ambassador for her favorite fitness studio and starts a slime business with granddaughter Zurie; Determined to help Erin give him another grandchild, Terry meddles in Erin's baby business with aphrodisiacs.
Original Air Date: Oct 13, 2021 • E! • 21m
Love Island
S2, EP1 "Love Island"
The Bradshaws take a holiday in Hawaii, where Terry proposes to Tammy for the second time and plans to renew his wedding vows in front of the entire family; Terry wonders if Erin is pregnant and meddles in Rachel and Zurie's love lives.
Original Air Date: Oct 06, 2021 • E! • 41m
Season 2 Kickoff Special
S2 "Season 2 Kickoff Special"
Terry leads a play-by-play of the Bradshaw Bunch's funniest moments from season one; from Terry's best laid plans, to Zurie and Tammy's pranks, to Rachel's topsy-turvy love life.
Original Air Date: Aug 11, 2021 • E! • 21m