Can't Wait to Celebrate
S1, EP7 "Can't Wait to Celebrate"
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Danni Rose cooks pulled pork pancakes and fried pineapple rum milkshake; G. Garvin makes veal chops and a whiskey cocktail; Nyesha Arrington does potato tacos in spicy tomato sauce, and a blood orange paloma cocktail.
Original Air Date: Dec 26, 2020 • OWN • 21m
Happy Birthday to Me
S1, EP6 "Happy Birthday to Me"
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Ultimate birthday delights; G. Garvin bakes donut bread pudding; Nyesha Arrington makes Aisoon (bulgogi) shortribs; Jocelyn Delk Adams makes s'mores lava cake; Jernard Wells cooks a cowboy ribeye with mashed potatoes.
Original Air Date: Dec 19, 2020 • OWN • 21m
Childhood Dream Dishes
S1, EP5 "Childhood Dream Dishes"
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Nyesha Arrington makes lemon meringue pie; Darnell Ferguson creates a green waffle sandwich; Jocelyn Delk Adams does cereal crusted stuffed french toast; Kelli Ferrell makes french onion and mushroom grilled cheese sandwich.
Original Air Date: Dec 12, 2020 • OWN • 21m
Magnificent Mash-Ups
S1, EP4 "Magnificent Mash-Ups"
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Chefs are cooking up comfort food combos; Nyesha Arrington makes tasty taco lasagna; Darnell Ferguson does meatloaf cupcakes; Kiano Moju creates fried chicken encrusted eggs; Jernard Wells creates Philly cheesesteak eggrolls.
Original Air Date: Dec 05, 2020 • OWN • 21m
Deserted Island Desserts
S1, EP3 "Deserted Island Desserts"
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Deserted island desserts include banana pudding tiramisu, pumpkin bread cheesecake, coconut brownie sundae, and red velvet cinnamon roll.
Original Air Date: Nov 28, 2020 • OWN • 21m
Fried Hall of Fame
S1, EP2 "Fried Hall of Fame"
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Chefs cook deep fried creations; Amaris Jones makes hot honey truffle chicken with waffles; Eddie Jackson builds a burger using mac & cheese for buns; Danni Rose creates deep fried apple dumplings; Jernard Wells does a fried Cajun king crab.
Original Air Date: Nov 21, 2020 • OWN • 21m
If Calories Don't Count
S1, EP1 "If Calories Don't Count"
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Chef Amaris Jones makes spanish fries with chipotle cheese; Darnell Ferguson creates two- face donut sandwich with fried chicken; Kelli Ferrell makes braised oxtail over grits; G. Garvin whips up poached lobster with crab mac and cheese.
Original Air Date: Nov 14, 2020 • OWN • 21m