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Dino Ranch"Dino Ranch" follows the adventures of the Cassidy family as it tackles life in a fantastical "pre-westoric" setting where dinosaurs still roam. As the young ranchers learn the ropes, they discover the thrill of ranch life whilst navigating the great outdoors through unpredictable challenges.
S2, EP26 "Twister with a Chance of Thundertot; Flight of the Bubling Ogie"Twister must conquer his preconceptions of Spinosaurs to rescue the baby dino; when Miguel tries to teach Ogie how to fly a pterosaur, he keeps changing his lesson plan every time Ogie fails.
S1, EP25 "The Great Dinosaur Getaway; Dino Ranch Rocks"Both the Ranchers and the dinos must have the confidence to work separately to be reunited; the Cassidy's party set-up is foiled by the jilted Tinhorns, who think they weren't invited.
S1, EP15 "Treasure Ranch; Good Neighbors"The Tinhorns storm Dino Ranch digging for an emerald mine; Jon learns how to be "neighborly."
S1, EP17 "Pterodackattack!: Sonny the Kid"Miguel builds a dam on the creek to create a dino watering hole, and the ranch is suddenly marauded by wild pterodactyls; the infamous dino rustler Sonny the Kid threatens to ruin her friends' big day, so Min volunteers to guard the Dino Airport.
S3, EP12 "The Tricera-Trekkers; Flapsy Takes Off"When Miguel sticks too closely to the Tricera-Trekker rule book, he gets the Tricera-Trekkers in trouble on their special training day; when Miguel takes on teaching Flapsy to fly, he teaches her using other flying methods.
S2, EP25 "Dino Patient Pileup; Sonny Wings it"A large amount of dinos with boo-boos need help at the hatchery; Min needs to find a cactus to make a soothing ointment for some wild stegos.
S2, EP14 "Rockside Ravine; Flying Colors"The Rescue Flyers rally to perform a seemingly impossible rescue with the help of their whole family; when Jon's pursuit of his stolen Rescue Flyer badge puts his family into trouble, he chooses to save something more important to him than an award.
S2, EP19 "A Pond Farewell; Tyrannosaurus Wrecks"When Flopper the plesiosaur grows too big for her pond, the dino ranchers need to find her a new home; the junior ranchers face a challenge when trying to get a feisty pair of baby t-rex's to listen.
S2, EP9 "Miguel VS Thunderfoot; Light Touch Tango"Thunderfoot keeps knocking down a bridge made to help wild dinosaurs; when Tango's usual smash-and-bash approach makes things worse for the day's chores, she learns how to gently save the day.
S1, EP24 "Storm-A-Lert; Adoptasaurus Rex"In the middle of an approaching storm, Miguel rushes through his important jobs; Ma and Pa inspire the Ranchers to fight through adversity and give an egg to a pair of T-Rexes who can't have their own.
S1, EP19 "Ranch-a-Pal-ooza; Sky's the Limit"Min puts her chores off to have fun with Tara, but it causes a chain reaction; Jon is upset when he doesn't take to ptero-flying as quickly as Min and Miguel.
S2, EP11 "Friendship Clashes; Tango Takes Charge"Min invites Clara and her raptor to take part in friendship classes to strengthen their trust, communication, and cooperation skills; Angus learns that even a stubborn Tritops like himself can learn something new.
S1, EP18 "Dino Sore; Strife in the Fast Lane"After Jon injures himself, Min takes the lead to rescue a wild raptor; Min's excitement to deliver an egg to her friend gets the best of her.
S2, EP1 "Wranglin' Thunderfoot; Wings Over Dino Ranch"Jon wrongly accuses Thunderfoot of scaring their dino herds; when the Tinhorn Trio pick a field of glowing moon lilies, they accidentally prevent a flock of pterosaurs from finding their way home at night.
S1, EP11 "The Ballad of Big Jon; One Good Turn"Jon learns that it's small, everyday good deeds that make one a hero; a pack of wild raptors go after Min and Jane and in the ensuing chase they discover that an act of kindness is often returned with kindness.
S2, EP21 "Cautious Clover; Gentle Giselle"After Min nearly comes to harm during a rescue, Clover becomes overly protective; Min and Clover mistakenly think a big, gentle Bronto is clumsy.
S1, EP14 "Goliath's Little Helper; Have You Herd"Clover learns that even though he's not strong enough yet to be a barn builder like his grandpa, his job on the Ranch is just as important.
S2, EP3 "The Litterhorns; One Very Special Bronto"When Ike Tinhorn decides that it's easier to dispose of their garbage near Crystal Creek, it spoils the drinking water for dinosaurs downstream; when Clover tries to be the Ranch's protector, he fails to notice that a T-Rex needs his help.
S1, EP5 "Small Wonder; Dino Check-up Hiccup"Blitz learns that even the smallest member of the team can make a big difference; after Clover accidentally breaks Min's stegoscope, he learns that he should never be afraid to tell Min when he makes a mistake.
S1, EP20 "Trading Day; It's a Dino Egg-Mergency"The Ranchers switch their dino-rides by riding each other's dinosaurs; eggs start hatching, so Min tries to wrangle the newborns and keep them safe.
S1, EP8 "Home on the Range; Miguel's Compy Conundrum"When Wanda keeps running away, the ranchers discover that she's eager to join a dinosaur family; Miguel learns that working hard to correct a mistake can yield a surprising result.
S1, EP4 "The Long Way Home; Trade in the Shade"The ranchers get lost in the Badlands; the junior ranchers attempt to harvest apples but are stopped by an uncooperative brontosaurus.
S2, EP5 "Dino-SOAR!; The Flyer and Rescue Squad"When the Jr. ranchers attend the Dino Port's Flyer and Rescue school, their skills are tested; the fledgling Flyer and Rescue Squad takes to the sky to complete an important mission.
S2, EP20 "The Dilo Difference; The Odd Partners"Jon wants to help a Dilophosaurus fit in on the ranch, but the other dinosaurs are startled; headstrong Blitz and stubborn Clara Tinhorn get lost in the Hidden Forest, the two must work together to escape.
S1, EP7 "Clover's Tiny Problem; Tango's BFF"When Min dotes on a newly hatched dino, Clover feels jealous, but then learns that no dinosaur can replace him in Min's heart; after helping a fellow triceratops, Tango becomes attached to her new friend and doesn't want her to rejoin her herd.
S2, EP2 "Tango Dino-Sits; Fast Friends"When Tango is asked to babysit the dino mites, she underestimates how big the job will be; Blitz's patience is tested when he and Jon try to train a fast, young raptor.
S1, EP9 "The Ten Gallon Trophy; Plane Crazy"Bopper runs off with Bo's prized 10-gallon trophy hat; Miguel gets carried away by his dream of flying and learns that he needs to believe in his dino-friends as much as he believes in an idea.
S1, EP22 "Herds of a Feather; Stink to High Noon"A mix-up by Miguel results in a baby T-Rex hatching at the airport; Jon goes against Min and Miguel's advice and is goaded into a lasso challenge by the outlaw.
S2, EP6 "Winging It; Eggs on the Edge"The Jr. ranchers create a prosthetic for a baby pterosaur with a tiny wing and help her learn how to fly; while trying to save pterosaur eggs during a windstorm, a damaged Dino Buggy complicates things for the Flyer and Rescue Squad.
S2 "Bathtime for Bopper; Min Flies Solo"Clover is eager to help Min bathe the dino-mites, but stubborn Bopper wants to stay dirty; when Maggie hurts her wing, Min needs to copy Jon and Miguel's skills to help her.
S1, EP1 "Big Jon Big Trouble; Min's Quest"Jon tries to train a rambunctious dinosaur all by himself; Min learns that perseverance always pays off.
S1, EP21 "Family Feud; This Ranch Ain't Big Enough"Herding triceratops to greener pastures becomes a much more difficult task than anticipated; a sick spinosaurus needs to be tended to at the Ranch.
S1, EP2 "Stop That Spinosaurus!; The Spookasaurus"Miguel's observant nature teaches Jon that sometimes it's better to slow down and think; Jon gets spooked by a campfire story.
S2, EP24 "Clover Takes Over; You're More Than Your Roar"When Clover's overconfidence jeopardizes a medical air mission, the bronto learns to ask for help; when Biscuit gets a case of roaringitis and some egg-stealing Raptors invade the Ranch, Biscuit goes to ridiculous lengths to restore his roar.
S2, EP23 "Supersauruses- Ride!; A Difficult Dino Doctor Day -"Seeing how amazing Biscuit, Angus, and Quack are individually, the junior ranchers plan to put them together as a rescue team, but that proves easier said than done; when Thundertot feels sick, Dino Doctors Min and Clover have their work cut out for them when the baby spinosaur refuses to let them examine her.
S2, EP17 "Birthday Bash-less; Tickle Trouble"The Jr Ranchers welcome a wild baby triceratops into Tango's birthday celebrations; when Clover brings tickly tickle bugs onto Dino Ranch, he tries to solve the problem himself and makes the problem even worse.
S3, EP11 "Some Assembly Required; Angus's Pride and Joy"Miguel shows Jon and Min the most important part of an inventor's process; Angus' love for his new Dino transporter causes complications for the Jr. ranchers.
S3, EP10 "The Polka-Dot Parasaur; Dusty the Digging Dino"The green parasaur herd is taken aback when a polka-dot parasaur is born on Dino Ranch; a new type of dino causes some upheaval, but Miguel figures out a way for them to coexist.
S3, EP9 "Grand Ole Tree; a Big Friend for Little Sadie"Tango can't bring herself to say goodbye to Old Shady, the oldest tree on Dino Ranch; the Dino Ranchers try to match their friend Sadie with a dinosaur companion.
S3, EP8 "A Laughing Matter; Great Minds Think of Ike"Jr. ranchers have a laugh; praise goes to Ike's head.
S3, EP7 "The Yeti-Saurus; Wiggle-Tooth Tango"The gang investigates a dino up on Blizzard Peak, and Miguel's wild imagination spooks him; when one of Tango's teeth starts to wiggle, she shies away from all the rough things.
S3, EP6 "The Bronto Bully; The Rustler and the Rumbler"Clover has a run-in with a mean, wild dinosaur that takes his toys; when the Jr. Ranchers return a rehabilitated T-rex to its home, Min doubts her doctoring skills.
S3, EP5 "The Sneakasaurus; Sonny's T-Rex Turmoil"When someone's causing mischief on Dino Ranch, Blitz becomes determined to catch them.
S3, EP4 "No Nest for the Wicked; Clara Winhorn!"When Stormwing snatches Pteddy's nest, the Dino Ranchers mount a rescue mission; Clara Tinhorn lands herself in trouble when she tries to wrangle an angry dinosaur by herself.
S3, EP3 "Clash of the Dinos; Steady As We Go"Jon and Miguel pair up to teach two baby dinos how to share food; on a dinosaurdrive through the mountains, Jon discovers that the dinos are comically slow.
S3, EP2 "A Dino Mite Graduation; Eye in the Sky"The baby Dino Mites aren't ready for Flapsy to move to the Pterosaur Barn; Pteddy's resistance to wearing vision-improving goggles jeopardizes the Dino Ranchers.
S3, EP1 "Hankie Comes Out of Her Shell; Min's Missing Care Case"The hatching of a shy baby Ankylosaur sends Jon and Blitz into a scramble; Min's confidence takes a tumble when she loses her care case on a Dino Doctor mission.
"Dino Ranch" follows the adventures of the Cassidy family as it tackles life in a fantastical "pre-westoric" setting where dinosaurs still roam. As the young ranchers learn the ropes, they discover the thrill of ranch life whilst navigating the great outdoors through unpredictable challenges.
Original Air Date: Jan 16, 2021
Rating: TVY
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