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GTOAn ex-biker with street smarts becomes a high-school teacher.
S1, EP40 "Matters of the Heart"Anko dreams of and watches every one of Yoshikawa moves after he saved her life.
S1, EP41 "Confessions"Anko and Yoshikawa open up to each other about their feelings during a confessional game on the last night of the field trip.
S1, EP42 "Old Wounds Revisited"A homeroom teacher with a controversial past is stabbed in the chest.
S1, EP43 "Onizuka's Final Battle"Onizuka reveals the shocking truth about a fellow teacher's stabbing.
S1, EP1 "The Legend Begins"Declaring himself GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka), Eikichi whips a classroom of juvenile delinquents into shape.
S1, EP2 "Enter Uchiyamada"Onizuka recognizes a school's vice-principal as a pervert he recently encountered.
S1, EP3 "Late-Night Roof Diving"Onizuka befriends a student who has been the victim of bullying.
S1, EP4 "The Secret Life of Onizuka"A digitally doctored photograph of Onizuka puts his career in jeopardy.
S1, EP5 "An Eye for an Eye, A Butt for a Butt"Onizuka helps a victim of bullying to plot revenge on his tormenters.
S1, EP6 "Conspiracies All Around"Onizuka experiences political fall-out from having helped a student get revenge on his bullying classmates.
S1, EP7 "The Mother of all Crushes"A student challenges Onizuka to a fight after learning his mother is dating the teacher.
S1, EP8 "Bungee Jumping Made Easy"Onizuka gets his hand stuck in a bowling ball, leading to unsupervised students going bungee jumping. Animated.
S1, EP9 "Onizuka and the Art of War"Onizuka sparks a long-running feud between colleagues.
S1, EP10 "Outside Looking In"Onizuka tries to help an outcast female student to build more self-esteem.
S1, EP12 "The Formula for Treachery"An instructor with a crush on Ms. Fuyutsuki tries to get Onizuka fired.
S1, EP13 "Only the Best Will Do"Onizuka tries to get the top score on a national teacher exam to avert possible suspension. Animated.
S1, EP14 "Between a Rock and a Hard Place"Onizuka has visions of romance about Fuyutsuki's offer to help him study for his national teacher-exam.
S1, EP15 "The Great Sacrifice"On his way to the exam, Onizuka witnesses a kidnapping and must choose between pursuing the criminals or sacrificing his career.
S1, EP16 "Beauty Plus Brains Equals a Dangerous Mix"Feeling lonely, Onizuka meets a beautiful girl, then discovers she is a gifted student at his school. Animated.
S1, EP17 "Falling for the Great Onizuka"Urumi refuses to trust Onizuka and gets him in trouble with Yakuza gangsters.
S1, EP19 "Private Investigations"The school is under siege from Urumi and her outrageous pranks, prompting drastic action by Onizuka. Animated.
S1, EP20 "Love Letters"A mysterious love-letter causes consternation among the student body.
S1, EP21 "Revolution Everywhere"The teacher tries to persuade a beautiful runaway to return to school.
S1, EP22 "The Art of Demolition"Fuyutsuki's life is in danger when she sneaks into her old school building that is slated for demolition.
S1, EP23 "Superstition"After burning chain letters Onizuka begins to experience a series of strange and unlucky events at school.
S1, EP24 "Compromising Positions"Vice principal of Onizuka's school goes ballistic when he is shown a photograph of a teacher entering a motel with an underage prostitute that looks like the administrator's daughter.
S1, EP25 "Playing Doctor - GTO Style"A sexy new school nurse is a hit with the students, but suspicion falls on her for peddling illegal goods from the infirmary.
S1, EP26 "Onizuka Meets His Match"School nurse Nao's mysterious past is revealed.
S1, EP27 "Agent to the Stars"Onizuka helps Toroko's acting career when he convinces a TV drama's writer to create more parts for her.
S1, EP39 "Alone in the Dark"Onizuka thinks that his lost students have found the treasure, but in reality one of them has just saved the others life.
S1, EP38 "Great Treasure Okinawa"Two students get lost on the way to locate an island treasure.
S1, EP37 "Living Together"A bully and the student she has been tormenting are assigned to be roommates during a class field trip.
S1, EP36 "Self-Improvement"Fuyutsuki receives some beauty tips from a most unlikely source.
S1, EP35 "Wedding Bell Blues"Murai spies on his mother because he suspects she has plans to marry.
S1, EP34 "Good Cop/Bad Cop"Onizuka gets in trouble with the Yakuza and is forced to turn to a police officer friend for help.
S1, EP33 "Search and Rescue"An enraged Urumi kidnaps the girl who tricked Onizuka and holds her for an 8 million yen ransom.
S1, EP32 "The Law of Probability"Onizuka seeks help from an old friend to raise the money for his promised class field trip to Okinawa, but all he gets for his efforts is the gift of a lottery ticket.
S1, EP31 "Destination: Okinawa"Onizuka takes the class on a field trip to Okinawa.
S1, EP30 "Money Talks, GTO Walks"Onizuka tries desperately to raise the amount of the missing cash.
S1, EP29 "Studies in High Finance"A student is accused of embezzling money being collected for a field trip.
S1, EP28 "Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong"Toroko's standing in a magazine popularity contest is jeopardized by a series of unfortunate incidents.
An ex-biker with street smarts becomes a high-school teacher.
Original Air Date: Jun 30, 1999
Rating: TVMA
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (12 episodes)
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