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First Time FixerBeginner-level couples, pairs and partners of all kinds, chronicle their real-life experiences as first-time house flippers and renovators.
S5, EP5 "Idaho Twins' Farmhouse Flip"Identical twins tackle a century-old farmhouse flip.
S5, EP6 "Family's First Flip"A couple seeks to start a family business fixing homes in Albuquerque, New Mexico; their first flip is a massive midcentury monstrosity; with their daughter's help, they're determined to turn a disaster into their dream.
S5, EP7 "Budget-Busting LA Luxury"New parents transform an LA fixer into a Mediterranean-style retreat.
S5, EP8 "Decaying Duplex to Dream Home"A couple is determined to overhaul a dilapidated suburban duplex.
S5, EP4 "Texas-Sized Transformation"A relocating Texas family of five restores a time-worn 1880s farmhouse.
S5, EP3 "Desert Drab to Fun Fab"Jane and Josh live in Austin, Texas, but their dream is to have a vacation getaway in Palm Springs, California; for their first renovation project, they purchase a drab and dated desert house in hopes of turning it into their ideal retreat.
S5, EP2 "50-Year-Old Fixes First Flip"A DIY enthusiast buys a neglected Texas property as her first fix-and-flip; with no experience and help from her parents, she hopes to make home renovations her new career at 50 years old.
S5, EP1 "Time Capsule to Cozy Cottage"A couple wants to turn an antiquated California cottage into a stylish home; with only ten weeks and a tiny budget, these budding builders must work quickly to create a cozy space before the clock runs out.
S4, EP11 "Southern Bungalow Needs Better Flow"A newlywed couple in the heart of Atlanta has a 100-year-old home with a layout that might have worked a century ago; they plan to open up walls for better flow and updated design aesthetic, while still honoring the home's historic charm.
S4, EP10 "Midcentury Foul to Modern Fab"A young couple with two kids works miracles on a 1950s home in Waco, Texas; using Mom's skills as a designer they transform it from a reeking and neglected 1950s disaster into a funky, family-friendly, midcentury showhome.
S4, EP9 "Dramatic Lake House Expansion to Double the Size"A couple raising triplets works to expand their lakeside house to double the square footage in order to fit their family, but they find that building a dream home can come with some challenges and extreme learning curves.
S4, EP8 "Bringing Island Zen to Texas"A couple with two kids moves from Hawaii back to Texas to renovate their new home with a creative infusion of island Zen and vibrant color that reflects their artistic careers in music and design, as well as their fun family.
S4, EP7 "Desert Debacle to Dream Oasis"A couple wins a tiny home on a game show, and buy land to set it on; they soon find their five acres of desert comes with two dilapidated and critter-infested houses that threaten their dreams of building a stylish oasis retreat.
S4, EP6 "Reno Times Three With Baltimore Tri-Plex"A New York couple buys a tri-plex building in Baltimore to launch their entrepreneurial dream of fixing up properties to provide quality housing for low to middle income renters, but their resolve is severely tested when nothing goes as planned.
S4, EP5 "Making Their Grandparents' Home Their Own"A young woman uses her design skills and depends on her partner's craftsmanship to renovate a mid-century home that belonged to her grandparents; the couple navigates nostalgia and the desire to modernize.
S4, EP4 "A New Take on Farmhouse Cozy"A New England couple discovers the house they bought from afar has more problems than they expected; they'll need a crash course in fixing structural issues on their sagging home, as well as lessons for turning exterior space into interior space.
S4, EP3 "A Fusion of Bold Style and Classic Charm"A Los Angeles couple move back to Savannah, Georgia to be closer to family, buying a nearly 100-year-old home that inspires them to harmonize the architectural elements of the house with their more modern and bold style, but on a budget.
S4, EP2 "Midcentury Mod Trailer With a Twist"Two artists in Austin, Texas use their neon art-making talents to add flair to a 70-year-old backyard mobile home they are upgrading; they transform it from a dilapidated hunk of metal to a playful atomic take on midcentury modern.
S4, EP1 "1920s Mountain Cottage Overhaul"A couple takes a financial gamble buying a 1920s rundown cottage to overhaul before winter; decades of wall layers, old piping and wiring have them grappling with a down to the studs rebuild, as well as a surprising relationship twist.
S3, EP5 "A Mother's Love"A successful Connecticut mom tackles her first fixer with the hope it will empower her daughter to feel like she can do anything she puts her mind to.
S3, EP4 "Last Chance Reno"After a couple of financially difficult years, a woman enlists the help of her father to flip her first home in Kentucky in hopes of creating a new beginning for her family.
S3, EP3 "Doing Homework"A couple who are both full-time teachers face obstacles as they renovate their first home together on Long Island, N.Y.
S3, EP2 "A Home With History"A couple with newborn twin boys work to renovate their recently vacated New York basement into a functional living space that will entertain four generations of family members.
S3, EP1 "Feels Like Home"A Wisconsin couple who are DIY enthusiasts transform their 1950s cottage in upstate New York into the home of their dreams.
S3 "Third Time's a Charm"Best friends return for a third time to tackle their biggest project to date: flipping a ski chalet in Deer Valley, Utah; the stakes are high as they race to finish the project on time while facing a new set of challenges.
S2, EP7 "Til Reno Do Us Part"Chip and Joanna help newlyweds tackle renovations on their home.
S2, EP6 "Taking on a Carolina Clunker"A couple sets out to turn a South Carolina church into a family home.
S2, EP5 "Fixer Family Legacy"Chip and Joanna help a mom and her son tag team a fixer upper in Waco Texas.
S2, EP4 "Hitched and Ready to Fix"Newlyweds transform a Southern California fixer into their dream home.
S2, EP3 "Texas-Sized Reno"Chip and Joanna help a couple renovate their entire interior in Waco, Texas.
S2, EP2 "Keep Calm and Do It Yourself"A couple has six months to transform a historic home in Columbus, Ga.
S2, EP1 "Second Time's a Charm"Best friends seek help from Chip and Jo as they flip a rental in Utah.
S1, EP7 "Small Town, Big Reno"A Kentucky couple's dreams of flipping homes to help restore their town leads them to their first big project: a pre-Civil War home that's falling apart.
S1, EP6 "Planting Roots in Baltimore"Hilton and Fiona want to turn their newly purchased historic Baltimore fixer-upper into a home where they can put down family roots and more than 200 plant roots.
S1, EP5 "Church to Charmer"Monica and Jim purchased a unique property in Upstate New York with the goal of transforming a church-turned-daycare into their forever home, but they may have bitten off more than their family of three can chew.
S1, EP4 "City Slickers to Farm Fixers"A California couple faces a total gut job when they take on a Northern California fixer to be closer to family.
S1, EP3 "Better Off Shed"With a little help from Chip and Jo, a couple works to transform a historic property into a stunning home in Waco, Texas.
S1, EP2 "Teen Takes on Family's Fixer"A mom puts her son's woodworking talents to the test by enlisting him to help her renovate their new mid-century family home in Washington state.
S1, EP1 "Salt Lake City Condo With a View"Best friends Brittany and Annie have always wanted to take on their own fixer upper, with Chip and Joanna just a phone call away, they're ready to tackle this condo renovation in downtown Salt Lake City.
Beginner-level couples, pairs and partners of all kinds, chronicle their real-life experiences as first-time house flippers and renovators.
Original Air Date: May 1, 2021
Rating: TVG
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