Stolen Valor

S2, EP3 "Stolen Valor"

Airs: Oct 04, 2022

The NCIS team suspect foul play when they investigate a fatal car crash involving a Navy officer who turns out to be an imposter; Whistler finds herself in danger when she goes under cover to learn the truth behind the accident.

CBS • 60m
Blind Curves

S2, EP2 "Blind Curves"

On Demand

The NCIS team investigates the world of illegal street racing after a Marine staff sergeant's body is discovered in a junkyard; Tennant is concerned Alex is hiding something from her; Whistler is anxious about introducing Lucy to her co-workers.

Original Air Date: Sep 26, 2022 • CBS • 42m
Prisoners' Dilemma

S2, EP1 "Prisoners' Dilemma"

On Demand

Tennant's team, along with NCIS agents Nick Torres and Jessica Knight, tracks The Raven's whereabouts to the island of Oahu and learns about his plans to attack the world's largest international maritime warfare exercise.

Original Air Date: Sep 19, 2022 • CBS • 42m