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Judge DadSean McMillan brings a father's tough love and common sense to resolving real world disputes with cheating spouses, sneaky roommates, creepy landlords, disappointing friends, greedy siblings and scheming coworkers.
S2, EP10 "My Big Bro Cause My Divorce"Devin is suing his brother Danny for breaking up his marriage. Danny told him that he saw his wife cheating.
S1, EP15 "AirPnP"Cliff is suing Miles for half of the security deposit from renting an Airbnb together; Cliff claims Miles caused damage and it came out of the security deposit they both paid; Miles claims Cliff fully participated, so they should share the expense.
S1, EP5 "Lights, Camera, No Action"Becky is suing former landlord, Richard, for the three months of rent she paid; she left her lease early after she discovered her landlord was spying on her; Richard is counter-suing for the remaining 9 months of rent from the signed lease.
S3, EP10 "Puff Puff Trash"Evan sues his mother Melinda for throwing out his medicinal cannabis; Melinda admits she threw out his cannabis, but claims good intentions due to worrying he may slip into addiction due to her family's genetic predisposition.
S3, EP1 "Neighbor's Zoom Feud"Laura is suing DJ for $3,000 for harassment; DJ is countersuing Laura for $3,000 for harassment.
S2, EP1 "A Reason to Worry"Nick is suing his ex-girlfriend for canceling a job interview since his boss would have been a single woman.
S1, EP6 "The Results Are Baked In"Ellen is suing Bobby, the owner of a small bakery after his bakery screwed up a gender reveal cake; the bakery owner claims he's not a doctor and shouldn't be held to a standard that makes him responsible for anything medically related.
S3, EP11 "Ve-Gone"Harmony sues her neighbors for barbecuing meat in their backyard, claiming the smell of meat removed her ability to use her yard and enjoy her property, and the Lotts counter they may cook whatever they please on their own yard.
S3, EP2 "Roommate Rumble"Matthew is suing his roommate Elliot for stealing his food deliveries and never reimbursing him for his share of the bills; Elliot claims they always had an arrangement where they share everything.
S2, EP2 "War of the Roses"Sadie is suing Petra for ruining her prize-winning rose bushes by using her garden as a personal flower shop.
S1, EP7 "Gold Digger"Patrice is suing Tiffany for stealing her husband and destroying her happy marriage of 20 years; Patrice claims Tiffany is nothing but a gold digger; Tiffany claims she never knew her boyfriend of ten months was married.
S3, EP12 "More Than Just the Mags"Recently moved to college, Andrew sues his parents for throwing away his magazine collection which he considered irreplaceable; his parents say that were they so valuable, he should have taken his collection with him in the first place.
S3, EP3 "Hair We Go"Dana is suing her former best friend for ruining her hair and causing chemical burns.
S2, EP3 "My Violent Valentine"Mike sues Jackie over the medical bill for the stitches caused by the candle she threw at him during a fight.
S1, EP8 "Secret Slasher"Adam says the friendship between Debbie and Julie was the cause of the majority of their fights and ultimately their break-up; Debbie says her friend, Julie, is a great friend and encouraged her to know her worth and finally break up with Adam.
"Judge Dad"Sean McMillan brings a father's tough love and common sense to resolving real world disputes with cheating spouses, sneaky roommates, creepy landlords, disappointing friends, greedy siblings and scheming coworkers.
S3, EP4 "My Only Fan is Your Husband"Jennifer is suing Carol after her kids were kicked out of their private school due to her OnlyFans account.
S2, EP4 "Pups in the City"Natalie is suing her roommate Drew for letting her dog, Lulu, get pregnant while she was away on a vacation.
S1, EP9 "Riding Dirty"Dax is married to Stephanie's sister, Liz; Stephanie says she was cut off by Dax, causing her to hit his car; Stephanie says not only did Dax not pay for the damage to her car, but Dax left her pregnant sister for the mystery woman in his car.
S3, EP14 "Tip Me Ova"18-year-old Zoey is suing her former best friend for stealing a dance she claims to have created for TikTok.
S2, EP5 "Love or Visa?"Edna is suing her ex-husband Clovis for the money she paid to get him his green card after they were married.
S1, EP10 "Party in the Hood"Jennie is suing her brother, Charlie, for damage caused when he borrowed her car and took it to an outdoor meetup; Charlie refuses to pay because he said it wasn't his fault; he says Jennie let him use the car and that's what she has insurance for.
S3, EP15 "Last Adventure Before the Wedding"Crystal is suing her sister for ruining her wedding, after exposing photos of her bachelorette party.
S3, EP9 "Show Me the Money"Tonya sues her ex-fiancé Eric for mental anguish after she discovers he proposed with an inauthentic diamond engagement ring, causing her to end the relationship; Eric defends himself, saying he thought she loved him, not his money.
S3, EP8 "Baby Not On Board"Cooper sues his ex-girlfriend Alicia for the money he spent taking care of her, claiming she faked a positive pregnancy test; Alicia claims she suffered a miscarriage due to the emotional tumultuous relationship they shared.
S3, EP7 "Smile! You're on Doggie Cam"Julian sues his ex-girlfriend Christina for her half of the remaining rent on their lease after she packed up and moved out without notice; Christina says she caught Julian cheating on the doggie cam and that she had enough.
S2, EP9 "Over My Dead Body!"Eugene is suing his sister Eileen for purchasing the last burial plot neighboring their late parents.
S2, EP8 "Saucy Sisters"Vanessa is suing her sister Sofia over a family hot sauce recipe; Sofia claims her sister doesn't deserve it.
S2, EP7 "Slum Village"Vanessa is suing her former landlord Kirk for evicting her after she moved her ill mother in to care for her.
S1, EP14 "Fired Up, Ready to Go"Matthew claims Jenny made false accusations about him stealing from the company because he didn't respond to her romantic advances; she feels if he has a problem with being fired, he should take it up with their boss.
S1, EP13 "Party Girl Cruise"During a cruise Brett says Jenna left with another guy. He wants her to pay her half since she got a new man.
S1, EP12 "Netflix and Chill"Lisa decided to share her Netflix account with Brandon only to find out that he had given access to others as well; she wants Brandon to pay, but he refuses, claiming that she's just mad because she wants to be more than friends with him.
S1, EP4 "No No in the Mo Mo"Burton claims Charles contacted his wife after he had a tryst at Charles' motel; he also claims Charles informed his wife of his visit with a young woman; Charles says he just called the number on the paperwork that was filled out.
S1, EP3 "Fit Flirter"Jenny says Luke owes her for training sessions for which she has already paid; Luke says Jenny was sexually inappropriate during their sessions, claiming she violated their working etiquette which broke their contract, therefore he owes her nothing.
S1, EP2 "Not My Corona"Helen is suing her neighbor, Justin, for giving her COVID-19; she says Justin ignored the rules posted in their building and entered the laundry room without a mask; Justin says he had not been diagnosed with COVID and did not have any symptoms.
Sean McMillan brings a father's tough love and common sense to resolving real world disputes with cheating spouses, sneaky roommates, creepy landlords, disappointing friends, greedy siblings and scheming coworkers.
Original Air Date: May 24, 2021
Playback: HD
3 seasons available on demand (12 episodes)
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