The House Always Wins
S1, EP10 "The House Always Wins"
On Demand
The Donovan House confronts Luke and the team with its deepest losses and greatest regrets.
Original Air Date: Sep 17, 2021 • SYFY • 43m
White Wedding
S1, EP9 "White Wedding"
On Demand
Susan works to keep a dream wedding from becoming a nightmare, and the Donovan House strikes back.
Original Air Date: Sep 10, 2021 • SYFY • 43m
Baba O'Reilly
S1, EP8 "Baba O'Reilly"
On Demand
As Luke considers quitting paranormal clients, he encounters a house that changes his perspective.
Original Air Date: Sep 03, 2021 • SYFY • 43m
S1, EP7 "Quarantine"
On Demand
The team locks down in the office to isolate and destroy a murderous demon that followed them home.
Original Air Date: Aug 27, 2021 • SYFY • 43m
Roman's Six
S1, EP6 "Roman's Six"
On Demand
The Roman Agency steps in when some open house visitors are murdered one by one.
Original Air Date: Aug 20, 2021 • SYFY • 43m
Ft. Ghost Child
S1, EP5 "Ft. Ghost Child"
On Demand
When a rap star rents a client's recording studio, a tragic secret is revealed in the playback.
Original Air Date: Aug 13, 2021 • SYFY • 43m
A House Is Not a Home
S1, EP4 "A House Is Not a Home"
On Demand
The Roman Agency takes on a haunted master-planned subdivision and a troubled house by the sea.
Original Air Date: Aug 06, 2021 • SYFY • 43m
For Sale by Owner
S1, EP3 "For Sale by Owner"
On Demand
A lovely lake cabin may be haunted or the owner may be faking; a horror novelist seeks inspiration.
Original Air Date: Jul 30, 2021 • SYFY • 43m
The Harvey
S1, EP2 "The Harvey"
On Demand
A little boy's "imaginary friend" interferes with his parents' plans to sell their house and move.
Original Air Date: Jul 23, 2021 • SYFY • 43m
S1, EP1 "Pilot"
On Demand
The Roman Agency welcomes a new agent, as well as a new client with a connection to Luke's past.
Original Air Date: Jul 16, 2021 • SYFY • 44m