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Border Security: Canada's Front LineCustoms and immigration officials work to protect their borders.
S2, EP7 "Running Scared"Staff confront an American soldier running scared; a British woman causes confusion with her bag of tricks.
S3, EP1 "Border Security: Canada's Front Line"An untruthful traveler is missing two bags; a favor may land an American in hot water; mail center officers uncover a narcotic scheme; a traveler's visa is revealing; a student learns a lesson; a producer's luggage could be showstopper.
S3, EP5 "THC-Toting Traveler"Airport officers let the khat out of the bag; A repeat offender must prove he's learned his lesson.
S3, EP11 "Border Security: Canada's Front Line"Suspicious x-rays; an MMA fighter's story; an RV search that reveals unusual weapons; a cross-border car sale.
S3, EP10 "Border Security: Canada's Front Line"Officers get the dope on a traveler's rap sheet; A passenger is unsure of his luggage contents.
S3, EP14 "Border Security: Canada's Front Line"Cookies can be more trouble than treat; twins with matching beers take a wrong turn.
S3, EP12 "Border Security: Canada's Front Line"A businesswoman's personal items sound alarms; a cargo ship crew member who has been concealing in the ceiling; a puppeteer couple; an American seeking legal advice in Ontario.
S1, EP3 "Tough Customer"An angry businessman hides the real reason for his hostility; officers try to process some unusual Mexican migrants.
S1, EP2 "Bad Boy Corey"A Dutch woman with a lot of luggage claims she's on a four-day holiday; a Chinese parcel contains a shocking surprise; actor Corey Feldman shows up.
S1, EP1 "Packing Heat"Officers question a man from Texas who arrives with his hunting equipment.
S2, EP13 "Cash Stash"A currency dog sniffs out thousands in undeclared cash; an aspiring actor can't keep track of the plot; officers arrest a wanted burglar.
S2, EP12 "Border Security: Canada's Front Line"A traveler's belongings raise repeated alarms; a man's reasons for studying in Canada may not be academic; an American couple make the move to Alaska.
S3, EP9 "Border Security: Canada's Front Line"A chef with limited funds and no return ticket; serial numbers aren't piecing together in a gun shipment; a travel agent's last-minute Caribbean booking raises red flags; a boat owner fails to report to CBSA.
S3, EP8 "Border Security: Canada's Front Line"Officers question a nervous traveler; a trampoline installer hopes to avoid the bounce around; undeclared dogs from Hungary.
S3, EP7 "Border Security: Canada's Front Line"The dogs are brought in to assist officers; A traveler goes gaga at Vancouver International Airport.
S3, EP6 "Blowing Smoke"A traveler has suitcases full of surprises; A Canadian couple returns home with a man-eating beast; two Americans tow their friend's boat to Alaska.
S3, EP4 "Border Security: Canada's Front Line"Honesty is the best policy, even for ex-cons; A student gets the dish on declaring items properly.
S3, EP3 "Border Security: Canada's Front Line"Two long boarders can't skate over their border exam; A traveler's phony story is exposed; a sailor's got more than pennies in his pockets; a rocker's lifestyle drums up some crucial questions.
S3, EP16 "Border Security: Canada's Front Line"A senior has some unfriendly gear in his RV; a Canadian returning from Panama tells all.
S3, EP17 "Border Security: Canada's Front Line"An American is busted trying to catch a different kind of trip; officers help a tipsy traveler.
S3, EP18 "Border Security: Canada's Front Line"A heavy automobile container hints at trouble; A student's stash of food brings him discomfort.
S3, EP19 "Border Security: Canada's Front Line"A traveler returns with a surprise; Marine officers come upon an infested container.
S2, EP11 "Ejected"An American traveler has trouble recalling his hazy past; bad decisions may keep a rugby player off the pitch; a bag is found in a restricted area.
S6, EP10 "Not Adding Up"CBP have to figure out what to do when an arithmetic book isn't included on the manifesto.
S6, EP9 "Shocked and Stunned"Planning a surprise visit to a married man could cause one traveler to be left at the airport; shocked by an undeclared stun gun, CBP race against time to find the owner before the plane boards.
S4, EP11 "Border Security: America's Front Line"In Chicago, officers find some bad medicine; hikers get into trouble; an architect's story seems sketchy.
S2, EP16 "Border Security: Canada's Front Line"A young man's lies could keep him from his fiancee, while the discovery of a gold bar and lots of cash spell trouble for another traveller.
S6, EP2 "Mystery Meat"CBP has beef with a traveler when they discover undeclared meat in his fiancé's luggage.
S6, EP12 "A Fond Farewell"At JFK, an agricultural inspector says a fond farewell to his partner of eight years.
S6, EP11 "Ostrich Oil"CPB stick out their necks to ask about a bottle of ostrich oil.
S6, EP8 "Concealed Contraband"A CBP canine is on the hunt for concealed contraband.
S6, EP7 "Making Waves"A South American surfer's vague travel plans make waves with CBP.
S6, EP13 "A Case of Mistaken Identity"At the Detroit border, a case of mistaken identity causes alarm.
S6, EP14 "A Huge Wake Up Call"At the JFK cargo facility, a large shipment of steel coffee mugs serve up a huge wake-up call.
S2, EP10 "Dirty Money"An accidental detour leads two Canadians to a dead-end; an ornate frame holds more than just a picture; a man is suspected of money laundering.
S2, EP15 "Forty-Four Blues"Officers stop a father and son packing loads of ammo, but can't find the gun. Meanwhile, the Vessel Search Unit find a suspect sailor on a US tug.
S2, EP8 "Fresh Powder"Hidden compartments in a traveler's backpack raise red flags; the discovery of a deadly weapon leaves mail center workers stunned.
S2, EP9 "Rap Stars"Officers look for a message in a bottle; a lack of papers land a group of LA rappers in the doghouse; a young man receives a wake-up call.
S2, EP14 "Border Security: Canada's Front Line"An American's trip to Alaska heads south; officers suspect a convicted drug dealer is taking his business north; a ship containing weapons is searched.
S6, EP18 "A Radioactive Man"At the Detroit border crossing, a radioactive man is both amused and annoyed.
S6, EP17 "A Bounty of Gold"A bounty of gold jewelry is apprehended when the manifesto seems to sell its value short.
S6, EP16 "A Salty Situation"A woman crossing the border in Buffalo finds herself in a salty situation.
S6, EP15 "Counterfeit Instruments"At the JFK cargo facility, a shipment of counterfeit instruments sounds a false note for CBP.
"Aimless Wanderer"A man wandering aimlessly around the airport after his flight arrives is questioned.
Customs and immigration officials work to protect their borders.
Original Air Date: Sep 6, 2012
Genres: DocuseriesTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (5 episodes)
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